Friday, December 31, 2010

Another year had passed and I am sure that each one of us has had our fill of joys and hurts; unexpected blessing and faith-shattering trials. What have you learned all through 2010? Did you become a better person? Were you able to learn something out of your experiences? Is your heart hardened and now believes that God has let you down?

Everything happens for a reason. God is perfect and His plan for us is perfect too. All we need to do is trust God. It is sometimes hard to completely surrender to God's will as we tend to use our own intelligence which is human nature.

This new year, let us all try to surrender to the will of God. Let us all strive to be a better person. If someone had hurt us or has done us wrong, now is the time to forgive. Getting "even" is not an option. Putting "one over someone" is not an option too.

I have repeatedly told my children to honest in everything they do for I believe that deceit or stealing, however small they are, are still abominable in God's eyes. My girls and I tend to be overly loud when "fighting" for what we believe in. We believe that fair is fair. I have taught my children to voice out their opinion but often, this characteristic is often misunderstood as being rude and disrespectful.

Integrity and honesty are important aspect of our lives. I have repeatedly drummed into my kids that they should respect other people but not to the point where their personal values and beliefs are compromised. I have repeatedly told my children that education is important. Working hard to reach their goals is pleasing in the eyes of God and that their quest to succeed should not be at the expense of others.

I have received numerous reports that there are certain persons who are intent on ruining our reputation by spreading lies about us. There are some persons who feel that we have trodden on them all because the truth has been shielded and twisted. To these persons, let it be known that the truth will prevail in the end. However, I and my children have already gathered together in prayer to forgive those who have offended and hurt us. May the persons who we have offended and hurt find it in their hearts to forgive us too.

No one is perfect. It is only Jesus Christ, as man, who was/is perfect. In essence, this means that we all make mistakes and in the process, sin. But! God is so gracious that when we seek repentance, He forgives.

May the Lord's blessings be upon you. Jehovah Jireh! May the Lord be your great provider. Jehovah Rophi! May the Lord heal you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Jehovah Rohi! May the Lord truly be your Shepherd.

Happy New Year!
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Third Generation

De Leon Clan

My mother's side of the family had a get-together on Christmas day for the traditional pot luck. It is the time to catch up on family news and time to exchange gifts. It is the time to be united in prayer in praise and thanksgiving for all God's provisions, protection and favors. It is the time to seek repentance and forgiveness. It is the time to ask for healing in all aspects: physical, spiritual and emotional. It was a wonderful Christmas lunch. There were four generations in the gathering but we sincerely missed the presence of  David and Doc Gener. We cried for a moment in memoriam.

Thanks to D2, the family presentations, parlor games and raffle were fun! The exchange gift has been planned since November and it has always been my tasked to see to it that everyone are included. It was a great party as a cousin and niece came all the way to Manila from SF and NY to join us. The food? Oh wow! It was so scrumptious everyone pigged-out. It would have been wonderful if everyone came. Sadly that can't be as they live abroad. Anyway, here's wishing your Christmas was meaningful and wonderful too.
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

May the Lord continue to richly bless you
with things that really matter.
May you be GIFTED with good health,
A Happy and Peaceful Home,
and answer to your needs...

Jesus is the reason for the season!

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Ethan is a just a few inches shorter than myself now. He has grown a lot in terms of height and girth. D1 saw the new pair of pants I bought for Ethan and she thought it was mine! Oh hahaha...Anyway, buying clothes for Ethan has become a problem. His waistline is size 18 while his length is size 10. I have to have the pant's hem cut every time at the alteration department of the store.

Here in Manila, there is no such thing as Husky size for boys that is why I tend to browse and shop online for Ethan's clothes. I rather like some Mavel comic clothes for kids I stumbled on. The shirts are personalized with a choice of your favorite Marvel comics super hero. Ethan's favorite has always been Spiderman. I think I'll order three shirts in red, blue and white. In case the company does not deliver here on Manila, I can always have them delivered to my brother's home address in NJ. We have a long standing agreement on the issue of shipping "my" stuff from NJ to Manila.

Ethan at 4 years...
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My daughters have been supplementing their wardrobes by buying a lot of cardigan sweaters. These sweaters come in different shapes, colors, designs,lengths and styles. D3 wore a purple open-knit-varied length cardigan over white T-shirt and denims and the effect was surprisingly dressy enough for her to attend an informal Christmas party. D4 wore a short red cardigan over a black tube dress at her office's annual formal Christmas party.

D2 preferred the tailored cardigan to wear over her blouse and skirt attire. The tailored cut emphasized her waistline which made her look "slimmer". D1 loves her yoke knit cardigan that she wears over her chiffon blouse and back linen pants while doing her rounds at the hospital. Me? I love to wear my simple navy blue 3/4 sleeve, low-hip length cardigan over any attire I deem fit. Cardigans are classics. Every woman should have at least one in her wardrobe.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Where is Ethan?

Where the heck is Ethan?

These were some of the finale scenes of Ethan's Christmas Program. The title of the song and dance presentation is Candy Cane Lane. The story is all about finding the best recipe for a Christmas Cake. The ingredients have nothing to do with "real" baking but more on the "spiritual values" needed to bake the best cake to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is after all about Him so pardon me if I am not politically correct as I tend to greet everyone a Merry Christmas! and not the generic Happy Holidays.

I know D2 have some video shots of Ethan's group song and dance routine. I'd upload it whenever. Truth be told, Ethan should have sang a longer solo. Modesty aside, my grandson sings in pitch and can go from chest tone to head tone without missing a beat. Hahaha... "stage" grandma!
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It is that time of the year again... car registration! My car's plate number ends in number 1 which means I have to register my car in January. It is the time to source for the best packages and deals from auto insurance companies. I have been doing "business" with one car insurance company for the past 10 years and so far they have the most reasonable and plausible coverage. Comprehensive, non-comprehensive, third-party-liability and so on, are offered by most insurance companies. I wonder how much these are now. I better get cracking for quotes a soon as possible.
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My husband's family business is a Machine Shop-which basically means the company accepts all kinds of repairs and fabrications relating to any type, make and size of machines. We used to live above the machine shop when we were newly weds and wow! the noise the shop makes during its operating hours was enough to make you sort-of-deaf for a bit.

I used to hang out in the auto supply department and I remember cataloging different auto parts like briggs and stratton. Oh I remember cases of engine oil, float bowl gaskets, head gaskets, carburetor gaskets, fuel pump kit with the brand Briggs and Stratton that I helped cataloged. As my late father-in-law said, this brand of engine parts is one of the best if not the best brand. Up to now, the machine shop still prefer parts from the same brand. I do too.
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My house is topsy-turvy from gifts that my girls have (so far) received. Winner in this category is D2, the teacher, who took home 4 sack-full of gifts! We (D1,D3,D4 and I) are eagerly anticipating the gift-opening for surely D2 can't use all the gifts by herself. We have to help! Hahaha...

My son did his Christmas shopping yesterday. He asked his dad for his weekly allowance and spent it all for his sisters' and Ethan's gifts. While shopping, he texted me and asked if he could use his credit card to augment his shopping money. He said he wanted to buy a real cool tool for me, a lead detection kit that I could use checking the lead content of paints I use for my work. I thanked him for the thought and said "no" since I'm the one who pays for his credit card bills anyway.

Speaking of lead detection kits, I think I could really make real good use of one. The kit is easy to use as all I need to do is squeeze and crush the lead indicator at the designated points; shake the swab and gently squeeze it until a yellowish liquid comes out the tip. Immediately rub the tip on the surface to be tested. If the area turns pink, then there's at least 5% lead in it. This kit is great! I can have the results in less than 30 minutes. I could really use this lead kit for the house and for my construction work.

I guess I should let my son use my credit card so he could buy me this kit for my Christmas gift.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It is a "Merry" Merry Christmas for my brother and his family. His office held the annual Christmas party without much expectations. For the longest time, he has been attending these parties because he is one of the department heads. Year-in and year-out he has faithfully attended each Christmas without expecting to win any of the raffle prizes. This year is no different but!- it is different. For the first time, my brother won one of the raffle prizes. The prize is not one of those regular microwaves or coffee makers. My brother won the super-duper prize of 4 round-trip tickets to any part of the world! Hahaha... isn't that great!? Jehovah Jireh!

Anyway, I have not done any Christmas shopping yet and it is already December 22. At this rate, I don't think I'll be able to buy any gift at all! My friends are way ahead of me. They have not only done their Christmas shopping but are already in the process sourcing for cheapest life insurance as their insurances are about to expire by the end of the month. Me? I have yet to buy ham for Christmas dinner.

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Traffic is horrendous! There are just too many cars out on the road! Add to that the numerous excavations being done by the Manila Waterworks and Sewerage System and you have a sluggish-barely-moving flow of vehicles. I cannot understand why MWSS can't schedule their work before or after the holiday season. The upgrading of old pipes is good though because the uupgrades are doing away with old asbestos pipes that were laid out in the late 60s all through the 70s. It was only in the 80s that Mesothelioma, a form of disease due to exposure to asbestos, was assessed. Well then, I just have to grin and bear the traffic.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I think it is the norm for most people to gain weight during the holidays. There's just too much food and partying that it is almost impossible not to gain some pounds. Come January 1, resolutions are mostly "weight" related. "I will diet", "I will exercise more", " I will lay low on carbo", and so on. For a couple of weeks, the resolutions are seriously practiced. Very few could be counted on to finish what they have resolved to do and that is to lose weight. There should be an easy way to lose weight. There is Lipofuze that you can take to "easily" lose 10 pounds in 7 days. It contains fat burning ingredients that have lasting thermogenic effect. Hmm.... I wonder if it's really effective.
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My right upper arm has been bothering me for more than a month now. It feels stiff every time I wake up from a night's sleep. The stiffness lessens as the day goes but if I spend time tap-tapping on my laptop, the stiffness (and dull pain) returns. I went to see a physical rehabilitation doctor the other month and she prescribed a string of therapy sessions for me. I was supposed to do 6 sessions but did only 1. Today I will see the doctor again and will tell her that my arm's dull pain is still because I didn't finish my 6 rehab sessions.

I wonder if I need to look into adjustable beds. I read that this type of bed offers a zero gravity position that could help relieve pressure from my spine. I also read that adjustable beds help relieve suffers of acid reflux, heartburn, edema, asthma, spinal stenosis, lower back pain, sleep apnea, arthritis and neck and shoulder pain. How much is it? I want one!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

How come Christmas is almost always coined with the word "rush"? Yes, indeed. Every one is in a rush once Christmas is in the offing. I used to be one hectic and frenetic shopper during this season but not anymore. I shop at leisure but I am still "rushed" by the many things that need to be done. There's the choir rehearsals, parties and Christmas programs to attend, food to cook and more.

All the "rushing" made me feel a bit hypertensive one time so I tried to get my own BP using the old reliable sphygmomanometer and stethoscope. Boy! I sure did presented a funny picture as I tried to wrap around my arm the band then squeeze the thingy for the mercury to rise. It was so hard to pin the stethoscope on my pulse so I even asked Ethan to pleas hold the steth so it won't fall off. Did I get my BP? Hahaha... no! I think I need someone to gift me with modern and no fuss vital signs monitor.
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My son's 9-month old 15" laptop decided to quit. Yes, quit. One moment it was happily browsing the web then the next thing my son knew, the LCD screen was a white. Oh the laptop was turned-on for the power indicator was on. My son did all he could do but still the LCD remained blank. He decided to connect his laptop to a desktop monitor and lo! it worked - the laptop is in tandem with the desktop's monitor. I told my son that he just need to lug the monitor with him in school. "Hahaha"... laughed my son in a mirthless manner. I have already called the service department since the laptop is still under warranty.

The other day, D2's laptop decided to go "blank". The LCD was black and not white. D2 manipulated her laptop this way and that. Finally, at a 35 degree angle lo! the screen went "on". However, how the heck can one type with the keyboard tilted at a degree? My son and D2, I think, need an Industrial pc! Or! They need to change their brand as they have the same brand of laptops. I wonder if I can mention the brand of their lemon laptops...
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

I have always looked forward to Cyber Monday rather than Black Friday. I don't actually go to the the physical stores as I can't! I live here in Manila and Black Friday and Cyber Monday is way over in the USA. But! the internet is a wonderful thing and I could definitely do my shopping online. There are some websites that don't ship here so I've made arrangements with my brother that I'd use his USA address as the drop point for the stuff I plan to buy. Great idea huh?!
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Seriously, I need new jammies! Mine are all torn and tattered. I think the last time I bought a new sleepwear was about three years ago and that was because I was going on a vacation and I can't possibly pack my tattered jammies. Somebody gift me with a nightgown. A nice not overly-sexy lingerie would do too. What color? Not red please! I want something tamer and closer to my age. I would not want to look inappropriate as I can still remember Ethan's expression when we passed by the lingerie section of the local department store. Anyway, when I dwell about it, I think i prefer flannels. That's the grandma in me thinking.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All my kids have traded their old cellular phones to new cell phones. D3 and D4 are using blackberry. My son has a Samsung touch tech phone. D2 has a Nokia something-something while D1 has a Sony Ericson phone. Me? I am still using my 3-year old Nokia.

My kids have been pestering me to change my phone into a QWERTY one. If you don't know what that is, then you too are not in the "groove" of new technology. I told my kids I prefer my old phone as I don't think I could text easily with a touch phone or a qwerty phone.

But! Their phones are amazing. Aside from the regular features they have added features that make communication a lot easier.They can twitter,FB, email, browse the web and more with their phones. Oh well, I guess I seriously need to consider changing phones.
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I went to the local bazaar the other day to see if I could find some items for Christmas gifts. Well, it seems that items sold at bazaars are almost one and the same. I don't know. I just can't (or won't) find anything nice and priced reasonably enough for me to buy. I did buy a pack of 48 triple A batteries for the remote controls for TVs and ACUs. Well, what do you know. None of the batteries worked! All were duds!

Sometimes it really "pays" to buy quality items. Now, what will I do with the 48 pieces of non-working triple A batteries?
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Monday, December 13, 2010

The space under our Christmas tree is still empty. I think it's only D4 who is actually in the process of wrapping gifts. I do not have the inclination to go shopping for various reasons. The first reason is that it's too much work! The malls and shopping bazaars are filled with holiday shoppers! About a week ago I went with my daughters to a Christmas bazaar hoping that I could do a bit of shopping. I didn't. The venue was so packed with people that all I needed to do was stand in the aisle and be swept by the flow of people. I actually got a couple of bruises!

Second, I am tired of thinking what gift to give. I actually went to a Christian bookstore to see what I could buy to give friends and relatives. I found some books and daily devotional guides and marked to buy them this week. But what would I give friends and relatives who are not keen on reading? I saw a receipt printer on sale and I thought about giving it to my sister-in-law. She could do with one but the price is way-off my range. I guess I better stick to giving books and hope that the recipients do read them. Here's hoping for successful late shopping.
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Here I am tap-tapping away on my laptop as I wait for Ethan. His class and the whole school as a matter of fact, are busy rehearsing for their annual school play. It is really quite hectic as they even had an all day rehearsal at the venue last Saturday and the following Monday. I think the schedule of rehearsals is quite insensitive as not all mommies and daddies (and in my case, grandma) can just drop their schedule to accommodate changes in rehearsal time.

Ethan's practice last Saturday was from 9:30am to 11:30am and then back at 2:30pm to 4:30pm. We were advised to go home first then come back for the afternoon rehearsal. I did not bring Ethan back as they were dismissed at past 12 noon. The rehearsal venue is about 45 minutes away from our house. I'd just be wasting time and precious gasoline if I did come back for the afternoon rehearsal. Monday rehearsal was worse as it was from 9am to 4pm! I chose not to go home but waited for Ethan instead.

Tomorrow is the play's presentation. I had to shell out 1,750 PHP for the tickets. I had to buy costumes too as there are 3 sets of costume-change. Sigh! I have attended scores of school Christmas play and this is the 2nd time that I have to pay to watch.

Anyway, I heard that a lone entity won the 745 Million PHP Lotto grand price! Wow! I just hope he/she makes a significant contribution to society. Sorry Huling, there is no hurry to source for a good orlando car rental deal this year as we did not win the Lotto! Next Christmas then...
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Finally, after days (weeks, actually) of dilly-dallying I have finally put up the Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations in the house. The trellis has its row of rice lights. The trees are strewn with fairy lights too. The Christmas china and glasses are out; so are the placemats and glass coasters. I decorated the modern furniture with swags of Christmas ribbons and throw pillows in red, green and gold! My house is ready for Christmas! I wonder when I'll find time to shop for gifts. The real question though is "I wonder if I want to shop for gifts."

Every year I find it harder and harder to drag myself to shop for Christmas gifts. I have lost the passion to shop 'til I drop. No worries though. My girls, especially D4, find shopping a "vocation". I have told them to be creative with their gift-giving. As I've said, and will continue to say, "it's the thought behind the gift that counts". Right?!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A friend of mine has joined two nutrition affiliate programs and is now actively promoting her "herbal" drinks. One preparation is sort of a meal replacement concoction and the other one is a drink made of barley. She has asked me to try the drinks but I'm still dilly-dallying because I heard that it does not taste good. She said she has presented her products to groups and individuals and a great percentage of them are now taking the herbal drink rather than the barley drink. The herbal meal replacement drink is way cheaper than the the barley drink. I think I'll order one herbal drink supplement and see if my daughters would take to it. The girls usually skip breakfast maybe the herbal drink would be acceptable as breakfast.
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's that time of the year again! No, I am not talking about the coming holidays. I am not talking about decorating the house with every kind of Christmas lights and fairy lights. I am not talking about putting out the Christmas china or Christmas village and the Christmas tree to decorate the whole house. It is not about bringing out all the tinsels and mistletoe to adorn every nook and cranny of the house. It is not even the mad rush for last minute Christmas shopping or the menu for a fantastic Christmas dinner. It is that time of the year when every girl, young and old are seriously considering sourcing for diet pills that work, really work, for "after holiday" dieting.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

D4 has been pretty busy this past weekend attending bazaars. No, she is not a retailer but more of an eager shopper on a race to finish her Christmas shopping. She came home two days in a row laden with packages. I asked who the gifts for and she rattled on a list of names, mostly her office mates and bosses.

D4 said I should go to that particular bazaar for the goods for sale are so varied - from Hungarian sausages to signature bags to clothes to jewelry and even to a wide range of beauty products and several skin products retailers all claiming that theirs are the best acne products around.

I've decided to go today but D4 said the bazaar is open on weekends only. Oh well, this weekend then. But first, I think I have to get my "Christmas" act together now and start rummaging in the storage cabinet for last year's Christmas decors. Yes, it is that time of the year again.... Christmas!
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yesterday, Ethan's teacher called at around 10:00 A.M. informing me that Ethan has a fever of 38.5 Celsius. I was in therapy that time so I asked hubby to pick Ethan up. When I came home Ethan's fever was 39.3 Celsius! He said he has a headache and then he vomited not once, not twice but thrice! I called his mommy and she told me what I already know- sponge bath, paracetamol, ibuprofen and hydrite.

I had Ethan' urine examined as my daughter wanted to rule out urinary tract infection. The urinalysis was fine. There were no outward signs of bacterial infection too. I suspect that the "culprit" was the super-duper orange-colored french fries he ate at the mall the night prior to his being sick.

When my kids were growing up, junk food was a 'NO-NO'. Of course they had their share of junk food on occasions but I was more focused on giving them healthy options. I was an advocate of milk. It was mandatory for my kids to drink a glass of milk in the morning before they go to school. It was hard weaning D2, D4 and my son from their bottles that they brought along their bottled milk in the car going to school during their preschool years. Night time was optional milk-time but not for my son who at the age of 20 still drinks milk. My daughters stopped drinking milk when they were in their late teens but they still use a lot of milk for their cereals and mashed potatoes.

Ethan's diet is quite erratic. His mommy, aunts and uncle (my kids) all spoiled him when it comes to food. Ethan has been exposed to a lot of junk food and may I add that he has acquired a "taste" for junk food. I try to minimize his intake of junk though. He still drinks a glass of milk in the morning and takes vitamin and mineral supplements. There is no way Ethan could get all the necessary essential vitamins daily based on the food that he eats so, I give him multi-vitamins and vitamin C. My advice for mommies out there is before you buy vitamins for your kids, read the label and don't get swayed into buying one because of the hype.

Giving kids proper nutrition will not only help them develop physically but mentally as well. A malnourished child can't do well in school as his brain development is also affected. Note though that "malnourished" here does not mean skinny child for a chubby child can still be malnourished.

I tend to buy a lot of cereals so Ethan and my grown-up kids can have their fill of milk I must have done something right regarding their nutrition during my kids' formative years for they are all quite tall than the average Filipino. They're mental abilities were also developed as they all did well in school. Genes play an integral part too in the physical and intellectual development of kids. Intellectual environment also plays a great role for developing great minds.

However, ensuring that you give your child proper nutrition especially between the ages of 4-8 would ensure a healthy, lively and intelligent child.

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There's a photo exhibit of mothers breastfeeding their babies in various ways and in different locations and situations. The photo exhibit is sponsored by the MDG Achievement Fund 2030 and the Department of Health- National Nutrition Council.

The photo exhibit aims to convey the idea that breastfeeding is a natural occurrence between a mother and child and that breastfeeding your child can be done anywhere, anytime. The photo exhibit presents breastfeeding as a natural, positive and healthy part of everyday life - at home, at the workplace and in the community.

The exhibit runs from November 23 to 26, 2010 at SM Mall of Asia's Entertainment Pavilion.
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Three-wheeled strollers are now in the market. Moms and Dads who jog will find this type of stroller quite useful as they can strap baby in the stroller and do their round of jogging. There is no need to buy another stroller when malling as this type of stroller is can be maneuvered in and out of stores with ease. The stroller is an all-terrain "baby machine". You can take it on a hike, by the beach or pebbly paths without any trouble or difficulty. Whats the brand? Oh it's bob revolution! Baby strollers have indeed been revolutionized!
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Great! The most eligible bachelor in the world is now engaged! I wonder what the parents of the the bride-to-be is feeling right now. I can't imagine how I'd be feeling if a daughter of mine is slated to be the next queen of England. I'd say, that would be utterly magnificent! Carry on... carry on...

Prince William said he chose to give Kate Middleton his mother's engagement ring because he wanted his mother to be a part of the joyous celebration. The moment the news of the engagement hit the media and pictures of the newly-engaged couple hit the news, the original jeweler of the Princess Di's engagement ring was overwhelmed with replica of the sapphire and diamond-studded ring. Do a famed jewelers i.e diamonds international have stocks of diamond and other precious gems in the vault or do they order as the need arise? I wonder.
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

D4 joined a 2-day pre-Christmas Bazaar. She was selling branded handbags that was consigned to her by a family friend. Since the Bazaar was in a posh Alabang village we were all rather expecting a more than acceptable gross sale. On the contrary. The bazaar was ill-advertised as attendance was "poor". I was used to jostling my way in past bazaars at the same venue but this time, one can dance on the aisles. No one knew about the bazaar! Poor D4. She barely made a sale and barely broke even because of the rent et al. She said she was able to distribute her calling card and I think she has made a few "after-bazaar" sales.

I did a lot of window shopping though. As a matter of fact, I was coerced into buying a product that claims to be a chemical-free anti mosquito-disinfectant-anti-flea-anti-garden insect liquid. With the package came a soap and cream that claim to be the best acne treatment as it's all-natural. The seller said the soap and cream are great for fungal infections too. I bought the products. I have not tried the cream on a rather nasty mosquito bite and the itching and inflammation went away. Great huh?!
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

One of my nieces gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I was so surprised at the size of the baby as my niece is quite petite. I have another niece-in-law who gave birth to a baby girl and she is quite big too. She's barely a month old yet she looks so big and so aware of what is happening around her.Babies are getting bigger and smarter. Is it because of the prenatal vitamins like prenate dha that ob-gyne are giving their patients? Maybe so. However, I believe it's still best to eat a well-balanced diet on top of taking multi-vitamins. Two new babies... I sure am a grandmom many times over. Welcome to the family, Miranda and Josiah.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

... is a word that I have learned back in the 60s watching Popeye cartoons. Brutus was egging on Popeye to build a swimming pool. When Popeye refused, Brutus called Popeye a cheapskate which I assumed back then was an insult as Popeye immediately built a pool. Does anyone still use that word today? I think present-day counterpart is "cheap".

My HMO is probably one of the "cheapest" if not the cheapest from among cheap insurance companies here in Manila. I know! That's a lot of "cheap" words. I was surprised that my coverage does not include even a consult to a rehabilitation doctor. I need therapy for my mild carpal tunnel and my HMO said that therapy for carpal tunnel is not covered but surgical procedure and steroid shots are included.

"But my doctor advised therapy and not surgery or steroid shots!" I retorted.

The HMO representative does not have an answer to that. I hang up the phone and thought long and hard about HMOs and their sometimes ignorant clauses. I think in the long haul, it is all about making a profit which is of course understandable but, I still think the issue about their not covering my therapy is a big boo-boo.
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My nephew is a now a freshman at a university in New York. He grabbed the nursing course offered to him by the university even as he plans on taking a health care career. I think he plans on taking up medicine after his nursing degree. My brother is complaining about the high-cost of university education in the States. I told him that he is still not as pressed as he had more than 10 years to save up for his son's college as elementary and high school education in the States are free. Wait, I take that back as I am not sure if my brother's kids went to public school.

Quality education is costly. I should know...
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

D1 asked me over dinner if I placed a bet in Lotto. I told D1 that I have not been "betting" for the longest time and I have no intention of doing so unless the "prize is right!" D1 said I better think of my winning combination as she heard the OR nurses and doctors obsessing about the 300,000,000 PHP jackpot prize in tomorrow's (Thursday) Lotto. Wait! Did I get the zeros right? The jackpot is 300 million pesos!

Yes Huling! If you are reading this, kindly send me your winning combination. When (and not IF) we win the jackpot, get us the best Orlando vacation packages so my family and I could meet you and your family there this Christmas. How's that for positive thinking?
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"What's a yakima roof rack"I asked my nephew as I was listening to him carry on an animated discussion of his travails as a tri-athlete with another nephew.

"Bike racks auntie. Yakima is the brand name" my nephew answered. He said it was high time he properly equip his SUV with a bike rack so as not to encounter anymore problems when transporting his "beloved" racer bike to a triathlon event.

Triathlon is a booming sporting activity here in Manila. It seems like every other person I know either runs, or bikes or swims. I miss joining 5k runs now as I've not been running for the last 3 months. D3 has not been running too and we are both getting a little wobbly (as Ethan said). Every time I think of running, it rains. Just this afternoon I was thinking it'd be good to run 2.5 k when suddenly rain poured so hard there was flash flood. It did not only rain hard, there was flash flood to. The sudden downpour lasted for 2 hours. I got my exercise sweeping the yard and drying the terrace of rain water.
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

D2 said her sleeping pattern has been quite erratic for sometime now. She prepares for bed at around 11:00 pm as the TV lulls her to sleep. At around 2:00 AM she jolts awake and then drifts in and out of sleep until she finally has to abort all pretense of sleep at 5:30 AM as she has to prepare to go to work. She clocks in for work before 7:00 AM as school starts at 7:30 AM. By the end of the school day, she say she's already tired and just want to go to sleep which she can't as she still has a thousand and one things to do.

She asked D1 for sleep aids that work. There are plenty of sleeping pills alright but each one has a different side effect. D1 said D2 just has to set a regular sleeping time and should stop obsessing about not being able to sleep.

D2 is back to working out in the gym. Exercise is therapeutic. It should help D2 to sleep easily.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shawty had them apple bottoms jeans, (jeans)
Boots with the fur...(the fur)
The whole club was looking at her...
She hit the flo' (she hit the flo')
Next thing you know
Shawty got low low low low low low low low....

and on and on goes Ethan as we D1, D2, D3 and I sat patiently at the Davao International airport waiting for our flight home to Manila. I have no idea why he suddenly started to sing the song. I have no idea why he even knows the song! Sure, he was was plugged into a shuffle but there's no way I downloaded that song. We watched and listened as Ethan went to a frenzied crescendo.

I had to ask.

It seemed that his ninang in Davao added a lot of songs in his shuffle, Daft Punk included. Kids!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There is no denying that my girls and I are all "divas" when it comes to belting it out on a karaoke machine. No party in the house is a "party" without karaoke singing. Two of my brothers-in-law even bought their own machines so they could sing (albeit off-key) every time they feel the urge. Many-a-parties ended in the wee hours of the morning as everyone needed to "sing" first before going home. My neighbor has the same obsession with karaoke singing. They start hugging the mic at 9:00 am until the following day which irritates me at no end since I can't even hear myself think.

Anyway, who does not want to sing?! Everyone does. I do.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

what?!I have to take out the Christmas decorations now?! It's only November yet Christmas decorations are being sold in stores as early as September. The month of September seems to be the start of the Christmas season here in the Philippines and somehow that reinforces the ugly truth that the reason for the season is commercialism.

The last typhoon that hit Manila shattered the fairy lights that adorn my garden. I guess I have to buy other outdoor Christmas decorations since I am to buy new fairy lights too. I have been meaning to buy a lighted lantern for the last 5 years and have not gotten into it. Maybe this year... maybe.

By the way, in case you are not too busy, please drop by D4's bazaar on November 6 at Cuenca. I'll write about the details later.
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I have dark circles around my eyes. I have been keeping late nights meeting deadlines as a freelancer. I lost 2 writers and for the last 5 months have been flying solo. I have 3 other "not-very-committed" writers and they seem to have vanished too. I think they just can't cope up with the "demands" I make regarding deadlines and content.

Not that I'm complaining but sometimes I have to work on Sundays too because of my commitment. My clients are happy and that is what's important. A client even gave me an $80 bonus on top of my regular fees to show his appreciation. Another client gave me $100 when I got sick. Another client extended his deadline indefinitely just to accommodate me.

Who said the world is lacking of good people? There are plenty out there. The secret is to be kind and understanding yourself. The Law of Attraction and the Golden Rule applies here too.
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Monday, October 25, 2010

My inbox is filled with email promos offering me male enhancement products. Hello?! Whoever is the one behind the email blast need to further tweak his list! It is funny that I also win lotteries sponsored by Yahoo! or Microsoft on an almost daily basis. I also receive offers of "partnership" from solicitors in far-flung Nigeria for millions of USD. Aside from the many winnings and offers that I receive through my email, I also receive text messages informing me of the car that I seem to win too on a daily basis.

Internet and mobile technology -the things I put up with just to enjoy them.
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

My son, D3, D4 and Ethan just had their annual medical check-up.The procedures included were blood chemistry, chest x-ray and urine and stool examinations. It was only Ethan who was able to give the all "specimen". My son, D3 and D4 still need to give theirs. Anyway, the medical check-up was pretty basic. Ethan's anticipation of the blood extraction was so over-the-top that when it was his turn, the extraction was not really painful. It was "funny" because the rest of us were also in anticipation, holding Ethan at various points.

Anyway a friend of mine happens to sell an herbal colon cleanser that she says is good for the body. A colon cleanse will aid in detoxification of the colon. She said it will flush out wastes and toxins, decrease bloating, eliminate constipation and even flatten the stomach. I wonder if these claims are true. I guess I need to ask for medical opinion first.
D1, what do you think of colon cleansers?
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

D2 poster her Christmas wish list on FB. Oh, the list was hilarious as it included a Hollywood male star and weight loss pills that work The list also included an uber tech digicam, lots of teacher stuff and a set of branded make-up which I saw had a price tag of $450. Guess what? There are now two people who responded to her Christmas wish list and as I write have already bought the make-up and teacher stuff.

D1 posted her Christmas wish list too. The first was a new mobile phone and the second was the new generation iPod. lucky D1. She is now using her new mobile phone courtesy of her godmother/aunt and the iPod just came in from Canada courtesy of her dad's cousin.

D4 is fuming as she was the first to put up her Christmas wish list. The last time she checked, there were still no takers. D3 did not and will not put up her Christmas wish list. It's so not like her. Hmmm... maybe I should have a wish list too.
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blogging has its perks. I have been invited to guests on TV shows, got interviewed for magazine articles, invited to different events for products or services launching and what have you. I have missed out on several invites and opportunities to get "freebies" because I am just too busy.

Today, however, I was invited to a round table discussion about a certain product that will help lessen dental cavities. What made me agree to attend the function was the fact that D3, a pediatric dentist will also be there. D3 asked me if I was getting paid for my time. I answered that I do not know. D3 jokingly said that I might get a complementary set of toothbrush and toothpaste, which is really fine so I could give the set to my son for his out-of-town trip this week. What I really prefer though are fat burner supplements. A wish that is far-fetched as, hello!?- I'm attending a dental thingy affair.
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

My son called me the other day, in panic. He was due to submit the final research paper for a major subject, and guess what. What? His laptop's monitor was completely blank! Oh his laptop was running et al it's just that there's nothing on the monitor. What he did was borrow his classmate's laptop so he could access his files using the other laptop's monitor. Pathetic! The dang laptop isn't even a year old and it's still under guarantee. The thing is the it would take a week or two before something concrete comes out of the warranty thingy.

Meantime my son is using the old desktop monitor to access his laptop. Ethan is rolling on the flood laughing at his uncle's predicament. I wonder how much netbooks cost now...
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My daughters are all gearing up for Christmas. They are all in search of "tiangges" and bazaars for inexpensive yet unique gifts. D4 is even joining a bazaar this November. She will sell branded bags (authentic and not imitations)which my goddaughter will provide. The arrangement will be sort of consignment. I'll post the when and the where of the bazaar later.

Meanwhile, D4 is still looking for other consignment stuff that she could sell at the bazaar. She said there is a list of items that she is allowed to sell. I wonder if she could sell imported cigars? A friend of mine is offering the best cigar deals in town and she said the cigars are already in a gift pack. Umm.... do I know anyone who smokes cigars?
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Friday, October 15, 2010

I have a friend who started her Christmas list way back in January. She said the best time to buy gifts is after the holidays which does not bode well for me as I don't want to give new yet last year's items. I prefer to buy meaningful gifts though and not just buy gifts for the sake of buying and giving.

My favorite item to give as a gift are monogrammed pens. I think they are both useful and personal. Last Christmas that was what I gave my son's volleyball coaches. This year, what if I gift them with personalized volleyball "balls"? I saw a website that does personalized football gift. Maybe they do "volleyballs" too. I'll go check it out.
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

For the nth time, I had one of my car's wheels "vulcanized" again. Every few months or or so one of my car's tires always end up acquiring holes. The tire service person finds nails and screws lodged in the tire and I have no idea where and when and how my tires get those screws and nails.

The other day, I noticed that my rear right tire was "flat" again. I took it to the service station for air. The next day, the same tire was lost air again. I asked D4 to take the car to the tire service. The repair man saw 3 not 1 holes made by wire and nails.

If only my car could have one of those super duper ATV Wheels I would have no problem with flat tires.
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The "household" is sad.We miss Chip. There is no one to greet us when we come home. There is no wagging tail at my feet as I do my work. We are thinking of getting a new dog but we still can't decide what breed. Another Shih Tzu perhaps? Out vet recommended that we should not get another big breed like Chuck, our super active Labrador.

Anyway, the house is (again) having some minor repairs done. Our house is 25 years old (that old?!) and needs some repairs from time to time. I've been thinking of renovating the master bathroom for the longest time but the amount of work is quite daunting. I saw some really nice pedestal sinks with matching water closet. Nice! I really should consider a major bathroom renovation.
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

There are diet pills available at legitimate drugstores. Well, they are not actually sold as "diet" pills but these are medications for other illnesses which have an effect of "loss of appetite". What are these pills? As if I would tell! The funny this is that there are also medications that tend to increase one's appetite when taken on a regular basis. What is this? Well, vitamin B 1-6-12 can increase your appetite.

Anyway, a lot of hype has been said about some new diet pills for sale online. A particular brand is supposed to contain 10 superfood that can help you lose weight, lessen wrinkles and eliminate acne.Of course these are only claims but the company does say "money-back guarantee". Umm....

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Friday, October 8, 2010

We will miss you Chippy...
You were a spot of sunshine to our lives...

Chip (9-26-08 to 10-06-10)
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last week, Chip, my shih tzu was feeling quite "under the weather". I noticed that he was not eating well. In truth, I have not been paying attention to Chip as I was also sick and was even hospitalized. Anyway, I was really worried because Chip stopped greeting us whenever we arrive home. Something was really wrong! I noticed too that Chip was so light and boney. It was like he read some great diet pill review and took the pill himself errr... itself.

Our Chippy is sick. The vet said a mean tick bit Chip and that one bite infected his blood with parasite. The vet said Chip's condition is very fragile and that treatment is a long process.

We take turns in force-feeding Chip with baby food and oral dextrose. Our little doggie has to take 6 medications daily. He seems to be improving though and we are praying, declaring and claiming of Chip's complete healing in the name of Jesus. Amen!
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Friday, October 1, 2010

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A client wants to fit in a jacuzzi in her master bathroom. There was no way I could fit in one in her bathroom without doing major construction work. I tried to explain that there will be a need to tear down a wall to expand the space, provide an elevated false flooring for tub's plumbing and sanitary work and basically revamp the whole bathroom just to accommodate a jacuzzi. In my professional opinion, it's too much work and money for a tub.

I suggested that she should consider installing a jacuzzi at deck, overlooking the backyard. I suggested that she gets an outdoor spa as it would bode well with her landscaping. I said she need not worry about the unit when not in used as there is a
spa cover that can be ordered customized.

She liked the idea. Now, I need to present her with the actual cost of a unit and its installation.
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I have been silent these past few days. I feel that there is much to say but I just can't seem to find the right words to express how I feel. The last two months have been trying times for the clan. So many sad and depressing things have happened. So many felt grief and desperation.

When oppression and depression occur, isn't it great that we have an everlasting Father to turn to? When sadness and a feeling of quiet desperation creep up, aren't we lucky that we can bow our heads, give praise and thanks to the Lord and feel comfort in His words?

Here I quote:

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? Though an army encamp against me, my heart shall not fear; though war rise up against me, yet I will be confident. (Psalm 27: 1, 3)

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Friday, September 24, 2010

D4 brought home some files relating to her work. She had an inch-thick folder filled with sheets and sheets of information and data regarding a particular company. D4 has to study the viability of the project of the company before the bank where she works for approves the company's loan.

Gone are the days when all you need to present is your face and your credibility and ability to pay to secure a loan. A bank has to really scrutinize a borrower's assets, cash flow and project's viability in order to secure a loan. D4 said some banks and lending companies are now asset based lenders which is one way of saying that a company can maximized its borrowing capacity based in its receivable and inventory as collateral. Now, I know.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I get a daily devotion guide from Joel and Victoria Osteen. Of late, the family has been undergoing a lot of trials and tribulations. Each day that I read on the Word of God is a day of hope and faith. Let me share the message that God sent me for today.


"We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose"
(Romans 8:28, NIV)

TODAY'S WORD from Joel and Victoria

Isn't it good to know that God is working behind the scenes in your life, today? No matter what you may be facing, no matter what trial you may be going through, God has a plan to turn things around in your favor. You are called according to His purpose; so right now, He is working out a plan for your good. Right now, He is orchestrating the right people to come across your path. He is orchestrating the right opportunities to open up to you. You may not see it in the natural, but look with your eyes of faith today. Show your love for the Father by your obedience to His Word. Come before Him with an open and humble heart trusting that He is guiding you. Keep standing. Keep believing. Keep hoping. Keep declaring His Word and meditate on His goodness, knowing that He rewards the people who seek after Him.


Heavenly Father, thank You for Your faithfulness in my life. Thank You for working all things together for my good. Give me Your strength and peace today and fill me with Your faith which overcomes the world. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

- Joel & Victoria Osteen
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I learned a new word today: "bacne"- short for back acne. My nephew has been undergoing extensive acne treatment for the last few months and the result is amazing. His face that was literally peppered with acne is now almost clear. I was really amazed at the results but was quite taken-aback by the cost of the treatment. Dermatologists are well and thriving!

Anyway, my nephew said he still has "bacne" and that the body acne treatment is exclusive of the facial acne treatment. Wow! I wonder how much more my sis-in-law would have to shell out.
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The medical term for acne is acne vulgaris. It is a fact that 90% of the population will "sprout" an acne at some point and severity differs from one person to another. A pimple breakout is most common but not limited during the adolescent years. Untreated acne is sure to leave scars that it is imperative that acne is addressed and treated.

There are plenty of sites that give advice and recommendations on how to remove pimples. Prick, peel, facial wash... the choice depends on you. The important thing is that an acne or pimple breakout should be treated to have clear complexion.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The best part of growing old is you become a better and wiser person due to experience. My son always argue that he is old enough to decide for himself. I always counter by saying that experience-wise, he is still a fledgling. I don't like it when some "friends" of my son egg him to "rebel" against me. What the heck? I told my son that real friends are not suppose to do that real friends should be supportive of him and of my concern for him. After all, I am his mother!

I was freakishly "mad" at my son for two straight days. On the third day, I was taken to the ER. I guess stress triggers a lot of ailments previously undiagnosed. Now, I suppose that I have my son to thank for. If he didn't irritate me, I would not have been taken to the hospital and therefore would not gone a battery of tests.

What I don't like about growing old is the physical manifestations - saggy skin, woobly neck, age spots and wrinkles and crow's feet. I think my eyes are bit droopy. I need the best eye wrinkle cream there is. Any suggestions?
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Monday, September 20, 2010

My recent confinement in the hospital led me think resolve that my family must not eat too much junk food. Junk food is fattening and totally unhealthy. Kids of today cannot are "junk"ies. Ethan is one. He gobbles up french fries in a jiffy. My son can finish a large order of any combo meals. My girls are no better. End result? Everyone is overweight.

I have been trying to lessen my kids' and Ethan's intake of junk food. I can only "tell" my kids but not actually supervise them. I heard them talking about Safe and effective diet pills but I guess they're just talks.

D3 is better though. She runs whenever time permits. The worst are D1 and D2 with D4 ranked third. They just eat too much! If only they'll limit their intake of junk food and rice, I am sure they'll slowly but surely lose weight.
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I think this is my son, attached to the velcro wall. This shot was taken almost a year ago during the 7th birthday celebration of Ethan. How time flies! In just three months time, Christmas will hit us right smack in the face.

I was doing some grocery shopping the other day and I noticed that Christmas songs were blaring out the speakers. It is so sad that the true spirit and message of Christmas has progressively deteriorated over the year. It is even politically incorrect to greet others "Merry Christmas!" because not everyone believes in Christmas.

Bah humbug.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

I was at the drugstore yesterday waiting for my prescription to be filled. There were not much people in the drugstore for it was already 9:00 P.M. The pharmacist and I exchanged pleasantries as I have been getting my prescription in that specific drugstore for more than a year now.

As I waited for hubby's medicine, I can't help but think about how the pharmaceutical companies are never-ending in their quest for cures for various ailments. Just few years ago, herpes cures were unheard of but now, there are various drugs to treat the disease.

Sometimes, there are those who argue that the progress in the field of medicine has nothing to do with God's grace. I once had the unfortunate experience to hear of such claim from someone I know. Not me. I believe in God! I believe in the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I believe in the power of prayer for when everything seems hopeless, we can all hang on on God's Words.

I hope and pray that each day new drugs are developed to cure all illnesses. Keep safe!
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

D3 took time off from work to baby-sit me. That was 9 days of non-paid "holiday" for D3. I have no idea how the clinic managed without a dentist. I guess it was just opened to tell patients that "the dentist is out". I seriously need to "pay" her as she was even the one buying for her food and other stuff that I needed in the hospital. Now, how do I pay her without her knowing that I am "paying" her?

She complained that pimples sprouted on her face during our stay at the hospital. As she was sleeping on a divan that doubles up as a seat during visiting hours, I guess the divan was pretty "dirty". Maybe I could give her a coupon or something for acne treatment. First, I think I need to read an acne treatment review so I'll have an inkling on the hows and whats of treating pimples.
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Being cooped-up in the hospital for nine days was no fun. All I did was to force myself to watch TV, go online for a few minutes and watch 3 seasons of NCIS. I had a lot of catching up to do on top of a lot of praying.

As I lazily and aimlessly browsed my FB account, I found that D2 and D4 have made their Christmas wish lists. D2 wished for a lot of school stuff, a VeloBind included. D2 even wanted a paper cutter that I can't even explain. D4's Christmas wish list contained a hodgepodge of "girlie" stuff like make-up, shoes and bags. What was really amazing though was that their aunts and cousins in the USA responded and have made their pledges! I think I should make my own Christmas wish list too.
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

I have been confined in the hospital for 9 days. God's grace and blessings poured on me. He also used a lot of my friends and pastors as instruments for my healing. Science is precise and methodical. Faith is something that is not seen. I have claimed that complete healing is on me. I thank God for all those who continue to declare and claim my healing.

In times of great oppression and persecution, it is wonderful to know that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ remains faithful.

God Bless!
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Monday, September 13, 2010

It was fun watching Ethan and his classmates do the Igorot dance for the Linggo Wika. This was no ordinary Igorot dance as there was a skit before all the prancing. I know D3 took a video of the skit. I just need to look for it in my highly unorganized files.

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh yes Huling. The old park with the Chapel is now called Greenbelt 1-4. The place is the epitome of fine dining and high-end shopping. The old Ayala Museum is now gone and so are the Shakeys and that German Pub alongside the Ayala Museum. The Museum is now part of the Greenbelt Complex. The old chapel is still there and it has served many-a-shoppers a convenient way to attend worship services while taking a break from their mall-ing.
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It is hard to determine, at least from a far, real diamonds from fake ones. Oh the you would probably drive yourself crazy if you are presented with a small container filled with loose diamonds but I bet you won't be able to figure out which is real diamonds from the fake ones if diamonds and real gems albeit in their colorless forms like sapphire, zircon, beryl, topaz and quartz were mixed in. One sure way to test if the stone is real diamond or not is to check its clarity. If the stone is mounted you should not see not see the bottom of the stone looking from the top. If it's a loose stone, turn it upside down on dot. If you can see the dot,then the stone is not a diamond. Why the heck am I so concerned? Someone attempted to sell me a faker.
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Friday, September 3, 2010

I cannot understand the ups and downs of foreign exchange. No two local banks have the same buying and selling rates. I try checking online the current forex rates and still no two sites have the same conversion, at least regarding the PHP to USD rates. What I still don't get is how forex sites earn money. I read that these sites have platforms wherein you can dabble in forex and ear money on the side. I wonder how it is done. Maybe I should look up on an offer I received about a Forex mentoring program. Who knows? I might get to learn a few things about forex and maybe invest a few bucks on the side. I'll have a check and let you know the results.
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I didn't know that there is a spot of "green" right in the middle of the Makati Commercial and Business District. The not so small green spot is called the Ayala Triangle. The lush green in the concrete jungle of Makati serves a place for harried office commuters to take in a breath of fresh air every now and then. Nice place.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

While waiting for Ethan to finish his reading therapy, I saw weight loss article in the magazine I was absentmindedly thumbing through. What interested me was the before and after picture of the author herself. It seemed like she lost 35 pounds in the course of her weight loss program. I was probably 1/3 done with the article so I wasn't able to learn how she did it.

I have read a lot about diet pills and such. I have lately read some apidexin reviews and more often than not, the good reviews are canceled out by the bad reviews. A friend was lamenting the other day that she does not know what to do anymore because she can't seem to lose weight. I said it's quite easy if you really want to - eat less and exercise more.
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My son "implored" that I should have the heart to buy him new clothes. He said it is almost September and he still does not have new articles of clothing for the first semester of the current school year. Classes started in June here in Manila. I told my son that it was not mu fault as it was him who was unavailable to do some shopping. We decided to shop over the weekend.'

My son was so slow in choosing clothes. D3, D4 and Ethan came with us and we all were prodding my son to just take whatever pleases him. No dice. He had to fit each one and that took forever. I decided to go to the Ladie's section to window shop. I passed the lingerie section and did a double take on the sexy costumes. Yes, costumes! I saw a camouflage nightie; a bunny rabbit one complete with a bunny tail and a nightie with hardly any fabric but oodles of yarn. As I was trying to figure out how to wear such attire, Ethan tugged my shirt and with eyes as big as saucers asked "mom, are you going to buy that?"

I said not this time to which Ethan's reply was an audible "whew!"
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's funny how my cousin who lives in the United States has been pestering me about the patio she and her husband have been planning to build off their backyard. It is really funny as I told her that she could just hire someone to pave the patio-to-be, buy some real great outdoor furniture and maybe buy a fire pit to function as an outdoor fireplace. She is planning a big Thanksgiving party come and she wants to get ahead by doing small improvements in her home now. I told her that she should browse online for ready-made outdoor fireplaces as they are great additions to patios and decks more so since the cool season is in the offing. Come to think of it. Summer is almost over...
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

As I stare at my reflection in the mirror, I noticed that I have some short white hair sprouting from my forehead hairline. I also noticed that my neck is starting to show the tell-tale signs of what Ethan's calls a "wobbly" neck. I know I sound petty lamenting on white hair and wobbly neck but girls will be matter what age. I believe we women owe it to ourselves to make ourselves presentable whenever we can. I know though that I should not be so obsessed with my lined-neck but what the heck, I need to purchase one of those prototype 37c!
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Late afternoon showers and thunderstorm happen everyday. An inter-tropical convergence zone has been hovering in the eastern coast of the Philippines. One moment its bright and sunny the next moment it's as if someone turned off the light as heavy rain pours, as in like dogs and cats. It was reported that EDSA had about 15 inches of water early last night. Traffic was said to be horrendous because of the flash flood. Am I glad I don't have to traverse EDSA on a daily basis.

On the good side, there's no need to water the plants. The rain has bee doing me a favor. On the other side, the heavy rain and slight breeze had ruined all the fairy lights in my garden. I turned them on last night and was surprised that from the more them 20 fairy lights in the garden, only 1 lighted up. I know! The fairy lights I have are the cheap-o ones.

Maybe it's time to look into replacing them with led christmas lights. I saw some online they really look neat! I read that they last 10x longer than the average Christmas light and are environment-friendly, break resistant and weather resistant! Yey! I need these lights!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The terrible hostage-taking incident that happened in Manila is indeed a tragedy. It was a tragedy to the victims who lost their lives. It was a heartbreaking experience to the family of those who were taken hostage. It was a tragedy and a shameful experience for the family of the hostage-taker, dismissed policeman Rolando Mendoza.

The negotiations were in motion attested by the fact that an elderly couple and a mom with two kids and another 12-year old, were released.

Everything would have been fine if only the Office of the Ombudsman met his demands - to review his case and to reinstate him as a policeman. That assurance would have led to the end of the crisis. Mendoza could have been reinstated as a policeman and then could have been later arrested for hostage-taking. A promise done in duress is not expected to be honored.

The media played an important part in the fiasco. The coverage was in real-time and since the hostage-bus was equipped with a radio and television, Mendoza was up-to-date to the going-ons around him. Gosh!

Finally the SWAT team came and "tried" to assault the bus based on what the escaped-driver of the bus said - that everyone on the bus was dead. Sad to say, the SWAT team was not equipped and trained to handle the situation. It was pathetic watching the "rescue" operation. It was sad that tourists had to die.It was shameful for the Filipinos to be put in this light.

If only demands were met earlier. If only the media had a news blackout. If only they did not bring in the brother of the Mendoza into the scene.If only the SWAT team was more equipped and trained. Why didn't they bring in the military SWAT team? Were egos at play here too?

SWAT has taken on a new meaning. Last I heard it meant Sorry Wala Akong Training (sorry, I have no training).
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I have a new digital camera.It is not new as in "just-bought-from-the-store"as it was gift from my brother.He gave to me when he came over in April. The camera is still in its box, lonely and unattended. Bro asked me then I wanted for a gift. I looked at some DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras and read s lot of digital camera reviews. Though I wanted the professional image of s DSLR I don't think I have the time to learn how to manage one. Oh I used to take photos using SLR eons ago. I will definitely have no problem learning the rudiments of a DSLR. However, I think a point-and shoot camera will do just fine for my needs. Now, If only I can find the time to take it out of its package...

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Walk through a mall and you will be bombarded with flyers, brochures and what-have-you of condos about-to-be-built and being built; mega discounted car rates; credit cards galore; regular health cards and different types of insurances including those tied up with disability insurance. More often than not, sales reps hound you and try to shove their brochures into your face. In most cases, I gracefully decline. However there are times I flare up especially when I've said no a couple of times and they still try to insist that I set aside what I am doing and listen to their spiel. I know that they are doing their job but they should know when to stop pestering shoppers. Right?!
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D4 is now gainfully employed. After more than a year of extensive training, numerous tests both oral and written, she is now an officer in the one of the major banks here in Manila. She now acts like a crazy person sourcing for legitimate receipts for her tax deductions. She has so many perks too and one of them is a premium health plan for her and hubby and I. She gave me the health card and the other day and as I read the benefits and coverage it seemed similar to the Blue Cross Blue Shield NC health card. D4, hubby and I now have two health cards each. My question is can we use them simultaneously?
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sometimes words cannot express one's emotions. Sometimes words are not enough to express grief. Sometimes we cannot understand why things happen ans we are left to ponder on the great mysteries of life.

What can I say to a young couple who lost their 22-month old son to a genetic illness that they didn't know about? How can they begin to accept that the promise of this young boy growing up is now forever lost?

In times like this, we draw strength from that one powerful God who has a plan for each of us. You are safe now David. We will miss you so much.
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I got a call from one of my aunts and she has asked my help in sourcing for a couple of steel drums. I asked her why she needs the steel drums and she said she needed a container for storing water. The area where she is located has a shortage of water because of the ongoing rehabilitation of the water supply line. She said the water line construction company had advised them that it will be close to 3 more months before the rehabilitated water lines are fully functional. My aunt said she was considering stainless steel drums but they are not in her budget range. I told her that if the drums were for water storage only, regular steel drums will do.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

D2 was sick last week. She had a slight fever coupled with cough and colds. It's that time of the year again - hot and humid one minute then a torrent of rain later - a sure way of getting sick! I texted D1 and asked her what meds to buy for D2. She said Neozep Forte and Solmux capsule. I dropped by the drugstore to buy the meds for D2. As I was waiting for my turn to be served I smiled thinking of D1's prescription. Neozep and Solmux are brands that I have been using since before and now that D1's an MD, they are her choices too.

I grew up on branded drugs. When my kids where growing up, their pediatrician was very particular with the brand of medicines she prescribed too. Then this generic thingy option came out and for a time I was glad I had an option.

I have nothing against generic drugs. It is an option for those who cannot afford super expensive drugs manufactured by multinational pharmaceutical companies. In a sense, generic drugs are better than "nothing". For a time. I was keen on generic drugs because they are cheaper and was under the impression that they are as good as the branded ones. It is a fact that generic drugs are "copies" of branded drugs and therefore should have exactly the same dosage, effects, side-effects, risks, route administration and strength as the branded and original one. Great!

Why is it then that the generic 500 mg mefenamic acid does nothing to alleviate my headache? Why is it that the when my son had some bacterial infection and I gave him generic cefalexin, I had to switch to a branded one after three days for there was no change in his condition?

I still had faith in generic drugs so I continued to patronize them but not after the Ethan incident.

Ethan needed cloxacillin for his booboo. I bought the cheap generic ones and he broke out in hives for days that I spent so much more in consults with the dermatologist and subsequent anti-allergy meds.

Lesson learned:


Every mommy should learn to be more discerning when buying medicines and other health supplements for their family. It will not hurt to ask pertinent questions concerning medications that they need to buy. One thing I know now that there are branded names that have median prices and are more affordable.

Be a concerned and discerning mommy.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

How does health insurance policy works? Well, mine works this way. I pay for the policy on a yearly basis and because I am tagged as one of the employees of the company. The premium is quite low and therefore very affordable. The policy though has a limit pertaining to the hospitalization and laboratory fees. You can also have free consultations with affiliate doctors. Fine! No problem. What irks me though is that I need to get a letter of authorization from the insurance company for any consult or lab work done. What really pisses me off is the fact that the non-medical person who assesses your request is ah.. dumb.

"Ma'm, why do you need a carotid doppler test?"

"Because as you can see, that's what my doctor requested."

"Ma'm this test is not related to your ailment."

"Who said so? You?! I have cervical spondylosis and I need that test to see if there are plaques and whatnots in my arteries!"

Silence as I count one to three so as not to head-but the girl. This is what I get for getting a cheap health insurance. There's probably nothing wrong in getting cheap insurance on cars but with health insurance I don't know.

"Ma'm what are you feeling right now?" asked the non-medical person who was assessing my request.

"I am feeling quite pissed-off actually." I answered.

I got my request.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Please! Someone give me a list of brands of eye creams that work! My age can now be truly seen not through but "on" my eyes. My upper eyelids have started to cover my eyelids and are now starting to droop. The extra fold of skin, however minute, can be easily pinched and pulled! Oh crap! D1 even told me that I should consider having a blepharoplasty to remove the nasty eyebags and fix the excess skin on my upper eyelids.

"How much would that cost?" I asked, seemingly uninterested.

"Nothing. My plastic surgeon friend will do it for free." D1 said.

Ah... one of the perks of having a doctor in the family. I seriously need to think this through. I wonder if it will hurt after.
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Friday, July 30, 2010

I just called one of my credit card providers because of a debit reflected in my billing statement. It seems that I have enrolled myself in a term life insurance. I called the credit card company. It was easy to go through the main phone trunk line but getting hold of a customer service representative was tedious! I had to listen to a bunch of instructions and punch in the corresponding numbers to finally get hold of a "live" customer service representative. Well, it seems that the credit card company had nothing to do with the error. I was given another number to call, the insurance company's. After a 15-minute call, I was finally able to clear the matter up. The insurance company made the mistake. I was enrolled in another type of insurance and not the one they billed me. Reversal of charges will be done for next month's billing. Meanwhile I have to pay the bill. Crap!
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Worrying" should be included as one of the best weight loss products of all time. When I am worried, I cannot eat! D3 went to Hong Kong for 2 days and 1 night with some of her fellow dentists. They just went there to get some stuff that they need for their line of work. They were supposed to come home on the 8:00 PM flight but their flight was delayed three times because of the heavy rains both in Manila and in Hong Kong. What made the situation more frightening was the news that a Pakistani airline crashed due to bad weather. I was not able to eat, sleep and think all the time that D3's plane has not landed on Philippine soil. She's home now, thank God.
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I am really worried about Ethan. One morning on the way to school he suddenly said that his tongue is tingling. Kids being kids, and me being me (busy and harass) let that go. I just asked "what do you mean tingling?" I dropped him off at school, went home, got busy and more harassed, then went back to pick him up.

It was reading therapy day so we proceeded to the place. Not five minutes into the lesson, Ethan came out and told me that his tongue is still tingling and it seems like its falling off. What the heck that does mean? How can one feel that his tongue is falling off?!

So I canceled Ethan's session and took him to the ER of the hospital where his mommy works. D1 met us at the ER then took Ethan to the pedia ER. D3 and D4 also dropped by the ER when they heard what happened.

After consult, the two pedias on duty can't seem to find anything wrong with Ethan. I was thinking of something neurological-related but his movements and speech were fine. The doctors said it might be a lack of vitamin B complex. It might be that the one a day vitamin that Ethan's taking does not have the right amount of B complex for him.

D3, D4, Ethan and I went home. We dropped by McDonald's first to eat. Ethan seemed fine. When I asked him if his tongue is still tingling, he said "no" as long as he is eating. I bought a B-complex vitamins for Ethan.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Since our Coron, Palawan trip, Ethan's papular urticaria (allergic reaction to insect bites) has been off and on. He has been taking an anti-allergy medicine once a day to control the itch or pruritis. The medication can also be used in treating anxiety and as a premed to general anesthesia. Say what?! The medication also causes drowsiness, sedation and somnolence. It does not really make Ethan sleepy for two hours after I give him the meds, he's still wide awake and has no intention whatsoever of going to sleep. It's the morning after that is hard. I can't wake him up and if ever I eventually drag him out from bed, he is so lethargic! I

can't very well stop the medication for when he itches, he scratches!... and each forceful scratch leads to welt which could lead to eczema! What to do? His legs are now peppered with dark spots because of the insect bites. Well, I can always half the dosage as the dermatologist suggested. Half the regular dosage then.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

I am quite worried about D1's and D2's weight. They have gained a lot of weight and in spite of going to the gym. These two were former competitive swimmers who had to do a lot of carbo loading to fuel their swimming workout then. That was eons ago. Funny how some a great number of former swimmers the I know gained a lot of weight too. It would have bee easy to sample fat-burning pills like apidexin but since D1 has had hyperthyroidism and D2 has asthma, they cannot readily take fat burning pills. As I've said, all they need to do is eat less and exercise more. I too am gaining weight. I too need to eat less and exercise more. Sigh....
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

My husband's side of the family celebrated my mother-in-law's 81st birthday. It was not a grand party like the one we had last year but we invited some friends and relatives too for an intimate birthday celebration. It was not intimate though. About 100 guests came. Even the mayor of our town came. There was a live band for entertainment and food catered by our favorite caterer. Truth be told, it was a real boring party as there was nothing to do but eat and be subjected to the super loud sound of the band. I looked around and my eyes focused on a group of youngish guests sipping hot coffee with their cigarillos.

Crap! Sometimes a puff or two could take boredom away.
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

My mobile phone service provider has been sending me messages on an almost daily basis to "please upgrade your phone's system memory by using the new SIM card we sent." Then the same text message goes on with its almost daily threat that if I don't comply, my old SIM card will not be able to handle the new system upgrade thereby rending my mobile phone "out of action". This means I have to go through the process of transferring my phone's contact to the new SIM and thereafter register it to the mobile phone provider. That is tedious!! Bull!... until D1 lost her mobile phone service for 2 days since like me she was too lazy to do what our mobile phone provider asked us to do. Now, where the heck did I keep that new SIM card?
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Has it been a year since we celebrated my mom-in-law's 80th birthday?! Where did the 365 days go? As my sis-in-law asked, "where the heck are the video and pictures of that 80th bash celebration?"

"Yes" I pondered and nodded, "where are the pictures and video of that event?"

I hired a photographer and a videographer to record MIL's memorable Filipiniana-themed birthday party. No pink ties or blue jeans please as we implored guests to come in their best Filipiniana attire. It was months of planning and rehearsing for the grandkids presented a song and dance tribute for their grandma. What we have now are shots and videos from out digicams but the official pics and videos are not with me.



For the past 363 days, the pictures and videos have been gathering cobwebs in their respective studios! I think I might have to swing by the studios and get the pictures and videos.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have been feeling out of sorts lately. I have to many worries that they sometime overwhelm me. I pray everyday not once not twice but as many times as I deem necessary to calm my fears. When my kids were young and small, I enjoyed every moment spent with them but there were times that I was so tired that I cannot wait for them to grow up. Surely my worries and responsibilities will lessen as they grow and come of age. I was wrong. With each passing year comes a different level of problems and challenges. With each passing year comes the realization that being a mother to my children will never cease to be. Sure! My kids can choose to stop being my "kids" but I can never stop being their mother.

As I contemplate on the many twists and turns of my life, the Lord sent me this message through Joel and Victoria Osteen. Read on and let me share God's thoughts for me today.

Finding Strength


"But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint"
(Isaiah 40:31, NIV).

TODAY'S WORD from Joel and Victoria

Do you need your strength renewed today? The scripture tells us that when we hope in the Lord, that's exactly what will happen—our strength will be renewed. If you've grown weary and tired, overwhelmed by the cares of this world, it's a clear sign that you need to change what you're putting your hope in. Are you putting your hope in your job? The government? The economy? Another person? Those are all things that will change. But when you hope in the Lord, you are investing in the Rock of Ages! He never changes! He is the only solid foundation for your soul.

Today, find strength by simply putting your hope in Him. Start by declaring out loud, "God, I place my hope in You. I trust that You are working behind the scenes in my life. I choose to rest in You." Then, feed your hope and faith by meditating daily on the scriptures. As you renew your mind with the Word of God, you'll find strength, you'll find hope, and you'll find His victory all the days of your life!


Father God, thank You for renewing my strength as I put my hope in You. I declare today that I love You and trust You. I know that You are working behind the scenes in my life. Fill me with Your peace and joy as I wait on You. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

- Joel & Victoria Osteen

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