Thursday, May 30, 2013

I read that ABS's comedian Vice-Ganda proferred his apologies to GMA's Jessica Soho for targeting the latter as one of his "subjects" in his jokes at his Concert at Araneta Coliseum on May 17, 2013. A YouTube clip showed that Vice-Ganda made fun of Soho's girth when he said that in case Soho was raped, it has to be a gang-rape. 

News said that Vice Ganda called up Jessica Soho over the phone to apologize. Though Soho answered the phone call, she said that she wasn't really in the mood to talk to Vice Ganda yet. Vice Ganda instead, made his apology public and promised not to include Soho as one of his joke subjects again. Which I deduce that Vice Ganda will continue to use "real" people for subjects for his comedic spiels. 

 Well then... 

 The real issue for me here is: Why do comedians have to make fun of other people in order to illicit a laugh? Can't they think of a way to be funny without offending other people, using foul language et al? A long time ago, I found myself sitting at a comedy bar with my girlfriends. At first, I thought that the comedian delivering his spiel was funny enough. But as he went deep into his act, he started to make fun (and insult) the audience, insinuating sexual acts and using foul language. That was my first and last time to drop by a comedy bar. It's a vicious cycle. We continue to support such shows so these comedians continue to deliver "such" shows. 

Based on the book IQ and the Wealth of the Nations, Dr Richard Lynn, the average IQ of Filipinos is 86! I don't know where Dr. Lynn got his statistics to come up with this figure but since 115 is the average IQ, wow! We are in league with Iran, Lebanon and Cuba, IQ-wise. Now we wonder why progress seems to be slow-moving in the Philippines. With corrupt and lacking-in-education leaders, uneducated (and buy-able) voters, "tele-serye" and foul-mouthed entertainers... do I need to wonder? Just my two cents.
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Monday, May 27, 2013

I have an ongoing project. It is a 6-bedroom house, 2-storey house with a rootop. I designed a very contemporary house - simple lines with large seamless glass windows and walls. The lady of the house wants a "zen" ambiance, and that's what I am aiming for. The house's exterior is linear but not really "cold". The hard part would be trying to design the interior without departing from the "zen" theme but at the same time evoking warmth and coziness.

Right now, I am busy doing detailed drawings of the house's interior. This is not an easy feat for I have to consider all the fixtures, furniture, appliances, lighting fixtures on top of the usual finishing materials, color scheme et al. I have told the owners to start window-shopping for appliances, furniture and even mattresses. A good site to start with is wonder if there is any sale in the offing.
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Great (and Cheap) Way to Beat the Heat  this Summer

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I admit that I have not been consistent in my postings in the last two months or so. The thing is, I have no maids and I basically  have to do everything around the house. With a very active toddler in the house, it is a feat that I can still manage to clean, cook, do work (writing and some detailed drawings) on the side. After lunch, I am basically "drained". I just don't have the energy to sit and do my "real" work! Summer break is almost over and I didn't even get to the beach save for that short trip in Real, Quezon. Anyway, here's hoping and praying that by next week, I'll be blessed with househelpers. School time is just around the corner and it will be back to the usual  grind for Ethan and I.
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Friday, May 24, 2013

The recent Philippine general elections have been canvassed. The quick canvassing of votes was brought about by computerized voting and tallying. There were "horror" stories regarding incidents pertaining to the PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scanner) machine but nothing came out of those reports.

The election was for 12 senators (national level) and for governor, vice-gov.,  congressman, board member, mayor, vice-mayor and 6 councilors (local level). I voted for 5 senators, and only one got in. How sad that two or three of those in the magic 12 are not qualified to handle their new job. How sad that the fate of the nation are decided upon by those who do not know hoot about the present state of the nation. How sad that a arge majority of these voters were either swayed by the candidate's charisma or moolah.

It seems that, one should be an "artista" first before running for an office. It seems that one should be a son, a daughter, a nephew, a niece, a wife or a husband of a past official to ensure his/her winning his/her candidacy.

Myriam Santiago is right. The qualifications for candidates and voters should be changed! In the Philippines, a law enforcer is mandated to be a college graduate. In the Philippines,a candidate is only required to be able to read, write and a  resident of the locality he is representing for a year . In the Philippines, even the illiterate can vote. In the Philippines, it is normal to buy votes. In the Philippines, idiot voters beget idiot officials.

Oh my Philippines... when will you learn?
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So my client decided to proceed with the construction of his house. To save on money, he decided to hire laborers instead of sourcing for a contractor. Oh yes, he would save some money but there's no one to guarantee failed work and then there's the fact that he has to be at the construction site everyday.
He has been buying equipment for the construction. I told him to buy wood router since he decided to ask one of the carpenters to make the door jambs. He might as well buy different sized  clamping levers for easy tightening of whatever tools and equipments that are used in the construction.
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I've been out of commission,  (in my blogging) because I don't have maids! In the Philippines, it is a common occurrence for almost all households to have at least a maid to help about the house so the homeowner could go to work and earn a living (to pay for the maid). It is actually a vicious cycle  - we work so we can earn to pay for the maid. The fact that is making it doubly hard for me to cope is that there's barely 2-year old Tabby to contend with. This girl is like a whirlwind! She is every where! She is nothing like her older brother who was so behaved as a toddler. Anyway... here's hoping I'd be able to find household helpers before school starts in June.
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