Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I must exercise! It has been a year since I “ran” and at my age, I should be exercising not for “aesthetics” but more for health reasons. Back in the days, I used to hit the gym and run 5 days a week, and play tennis and hit the ballroom floor twice a week! Yup! I was so agile, buff and quite strong. Things change and in the course of 11 years, I now find myself exercise-less! 

When one hits the half-century mark, one feels the little aches and stiffness associated with aging. I know that I am way fitter than some of my contemporaries but I feel (and know) that I should really be doing some cardio activities to keep myself fit. Though I do try to eat “healthy” I know that I should be more conscious of what I eat and drink.  I am keen on clean living to avoid age-related ailments such as hypertension, high cholesterol and osteoporosis.
I was surprised to learn that one out of three Filipino women (1:5 in Filipino men) is likely to suffer from osteoporosis. A few years ago, my female friend slipped in her bathroom floor and fractured her hip. I took her to the ER and I was shocked when I saw her X-ray. Her bones were so porous that there was hardly any white component in the X-ray! Now she takes those expensive medicines to make her bones denser.
I am a fresh milk drinker but I found out that even if I down a litter of fresh milk daily, I still won’t be getting the right amount of calcium to strengthen my bones. So, I switched to ANLENE, which provides twice the amount of calcium than regular milk. ANLENE is the number one bone health milk brand in the Philippines and according to a 2009 study, it can decrease bone breakdown within four weeks. Yup! A glass or two of ANLENE a day keeps osteoporosis away!
Many Filipinos do not take the necessary steps to counter osteoporosis. Though this ailment is asymptomatic, the danger lies in osteoporosis-related fractures such as in the hips, spine and wrists. The NNHeS (National Nutrition and Health Survey, indicated that the incidence fracture on 50 years and above females is more than 11% and almost 9% in men. Our joints provide lubrication for two moving bones. When the joint cartilage wears out, then the risk of damaging the joints is higher. This predicament could very well hinder physical activities. A new product from the Fonterra is ANLENE Total. This high calcium formula contains Glucosamine which helps protects the joints

Anlene and Anlene Total are products of Fonterra. Since 2007, the company has been working with the International Osteoporosis Foundation to increase bone health education and awareness. One cannot deny the role of calcium in preventing the onset of osteoporosis. I used to take calcium tablets then either take vitamin D (or expose any part of my body to the sun) to “activate” the calcium. No more calcium tablet for me. I prefer to drink ice-cold Anlene!

A delicious way to take Anlene is to pour some on a bowl of corn, oatmeal with sliver of almond cereal. Delicious! 

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