Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today is a non-working holiday. Tomorrow is December 31 and I guess it's a non-working holiday too. New Year is celebrated differently here in the Philippines. The New Year is always greeted with a big bang! Literally. Which reminds me. I have not bought any sparklers yet. I used to buy boxes full of "paputok" and "lusis" when my kids were still young. Not anymore. Firecrackers and sparklers now cost a ton. Oh there are cheap ones available alright but the consequence is either the firecrackers do not light up or the firecrackers explodes on your face. Oh well.... time to see what I could prepare for New Year's Eve....
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh my! It's December 28 and I have not even greeted my readers a Merry Christmas or (to be politically correct) Happy Holidays! However I am not really keen on being politically correct for the holidays, after all, is about the birth of Jesus Christ.

As I was listening to the pastor's sermon yesterday, I was struck by thought of the "irritations" that my family is currently experiencing. We are not really that affected but I really feel sad that there are people in the world capable of doing abominable things because of greed and envy. A sadder note is that fact that the persons directly involved are relatives in the first degree.

After church my kids and I decided to visit the minute post post Christmas bazaar by the parking area. The dust on the unpaved walk bothered me a lot. Who the heck would want to shop in this sorry state of a bazaar? I was also quite taken aback by the senseless and dusty items being sold. Was I really bothered by the dust or was I just sad? I guess I felt pity on the sellers as no one was buying anything. I looked and looked for something to buy but even Ethan had no interest on the things that were being sold. D1 was perusing on some second hand books for sale. She gave a squeal of delight as she found a slightly used book the title of which she has been looking for quite a while. She paid for the book and asked the owner of the booth where they sell textbooks on regular days. The lady answered and even got D1's number in case new titles arrive.

We all felt a little better after the buy. At least there were two persons happy with the purchase - D1 and the bookstore owner.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

D2 was on her way to a Gymboree Christmas party when she got stuck in a horrendous traffic. D3 was in her clinic in Manila and decided to come home early too. My son was supposed to go to a Christmas party too but decided against it when he heard that it was traffic everywhere. That leaves D1 and D4 still at work somewhere in Makati.

I am left with a not-so-Christmas-sy feeling. A "very" close (in terms of affinity)relative has started rumors that D1 is spreading rumors about her. She was confined at the hospital where D1 works and during pre-op, D1 made the rounds and she was part of the roster of patients that D1 had to see. Let's call her B.

To cut short, B was operated on and that was that. We had no idea that B has been telling her surgeon that my daughter was unethical because D1 has been checking her records and telling everyone about her sickness. B didn't know that it was her daughter mini B who posted the news in Facebook. The thread has been erased but little techy me already saved a screenshot of the revealing thread, just in case.

I hate it when people tell lies. However, I think B needs another doctor, a psychiatrist. That B is one crazy B. If she was to apply to work in an office, she would need a major employee screening test.... for paranoia.

Anyway, Christmas is in two days. I have not done any shopping for I definitely have the "bah humbug!" syndrome. I heard that there will be no Christmas party at hubby's family's business. I guess they're in the "bah humbug!" phase too.
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Daughter #2 is seriously considering taking an online degree from a reputable online university. There are local universities that have online programs but none is offering M.S. Special Education. I chanced upon Western Governors University or WGU. The online university's thrust is to open avenues for adults who want to pursue college degrees while working. It's mission is to offer quality online education at very affordable prices. The range of courses offered is quite extensive. There is the online College of Business where online business degree in different majors are included. The other online colleges are: Teacher's College, IT, Health Professions, and masteral programs for the Teacher's College. Check this site out as WGU is a great option for a college degree.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

What do you do when a person who has a one-track mind maligns your child to the point of destroying your child's career?

What do you do when even the father of your child refuses to meddle for fear of offending his older sibling?

What do you do when you people act as if they own the world because they were greedy enough to get rich?

What do you do when you feel like kicking all their asses off?

What do you do when in spite of all the the "nastiness" that you've experienced you still try to be nice yet to no avail?

Tell me.
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

I am so tired! I've been keeping house on top of my usual daily tasks because I don't have a maid. She has been with us for the last 6 years and her leaving sort of made us all sad. I told her to wait until after the holidays but she was in a hurry to get home somewhere in Mindanao because she said she is getting married. That information set me thinking as I've no idea that she has a boyfriend much more a fiance!

Anyway, to cut it short, some stuff are missing in the house. D3 even lost some money as I did. It seems like my maid of 6 years decided to bring home some of my stuff (and money) without my knowledge. So much for trust.

The December can be the most tasking month of the year. Ethan has rehearsals for the school's annual Christmas program. My kids have parties scheduled left and right. I have to do some Christmas shopping even if I don't want to. There are family reunions in the offing and there's the food for Christmas Eve to think of. Just thinking about them tires me.

I need a break. A cheap carribean vacation will do.Any sponsors?
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What?! It's 18 days until Christmas?! What happened? You mean another year is about to end and here I am not even sure what happened in the last few months. Well, that's not exactly true. Of course I know what has transpired the last 11 months but! Sometimes I wish I could just disregard the things that I don't want to remember. Sometimes I wish I could replay the last few months much like a DVD and then edit all the unwanted "trash". Oh well...

I need to start buying gifts for Ethan's teachers and classmates. I need to buy gifts too for my Mafia members. Not the Mafia in FB but the Mafia as in a group of moms (half my age) in Ethan's school. I am the designated "godmother" of that Mafia.

I need to buy gifts too for my friends too. Since most of them are overweight, I guess it would do them good if I just buy fat burners for the lot. Anyway....all I want for Christmas is a laptop...any takers?
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Just to prove that my kids, their friends and their friends are mature enough to handle themselves, I decided to go ahead and rent a mobile bar for the joint birthday celebration of D4 and my son.

I was overwhelmed by the people who came! I was expecting 20-25 people tops but about 60 came - 60 drunkards! The mobile bar served about 1,000 shots of different hard drinks. Hubby even bought additional cases of beer. D1 had to go back and forth to the grocery because we kept running out of food! In the end, everyone was gloriously tipsy or drunk (except for D2,D3,hubby, Ethan and I). The tipsy ones went home around 2:00 A.M. the drunks slept over.

D4 and my son

the mobile bar

first round

second round

3rd or 4th?

Can't really tell. The number of shots drank were not accurate anymore for the drinkees cannot even hold the pen much less write. It was a fun party! Downside? The house was a mess!!!
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Because we had no maid, D2, D3, Ethan and I decided to eat out for dinner last Friday. We went to Mall of Asia, met up with my son and ate at Friday's. D1 was on duty while D4 was on her way to Puerto Galera for the long weekend. Last I checked, hubby was tinkering with his bike at the backyard.

We arrived home around 11:00 P.M. The lights at the back cum garage was all ablaze. Hubby was, I think, sleeping already as I could hear the hum of the air conditioner as I walked up the side door. As I fumbled with the house keys, my kids saw Chip (the Shih Tzu) by the door pane. Chip was dirty! I gave him a bath just that morning and now his paws are black! Naughty Chippy. I wonder what he did to get him that dirty. We all gave a collective gag as we smell burnt wood and plastic on entering the house. Let's cut to the chase.

It seems that two mice decided to bite a partially exposed wire at the back of the refrigerator which caused the wires to spark and the refrigerator to catch fire. My kitchen is country style - wood and more wood. Fortunately hubby decided to enter the house and saw the flaming ref and wall. The kitchen was saved. The only casualty was the burnt wall at the back of the ref and the ref itself.

My girls and I went shopping for a new refrigerator the other day. There were so many new appliances on sale that I was even tempted to buy a couple of tv stands but decided against it when I saw how much refrigerators cost today. Exorbitant!!! However, what can I do? I bought one and has yet to plug it in. The electrical circuit in the kitchen needs to be rewired first.
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Friday, November 27, 2009

My days are hectic. My household help of six years decided she wants to get hitched that in a span of two weeks since she had that epiphany, she packed her bags and left. I would not have minded so much if only she gave me ample time to get a temp or a permanent replacement. She knows that I do online work and can't possibly afford not to "work". She knows that I am on a rehab program. Got you! Not rehab rehab but more of therapy for my dislocated left thumb.

My son is causing me a lot of fitful sleeping nights (not really for as soon as I take my meds, I'm dead to the world) because of his "alleged" girlfriend. I'm not really against him having a GF but! I'm really am not partial to this girl.

I'm just so tired doing housework and attending to Ethan. I just want to go to a spa and have a massage. In times like these, I want to get myself some spring plungers, attach myself to one and get catapulted to Shang-ri-la.
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Monday, November 23, 2009

D3, the dentist, was invited by Ethan's class to do a "talk" about preventive dentistry. In other words, D3 talked about how to properly brush teeth, the dangers of not brushing teeth, and what could happen if teeth are not cleaned properly. D3 even had a slide presentation showing what types of food are harmful and some really gross pictures of the bacteria that live in the mouth. The kids were all "yucking" and "ewe-ing" as they looked at the bacteria's pictures.

After the talk and presentation D3 took out a big replica of a set of teeth. She took out a toothbrush and showed the kids the proper way of brushing teeth. Sad to say, there a couple of kids with tooth decay and I can't help wondering "what the heck were their moms doing letting the tooth decay progress?". It is an often misconception that it's alright for milk teeth to rot as permanent teeth will replace them anyway. Wrong! Decaying tooth is "decaying" tooth and should be addressed immediately.

I have some seen some adults with decaying teeth and I think no amount of teeth filling could fix them. They need dentures! However there's another option for those living around Texas. They could go see an implant dentist Plano.Cosmetic dentistry is fast becoming an in-demand specialization. I wonder if D3 would consider specializing in this too.
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Friday, November 20, 2009

My doctor said I should come back after the six-weeks so he could take a look at my left thumb - the one that was broken during the Ondoy typhoon rescue mission. The six-week period was over last week and still I did not go see my doctor. Two days ago I decided to take out the splint since the healing period was at its 7th week. I thought that my thumb should be well by then. I took off the splint. My thumb was stiff and with very minimal movement. That was expected, right? Anyway, D1 was on duty the time I took off my splint. Last night D1 came home from duty and notice that my thumb was out of its splint, was swollen, and (truth be told) was still quite tender.

"Mom! You played doctor again! You should have not taken off the splint until the doctor said so!"

So, later today I will go to the hand surgeon. D1 said the thumb did not heal well. Worst case scenario was for the surgeon to fix the nerves and whatever stuff that props and connects my thumb.

With my current state of "sadness" and my impending doctor consult, wouldn't it be nice to just grab my luggage sets and fly-off to wherever it is that I could find solace?
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

I am officially sad. I have not been sad for quite a while since my usual state of emotion is: pissed. Last night Ethan was asking D2 if I was mad at my son and at hubby. D2 said "no, mom is only mad at people who irritates her." To this Ethan retorted "but everyone irritates mom!" Okay. I can't help but laugh at Ethan's perception of me.

It's true though. People who are dense, cocky, hard-headed, know-all, arrogant and boastful irritate me at no ends. I don't like plasticity and duplicity too. I may be too frank for comfort at times (okay, most of the time) but I think that is a better trait that being superficial and artificial.

I am still too upset. Have you had that feeling that you want something resolved now as in "now" but can't? As I type, my laptop's battery indicator is blinking red. The indicator reads 20 minutes remaining battery life. I knew I should have bought one of the laptop batteries I was considering the last time I went to the mall.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There are two things that are pissing me off right now. The first thing is... I cannot discuss it yet as I'm still raw (emotion-wise) to discuss it. Just give me time to process the "event" as it's current and not yet resolved. It's a good thing that one of medications makes me sleepy it not I could be up all night biting my already short nails. The second thing that has been bothering me is the fact that I've been neglecting this blog. I just don't have the time to blog hop and comment on other blogs. My Alexa rank ha gone down too! I think I need to resubmit my blog to a web directory to improve my ranking.
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Friday, November 13, 2009

I just heard from the grapevine that a friend I know recently won $16,500 at the local casino. The money she won is roughly equivalent to 750,000 Php - more than enough for her to go traipsing about the globe if she cares to. What did she play? Slots! I was told that my friend frequents the casino every other day and has won by the hundreds of thousands prior to the latest win. Okay. The last time I saw the insides of a casino was more than 10 years ago. The slots are still called slots but the machines are computerized and buttons are pressed for you to "spin" the machine, so to speak.

Seriously! I think I want to give online casinos a chance. My email is flooded with such offers but really, is there a way to tell which sites are legitimate. Yup! There is a site that has a listing of all trusted online casinos. The trusted sites motto is: online slots no download .You can just go to the sites and play without downloading any program. Looking for online casino games real money played? Check out the sites for I sure will. Who knows? I might get lucky and if I do, Palawan here I come!
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I have subscribed to a local airline's email notices of tickets on sale. I missed out on the "piso" seat plus last week. A round trip ticket for Hong Kong was at $99, including a 3 nights 4 day stay at a hotel. I missed it! The other day I was notified that tickets to Korea and Japan were at $50! A friend was able to book a $400 round trip ticket to LA. The fare is exclusive of taxes and travel insurance but what the heck?! It would be no big deal adding a few $$ for those items. Wait, I think I have another email notification of an airline ticket sale.
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I was invited by QTV 11's new show titled Full Time Moms hosted by Suzi Entrata-Abrera and Christine Jacob-Sandejas. The taping was on October 22, 2009 at 6:30 P.M. I was emailed the script for the segment and I was surprised that Tintin Bersola-Babao was with me in the segment too. As I read the script, I learned that the segment was all about techy moms. Okay. I am not that techy. As I read on, I googled all possible questions (and their answers) that might come up.

The day of the taping came and with me was a friend. D4 followed later. The segment was quite long. The script was not 100% followed as Suzi, Christine, Tintin and I kept on veering away this way and that way.

Tintin has a website called ParenTin.TV and I promised her that I would link her site. We exchanged URLs but I seriously doubt if she'll link me.

Anyway, the episode was shown last night. I purposely did not blog about it because.... well... because! Some of my friends texted me last night and said that they were actually watching me on TV. I didn't watch the show though although D 2,3 and Ethan were watching. Why didn't I watch my segment? I felt "shy"!! Anyway, here's a picture with Tintin, Suzi and Christine. I forgot the name of the other girl. Gosh! Don't I look small?!

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Christmas is just around the corner. I bought some Christmas decors over the weekend to replace the damaged ones I have. Gosh! They were expensive! One textile poinsettia costs 29 Php to 89 Php. Multiply that by at least 20 and I still have a barely decorated tree. Speaking of Christmas and other holiday stuff, SIL had ordered a batch of corporate holiday cards the other day. She said the offer was really low so she grabbed the package.
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Monday, November 9, 2009

I got a rather urgent call from D1 yesterday. D3 and I were om our way home when D1 called. Our house-help collapsed and D2 had no way to take her to the ER. All the cars in the house were out! So, I told D2 to call her dad as he is probably in and around the neighborhood.

Luckily D1 arrived home and settled the emergency. It appeared that our help was bitten by some insect and had an allergic reaction. Good thing there was no need to take her to ER as it would have cost me a ton. Yes, I've had my shares of ERs and they do charge quite a chunk. It's a good thing we all have health cards to shoulder our medical emergencies. The only hassle with local health cards is that they are selective with the type of illnesses and procedures. I just wish there is a better health card like Blue Advantage card offered in the US.
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

My obsession with Palawan continues. I have left instructions to a former co-teacher of D2 to let me know of properties on sale in Puerto Princesa. I was moved to leave such instructions because one of the tour guides I met said he bought 3 hectares of land (inland, not beach front) for 60,000 PHP. I was hoping I could buy a beach front property at double or even triple that price! Oh I wish! I pray! I implore! For the meantime, someone also sent me a message that there are homes for rent in the city proper of Puerto Princesa. Why would I want to rent? I want a beach front property!

This beach is only accessible by boat. There's no way you can walk to get to the beach unless you're willing to hike some then rappel down the stiff limestone cliff. Or. You can don your scuba gear and swim your way to the property. Makes me think of James Bond and Leonardo di Caprio. Is it for sale? Nope! It belongs to the city of Puerto Princesa.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

Pictured are D3 and Ethan at the beach in Sabang, Puerto Princesa. The beach is in the China Sea which is nothing really impressive as the beaches of Cavite are in the China Sea too... the dirty part of China Sea.

That's Ethan and I trying not to get sucked back by the receding waves. There was no lifeguard in the beach so it was kind of suicidal to swim in the beach. The pristine beaches of Palawan are akin to the ones in Thailand. Makes me want to pack my bag and have someone sell motorhome to me that I could park in any part of Puerto Princesa. This way, there's no need for me to buy a lot and build a house in Palawan. What do you think Huling?
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There is a lot of business opportunities in Puerto Princesa. There are no specialty stores of any kind in the city. You have to bring all your gadgets as there is nowhwere you can buy a replacement for let's say, your waterproof bag or your waterproof casing for your digicam. There's not even a shop where you can buy swim wear or snorkeling equipment. Life vests used in boat trips are bought in Manila. Gosh! I could make a living selling life vests to tour companies in Puerto Princesa! Maybe I could even sell equestrian and horse stuff because I saw two girls In breeches horseback riding. The scene was straight out of a wholesome-sound-of-music-thingy movie.

Puerto Princesa has possibilities...
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yes, there is wi-fi in Palawan. The only trouble was it was so slow. Good thing I bought my own wireless broadband. How were we able to survive without such technologies for the last decades?!

I remember this game show I watched during the late 60s. It was a dating game show where a computer named Rhoda tabulated all info about the contestants so she may "compute" who are best matched. Did I believe such crap?! Of course I did! The "computer" was as big as a house and I really thought the computer could talk and think.

Kids today are not so gullible. As I was about to plug in the wireless flash drive into the USB port of my laptop, Ethan said how he wish he has his own laptop too. I told him that he does - while in truth I was referring to his toy laptop.

"Mom!! That's only a toy! I want a real laptop."

I told him that we'll wait for sale offers on laptop deals.

He looked at me and said "Mom, will that ever happen?"
Yup! Got mine and D4's on such deals.
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In Puerto Princesa is the famous Crocodile Farm. When they say crocodile farm, they do mean farming crocodile. The farm breeds crocodile! There's this huge structure that has deep tubs full of 1-2 year old crocodiles. The younger ones are in s more secured and secluded area away from the prying eyes of tourists. We were told not to get too close (duh?!) to the tubs as the crocodiles might think they're hungry and just might take a bite at us.

These crocs are about 18 months old.

After the hatchling house, we went straight to where the bigger crocs hang out. We saw some real big ones that looked like statues. They were just there. Not moving. Not reacting. To which I was pretty grateful for who would want to view active crocodiles?

Picture #2 is just like picture #1. The difference is that the crocs here are bigger.
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My daughters and I are in a quest to travel as much as we can nowadays. The present world economy has set numerous airlines put up tickets on sale for specific travel periods. This concept has given a lot of people the opportunity to travel to both local and international locations.

We actually got our Puerto Princesa tickets on sale. The other day local airline company released hundreds of sale tickets. We missed it! A friend was able to book tickets for UK at superduper low price. She said she plans on going to the UK by April next year. I was with her the other day as she was browsing for possible hotel bookings in Manchester. Why Manchester? I asked. She said she has always been intrigued with Piccadilly and last she heard, Piccadilly is near Manchester. Indeed! So she browsed for hotels around the area and was immediately drawn to The Palace, not Buckingham but The Palace Hotel. The architecture of the hotel is reminiscent of Victorian architecture. The pictures on the website are great. What's even "greater" is that the The Palace Hotel Manchester is right smack in the middle of the fashion and entertainment district of the city.

If you're not so familiar with Manchester it's where the big Ferris wheel and Palace Theatre are located. Okay. I think I'm officially envious of my friend now.
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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can you believe it? It's November already! In no time at all Christmas will hit us smack in the face. I was in sis-in-law's house last night and her house is already busting with Christmas decorations. I am in no condition to be as enthusiastic for I think my Christmas decors were "drowned" by the flood brought on by typhoon Ondoy. Anyway I might as well get into the groove of Christmas by browsing on some Holiday Fun Eyeglasses . I visited the site to look over some New Arrivals. I actually wrote Zenni Optical's support to inquire if they deliver in the Philippines. Yup! They do! They said delivery fee is set at $9 no matter how many pairs I order of their $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses . I just might order 3 pairs.
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I am still in "vacation mode". I can't seem to shake the feeling! The Puerto Princesa trip was the best vacation I have had in a long time. Seriously, there's a State U in Puerto Princesa that offers BS Architecture and I've toying with the idea of applying for a teaching position. What do you think?

Anyway, I have given away my stash of "rainmakers". The bamboo thingy is a big hit and everyone who has seen the rainmaker is asking for one. Well, sorry. I am all out of souvenirs. I should have bought more but lugging them would have been a problem. Speaking of souvenirs, I am a serious souvenir collector. I tend to ask close friends to bring home a souvenir or two for me from their travels.

Lucky me, I have found a site that sells authentic souvenirs from Australia. I started collecting souvenirs from Australia when a dear friend gave me a boomerang she bought in Sydney. The boomerang was hand-painted and though I can't throw one even if my life depended on it, I still treasure it. The latest addition to my Australian collection was a cutesy stuffed Koala . It sits in a special place in my car. Prior to that I received two sets of coasters. One set came from a fellow blogger while the other set came from D4's friend. I heard another friend is off to Europe. I wonder what I'd ask for a souvenir this time.
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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Puerto Princesa in Palawan is home to the Sabang Underground River. We took a tour and we were awestruck by the miracle of nature as presented in the caves of the underground river. Palawenos are so proud of this natural beauty for it is now a finalist in the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Please vote for the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. Vote HERE.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Snorkeling in the middle of the sea to the beautiful coral reef and feed the fish was not in my "wish" list. However, as I, my girls and Ethan were dropped unceremoniously in the middle of Hunda Bay, did we have any choice? I did learn something. I know now why so many are keen on snorkeling. It's amazing and exhilarating!

D2 and I waving at the "manong" as he took our picture.
The guide was lying low on the sea bed.

This is Ethan as he feeds the fishes. I am not really sure if he
was actually swimming away or towards the fishes.

That's my butt! I had so much fun I didn't want to leave.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009



This beautiful stretch of white-sand beach is in Pandan Island, Hunda Bay, Puerto Princesa. The beach is accessible by a 45 minute ride motorized banca. The photos were taken just a few hours ago. Yes, there are pandan leaves growing abundantly in the island.
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Arrived at Puerto Princesa Palawan!

Here's a picture of me...with marching band music in the background
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En route to Puerto Princesa, Palawan!
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Five of the unofficial photographers at Ethan's party just dropped by and uploaded the pics in my netbook. There are 200+ pictures in the file and I am now having a major headache browsing through them.Ethan's party theme was MAD Scientist. Invites were inside test tubes. Guests were enjoined to wear lab coats or scrubs to come as a mad scientist. My lab coat says Dr.Mom with the label madder scientist for Dr. Ethan was the mad scientist. My son was Dr. Sonboy with the title bio mechanic. D4's title was test tube holder and the mad titles goes on. Shown here is D2 writing out IDs for the guests. The cutie in the pic below wants to be an "awkwitek" someday.

The party was different for we set up various work stations for the kids to do stuff like art work,

puzzle and origami stations..

and pin the thingy to some thingy...

The kids had fun doing all the work stations for each completed task merited tickets to redeem equivalent prizes.

However, the station that got the most attention, for the adults, was the velcro wall. I can't post all the wacky-sticky poses but here are a few. I know I have some where. I guess I just have to wait for the other unofficial photographers to turn in their memory sticks to me.

The party's main event was the mad science lab show. The kids were so mesmerized by the "magic" of science.

The party culminated with the birthday cake candle blowing and the giving out of party favors that were inside uber big green surgical gloves.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

As I was too cheap to hire a professional photographer and videographer for Ethan's birthday, I am now at the mercy of my guests who lug their DSLR cameras to take pictures of the event. Oh we have our own too but my daughters are also still so lazy to upload their pictures and videos. It was one heck of party. Ethan was absent the following day in school for I was just too tired to even lift my eyelids. My daughters and son were not so lucky though for it was back to the grinding board for them.

The party was set to start at 3:00 P.M. We had tarps set a long the way to guide guests to the house. However, excited guests came as early as 2:25 P.M. and I was still sweaty and smelly. My girls and I and the rest of the "helpers" sprung into action as we finish up other details.

As I was also too cheap to hire a caterer, my food were all "on the spot" cooking: burgers, hotdog, pizza and fishball.I rented the pizza and fishball stalls which delighted my guests at no end. I had a large grill where the burgers and hotdog cooked complete with a side dish of coleslaw and mashed potato. There was also the "mamang sorbetero" in one corner and the kids kept asking their moms for money to buy ice cream. The chocolate fountain was a hit too. Of course I had the usual fare of spaghetti, fried chicken and "pancit Malabon".

It was a themed party but I won't go into that yet for there's still no pictures to show! Meantime, I think I need to lay low on fatty and salty food for a bit for I had my month's ration all used up eating siomai, kikiam, and shrimp ball at the party. I think I need to "detox". I guess I have to look for the best colon cleanse available. There's a website that does review of colon cleansers. I better check it out.
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tomorrow is Ethan's big day. The long-awaited-postponed 7th birthday celebration will finally push through. I and my girls have been so busy coordinating the minute details of the party. Add these to the regular work load I have and I feel like having that pipe dream of a las vegas vacations right now. As I type this, I still have a ton of things to do. I'll post pictures of the party so you'll have a clear picture why Ethan's 7th birthday kept us on our toes. In the meantime, I have to go see and check what time the food stalls will be picked up. I wonder if I've assigned someone for the sound system? Who will pick up the cake? ... and my lists goes on.
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Friday, October 16, 2009

I was on "speed" this morning hurrying and scurrying because of my 9:15 A.M. PTC (parent-teacher-conference.I got back real late last night or should I say, early this morning.I was planning to wake up at 6:30 A.M. so I could still have time to browse on my email and organize my day. I needed to work out a schedule Ethan's long-delayed birthday party on Sunday. Ha ha ha. I woke up at 8:05 A.M. and had barely time to do get dressed for the PTC. I made it though but I was so stressed and harassed. If only I could bottle "stress" and and sell them as weight loss supplements I'd be rich! In fairness, I have lost a lot of weight due to stress!
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I have not set up the desktop in the basement yet. I wanted to yesterday but as I am still "thumbless" I decided against lifting the cpu. Though each one of my kids and I have laptops, the ancient computer in the basement has all our early files and documents. The cpu was the first item that D2 "save" from the rising water. I have not checked if the cpu is working. I tried to use the printer the other day but it won't turn on. I wish I availed of an online backup services for the desktop. The online backup could store all the files in a computer's hard drive. The online backup is an insurance in case the computer's hard drive is corrupted. I think I should get this service.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Again, I had a talk with one of my neighbors about the recent flooding here in Manila. She was telling me how her refrigerator floated right out of her kitchen. Well, my refrigerator horror story was that my upright freezer floated, frozen meat et al, in the basement. One good thing about these freezers and refrigerators is that the motor compressors are sealed tight that moisture can't get in. The only downside was that if your refrigerator has a water filter, then changing the gswf is definitely a must after the "flood".

It is raining again. Somehow, the pitter-patter of the rain terrifies me, in a way.
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I think I need to fumigate my house more thoroughly. The flood water that hit us was real dirty and I think the chlorine bleach and other cleansing products I used are not enough. Ethan has been scratching himself crazy these past couple of weeks.Likewise with D4. D2 is complaining of allergies while D3's skin allergies are active once again. D1's acne is acting up again too. She said she thinks she needs to go see a dermatologist for acne treatment. Well, I think I need to clean every nook and crany of my house again. Germs are still lurking about.
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I had a talk with one of my retired neighbors yesterday. I asked how where they went when the flood water rose at the height typhoon Ondoy as her home was at street level. She said she was fetched by 4 well-built men and was guided to walk in chest deep water. She said the flood water was up to her knees in the bedroom area. She used to be the National Housing Authority treasurer and that did not do her any good at all regarding her house design. She was lamenting that all her wood furniture are all warped and that the only "unharmed" ones are the wrought iron patio furniture
. So, she said she has been spending a lot of time outside than inside nowadays.
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Ethan has gained weight! The past few weeks of harried eating has brought havoc on Ethan's system. We were concentrating on a lot of other stuff that we sort of had more than our share of fastfood meals. I had difficulty zipping his pants on this morning. He can't zip it so he asked me to do it. I have never imagined how hard it was to zip a pair of pants 2 inches smaller than the targeted waistline not to mention that the "zipper" - the person and not the object- has only one good thumb to do the job. I gave up and I jokingly told Ethan that I'd give him the best diet pills so he would lose weight.

"But mom! I have to be fat. I'll be Mario in Halloween."

Oh! I didn't know that he was serious about wearing a Mario costume for his trick or treat. Now, I wonder who will go as Luigi. Not me!!
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Part of the subdivision where I live in is still in 2 to 3 inches of flood water. The flood water has turned into green which probably means that algae are alive and thriving! I took pity on one man who was on his bike when he slipped and fell on some real nasty-slimy algae. My concern now is the stagnant water could cause health issues. I had a talk with the town engineer a few days ago and he said that our "flood" is not a priority since there are other areas that need more help than we do. Oh, okay.

Anyway, I was driving along the flooded area when I saw about 4 to 5 small brown birds taking a "bath" in the clearer part of the stagnant water. They seem to be enjoying themselves so I slowed down and watch them have fun. It has long been my wish to have a couple of Bird Cages filled with love birds by the garden. The last time we had a bird was way back when my son was about 5 years old. I bought him a couple of love birds complete with bird supplies like seeds and water container. The birds did not last two days because my son let them go. He said he pitied the birds so he opened the cage and shooed them away. After a couple of weeks my son said he wants another pair. I told him "no" for he would only let fly away. He said no he will not so I bought him another pair complete with some pet bird supplies again. The birds lasted a week for on the 8th day, my son let them go again.

I guess for starters I could buy a pair first and see what will happen.
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I had a consult with one of the top hand surgeons in the Philippines the other day. D1 was insistent I see the orthopedic surgeon to make sure my left thumb is A-okay. I said yes and D1 made the appointment.

As I waiting for my turn, some patients were also waiting for their turn. One young man had a whole arm in cast. Another man in sarong sitting on his wheelchair, was in a half-body cast. The other patient to my right had her left leg in full cast too. I looked at my pathetic little left thumb that was in a splint and felt terribly out of place.

I heard my name called and I went inside the doctor's office for the consult. He looked at the X-rays, asked me questions and finally took out the splint in my thumb. The doctor concluded that 3 ligaments were torn and that I was lucky I was able to immediately put back my thumb when it was dislocated. He then asked me how I dislocated my thumb and off I went telling him about my flood rescue. The doctor has his own stories too. As he was re-splinting my thumb, he told me his flood story.

His home in one of the first class villages in Makati was also submerged in flash flood. He said the water was waist-high inside his house which was a good 1 meter high from the road. He said the ground floor of his house and all its contents were ruined and four of his cars were submerged in flood water. He lamented that no house was spared in the village including the steel buildings right outside the village's perimeter. He was really so low because of what has happened.

I told him that he is still luck than most because he still has a home to come to and his family is safe. I said that all that were ruined were material things that could be replaced.

He looked at me and said "You are right!" and his face lit up.

The re-splinting was done and I was told not to bend lefty for four more weeks. The doctor said he'd see after four weeks and will see if my thumb will be needing therapy. I wanted to feel bad about it but as I said, it's good that my thumb is the only "casualty" brought on by the recent flood.
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I lost a total of 12 pounds in 6 months! It was a slow but sure weight lost. My friends have been asking me how I did it since I do not go to the gym anymore. I told them through moderating my diet. I had to go on a low fat and low salt diet because of my high cholesterol level. It wasn't easy at first but after a few weeks, it was a breeze. It's not that I don't eat regular food at times because I do. Just yesterday I ate out and had some really nasty oily pasta, potato salad and chicken bar-be-que. The trick is to eat low fat and low salt food more often that you eat regular food. Exercise too. I haven't been jogging since even before the typhoon that hit Manila for it has been raining on and off in the afternoons. What I'd like to do now is read up on food that burns more calorie digesting them than their caloric value. I once read that corn is one such natural fat burner. I think I'd want to lose 5 more pounds.

I know. Don't think. Just do it!
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Friday, October 9, 2009

I need some freelance writers.

Leave your contact emails in the
comment section and I'll get back to you.
You can email me. Scroll down and look right
for the email add
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I was sorting through some of the stuff that were "rescued" from the flooded basement when I realized that I was keeping a lot of junk. The basement doubles as a library and in one of the bags that has some books, I found a grade 4 newsprint book of D1. The book is tattered and owing to its newsprint pages, about to disintegrate. I rummaged through the box and took out the books of the same genre for the junkman.

In one box, I found unwrapped and still brandnew holiday gifts given to Ethan last Christmas! I must have forgotten all about them when I tidied up after Christmas last year. Still in another box are empty boxes of all the mobile phones I must have owned since 15 years ago! I really should start getting rid of all these junk.... now!
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Monday, October 5, 2009

If you are from Manila, the southern part specifically, I am sure you know or have heard of the water supply dilemma of BF Homes residents for the last 20 years or so. The subdivision's own water supply has long dried up and excavation attempts proved futile because of the very deep water level that has to be tapped in order to have water. Therefore, for the last two decades, water was delivered through private means to homes in BF. About ten years ago the Manila Water Works and Sewerage System, upgraded its system (and continues to do so) that free flowing water is now available in the South, my house included. However, the management of BF Homes refused the services of MWSS for reasons I cannot figure out - nor the homeowners of BF too. Anyway after years of petition and court decisions and so on, BF Homes is now being fitted with new pipes. I was shocked (not really) to find out that the old water pipes laid out in the late 60's were of asbestos! Nothing to be surprised of actually as it was only the 80's that Mesothelioma was assessed. The disease is a form of cancer for people exposed to asbestos. I am not even sure if we have Mesothelioma doctors here in Manila.
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

To all those who want to donate to the flood victims, I am willing to accept your donations and buy the items that you want to give. D4 said there is a rising need for antibiotics like cloxacillin, amoxicillin, and cefalixine. I just called a generics pharmacy and cloxacillin is 7.50 php per tablet, amoxicillin at 4.00 php and cefalixine at 6.00 php. It would be no trouble for me to get the meds. I can donate the meds for you too. However, donations are anonymous but I can send you the receipt of the purchase.

You can donate though my paypal account. Just click the DONATE widget at mid right side of this page. Please stipulate your requests when donating. You can email me at alindog311atyahoodotcom.
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On the eve of super typhoon Pepeng (Parma), D1 #1 went straight to my sister-in-law's house after work so as to "save" her car just in case of flooding. All the kids, except D2, were accounted for, Ethan and hubby included.

I fetched D2 somewhere in the South after their group's relief operations in Laguna. D2 said it was only the volleyball team's coach (who is from Laguna) who asked them to consider helping out the affected people in Laguna. Their team was the first one to reach out to those in Laguna. Other relief and rescue missions were concentrating in Marikina, Pasig and Cainta. Horror stories of politicos posing for photo opps are many. What can I say! "LECHE kayo!" More about that issue next time.

Anyway, I packed some clothes to fill up a small suitcase in the event that we had to evacuate. I packed some of Ethan's clothes and all of the important documents like passports and stuff too. My SIL has been calling me to come over to their place but I refused. I said we'll "evacuate" in time. I already bought food, supplies and medicines. I checked the yard for any thing that could be blown off by strong winds. I made sure the mango trees are braced et al. I had candles (scented even), flashlights, and rechargeable lights ready. We had a generator before but it was submerged in flood water too. All our mobile phones and laptops were fully charged. In case of power failure and we can't connect via our regular internet, we have two wireless broadband providers that can just be plugged ala USB in a laptop.

We were ready this time. I went to bed around 1:30 A.M. praying hard that the typhoon would change its course. If it were no for my meds I would not have fallen asleep because of apprehension.

I woke with a start and looked at the bedside clock. It read 6:45 A.M. Something is wrong! My foggy brain can't really focus yet. What is wrong? What?! The sun was streaming in my window and I heard birds chirping. I was expecting to wake up to howling winds and rain battering my house but no! The typhoon changed its course and I thanked God for His graciousness.

I still feel a little bit tired. My thumb is still in a splint and I need to focus on other stuff left forgotten in the aftermath and then the wake of typhoons. Last I heard there's another one brewing. If only I could pack up my bags and go for an orlando vacations I'd do it in a jiffy.
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

One of the mom's of Ethan's classmate texted me yesterday asking directions to our place for Ethan's birthday party originally slated for today. I have informed Ethan's teachers to tell his classmates that the party is postponed for October 18. However, one classmate was not informed.

Thank God the storm did not directly hit the Philippines. I was up until 1:00 A.M. packing clothes and other important stuff to take with me in case it floods again. My son was up until 7:00 A.M. waiting for the typhoon. Traffic was horrendous last night for people panicked because of a circulated text message claiming that a 195 kph wind-packing storm will hit Metro Manila last night. Whoever started that message shoulf go bang his head on a concrete wall while repeatedly saying "I'm sorry I'm an a_s."

The circuit breakers in the house is still not fully functional. The faucets in the yard submerged in the muddy flood water are all clogged up. There are still a lot of work to be done in and out of the house but hey! we're still lucky and blessed in spite of.
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Friday, October 2, 2009

The house is slowly but surely getting back into shape. I have two people come in to help in the clean up and for three days they cleaned the yard and "washed" the house. Two outlet circuit breakers are still out and I just can't figure out why. I have been calling an electrician to come and check the circuits but I guess he's still swamped with work.

Ethan has not been to school for the past 4 days plus today. He and I are just too tired to go to school. I know! Classes have been suspended for one week but his school is open for those who want to come to school. About 99% of the school population was not affected by the recent flooding. The 1% was Ethan. Crazy! The reason I think was that the school admin didn't want to make up for lost school days so as not to affect the semestral break. I didn't like that. A parent said the school admin was worried because the students were already behind their studies. Give me a freaking break!!! These kids are from ages 2.5 to 7!

Anyway, PAGASA said another mega typhoon will hit the northern part of the Philippines tomorrow. D2 and I went out last night to buy stocks for the pantry, buy my medications, and stock up on candles, flashlights et al. Boy! The supermarket was teeming with panic buyers. I even saw a couple dressed to the nines! The woman was in her sparkly evening gown while the man was in tuxedos! The hardware section of the grocery actually ran out of flashlights that I literally had to run to the mall's hardware store to buy flashlights.

Here's hoping and praying that the typhoon weakens and dies enroute.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

It is included in the Medical Code of Ethics that doctors are not to charge professional fees to parents, spouses and children of fellow doctors. This clause is followed by almost all the doctors that I know - except for my neurologist and hubby's cardiologist. I can understand my neurologist's situation because I was a new patient then and even if he saw D1 hovering in her medical coat with her name and department boldly embroidered in the pocket, his neurons did not work to do 1 + 1 = 2.

The cardiologist is another story. He has been my late father-in-law's cardiologist and he more or less saw D1 from the time she was in med school to the present. The cardiologist is also the doctor of MIL and of D3 when she had seizures three years ago. Since D1 is working at the same hospital as he does, they are, in essence, colleagues. So when hubby was presented with the cardiologist's bill, D1 was really surprised. First, the cardiologist was not even physically present to examine hubby. He just called his residents to run some tests. Second,the cardiologist did not follow the code of ethics. Third, the professional fee was "outrageous"! The surgeon who was hubby's prime doctor charged: "no bill".

Last night, I called my friend Eva, the one who kept asking me about which best weight loss pills she should take, to check up on her. Her house was submerged in flood water too with the water level inside her house chest deep. She said her toe is throbbing and that her hubby slipped and now has a swollen ankle. The throbbing toe concerned me for it was recently operated on and took a really long time to heal because my friend is diabetic. Her hubby is a cardio patient and a diabetic too.

D1 was eating dinner and I told her to hurry up and drop by friend's house for a quick consult. D1 was slow to respond and she said that she can't do anything if the ankle was fractured. I told her that "well, dropping by and looking at their ailments would help". My friends toe is red and swollen. Her hubby's ankle was swollen too. They have four grown-up kids with families who live within a stone-throw away radius from my friend's house. Where were they? This was D1's point. She said that my friend's children should have brought their parents to the hospital for treatment. I answered "Well, they didn't. That's why they are my friends and you are my daughter who is a doctor."

Save Lives. Is that a doctor's main point in being one or has it changed?

Look after your ailing parents. Isn't this the norm anymore?

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When I learned that Richard Gutierrez saved Christine Reyes who was on the roof trapped by the flood, I was in awe. Wow! Richard Gutierrez used a speedboat to rescue Christine! The news that Richard refused to take in a baby from a father treading flood water, I was flabbergasted. "Pogi" points went down to zero!

Then pictures of Jericho Rosales trying to rescue his neighbors using his surfboard (and wearing rashgard) circulated in Facebook. Oh Wow! He really risked his life and safety to help his neighbors. Kudos to Raymart Santiago who was with Jericho too. A young star by the name of Gerald Anderson, swam his way to check out his neighbors too. Hats off to these movie actors.

It is really heartwarming and awe-inspiring how some people respond in times of distress. The Filipino spirit of "bayanihan" is alive and well.

Ethan spent his birthday attending to his "dad" aka grandpa at the hospital. D4 bought a cake and we ordered food from Ethan's fave Chinese resto. The 7th birthday party was quiet but the obligatory cake-candle blowing was done nevertheless.

As we were on our way, we passed by several new housing projects. D2 said we should consider relocating. I said I think it would be better if we just buy a mobile home. We both laughed as we imagine a possible scenario of floating mobile homes. However, wouldn't it be grand if we do indeed own one, parked somewhere safe and dry?
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Philippines Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services claimed that Greater Manila received 341 millimeters of rainfall from 6:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. on September 26, 2009. The previous worst rainfall was 42 years ago recorded in 24 hours on June 7, 1967.

There were plenty of homes and lives that were lost. There were stories of great sacrifices and bravery at the height of typhoon "Ondoy". The province worst hit by the flash flood is the province of Rizal. As I write, rescue missions and donations are still ongoing. I read a news articles that insurance companies maybe facing the biggest non-life insurance policy claims in the wake of "Ondoy". My head is spinning because I think I need a new insurance quote for non-life and fortuitous events.

I hear on news too that there are several crocodiles on the loose traipsing about the flood water in Pasig. The crocodiles are part of nature park in Pasig. The lot must have swum outside their enclosure when the flood water rose.

My house is in some sort of order now. Classes are suspended until tomorrow. In areas still wallowing in knee-deep mud, classes are suspended indefinitely. I am trying my very best to meet deadlines and calling and texting friends that Ethan's birthday party is postponed. Ethan turns 7 today. He knows that his party is postponed and he knows the reason why. He said it's okay.

Daughter #2, Ethan and I are on our way to donating clothes at a nearby donation center. After that we are proceeding yet again to the hospital. At 7:00 A.M. today, hubby was rushed to the ER. The kidney stones (of two weeks ago) decided to clog hubby's urethra. He was in terrible pain and according to D3 and D1, might need surgery after all.

Let me take a deep breath.

Okay now. I have to get ready to leave.
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Dear Friends and Readers,

The great flood brought about by Typhoon "Ondoy", brought an unparalleled havoc to greater Manila. There were so many homes and families affected. Some lost their houses and still there are those who lost loved ones due to the flood that literally swallowed whole houses.

As I'm writing this, I and my family are staying with my in-laws. My house was half-submerged in flood water but luckily, everyone is safe and no irrevocable damage was done. The only ones in the house when the flood waters suddenly rose were D 2 and 4, Ethan, hubby, our house help and my 2 dogs. D 1 was on duty while my son was in his apartment in Quezon City.

To make a really long story short, the ones left in the house were stranded because the flood water reached up to neck high on the street level - my hubby's neck and he's 6'1". I fetched D3 in her clinic in Alabang. She and I went about driving for 8 hours looking for ways to get home while I told D1 and my son to stay put. After praying for so long, I can't even tell where the ends and the beginnings of my prayers were, D3 and I finally reached hubby's office where we stayed overnight. The news that I saw on TV horrified me even more especially when I learned that my mama's house was also submerged in flood water and that two of my nephews have lost their houses to the flood. My mama is in Taytay, my two nephews are from Marikina and Cainta - three areas badly affected by the flood. As I called my family on the mobile phone, I told D2 that since the flood was still steadily rising, they should consider braving the flood and walk to hubby's office about 1K away. D2 said the current was strong and since the water level was more than 5 feet, the surrounding area dark, the rain incessant, they'd have a hard time swimming -and that is granting Ethan could swim.

I hung up the phone and for the next two hours prayed like I've never prayed before. God is good. My prayers were answered. First, when D3 and I were still driving around looking for ways to get home, I claimed the I wanted to us to safe and dry by 9:00 P.M. We reached hubby's office by 9:10 P.M. Next I claimed for the rain to stop and for the safety of my family and relatives. My prayers were answered.

The following morning dawned gray and still. I was awakened at 5:00 A.M. by the shrill ringing of my mobile phone. It was my cousin ( Ninang Myrla), the one who just two weeks ago left for New York to attend the funeral of her brother. She was at the airport, stranded. I told her that she just has to wait a bit as the roads to and from Taytay and Cavite were flooded.

By 6:00 A.M. D3 and I were at my in-law's house. Since my sis-in-law as updated, we planned on how to "rescue" the rest of my family stranded in the house. There was no food as the freezer was floating in the basement. The canned goods were of no use to Ethan and D2 for those two don't eat sardines and corned beef. The last can of SPAM served as their meal the previous night. I jokingly suggested that I should buy an inflatable raft. We all laughed but as D3 and I looked eye to eye, she knew that I was going to do it.

SM opened at 10:00 A.M. D3, my sis-in-law and her daughter and I were one of the first costumers that day. I bought 2 inflatables, one big and one small. I was delegated the head of the "rescue" mission. I borrowed a big van, put in the two inflated rafts and asked my sis-in-law's gardener to come with me as co-rescuer. D3 called D2 to get ready for "mom bought 2 rafts to save her precious grandson."

Ethan says good-bye to daughter 2 as he was first to be "rescued"

daughter 4 as viewed at Chippy's (my Shitzu) eye level

The "rescue" mission was a success. Everyone was safe and dry. My son was safe and dry too at his apartment and D1 was able to drive home from the hospital. Her car was one of the few not submerged by flood in the parking area.

One glitch. As I was taking down the oars of the raft from the van, I slipped and dislocated my left thumb. The middle joint was grotesquely angled at 45 degrees so what I did was pulled it right back then had D1 drove me to ER. My thumb has a hairline fracture. The doctor said my presence of mind saved my thumb from a cement cast. My left thumb is in a splint.

As I type with my right hand and three fingers of my left hand, I feel ever so blessed as the only casualty of the "Ondoy" in the family is my dang left thumb. It's swollen and painful but what the heck?! I can live with that.
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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Having had my bouts (family and otherwise) share of medical emergencies, I really need to assess the medical insurance policies that my family have. It was quite frustrating that when I was hospitalized a few months back, none of my hospital, doctor and drug fees were covered by the insurance policy. The insurance company stipulates that a pre-existing condition was not covered because my membership was short of a week before my first year membership. Yeah. I got zero in my insurance policy. The Philhealth insurance policy, government issued, paid a measly 3,700 Pesos in the more then 50K bill.

In the US, Medicare policies can be complemented with a Medicare supplement insurance. This add on policy fill in the gaps that are not covered in the original medicare policy. This policy could lessen the monthly bills in medicare advantage insurance policies for the same services. I better tell my brother about this option. He said he's paying a load of money for his family's health insurance.
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Friday, September 25, 2009

After almost a year of contemplating and thinking and consideration and all other thought-related activities, I have finally decided to get myself a netbook. It has come to point that if I wanted to earn money doing freelance, I need to bring my "office" with me. Since I take Ethan to and from school, and sometimes do a lot of "waiting" doing nothing, time is wasted.

There are times that when the kids and some of their friends are in the dining area tapping away in their laptops (after feeding!) I sort of feel left out as I tap the keyboard of my ancient desktop by my lonesome self in the basement.

I also subscribed to a wireless broadband so I can go online anytime, anywhere. The thing is my son took it with him. He said I just gave to get another one for he really needs the wireless. Anyway, I'm still adjusting to the small keyboard of my netbook I keep hitting = when I meant to hit -. I'm so wasting time doing a lot of backspacing. I guess it'd take time for me to adjust.

Anyway,I need to get me a new Custom usb drive. I own several, actually, but I seem to be always losing them. I need one that can sense that it's lost so it could send out a beep so I could locate it. Well, who knows? That could happen. The last USB I had has a storage capacity of 2Gb. I need a 4 Gb USB though. The "netbook" does not have a DVD player so there's no way I could watch a movie in it. But! I can download and save the movie or series to the USB so I can watch all by my lonesome self.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

The first two weeks of September were pretty hectic for me. My MIL was rushed to the hospital on the first week for an emergency angioplasty. A day after she was discharged, I had to rush hubby to the same ER because of kidney stones. The day hubby was released, I received news that a favorite cousin died! Because of the myriad of details that I had to attend to, I forgot to insure and register the car with the plate number ending in "9". I just remembered today, a holiday (again!). I have to get some auto insurance quotes to get the best deal possible.

The house is quiet. D1 and Ethan are out. D3 has scheduled patients. D4 is out to practice a "cheerdance" routine for a competition within departments in her place of work. D2 is in her bedroom tap-tapping the keys of her laptop. My son in on his way back to his apartment. Chip, my shitzu is by my feet, keeping me company.

The house is quiet.... and you know what? I don't like "quiet".
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Friday, September 18, 2009

I want a massage! My body is so stiff I feel like an ironing board! The incidents that has happened the last couple of weeks have put a terrible strain on my aching back. Added to that, I fell from a chair while my son and I were fixing the router's new cable line. The router was located in the basement and its signal was hitting too many corners for me to get a decent signal in my bedroom.If I wanted a Wi-Fi signal in my bedroom,I had to fix it myself. I purposely did the task on a weekend so my son can help me reach the high spots for the cable.

There were three lines that we had to lengthen: the cable from the desktop to the router; the phone line from the phone jack to the router; the electrical cord from the router to the power supply. The last line was quite hard to do as a bit of wire splicing was called for. I didn't have a tin-based solder for my soldering gun so the splicing was out of the equation. I used an outlet extension instead. While I was busy hooking up things and wires and at the same time telling Ethan to get away from my stuff, the chair on which I was precariously standing on slipped and I fell. The loud commotion brought my son and daughter #3 - who were arguing in the second floor hallway on how to attach the router to the wall - down to the basement at the speed of light.

"What the fart mom?!" my son said.

"Mom! *eyeroll* " from daughter # 3.

"Mom! *asifhislifedependedonit*" from Ethan.

I was fine. I was just stressed out and tired and tired and stressed out. If only I could formulate my present angst and irks and quirks and make a pill out of them, the result would be one heck of a fat burner pill, the best fat burners ever!

I really need a massage.
Posted by desperateblogger On 9/18/2009 11:00:00 PM 4 comments READ FULL POST
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