Sunday, April 13, 2008

When I started blogging in February 2008, I was a complete greenhorn. I do not know anything about the hows and whats of blogging. To remedy my ignorance, I read articles regarding blogging. I read on topics such as how to drive traffic to your blog, how to have backlinks, how to maximize SEO, and the ever important PR.

I read that a good way to establish contacts and maybe drive traffic to your site is by joining forums. I joined maybe 5 forums. I blogged about the forum that I found funniest and lightest. The members were okay. The topics were light because I was only frequenting the random thoughts section. I usually leave my URL at each post and well, forum members did visit my blog.

I met one blogger through that forum. He is young, intelligent and passionate about the political air in the Philippines. Decent as he is, he still had some detractors in that forum. One avid detractor kept on challenging my blogger friend to a debate. Of course that did not happen as my blogger friend said, it's a waste of neurons to talk to this guy.

My friend had stopped posting in that forum. I might stop too. The forum ceased to be a place of friendly and intelligent discussion and debate. It has become a veritable online marketplace of viciousness. I have said my piece and that's it. No more neurons wastefully used. Now I think, what the heck was I thinking wasting nerve cells?

Posted by desperateblogger On 4/13/2008 01:27:00 PM 8 comments


  1. Sadly, some people have nothing better to do in their little lives than to start an argument (which they always seem to call a 'debate').

    What's even more sad is .. they hang around on forums and make life miserable for others.

    Find another forum :)

  2. yes, there are a lot of sensible forums about but i can opt to stay and just stay clear of those unlikely members.

  3. ive also been a member of one forum, when i suddenly lost interest in it, coz of the same reasons as yours,

    the bad bananas of the forums, keep hitting others who are sensible forumers just to prove that they have greater opinion in mind,

    but sometimes nakakahinayang ang friendship that was created in the forums...

  4. Ah, the horror of having to argue with retards. It really is a waste of neurons. Might as well blog instead in our comfy blogs, eh? :)

    Back then I, too, was as eager as a wrestler on steroids in posting my thoughts on TCafe. The adrenaline flooding right up your veins, or muscles, or wherever, when another butts in to make a rebuttal---that was one sweet, and oftentimes frustrating, feeling. But the literary hormones were there, intact as one's sensibilities.

    Then again, arguing like a heated kettle in that forum with the "non sequitur" people, I realized, was like the Special Olympics for retards. One may win or lose over the arguments of others. But at the end of the day, pathetic as it may seem, some people really are retards.

    But the fun part, or the good part of it all, is when you people who side with you. And people whom you get to know better, through blogs notwithstanding. And I do believe those are the people with substance (and style, too), sprinkled every now and then with that uncanny sense of humor, which I find rather relaxing, and entertaining, and informative, and all the good adjectives one may think of.

    And life goes on, right Lena? :)

  5. Tama ka dyan [and so is your friend] about wasting neurons]. I only go to one forum and I just go there to hunt for some possible WAHJs...I rarely post kasi nga meron talagang trolls wherever you go...

    Have a great week...


  6. i hadn't tried participating in forums.i just do blog hopping and joining in some review sites.i am a newbie as well.good to know that some forums are not very healthy to be, better not to partcipate on that one! but well,look at you, you're a pro in blogging now after only more than months?good for you!congrats!

  7. cielo, you're so right. talagang no matter where, bad bananas abound.

    splice: you're being nice in saying your're arguing with retards; more like idiots. I know the term idiot is deemed offensive now but....

    i did meet some credible and worth-knowing people. buti na lang.

    juliana: san ba yong forum na me jobs na pwedeng matisod?

    portia: thanks for the compliments that i do not deseve. =)

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