Friday, June 22, 2012

It's summer in the northern hemisphere! Yey! It's natural tanning time! Instead of slathering sunblock, those living in the cold zones would normally slather on tanning lotion. During the cold months when the sun is shy, trooping to The tanning store is the next best thing to do for that glorious tan.

 It's totally different here in my country. At daytime, most Pinays would apply facial cream with SPF of at least 30. When at the beach, the normal thing is to slather on sunblock with an SPF high enough to deter the Philippine's ultra hot sun. When summer is over, it's time to do a whitening routine by applying whitening cream, lotion and using bleaching soap or cream. For those who prefer an even white skin, the option is to pop glutathione pills or troop to the dermatologist for glutathione shots. Me? Well, I don't pop gluta pills or have shots but I do apply daytime cream with SPF. At the beach I slather an inch-thick (not really) sunblock and make sure I have my umbrella. :)
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A couple of years ago, the "in" thing in parties, weddings and any other event was to have a photo booth. You know, the one where you and a group of friends pose (4 times), complete with whatever costume hat or wig or accessory the photographer has? I hated that. Really. It's not the photo booth per se that I hate but the freaking costumes and accessories. I also did not like the idea that you can't really distinguish which is the photo and which is the border (with the celebrant's face plastered on it). Well, I''ve had it with photo booth! It's a good thing my ever innovative nephew of Mimi and Karl (destination photographers), came up with another idea. Skitbooks!
Video to Flipbook
Yup! Really! This idea-of-a-party-thingy is so fun! Interested? Click HERE for more details.
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  I was and am an avid reader. Back in the days when most nights were free, I can finish 2-3 books a week which really cost me money for I have to buy 3to 12 books a month. Being an architect, my nature of work also pushed me to use my eyes incessantly. Being astigmatic early on, I knew I was going to wear eyeglasses sooner or later. By age 40, I had to use reading glasses. Some years later, I had to use progressive prescription eyeglasses. My current pair of eyeglasses is 2 years old. I need new ones. My left eye is blurry even with my eyeglasses on. Gosh! I wonder how much a new pair will cost me this time.
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We are a family of DIY-ers. We love to do arts and crafts, decorate and what-have-you. We recently celebrated Tabby's first birthday. We decided to have a tea-party theme and look at what we came out with. DIY decorations and homemade strawberry jams. Yes will gladly accept orders. Matter of fact, you can hire us as event planners -from party concept to party hosting.  We now have a string of suppliers from caterers to dressmakers aka costume-makers to photographers. We are the newest  event planners in Metro Manila.  Hire us! Yes! We're still missing one thing though- the name of our Even Planning group.

Tabby's First!

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D1 finished her residency in January this year. In March,she took the diplomate exam for her specialty and passed! Thank you Lord! It would have been alright if she decided to practice her profession now but no. She is all set for her fellowship. Hubby asked when D1 will stop her "schooling". Well, I guess medicine is a never-ending schooling thingy. So! She needs new scrub suits. Since one of my nieces is set to come home in July, I guess its best that D1 opts for cherokee workwear scrubs. At least D1 won't have the issue of bumping into a local nanny wearing the exact same scrubs that she wears!
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Monday, June 11, 2012

 The church's school is all geared up for the opening of classes on June 14. School staff and teachers are all busy sprucing up the whole school. I decided to revamp the pastor's office so it would blend in well with the rest of the school. I decided to paint the office in dark olive green, ecru and a shade close to avocado green. I also asked our pastor to bring out some his certificates and plaques to hang on one of the walls. I have to go back tomorrow. There are still a thousand-and-one-things to do.
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Saturday, June 2, 2012

I just know that I do have an "okay" sense of fashion as I do look good once I really dress for an occasion. I tend to opt for classical cuts and styles because I look good in those cuts. Also, classic-style clothes can be worn for years and years,

At times I tend to obsess on womens fashion clothing. Sure, new cuts and styles seem great but I just can't bring myself to wear most of them. Knowing my body, I just know if I'll look or bad in a style.... that is why I can't understand why most women, young and old, insist on wearing clothes that they look "blah" in. Girls.... know your body type so you can dress yourselves in style. Dress your age!
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Original Graphic from Fotolia

        Wall Mural in the Preschool Room

I just had to revamp the preschool room of our church's school. The existing paint was 1 foot strips of varied (yucky) colors. I wanted to do something different so I decided to paint a wall mural. Oh the design was not original but I think I did a good job "imitating" the design.What do you think?
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As member of out church school's Board, I saw fit to "meddle" with the repairs, repainting and revamping of the restrooms and classrooms. I just had to do something about the shocking pink and blue color-combination of the classrooms and the chipped and dirty tiles and water closets of the restrooms. Oh, there were lots of opposition from the higher-ups as they prefer shocking and bright colors than my milder and calmer yet interesting color combinations. Guess who won?

The restrooms were another story. They were dirty and crumbling. I had to design two additional bathrooms at the high school building which was hard for I had to install drainage and water lines in an existing building. The finished restrooms are fine. I  even placed a  bathroom vanity in each toilet. With very limited time and budget, the restrooms were fine. I

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