Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My son "implored" that I should have the heart to buy him new clothes. He said it is almost September and he still does not have new articles of clothing for the first semester of the current school year. Classes started in June here in Manila. I told my son that it was not mu fault as it was him who was unavailable to do some shopping. We decided to shop over the weekend.'

My son was so slow in choosing clothes. D3, D4 and Ethan came with us and we all were prodding my son to just take whatever pleases him. No dice. He had to fit each one and that took forever. I decided to go to the Ladie's section to window shop. I passed the lingerie section and did a double take on the sexy costumes. Yes, costumes! I saw a camouflage nightie; a bunny rabbit one complete with a bunny tail and a nightie with hardly any fabric but oodles of yarn. As I was trying to figure out how to wear such attire, Ethan tugged my shirt and with eyes as big as saucers asked "mom, are you going to buy that?"

I said not this time to which Ethan's reply was an audible "whew!"
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's funny how my cousin who lives in the United States has been pestering me about the patio she and her husband have been planning to build off their backyard. It is really funny as I told her that she could just hire someone to pave the patio-to-be, buy some real great outdoor furniture and maybe buy a fire pit to function as an outdoor fireplace. She is planning a big Thanksgiving party come and she wants to get ahead by doing small improvements in her home now. I told her that she should browse online for ready-made outdoor fireplaces as they are great additions to patios and decks more so since the cool season is in the offing. Come to think of it. Summer is almost over...
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Saturday, August 28, 2010

As I stare at my reflection in the mirror, I noticed that I have some short white hair sprouting from my forehead hairline. I also noticed that my neck is starting to show the tell-tale signs of what Ethan's calls a "wobbly" neck. I know I sound petty lamenting on white hair and wobbly neck but girls will be girls...no matter what age. I believe we women owe it to ourselves to make ourselves presentable whenever we can. I know though that I should not be so obsessed with my lined-neck but what the heck, I need to purchase one of those prototype 37c!
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Late afternoon showers and thunderstorm happen everyday. An inter-tropical convergence zone has been hovering in the eastern coast of the Philippines. One moment its bright and sunny the next moment it's as if someone turned off the light as heavy rain pours, as in like dogs and cats. It was reported that EDSA had about 15 inches of water early last night. Traffic was said to be horrendous because of the flash flood. Am I glad I don't have to traverse EDSA on a daily basis.

On the good side, there's no need to water the plants. The rain has bee doing me a favor. On the other side, the heavy rain and slight breeze had ruined all the fairy lights in my garden. I turned them on last night and was surprised that from the more them 20 fairy lights in the garden, only 1 lighted up. I know! The fairy lights I have are the cheap-o ones.

Maybe it's time to look into replacing them with led christmas lights. I saw some online they really look neat! I read that they last 10x longer than the average Christmas light and are environment-friendly, break resistant and weather resistant! Yey! I need these lights!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The terrible hostage-taking incident that happened in Manila is indeed a tragedy. It was a tragedy to the victims who lost their lives. It was a heartbreaking experience to the family of those who were taken hostage. It was a tragedy and a shameful experience for the family of the hostage-taker, dismissed policeman Rolando Mendoza.

The negotiations were in motion attested by the fact that an elderly couple and a mom with two kids and another 12-year old, were released.

Everything would have been fine if only the Office of the Ombudsman met his demands - to review his case and to reinstate him as a policeman. That assurance would have led to the end of the crisis. Mendoza could have been reinstated as a policeman and then could have been later arrested for hostage-taking. A promise done in duress is not expected to be honored.

The media played an important part in the fiasco. The coverage was in real-time and since the hostage-bus was equipped with a radio and television, Mendoza was up-to-date to the going-ons around him. Gosh!

Finally the SWAT team came and "tried" to assault the bus based on what the escaped-driver of the bus said - that everyone on the bus was dead. Sad to say, the SWAT team was not equipped and trained to handle the situation. It was pathetic watching the "rescue" operation. It was sad that tourists had to die.It was shameful for the Filipinos to be put in this light.

If only demands were met earlier. If only the media had a news blackout. If only they did not bring in the brother of the Mendoza into the scene.If only the SWAT team was more equipped and trained. Why didn't they bring in the military SWAT team? Were egos at play here too?

SWAT has taken on a new meaning. Last I heard it meant Sorry Wala Akong Training (sorry, I have no training).
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I have a new digital camera.It is not new as in "just-bought-from-the-store"as it was gift from my brother.He gave to me when he came over in April. The camera is still in its box, lonely and unattended. Bro asked me then I wanted for a gift. I looked at some DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras and read s lot of digital camera reviews. Though I wanted the professional image of s DSLR I don't think I have the time to learn how to manage one. Oh I used to take photos using SLR eons ago. I will definitely have no problem learning the rudiments of a DSLR. However, I think a point-and shoot camera will do just fine for my needs. Now, If only I can find the time to take it out of its package...

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Walk through a mall and you will be bombarded with flyers, brochures and what-have-you of condos about-to-be-built and being built; mega discounted car rates; credit cards galore; regular health cards and different types of insurances including those tied up with disability insurance. More often than not, sales reps hound you and try to shove their brochures into your face. In most cases, I gracefully decline. However there are times I flare up especially when I've said no a couple of times and they still try to insist that I set aside what I am doing and listen to their spiel. I know that they are doing their job but they should know when to stop pestering shoppers. Right?!
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D4 is now gainfully employed. After more than a year of extensive training, numerous tests both oral and written, she is now an officer in the one of the major banks here in Manila. She now acts like a crazy person sourcing for legitimate receipts for her tax deductions. She has so many perks too and one of them is a premium health plan for her and hubby and I. She gave me the health card and the other day and as I read the benefits and coverage it seemed similar to the Blue Cross Blue Shield NC health card. D4, hubby and I now have two health cards each. My question is can we use them simultaneously?
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sometimes words cannot express one's emotions. Sometimes words are not enough to express grief. Sometimes we cannot understand why things happen ans we are left to ponder on the great mysteries of life.

What can I say to a young couple who lost their 22-month old son to a genetic illness that they didn't know about? How can they begin to accept that the promise of this young boy growing up is now forever lost?

In times like this, we draw strength from that one powerful God who has a plan for each of us. You are safe now David. We will miss you so much.
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I got a call from one of my aunts and she has asked my help in sourcing for a couple of steel drums. I asked her why she needs the steel drums and she said she needed a container for storing water. The area where she is located has a shortage of water because of the ongoing rehabilitation of the water supply line. She said the water line construction company had advised them that it will be close to 3 more months before the rehabilitated water lines are fully functional. My aunt said she was considering stainless steel drums but they are not in her budget range. I told her that if the drums were for water storage only, regular steel drums will do.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

D2 was sick last week. She had a slight fever coupled with cough and colds. It's that time of the year again - hot and humid one minute then a torrent of rain later - a sure way of getting sick! I texted D1 and asked her what meds to buy for D2. She said Neozep Forte and Solmux capsule. I dropped by the drugstore to buy the meds for D2. As I was waiting for my turn to be served I smiled thinking of D1's prescription. Neozep and Solmux are brands that I have been using since before and now that D1's an MD, they are her choices too.

I grew up on branded drugs. When my kids where growing up, their pediatrician was very particular with the brand of medicines she prescribed too. Then this generic thingy option came out and for a time I was glad I had an option.

I have nothing against generic drugs. It is an option for those who cannot afford super expensive drugs manufactured by multinational pharmaceutical companies. In a sense, generic drugs are better than "nothing". For a time. I was keen on generic drugs because they are cheaper and was under the impression that they are as good as the branded ones. It is a fact that generic drugs are "copies" of branded drugs and therefore should have exactly the same dosage, effects, side-effects, risks, route administration and strength as the branded and original one. Great!

Why is it then that the generic 500 mg mefenamic acid does nothing to alleviate my headache? Why is it that the when my son had some bacterial infection and I gave him generic cefalexin, I had to switch to a branded one after three days for there was no change in his condition?

I still had faith in generic drugs so I continued to patronize them but not after the Ethan incident.

Ethan needed cloxacillin for his booboo. I bought the cheap generic ones and he broke out in hives for days that I spent so much more in consults with the dermatologist and subsequent anti-allergy meds.

Lesson learned:


Every mommy should learn to be more discerning when buying medicines and other health supplements for their family. It will not hurt to ask pertinent questions concerning medications that they need to buy. One thing I know now that there are branded names that have median prices and are more affordable.

Be a concerned and discerning mommy.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

How does health insurance policy works? Well, mine works this way. I pay for the policy on a yearly basis and because I am tagged as one of the employees of the company. The premium is quite low and therefore very affordable. The policy though has a limit pertaining to the hospitalization and laboratory fees. You can also have free consultations with affiliate doctors. Fine! No problem. What irks me though is that I need to get a letter of authorization from the insurance company for any consult or lab work done. What really pisses me off is the fact that the non-medical person who assesses your request is ah.. dumb.

"Ma'm, why do you need a carotid doppler test?"

"Because as you can see, that's what my doctor requested."

"Ma'm this test is not related to your ailment."

"Who said so? You?! I have cervical spondylosis and I need that test to see if there are plaques and whatnots in my arteries!"

Silence as I count one to three so as not to head-but the girl. This is what I get for getting a cheap health insurance. There's probably nothing wrong in getting cheap insurance on cars but with health insurance I don't know.

"Ma'm what are you feeling right now?" asked the non-medical person who was assessing my request.

"I am feeling quite pissed-off actually." I answered.

I got my request.
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Please! Someone give me a list of brands of eye creams that work! My age can now be truly seen not through but "on" my eyes. My upper eyelids have started to cover my eyelids and are now starting to droop. The extra fold of skin, however minute, can be easily pinched and pulled! Oh crap! D1 even told me that I should consider having a blepharoplasty to remove the nasty eyebags and fix the excess skin on my upper eyelids.

"How much would that cost?" I asked, seemingly uninterested.

"Nothing. My plastic surgeon friend will do it for free." D1 said.

Ah... one of the perks of having a doctor in the family. I seriously need to think this through. I wonder if it will hurt after.
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