Thursday, October 23, 2008

My son never liked doing coloring books. His preschool teacher, when he was three years old, had a hard time convincing him to color his work. Homework? I saw him then commanding his nanny to please hold his had and move it back and forth so as to color his assignment. I took it to "boys are different", or "boys mature later than girls". My one and only son was late in speech. too. He was able to talk haltingly in complete sentences at 2.5 years old which was kinda late compared to his sisters - the sisters were all speaking in complete sentences before the age 2. My son had this dynamic energy that refuses to be spent. He was constantly on the move, never paying much attention. ADHD ? Not quite - but somewhat.

By age 4-5, my son was still quite a "baby". He never seemed to understand what we're telling him. He never appreciated the beauty of nature: green trees, beautiful flowers, colorful rainbow. He sometimes had headaches too. He was just not "there" . All he cared about were his cars and other toys. Is something wrong with my son? I was so busy and involved with my four daughters' swimming careers that I have totally given my son's care to his nanny. One time I was brushing his teeth when it suddenly hit me: I did not even know if my son could read! I asked him to read the label or recite the letters of the toothpaste, 18 inches away from him. He said he cannot read the word. What? My son cannot read the letters much more the word Colgate. "You mean you don't know the letters?" I asked. "No, I cannot see the letters" , he answered.

It turned out that my son was highly astigmatic and myopic with a grade of 250+. Off we went to an ophthalmologist - refracted his eyes then fitted with eyeglasses. Aha! Now my son can see! He was very happy that finally his surroundings are not blurred anymore. He even helped me paint the baseboard of our living and dining rooms. "Wow mom, I love this color, it's so red, just like Christmas". Oh Oh... something is definitely wrong with my son. The paint I was using then was mahogany brown. I got my book. Had him look at some pictures and asked him what he could see. Okay now. My myopic-astigmatic son was/is also green-red color blind.... color confused is the right term though.

Posted by desperateblogger On 10/23/2008 10:51:00 PM 2 comments


  1. thanks for sharing Lena. that's very interesting! how's he now? how's he coping with his studies, etc?

    nyways, take care friend! have a blessed week! :)

  2. blessed mom: my son was able to cope with his disability. when teachers use colors that he can't see he requests that the colors be changed.


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