Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I have been meaning to subscribe to a web hosting site. Sure I have my own domain but my site is still hosted by blogger. The yearly fees for web hosting is not expensive but what's stopping me is the fact that I have no inking on how to transfer my site to wherever it is that I need to transfer it. Yes... my techy-savvy-ness does not include blog migration or transfer.

Anyway, my "ignorance" is not a reason for me not to source for affordable and dependable website hosting site. One site's survey indicates that the top web host is Web Hosting Hub. At $3.95 per month inclusive are unlimited bandwidth and disk space, free domain transfer, host unlimited websites, secure email and more.

Another option is Inmotion hosting. For only $5.95 a month you not only get the basics of web hosting but also tutorials on domain registration, email tutorials, website tutorials and more. Great! Now all I have to figure out is which webhost to subscribe to.

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Call me a snob but I have not been in the habit watching local TV shows for the longest time. Why? I don't know. It's just that over the years I lost interest in watching noon time shows and early evening shows as they were too slow-paced. A scene that could very well be presented in 5 minutes could drag on until the next installment. Time is precious. I cannot afford to sit in front of a television and wait for scenes to unfold.

I will never win in a game where I need to name current Pinoy movie stars and shows. I thought Kimchu was a derivative of Kimchi and related "Binondo Girl" to a girl who shops in Binondo. One noon time I had the inkling to watch Willy Revillame on channel 2 and my maid told me that he transferred to channel 5 and that his show was slotted in the early evening.

I was eating lunch with my sisters-in-law and they were talking about certain persons who I don't know. When the talks became juicier I finally asked who those people were. They almost fell to the floor as they laugh for they were not talking about real persons but telenovela characters.

Am I a lesser being because I do not waste my time watching telenovelas? I watch TV shows and movies to get entertained. Am I a snob for I tend to watch US shows? Now I wonder.
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I finally took the plunge to clean my closet. It has been months since I last saw the back panel of my closet. I envy those closets I see on home magazines where the clothes are neatly folded or hung. I wonder how some people manage to meticulously fold all their underwear and other small article of clothing and neatly place them in lined drawers. I know this is possible if we all have our own maid hired solely to keep our closets tidy.

Anyway, I was finally able to get to the bottom of one pile and lo! I found the missing lingerie I bought more than a year ago from a discount lingerie store. I've searched for that set of lingerie for months. As I continue to clean my closet I found 6 new underwears, a pair of new shorts, 2 new t-shirts and a set of unused towels. Great huh?! It pays to tidy up the closet.
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Hello everybody! I am having fun!
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Our church organist/pianist left for a better-paying job. That put me in a dilemma since without a pianist, who will accompany the choir? No one. Precisely! That is why the church choir has not been very active. As choir directress, I am now I tasked to be the organist/pianist.

Every Sunday, after the worship service, the birthday celebrants for the week are acknowledge. The congregation sing a birthday song while the organist, guitarist and drummer do the accompaniment. The drummer usually puts his stick together to give the beat. Last Sunday he did just that and guess what? One of the drumsticks broke! Yes. We do need a new pair of sticks. I'd suggest to buy a whole pack. The ones made of hickory will do.
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What to do? My long time masseuse is about to leave for a better (allegedly) work in Dubai. She was here last night for a session and she told me that her flight this Sunday is confirmed. I asked her who will stay with her 2 young girls and she said hee 75-year old mother will. I felt sad not because I will no longer have a weekly massage but because she has to leave in search of a better life for her children. God speed!
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A friend just came home of a month's vacation in Florida. Oh she was tanned and fit and glowing. She said Florida's great but during her last days of stay, the temperature steadily went down until it reached 0 degree. In Florida, that was very unusual and all the orange farms were put in a bind as frost could definitely ruin the produce. Anyway she said that all she had were summer clothes as she left the bulk of her luggage in Seattle.

On her to a friend's house, the car that she was driving suddenly stalled. She had no idea what to do so she called her host family and they helpfully called in a breakdown service company for roadside assistance. When the service came, she had no recourse but to get out of the car. Nothing wrong with that but since she had no jacket or sweater with her, she had to make do with a fleece blanket wrapped around her. I can just imagine how funny she must have looked.
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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We decided to try-on the boots that we ordered.
Great fit! Even Tabby says so.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I actually do not have the comprehension in deciphering digital and analog stuff. It was only recently that I was able to figure out why an HD TV is more apt for the latest communication and entertainment gadgets in the market today. We have around 7 installed televisions all over the house and not all are HD. There are 3 more fairly new TV sets not installed too. Now, it would not be frugal and wise to just junk the fairly new analog TVs, right? The wise course is to get a digital receiver which is a converter of some sort. Yes. I am not very technical so the "some sort" description would have to suffice.
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This baby doll-looking girl is Tabby! Isn't she adorable? Though we all love Ethan so dearly, it is more fun to "dress" up Tabby! We all go gaga sourcing for cute outfits for her. Notice her ribbon? That is just one of D2's creations. D2 decided to personalize Tabby's hair accessories that is why she came up with varied designs. I'll post them later. However, if you want, I can take in orders in behalf of D2.
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There is a major revamp in hubby's workplace. The "acting" operations and finance manager has decided to retire after more than 40 years in service. Ergo, hubby is now the acting head of the corporation. He actually asked our children on input about how to market the company for in the last ten years, the company stagnated. Yes, hubby has a lot to do in order to level up the company again. Imagine, for a company that deals with machine and automotive works, there are no varied sized bearings in the tool room! Oh well... we will definitely help hubby (the company in general) to liven up its marketing. In today's business ventures.... marketing is a MUST!
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"In spite" of being a Filipino, truly, I would not want to live and work anywhere else. Pinoy Ako!

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