Saturday, August 2, 2008

A water balloon fight was held on July 27 to highlight Josette's 17th birthday. The participants were ages 4 to 54. Two teams were formed by following the game mechanics of 20 years old and below: team A, then 20 years old and above: team B. By right, Yum should not have been included for she's 20 which makes her right smack in the middle of no team. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law must have misunderstood the grouping for they started to aim shots at whoever they fancied. Here is a picture of the participants in their jumping glory.

Many are clamoring for a rematch for in the hullaballoo of the event, no team was declared winner. It has been agreed upon by the board of organizers that a rematch will be held this coming Sunday, August 3. Same time. Same place. To avoid scenes like these..

an old goat running after a kid...

an even older goat smashing a kid....

or biggies like these competing with...

... these kiddies...

The board has decided to form two teams by the scientific method of jack en poy. Here I present the partnering in jack en poy. Please do not complain for it took the board one big packet of spicy Boy Bawang and a 500 ml. Coke light to finish the partnering. Here is the list.

Sonboy and Sheena
Justin and Herschel
Myles and Icka
Kookee and Janina
Yum and Sasha
Josette and Megan
Jerrold and Jamielle
Jiselle and Ysabelle
Jeshua and Jester
Ethan and Erin
Pixie and Minnie
Lena and Nenith
TJ and Twinkle

If you are not in the list and you feel you want to join this madness, please feel free to apply to any one on the list. Make sure that you have your partner for the highly technical method of jack en poy to determine the team you'll be in. To all participants, make sure you all wear white shirts. This time we will color the water to be put in the balloons - red and blue food coloring. The blue team will wear blue ribbons and use the blue-colored-water-filled balloons.The red team will wear red ribbons and use the red-colored-water-filled balloons. The winner would obviously be the dominant color- in terms of wet shirts et all - by the end of the game. I would just like to remind you that the pond water is not to be used. The picture below shows the panic caused by the pond water. Take note of the water splash at the upper right hand corner of the picture.

I'll see you Sunday.

Posted by desperateblogger On 8/02/2008 10:53:00 PM 11 comments


  1. I have seen that one of your tags is cavite. Are you from cavite? coz I'm here from Maragondon... God Bless! Btw, Nice birthday party! "for goats as you said".... hehehehehe

  2. hi phil: yes,you read right.. cavite, first town coming from manila. =). you're miles and miles away in maragondon. thanks for the blog hop

  3. wow sis you have a really Happy seems that everyone is having fun

  4. yey, i can get in to your site now! i wasn't able to, yesterday. no matter how many times it try, my ie can't open this. sooo glad i can now!

    wow, you've got such an amazing clan, so full of joy and enthusiasm! i like your pic, running after that cute little child! hahaha!

    have fun today, as today is the rematch, right? hahaha! hope you win! it will surely be another fun-filled day with your loved-ones!

    post some more of those jumping pics! i love them!

  5. evidently, you have a very happy family!

    have a great sunday te lena!

  6. sheng, naomi, cielo:

    we have our share of problems too... a lot, actually. but then, we still do find the time to just let down our hair and have fun. i'm usually the "game one" as i'm quite agile ( kahit matanda na!)

    thanks for dropping by. i really appreciate your comments.]

    sheng: i'll posts some more jumping pics next week.

  7. Ok let me just make a suggestment...este suggestion pala....since your August theme is Olympics...isn't it just fitting to maybe get the Olympic people to consider having Balloon Fight as one of the games? Aha! Then....the old goats and the young goats can be the first participants...ha!

    Hello hello...I was here yesterday kaso I wasn't able to leave a comment.

    Isang linggo na naman ang bubunuin natin...I hope it will be one fulfilling week....kumusta na ang lotto dyan?

  8. that must be truly fun. look at those happy faces. (",)

  9. hi ate lena. kelan po ang next balloon fight? sali ako! hehehe

  10. lynn: it was funtastic! quite liberating too!

    wena: we had a rematch yesterday e medyo nagkadayaan kaya no winner pa rin. baka sa sunday na finals. sige sali ka!

  11. so wala pa ring winner! i bet everybody had fun! can't wait for the pics!


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