Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is part two of Ethan's Story. You might want to read on part 1 first before you proceed. In a nutshell, Ethan's learning disability was finally diagnosed. He has dyslexia.

"Ethan has some form of dyslexia" said Ms. Beth, the person behind Edlink. "I still can't say the degree of his dyslexia but I'm sure that early intervention by means of learning therapy can help him cope with his disability."

Daughter #1, the doctor and Ethan's mommy, sat there listening to Ms.Beth. I sat too, rigid and wanting to cry. In my mind I was screaming "Nooooooo.... life is hard enough without any disability!" Daughter #1 was composed, of course. She's a doctor and have had much practice being calm and composed. My mind was traveling at such speed that I wasn't able see what my thoughts were. Ms. Beth started showing us the tell-tale signs of dyslexia evident in Ethan's test results. Inverted letters. No sense of line and space in writing. No ear for rhymes and word play. Inverted syllabication when pronouncing some words. Wrong order of letters when copying. I cannot take this.

"Stop!", I silently pleaded. My grandson is dyslexic. My grandson has a learning disability. My grandson might not be able to cope which could ultimately damage him in all aspects.

"It's good that you were able to see early on that Ethan's learning ability is not normal. Most dyslexics are diagnosed at age 8 to 10. I have a new student here at the center, a 13 year old teener, now in high school , but still cannot read. Ethan is so lucky that you saw his problem early" said Ms Beth. Daughter # 1 and I were told that Ethan will have to undergo therapy in the form of the Slingerland Approach. "Slingerwhat?!" I was busy feeling miserable that I missed what Ms Beth was saying.

"Mom, what days will we set for Ethan's therapy?" asked daughter #1. I looked at daughter #1 and Ms. Beth.

"Is it still a possibility for Ethan to be a doctor?", I asked no one in particular.

Ms. Beth smiled and said "Of course. Kids with dyslexia are learning disabled and not academically retarded." We settled on a twice a week therapy after his regular school hours.

We drove home silently. I felt so sad for Ethan. I felt so disappointed and frustrated. My three other daughters and my son were already home when we got there. As soon as we entered the side door of the house, we were bombarded with questions. I was the spoke person and as I rounded up the story, there were five different reactions to Ethan's predicament.

Hubby did not say anything. Despite his many faults he trusted (expected?) me to do everything humanly possible for Ethan. After more than 25 years of marriage he still does not get that I need to be dependent too, at times. Daughters #2, 3 said they'd help support whatever Ethan needs. Daughter #4 kept on testing Ethan by asking him to write b and d, m and w. I shushed #4 and everyone kept quiet. Minutes of silence.

Finally my son said "Mom, come on...don't be sad. Ethan will be fine. I'm handicapped too due to my color confusion. But look at me, I'm in UP Diliman while my perfect sisters were all from DLSU, ... only. "

At this point, I was not able to reply as 3 pairs of feet from DLSU started to run after a pair of feet from UP.

Ethan will be all right. We all will be.....

coming: conclusion
Posted by desperateblogger On 10/30/2008 09:30:00 PM 7 comments


  1. It's like reading a fairy tale...with a happy ending I'm sure. I like the way your son thinks...LOL. I can still remember that entry you wrote about perspective...his grade of 4 and his sister gpa of 4....tama ba?

    Jojo Circus is still one of the little girl's favorite kaso it airs on a time na hindi sya nanonood. She still has the costume and she actually wanted to wear it this year kaso it does not fit anymore...sayang. The costume we got her this year is not as nice as that other one. Nanay kasi nya nag bisi bisihan kaya hindi agad naka hanap ng costume.


  2. Awww.. I like your son's attitude!!!

    Good thing Ethan has a great family to love him no matter what!

  3. yey, part 2!

    my son's therapy would be 3x a week but i hope that will be adjusted as soon as he is checked by a dev pedia.


  4. huling: yup you're right about the 4 gpa thingy. he's "cool" one in the family. walang masamang damo para sa kanya.

    post pics of your daughter's t&t

    renz: my son is the least stressed in the family. for him ok lang sa alright! c u nov.1!

    naomi: 3 x a week is pretty "expensive". good luck. i hope wala lang yan.

  5. Hopefully maka pag t&t nga siya. It looks like she will be able to kasi medyo ok na sya. Her nose, lips and some part of her face are dry so panay vaseline. Post ako ng pick nya kahit hindi sya maka t& house man lang naka costume...hahaha.

    About my inlaws...pareho kaming ulila ni Michael. The grandma in her bday pic is a step-mom and she's moving from state to state sa kanyang mga anak. So once in a blue moon lang namin makita.

    Happy Halloween na dyan maya maya...


  6. huling: nalungkot naman ako dun sa ulila pala kayong dalawa ni michael. sige, mom lola na rin ako ni erica. i officially adopt her! lol!

    teka, bakit dry ang face and lips? di ba may sipon lang?

  7. Dry yung nose and the surrounding areas kasi sa kakapunas nya. Yung lips na chapped dahil naman sa lamig.

    Musta ang All Saints Day dyan? Tatanda na naman ako ng isang taon...wahhh!!!


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