Friday, July 4, 2008

Today I went to CAP (College Assurance Plan) main office in Makati. I was browsing the internet yesterday when I chanced on CAP's website and read that daughter #4's SY 2005-2006 first trimester tuition fee check is now available. Whoopdeedoo! Scholars of CAP have not been paid nor reimbursed for the last four years due to the company's lack of funds.

I checked my old file and found that I filed a refund for 32,890 Php. Ka-ching! Moolah! So daughter #4 and I went to collect.

Excuse me; I am here to collect the check for daughter #4, I said.

The clerk checked his monitor and told me that I should go to window 10 for the update. I did and found out that the 32,890 Php that I filed for claim three years ago is now a measly 11,890 Php. I asked why and the lady said all claims have been re-computed. Fine! Just as long as I get a refund.

Back to window 2. I presented the clerk with the new amount due me. Once again the clerk checked his monitor and quietly said that daughter #4's name is not on the list of recipients. I argued that I did see my daughter's name and then he challenged me to present to him a printed screen shot of my claim.

Hah! I immediately went out of the building, looked for an internet cafe, browsed and printed what I needed. I then presented the printed screen shot to the clerk. He took it and was gone for about 5 minutes. When he came back, he had the check.

Oh wow! I now have an extra 11,890 pup, I thought as I signed for the check's release. I took the check while daughter #4 was happily watching. She asked if she could use some of the money for a new pair of rubber shoes. Umm... why not?! I looked at the check making sure everything is all right. Huh? Whadda? The check was for 594.50 Php!!!!

It turned out that the 11,890 Php due me was to be paid in 20 installments. With the next installment not even in the offing - with eight more trimesters unfiled and uncollected - I may never ever be reimbursed in this lifetime!

Posted by desperateblogger On 7/04/2008 09:37:00 PM 9 comments


  1. Whadddaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

    Was is worth the trip? Gas and all?? Grabe naman. Hay...I guess better than nothing? Or is it?

  2. now that you asked, i computed my expenses. lol! i spent 706 php on gas, toll fees, and snacks! lugi pa!

  3. That's .....@&#? ...I can't seem to find the most appropriate words.

    I remember their previous ads about stability and security...

    I'd better place my money in bamboo "banks" around my nipa hut...he he he...mas safe pa siguro.

    Thanks for posting so other readers would know.

    Happy blogging.

  4. shucks, sobrang nakakapikon yan.

  5. jenaisle and girlforallstatus: i so wanted to throw something at the clerk yesterdat - but that would have out me in more trouble and more expenses! besides, the clerk was just following orders from their bosses -

    the truly irritating part was that they led me to believe that i was about to receive real reimbursement -
    they should have just told me truth on the onset.

  6. what??!! grabe naman yan. siguro kung ako yun, baka nag wala na ako. inis naman.

  7. that's really bad, i also thought that CAP is a trusted name in educational plans...

    my eldest niece was lucky... she finished nursing in 1998 with her CAP scholarship bought by her mom in the late 80s... sulit na sulit

  8. hello te lena...buti nalang I was able to finish school when CAP was still in business. Sulit yung nabayad ng parents ko...hehehe...

    pero di ko na cguro makukuha yung refund ng scholar 10 years after graduation, which I shall be receiving this coming October. huhuhu...

  9. Grabe naman yun! lugi ka pa. pinaasa ka lang nila. tsk tsk tsk!


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