Thursday, October 9, 2008

I had a talk with my neighbor yesterday. She is a retired government employee - a former treasurer of a high profile government agency. One would think that she should be living the life right now - you know -retirement benefits et al. She told me that she's considering applying for a teaching job at a local college. Bored? I asked. Yes and I could really use the pay. Whatever happened to her retirement money? Gone already? She and her husband have been sickly lately. Maybe the money was used for medical expenses. What's my point? Life.Is.Hard. There's just no looking forward to retirement now. Do I need to look for a job at this point and time of my life?

I am actually considering going back to a 9 to 5 job. There's an offer for me and I think I will set an appointment for an interview next week. My only concern is I have not been an "employee" for the last 20 years and I might not like having a "boss". I was browsing the net the other day and started clicking ads for jobs abroad. There were so many jobs offered all across the USA. I clicked on jobs in New Jersey. Hundreds of jobs in different fields are available. I clicked on Boston Legal Jobs and a total of 1,484 legal jobs in Boston were displayed. That being said, why are there so many people out of job? Simple. There are companies that are folding and there are companies that are not. There are qualified people for the job and then there are those who are not. How I wish I could just wave my magic wand and make the whole world worry-free.
Posted by desperateblogger On 10/09/2008 06:59:00 AM 2 comments


  1. Parents' priority is to send their children to school. If the family is not well-off, it would be difficult for them to save for their future.

    In hindsight, I would always advice and urge, parents now; those who still have small children, to see to it that they have a good retirement fund no matter what. If employed, set-up a business a least 3 years before retirement. That should take care of boredom and extra income.

  2. lotus flower: thank you for the advice. i do agree that a retirement fund. some insurance policies cover that too.


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