Friday, August 16, 2013

An arrest warrant has been issued for Janet Lim Napoles. The arrest has nothing (yet) to do with her alleged role in the 10 billion pork barrel scam. The arrest warrant is about the illegal detention of Benhur Luy, the whistleblower of the pork barrel scam. Ms. Napoles expressed in an interview that Luy's "detention" (from December 19, 2012 to March 2013) was a personal choice of Luy - a sort of a 3-month long retreat (reflection?) (exile?)  to "find" himself. 

I'm a person who occasionally attend retreats but these retreats are led by qualified persons and usually last a week, at the most. If I were to believe Ms Napoles, Benhur Luy's 3-month long disappearance was his choice so he could reflect on his life. Yes, that's probable but how come Luy didnt' advice his family? 

Oh haha. 

So, where is Janet Lim Napoles now?
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Commuters from Cavite are experiencing difficulty upon the implementation of provincial bus ban. No provincial buses are allowed to traverse the roads of Metro Manila except those that have terminals in Manila. This scheme was implemented to decongest the streets of Manila to prevent traffic and its related pollution. So, commuters coming from Cavite (and part of Batangas) are to get off at the newly constructed bus depot at Coastal Mall, which is located at the corner of Coastal Road and Airport Road. The thing is, the scheme was not well-thought off. Chaos ensued on the first week of implementation as commuters and even bus drivers have no idea where to go. There were a few MMDA people giving out print flyers and everyone scrambled to get a copy in the hopes of reading instructions and information on the new bus scheme/segregation Here's what's written on the piece of flyer: Please do not litter.
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Remember D2's "encounter" with   a Dura-Dura Gang more than a month ago? Well, she finally received a subpoena for the arraignment and subsequent trial. I asked a lawyer friend of mine if we need to have a lawyer and he said that there's no need as the case is pretty straightforward. What more, another victim read my blog and he too trooped over to the city hall and filed a complaint against the person. He saw the picture of the guy  and he said the same guy victimized him. However, instead of the usual "dura" (salive), the MO used on him was "dugo" (blood). These people are really quite creative in their want to steal from unsuspecting commuters, akin to the creativity of pork barrel scammers who establish fake NGOs for siphoning-off the Filipino taxpayers' money.
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Our church's 50th anniversary is on December of this year. Committees relating to the successful celebration of this momentous event have been formed and "up-and-running" since early this year. A lot of activities are in the offing: fun run; family sports day; boodle fight; evangelism and outreach; concert and so much more. We seriously need to advertise these events so we can enjoin others to participate. We need to put up signage at strategic locations. I wonder how much wholesale yard sings at cost.
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The 10 billion Php pork barrel scam does not only involve its alleged "mastermind" Janet Lim Napoles but a number of unscrupulous politicians whose mission in life is to steal from the Filipinos who they pledged to serve and help. Who is to blame? In my opinion - the Filipinos who voted for these "trapos" and the Philippine government and its agencies that continue to turn "blind"  to the atrocities these "trapos" continue to do. 

Corruption is everywhere. I have a friend who proudly told me that she was in the ghost payroll of our local government years ago. I guess the "salary" stopped coming due to change of administration. I know of contractors who "bid" on local projects just for the sake of bidding knowing full well that the project is theirs. It is a known fact among contractors that the SOP when winning a bid is to set aside 30% for the concerned official. What can I do? I can't very well approach another official and report what I know for I have no proof, only hearsay. And in the event that I do have proof, who do I approach? Almost every official is reeks with corruption.

It's so sad to think that there are millions of Filipinos who are living below poverty line and then there's this bunch of devious, deceitful, greedy people who  "rob" the Filipinos. I cannot imagine how one can stomach such corruption!
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My dining chairs are in serious need for a repair. The material is local rattan on steel framing but the :twine that holds the rattan together are frayed. They no longer hold the rattan pieces together. The ones on the backrests are not so bad but the ones on the seats are almost completely useless. I had to use pads for chairs to cover the busted seats. The problem now is, where do I have the chairs repaired?
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Friday, August 2, 2013

Tabby's first time to splash and dash in the rain! She was so excited and happy that she kept singing and humming while in the rain. The umbrella was pretty much a piece of decoration as she kept on throwing it away every now and then. In the end, I had to give her a bath as she was soaked anyway. The joys of childhood... priceless...
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It is that time of the year again! The church Council has been having these series of meeting regarding the new administration year. Related church ministries have submitted their plans and budget for 2013-2014. I belong to the NOW (nurture, witness, outreach) ministry and under this is the PAW (Praise and Worship) ministry. Since the church's 50th anniversary is this coming December, everyone is busy putting their heads together for the celebration. The head of the PAW team has been scouring guitar stores in search nice and affordable electric guitars.

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