Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Today is my birthday.

I have no plans to celebrate with a party.

I am past that.

It does not matter if anyone remembers or not.

I am past that.

I do not care if I receive gifts or not.

I am past that.

I really do not feel like treating myself to a spa or parlor.

I am past that, besides, it's expensive!

I do not feel like calling my friends to have a girls' night out.

I am past that and I don't feel like getting all dressed-up and made-up.

I do not plan on cooking something special for dinner tonight.

There'll be no one to sample my cooking anyway.

If someone bothers to ask me how old I am...

I will not answer.

I am past that.

As of this time: 9:15 am 03/11/08, I've received 23 SMS messages greeting me "happy" on my natal day.

The weirdest one came from my network provider. It said: Warmest wishes to you from Globe. You are most dearly remembered on your special day. Happy Birthday!

That left me wondering who those at Globe are dearly remembering my birthday. I can just visualize them... sitting behind their desks... the supervisor comes in and says... stop what you're doing!.....this just came in.... it's Lena's birthday and we have to do some remembering!..... make it fondly.... Oh dear.......

Posted by desperateblogger On 3/11/2008 09:26:00 AM 8 comments


  1. Hey...happy birthday! Actually, my mother's death anniv is on the 11th, today dyan. One of my niece's bday falls on this day also.

    My father's death anniv is in July...they were only 4 months apart. They were very close so it wasn't really a surprise when it happened.

    Anyway, I hope you're having a good day now that the Globe stopped whatever they're doing to send you that bday greetings....har har har.

    Seriously, have a good one ok?


  2. Happy Birthday 2u, Lena! May ur dreams come true!


  3. Freaky....

    My father died on that exact same date...July 18, 2000. It's true and it's giving me goosebumps....I was in the Phils when it happened because it was our summer break sa Taiwan. I left his side for one day to fetch my plane ticket for my flight back to Taiwan at the end of that month [July]. That's when he died...I was with him from June 1 - July 17. I left for 1 day and that's when he died. I still cry over their death and their 'passing' without me by their side but that's life and I learned to accept it...hard as it is.

    ilang taon ka na nga??? Bad me eh!!

  4. Hey hey hey, look whose birthday it is today! hehe :)

    It's good that you've got 23 SMS greetings, it gives you that sense of relief knowing that your number is still stored in your friends' phones.

    And Globe is 'simply amazing' hehe :)

    Anyways, happy birthday and may you have more birthdays (and blog posts) to come! Cheers!

  5. wishing you a good health and happiness!

    happy happy birthday!

    you have the same birthday as my brother and hubby's mother!

  6. Warmest wishes to you from London. You are most dearly remembered on your special day. Happy Birthday! hehehe!

  7. Wow...'ty one ka na pala. Ako kasi 'ty one din...hahaha....

    Wag ka na mainggit sa pop-ups. Pain in the you know what. Luckily wala sa akin [or wala lang nag reklamo]. But it seems they may have originated from the widgets that are installed in some blogs. I removed one of mine just in case. Other blogs kasi ang daming widgets kasi nakaka ganda ng page but I'd rather be plain and simple than be bombarded with those spams - yung iba porn pa.....

    O sige na...tapos na bday mo....belated happy birthday. You're dearly remembered again by the people at Smart --- O--- Globe pala...


    Bad Bad Girl

  8. Best piece of "Bah! Humbug!" I've seen written in a long time, LOL!
    Anyway, I hope your birthday was what you had hoped it to be, whether Happy or... well, whatever!


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