Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yes, it's true. Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo finally tie the knot after a year of engagement. There was a complete media black out about the affair for the couple wanted a very private and solemn wedding. The wedding was held in San Juan Nepomuceno Church in San Juan, Batangas at 7:00 in the morning. The principal sponsors were people close to the couple: Mon Isberto, Smart Communications spokesman; Bien Bautista, Ace photographer; Benjie Gonzales, Ryan's uncle from the US; Susie Entrata-Abrera, TV Host; Rory Quintos, TV & Movie Director; and Jane Buencamino, Judy Ann's road manager. The matron of honor was Sharon Cuneta. Are Judy and Sharon close friends? Anyway the very few personal friends in and out showbiz were herded off to an undisclosed place for the reception. It was rumored that the newly weds would be spending their honeymoon in Mexico. I wonder if they would be going to the USA too? Well then, they might as well look over for a suitable hotel if they plan to cross the border.
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Monday, April 27, 2009

No matter how much you plan, envision, pray or set path to the kind of life you want, it will not just happen. There will always be glitches and a lot or seemingly unaswered prayers. I have come to believe that there are three answers to each prayer: yes, no, and not yet. Thing is you must have a discerning heart to know which is the answer to your prayer. Over the years, I have learned to discern the ( well, not always) the aswer to my prayers. Right now, I believe the answer to a prayer of mine is a resounding "not yet". Thus, I need patience to get me by.

You need to keep on
patiently doing God's will
if you want Him to do for
you all that He has promised.


Hebrews 10:36
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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Haha! It's all set! I just got off the phone talking with my childhood friend Liza. She availed of the hotel reservation promo from a wonderful resort somewhere North of Manila. I think the place is called Anvaya Cove in Bataan. Together with six other childhood girlfriends we will set forth on our long-awaited-long-planned short R & R this coming weekend. What fun! It would be quite reminiscent of our childhood pajama parties and sleep-overs. My friend has even scheduled a yoga class and a trek to who-knows-where for the group. I just don't know if some of my amigas would be up to the physical activities. Some of them are more prone to eating and resting. Anyway I'm really looking forward to this short respite from my daily grind.
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Asbestos was the wonder product from the 1930'2 to late 1970's. However, in the 1980's asbestos was banned from production and use. It was found that the material causes asbestosis and mesothelioma, a type of asbestos-caused cancer. The effect of constant asbestos exposure is only evident after 10 to 50 years after rampant exposure. So those exposed decades ago are just only diagnosed. If you still don't know here is a short list of materials that could have asbestos: Cement Pipes,Cement Wallboard,Cement Siding,Asphalt Floor Tile,Vinyl Floor Tile,Vinyl Sheet Flooring, Flooring Backing, Construction Mastics (floor, tile, carpet, ceiling tile, etc.),Acoustical Plaster, Decorative Plaster,Textured Paints/Coatings and many more. It is always advisable to look at the component of a material you wish to install in your house. Although banned, asbestos in houses and other old constructions are still evident.

The worst effect of asbestos is mesothelioma. It is a type of cancer from asbestos exposure. It's one type of cancer that is quite hard to treat but a site calle Mesothelioma Help is offering a full range of different Mesothelioma treatment options for those afflicted. Check it our for more information.
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Friday, April 24, 2009

I have lost 6 pounds since I started on my low salt and low fat diet. The diet was not a personal choice but rather a diet enforced by my doctor due to my recent hospitalization. It has only been a month but really... I just can't envision myself in this diet for the rest of my life. My doctor and dietitian said I could lapse once in a while but not until I've had my new blood chemistry results. One good thing though is I can put aside my diet pill for the time being as I am definitely losing weight now.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seriously! I am on the lookout for vocational programs and online degrees. I have been wanting to take masterals for the longest time but circumstances got in the way. I have been meaning to inquire on the open university (online courses) from one leading Philippine university but I've not mustered enough "strength" to get into it. May is in the offing I really need to get cracking if I want to enroll in June. I wonder how much it would cost.
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Wowowee production crew is a wonder to behold. They are all hyped-up to do the show. As we seat in our very VIP seats, the first floor director came out and gave out instructions left and right as to how to do the wowowee move, the clapping, the giling-giling, the mukhasim, and when you may and may not go out to pee. No eating. No drinking. No sleeping. The second floor director came out soon after. There were a lot of ohs and ahs as he (Owen) appeared. The guy has a fan base himself. He was hyped up the audience with his well-place and well-said spiel. After Owen came two gay stand-up comedians to further hype and entertain the audience. Then the show started.

Me, Ethan, TJ and D4 all set to go in the studio

Owen, the floor director, doing his bit

First, the girl hosts came out. Then Willie Revillame came out from underneath our seats (the seats opened up in the middle) with much funfare. Then the dancers together with the girl hosts danced to the tune of whatever song that Willie was lipsynching. Blah blah and then it was giling time. Each seat segment was panned by the camera and one person is chosen by Owen to participate iin the Bigat-10 portion of the program. Daughter #4 and TJ were all-out with their giling-giling but Owen could not see the two for they were right behind the dancers and the guest host Carmen Soo. Daughter #4 wanted to push her way in the middle of the stage to be seen but by then Owen was done with the choosing. The girl behind daughter #4 was picked for the Bigat-10. Okay now, it was only then that I learned that the object of the Bigat-10 contestants were to eliminate each other through the hep-hep-hooray thing. The gilr behind Daughter # 4 won the game claiming 20,000 pesos for her. Her girlfriends were all excited for surely , they said, she'd give us some of her winnings. Well, the 20,000 pesos was less 20% for tax purposes and the money won't be ready for a month or so. The girl has to come back after a month and check if the money is ready.

The program inside the studio never stopped. During commercial breaks, the two gay stand up comedians are on stage to entertain the audience. After two hours of watching and participating Ethan and I were mighty tired. If only we could have joined or won any portion then we would not have been so tired or (bored). TJ was chosen in the mukhasim contest but he lost to an old woman. TJ was given 1,000 pesos and a bag of Datu Puti products.

TJ's mukhasim

As the show drew to a close daughter # 4 was already asking me when I could get another pass. Why? I asked. She said that she has to join and win the Bigat-10 portion of the program however long it takes.

Next time mom, I'll wear something sexy so that Owen would chose me! said daughter #4

Sigh! So many saw me on Wowowee. So many are now asking me to help them get a pass. Ria, if you're reading this, could you possibly tell Bombet to give me 5 passes to Wowowee? Again? Please?

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Having multiple credit cards is both a blessing and a curse. With the increasingly difficult economic situation worldwide: people getting laid-off, high prices of commodities, the devaluated buying power of money, the use of credit cards to purchase is on the rise too. Credit card debt is actually one of the top problems in the Western world. Most of us have long standing love-hate relationship with our credit cards. There are those who wise enough to limit their credit card purchases. There are also those who are either not wise enough to limit their use of credit cards or are really hard pressed for cash that they to be deeply in debt.

If you have multiple credit cards that you pay on a monthly installment basis, you can chose debt consolidation for all your credit card debts to make it easy on you to pay. There are actually two ways to consolidate debt. They are debt negotiation and debt consolidation. Debt negotiation is more of a debt settlement while debt consolidation is more of putting all of your credits and loans in one billing for a low monthly payment. If you are one of those in need of debt consolidation get the best debt consolidation company online to help you ease out of debt.

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I have been feeling a bit queazy for the last two days because of an upset tummy. That being said, I was not really very sociable for that period too. I was watching a re run of Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility on television last night when Ethan decided to hang out with me. I told him to just be a good boy and not make any fuzz. The movie was a period piece and Ethan just can't reconcile the fact as to why Professor Snape was wearing breeches! Alan Rickman portrayed Col. Christopher Brandon in Sense and Sensibility. So, instead of having a quiet time by myself I had to explain as to why Snape was Brandon.
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My girls were formerly competitive swimmers. Modesty aside, they were in the top ten nationwide of their age group. Daughter #2 was in the Philippine team even. Daughter #4 broke an NCR record. Last weekend the team's former coach, Eric Buhain, invited all his former swimmers to a potluck reunion. It was a happy occasion. The food was overflowing. The stories unending. Eric's wife, Congresswoman Eileen Ermita Buhain also joined in the fun together with her three pretty daughters.

Eric's new house left us in awe. It was zen-like in it's lines and simplicity. We ooohed and aaahed as were toured. There were walls that looked like plain walls but in reality were actually doors to the guest room and powder room. I noticed that the Danze faucet were used in most of the plumbing and sanitary installations. Oh and did I mention that there is a two-lane 20 meter pool in the premises? The swimmers actually wanted to stage a relay competition but since most did not bring swim suits, it was left for another day. I organized the reunion and I am now tasked to organize one every 3-4 months. Next venue will be in Coach's house in Tagaytay.

view of the house from the garden

my mommy friends

The team with Coach Eric, less some 20 0r so members who
did not make it for they were either abroad, or "missing". Daughter #1 was able
to make it around 11:30 P.M.
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Monday, April 20, 2009

I think I'm losing hair! My hair is extremely fine and without much volume. Every time I brush or comb my hair clumps of it are inevitably wedged around the bristles of the hair brush. Of course that is expected but I feel that there are more hair on the clump each time. I even see more strands of hair on my pillow after a night's sleep. Could the perceived hair-loss an effect of one of the medications I am taking? I hope not for then I would have to think of considering a hair loss treatment.
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tita, I have your pass now. It's for Friday, April 17. read the text message from Ria on April 15.

Pass for what? I thought to myself as I continued to scroll down my mobile phone screen to read the rest of the message.

Bombet said you could get the pass anytime on or before Aptil 17. His office is outside the ABS-CBN compound and then Ria proceeded to give me the details.

I have a VIP pass, good for five persons to watch WOWOWEE live! I confess that I hardly watch the show. Okay. I confess that I don't watch any noontime shows but what the heck?! A VIP pass is a VIP pass. Daughter # 4 got all excited! My maid got all excited. My mom's maid got all excited too. Alas! I could only bring 5 people - daughter # 3, 4, Ethan and myself. I asked my son if he wanted to go but he gave a resounding 't hell! so I guess that means no. So Tj (Yum's friend) was in. Daughter # 4 was telling me to practice my "giling-giling". Huh?! What's giling-giling? Daughter # 4 said I was so lame then started to brief me on the going-ons at WOWOWEE. Piece of cake.

Daughter # 3 said we have to freaking fall in line to get in and I don't want that. Ria said I just have to show the guard the VIP pass then I and my company don't have to wait long to get in. Friday morning dawned. I was awake by 6:00 A.M. because I have yet to flat-iron my hair and apply some make up. I wanted to be at the studio before 10:00 A.M. for I still have to get the VIP pass. We arrived at the studio at 9:00 A.M., met up with Tessa (Yum's high school bud who works at the studio) and got our pass. Had brunch at the studio canteen, got our stickers and waited for my name to be called so my company and I could finally enter Studio 3. My name was called. Our bags inspected for food, drinks (or bombs) and then we were on our way to the studio. There were a lot of Event Marshalls assisting in every way. One thing I noticed was the respectful marshalls and the highly- organized procedures. I saw 3-4 elderly women in wheelchairs being escorted by the event marshalls to the point of carrying their wheelchairs ( with the elderly women on it). There were a lot of TFCs too. TFC are what they call Filipinos living abroad who watch the show on TFC channel. We were escorted to our seats and what-do-you-know? Our seats were right smacked in the middle of the studio - every camera pan was sure to catch us. Daughter # 4 was beside herself in excitement. Daughter #3 cringed. TJ was llike "oh okay". Ethan was already bored. I got out my compact, powdered my nose and re-apllied lipstick.

to be continued umm... maybe tomorrow.
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With a beach vacation in the offing the girls are in a rush to lose a few (well, not really, more on a lot)pounds for them to look good in a swimsuit. Daughter #2 said she'd definitely look good on and not in a swimsuit. Crazy girls. I was buying my medications the other day at the drugstore while two of my girls were busy looking for non-prescription weight loss products on the display shelves. All they saw were a string of tea concoctions that promised a 5-pound loss per week. "Girls", I said, "you can't expect to lose 15 pounds in a week's time. Deal with it."
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Daughter # 2 has just been to Boracay. Daughter # 3 is tying up all her dental cases so she could finally be off to Boracay too with some of her friends. Daughter #4 has just re scheduled all her job interviews so she and my son could go visit Ivy (daughter #1's best bud) in Davao. The three have already made their travel arrangements - booked and paid the tickets with their own money. I think. None bothered to ask "donations" from me. This summer, my Samsonite luggage will get to travel again while I, the owner, would have to stay put and act-feel-be "responsible" for the rest of the household.
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Friday, April 17, 2009

It's official. My nephew is tying the knot with his long-time girlfriend come November. Nephew popped the question October of last year and it was just announced to use the impending wedding. The two are both based in Dubai but they are currently here to book-fix-arrange what ever it is that needed to be booked-fixed-arranged. The girl is in earnest to find the best bridal prices for her gown and her entourages'. I would recommend that she hop over to www.bestbridalprices.com for the site is a minefield of fashionable wedding gowns and accessories at reasonable prices.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My trip to the US has been indefinitely canceled. Doctor's order. My condition is stable enough but I am still quite "fragile". TIA (trasient ischemic attack) is like a mini stroke and we all know that it could possibly happen again. I am being treated as a stroke patient with cervical spondylosis. I have medications for blood thinner, muscle relaxant, anti-anxiety, cholesterol, nerves and high blood. Ideally, I am not allowed to get stressed (bad for cervical spondylosis) thus the anti-anxiety pill. However, I have been stressed by a certain entity and it's actually making my muscles tense up. Breathe in. Breathe out. Sigh. Sometimes life has so many struggles you just can't cope all at once. I was browsing on some San Diego hotel websites and found some real good bargain. You see, I was supposed to go to San Diego too after New Jersey. The trip just have to be momentarily put aside.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I am just melting from the heat! I just want to stay inside an air-conditioned room forever. I can't figure out why most people want to go to the beach to cool down. What's there in the beach but the hot sun, sand and the sea. Oh well, whatever floats your boat. To each its own. Some prefer the beach to cool down and some prefer air-conditioned rooms. However, as our electric bill is outrageously high, I cannot afford to be sequestered in my air-conditioned room 24/7.

For the past two days, Ethan has been jogging with me. It's time that he gets physical for he is starting to be (and look like) a couch potato. I do 4 laps first and on the 5th and 6th laps we jog/walk together. He has started his hip-hop class too and it's mighty fun to see kids his age trying so hard to imitate teacher Randy's move. The teacher introduces at least three combination of steps and then put them all together for a short dance sequence. Ethan feels so proud. He said "I am good, right mom?" Even if not (yet), of course I said "yes" then proceeded to teach him the sequence. Yup! Watching teacher Randy made me learn the dance combo too. How hip can I get?

note about the picture: The lone protruding tooth is long gone. Daughter # 3 just can't take it anymore that she extracted the incisor here at home. You can just imagine the wailing that we endured while D3 was doing the extraction.
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Monday, April 13, 2009

In my hometown, it has always been a tradition to Roman Catholics devotees to re-enact the passion of Christ. Of course no one could ever duplicate the sacrifice and sufferings that Jesus Christ went through but the re-enactment is one tradition dominant in Roman Catholic Philippines. I do not conform with these traditions for they are against my belief. I serve a risen Lord and not a perpetually crucified one. Anyway, I think the penitents themselves do not even know what they are doing. Envelopes are given out to bystanders watching the drama for monetary contribution. I donated 100 pesos so that the entire cast would act in front of my mother's house.

Cesar delivering his speech to Jesus

The Pharisees agreeing to Christ's crucifixion

Christ carrying the cross

A lot of digi cams started whirring at this point. I was way out watching this "silliness" when all of a sudden I heard a cry "pictures!" The Christ impersonator and his cohorts stopped and the next picture happened.

* a re-post from Manna from Heaven

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After a week-long hiatus for me and Ethan, and the rest of the Philippines, it's back to reality. Holy Week holidays have that effect on Filipinos. Everyone is too lazy to "get cracking". But! Life has to go on. A pile of unopened bills has to be dealt with. There's the utilities and credit card bills all addressed to me. I passed on the utilities and started to tackle the credit card bills first. I opened one and was surprised that I am billed again for a credit that has been paid. I immediately called customer service and ask to correct the error. I think it's good to access credit report services every once in a while.
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The venue for the little get-together with my childhood friends will be in Liza's newly-renovated resthouse in Taytay. I heard that my friend bought a rundown vintage house in Vigan and transported all the antique plank and whatnots salvaged from the old house. Oh, this should be a seriously great-looking house as this friend of mine is really into antique stuff. She's currently renting in one of the plush Alabang villages but added that the she and her hubby have plans of building a new house in a newer-plusher village somewhere in Alabang too. I was thinking that her hubby musty really be doing well as manager of an industrial equipment supplies US-based plant in Batangas when a "bad-big-black" Dodge Nitro came into view then stopped right in front of us. It was their ride complete with a uniformed chauffeur! Oh wow...
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Of course we all woke up late! The Easter Sunrise Service was supposed to start at 5:00 P.M. but it started at 4:30 A.M. which was the time daughter #3 woke up and then proceeded to wake us all up too. By 5:05 A.M. we were on our way and the normally an hour's plus drive was driven in a record 40 minutes. Thanks to no traffic. My kids and I were able to catch the sermon's ending and the rest of the service then fellowship after. I met up with some of my childhood friends and even set up a date for a get-together next Sunday. I'm sure glad daughter #4 insisted on buying a 4 GB sd card for her digi-cam for the cue for photo opps from us to her were endless. It's always, always a "feel good" moment to come home to my home church.
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's only 8:45 P.M but I am now about to call it a night. I have gotten used to going to bed at 11:00 P.M., watching TV for a bit then finally dozing off. Tonight I have to force myself to sleep earlier than usual for I and the kids have to wake up around 4:00 A.M.to catch the 5:30 A.M. Easter Sunrise Service in my hometown. Good luck to us! Anyway, here's wishing you all a

Happy Easter!
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Black Saturday is the traditional day of "outing" or recreation for the traditional Filipino Roman Catholics. After days of fasting, repenting and praying, today is the day for the said outing. True to tradition, Ethan received a phone call a few minutes ago for an invitation to a day at the Water Park. Daughter # 1 readily agreed to the invites and is now looking for Ethan's pool floats. Spoilsport that I am (only when necessary\, I reminded daughter # 1 that there the Water Park is probably filled with people, the pool dirty which would probably irritate Ethan's very sensitive skin. That being said, I feel I've done my part as the dotting grandmom.
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Daughter # 1 is into her first year of residency in anesthetics. Yes. After a year long of moonlighting she has finally decided to be an anesthesiologist. Some of my in-laws are not so keen on her choice of specialization as they're idea of an anesthesiologist is a doctor whose practice depends on surgeons. Not so, said daughter #1 as anethesiologists do "pain management" clinics now. There's one downside in her residency though. She is in facial mask most of the time and her once smooth complexion is now dotted with pimples. She has gone to a dermatologist but the medications and facials are not working. The dermatologist said she need microdermabrasion as soon as daughter #1 can schedule a session.
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

In a matter of minutes, it will be April 10, Good Friday. My family and I will be home bound to my mother's house in observance of Good Friday. I hope to catch the Seven Last Words Worship Service in my hometown. It used to be a a real ordeal listening to the the 7-last words sermon for the church was filled to the brim, the weather hot and the sermons long. Not anymore. I don't care if the church is full or the sermons long. The local Methodist Church is now fully air-conditioned. Yey! The church has been in renovation for the last two years and may I say the renovation and remodeling transformed the church. My niece, an interior designer, did the design renovation. She said the only remaining job to be done is the fence installation at the rear end of the church's lot.

So! What will you be doing "later"? Go to church? Go out on an outing? Stay at home? Though the real day of Christ's crucifixion did not actually happen on April 10 or any other day near it, let's just remember the meaning and significance of the day. For the Christian world, no matter what denomination, Jesus Christ died for our sins to save us and give us everlasting life.

John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,

that whoever believes in him shall

not perish but have eternal life.

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Doreen's garden wedding was set at the Mango Farm somewhere along Sumulong Highway. The place was peaceful and far from the hustle and bustle of the city. The real incredible trivia about the wedding was the fact that the groom, Aldo, was the one who took care of all the details. Aldo was the "harassed bride". Doreen was working abroad and it was impossible to manage a wedding through the internet or phone. However, Doreen had a part by approving or disapproving Aldo's choices through the net. The bride's wedding gown was simple yet elegant. It was designed by one of girls' (daughter#1, Ivy, Karen, Doreen) high school batch mate too, Mia Barlaan. Doreen was such a beautiful bride. Photo is by Ivy. She was not the official wedding photographer but wow! her photos were great. More photos next time.
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"Ehtan!, where is my Trodat?", shouted the mommy. She was late for her duty at the hospital and she needs the Trodat.

"What trodat?" , asked the innocent Ethan.

Don't know what a Trodat is? It's a self-inking rubber stamp where my daughter's name, profession, license number and other pertinent details are engraved all ready to be stamped on a prescription pad or a patient's record. Anyway, the Trodat was eventually found, inkless. Dr. Ethan decided to use the thing to stamp on half a rim of his mommy's prescription pad.Did I get mad? Of course not. His mommy did though.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

See these shoes? (Forget the tensed-muscled-veined legs) I bought this pair of gold-cloth-beaded shoes two years ago for 2,000 pesos from a local leading shoe brand. I've used the pair on three occasions only - all weddings. The first wedding was for Karen - daughter #1's friend. I was a wedding sponsor. The second occasion was Ivy's wedding, again daughter #1's friend (and the photographer of these shoes), where again, I was a ninang. The third and latest event for my golden pair of shoes was for Doreen's wedding. Yup! another high school best bud of daughter #1. My pair of shoes has been to Punta Fuego in Batangas, to Davao city and the Mango Farm in Antipolo.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's Holy Tuesday and while the rest of the world is going about their daily business, most of the Philippines is at a standstill in observance of the Holy Week. My view of Holy Week has changed over the years. While still at a very young age, I was prompted not to make noise during Holy Week, especially on Good Friday, because God is dying and come 3:00,P.M., is dead. That train of thought confused me a lot because at a very young age I was taught in Sunday School that we have an everlasting Father of a God, that was crucified then risen from the dead. So how can that same God die every year? I became older and later learned that the "dead God" thingy was just a ploy to shut me up back then. Holy Week is a time to reconnect to God.

After my prayer last night, I was still thinking of ways to earn the extra money I need for my medications. I computed the amount I needed and it sums up to almost 12,000 pesos a month. With no online jobs in the offing, I have to trust God more to provide for my needs. So that was that.
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The doctor's appointment last Friday went well. He said I could go back to what ever physical activity (or the lack of it) I was doing when I had my mini stroke (transient ischemic attack.) I could drive, blog, jog, dance, jump for joy and more. However since I have cervical spine spondylosis and carpal tunnel I should still be cautious. I should wear wrist braces or wrist supports when typing and I shouldn't drive too long and too much. Added to that, two of my medications cause drowsiness so, really, I should take caution.

I was out for quite sometime yesterday - fetching daughter # 4, attending a wedding in Antipolo then finally picking up my son at his apartment. I was out from 12:00 P.M. to 11:30 P.M. yesterday. So what did I get in return for my fool or hardheadedness? - muscle pain and stiffness of my neck and shoulders, of course. Driving home last night I texted hubby if he could please be the one to drive daughter #3 to her dental consultancy appointment in Sta. Rosa, Laguna the following day, Sunday. I explained that I was already driving all day and had sore muscles and stiff neck and shoulders. He did not reply back so I assumed he was already asleep.

I came home tired and sleepy. This morning I woke up around 8:00 A.M. and hubby was nowhere to be found. He left to go biking with his friends, said our house-help. Oh I did not get mad or irritated for I understand that hubby needs his diversion too. When was the last time he went biking with his friends? Yesterday, Saturday and the Friday before that and the Wednesday and Monday before that too and the same weekly schedule for the past 2 years.

So! I was forced to drive daughter # 3 to her appointment in Laguna. We left the house at 9:00 A.M. I took my meds around 9:35 A.M.,(after eating a banana), dropped off daughter # 3 in Sta. Rosa at 10:05 A.M. By 10:15 A.M I was already at SLEX and the meds were already kicking in. I was feeling sleepy but was still strong enough to fight off the effect. By 10:45 A.M. I was somewhere in Daang Hari and was already seeing double. I parked my car by the road side, checked that all my doors are locked and then took a doze.

I arrived home at 12:35 P.M., an hour and a half later than usual.

My neurologist asked me if I have much stress in my life. What do you think?
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Daughter # 2 did a lot of packing the other night. She was bound for Boracay for a three-day stay. Great, you might think, but NOT! She is the teacher-in-charge of some community service for a group of grade 11 IB students. Yeah! You read right. Community Service. In. Boracay. I have no idea what kind of "community servicing" her kids would do there. Times have changed. I remember when community service was sweeping the street of your Barangay. I asked daughter # 2 if they are insured for their flight. Yup! The school made sure that the students' and teachers' travel health insurance are in order.They arrived yesterday in Boracay and already met up with a some friends who are taking a break in Boracay too. Sigh. I wish I could go too.
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Friday, April 3, 2009

I am now taking six medications. Two of the prescription drugs cause drowsiness. The other one is addictive if taken in large doses. Later, I have a doctor's appointment and I'll talk to him and ask if I need to continue with those three drugs. Daughter #1 said to just stay put and let the doctor do his job. Oh well. The high point or another low point (depends on your food preference) of my aliment is that I'm on a strict low fat and low salt diet. If I keep with this diet, my weight loss pills would be set a side for a bit for I would surely lose weight with my current diet. Great! (Big Grin)
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

My brother called up again to see how I am doing. I am fine, just taking it slow I said. It's quite obvious that I won't be able to accommodate his invitation for me to spend a few weeks with him and his family this coming May in New Jersey. I'm still in a "go -slow-smell-the-flower-mode" until my doctor gives me the "okay-back-to-normal" go signal. So, instead of planning his family's vacation around me, he is considering on renting out a spectacular vacation rental home at North Carolina's Outer Banks. If I'm not mistaken a couple of his close friends transferred to NC and the planned vacation would prove to be a reunion of some sort for them. Great huh? Me?! No plans whatsoever... yet.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Having been inactive for the last 6 days, I felt like bursting with boredom. I've read the February and March issue of Readers' Digest, watched 4 movies in DVD, finished season 5 of Dr. House, and was glued either to the TV or computer monitor. There's just no work for me on the net these days. The PR spanking from the mighty G came at a very inopportune time. No opps. No moolah. I need a lot of moolah for my medications!! Sigh. ( a real deep one too)

To alleviate my boredom I drove my son to school today. Daughter #4 was with me in case I get tired while driving. I was given the go signal to drive with caution as two of my medications cause drowsiness. I did not fall asleep while driving but the trip and the side trips we made tired me. I guess I still need a lot of rest. However if someone would offer some dazzling Vegas vacations, I am all for it.
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