Thursday, October 16, 2008

There's no one set pattern for a child's development for each child develops at his own phase. None of my five children developed at precisely the same way. For example, daughter # 1 had her first baby tooth at 5 months whereas daughter # 3 had hers at 13 months. Daughter #3 started to talk, not babble, at 2 years old while daughter #4 was singing a complete song at 1.5 years old. Most toddlers would be saying dada and mama and maybe some other words around their first birthday. My son was "speechless" at this stage. It is not alarming or unusual fro a child not to speak until as much as six months later. Some babble until 18 months and only begin acquiring words. Anyway, here's a guideline on language development for children one to two years old.

Language Milestones

* Points to at least one part of the body as the part is named
* Says the names of some household objects
* Follows directions to complete a simple task, such as going to fetch something that is in another room
* Uses verbs (stop, go) or implied verbs - up, for pick me up- to issue demands
* Ask for toys, food, drink, or toilet by name, or can point to them when they are named
* Combines two words into a sentence
* Uses the negative "no" or "not" in understandable phrases or sentences
* Uses about 10 different phrases or sentences regularly and confidently.

Posted by desperateblogger On 10/16/2008 07:12:00 AM 5 comments


  1. Peaches started to say mama first at around 7 months and dada at 8 months =_=

  2. renz: that's syllabication: ma and da are the first phonics that a baby sounds. variations are ada, mum,mamam. pero minsan swak ano? mama pag tawag sa yo, dada naman sa dad nya.

  3. yup! tapos ung mamamam nya pag gutom cya or uhaw hehehhe.

  4. renz: how old is your baby? you must find it quite hard taking care of the baby and the house. i just hope you have a "me" time. believe, you need it.

  5. she's 9m3w. IT's hard and I get so tired most of the time. Once in a while I do get a ME time. =_+


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