Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best Jump Shot Ever!

That's D4 and D2 clowning around on Christmas Day. My girls and I are keen on jump shots since you'll never know how a picture will turn out. D3, armed with her Canon something-something, took the shot!. Perfect! Even the facial expressions of the girls said a ton. Great shot D3!
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Employment is still an issue all around the world. Yes, there are jobs available but compensation is not adequate. The number one thriving profession today is IT related. In some countries, world-class entertainers are in demand. The medical field seem to be steady but again, a doctor's earning is largely dependent on his practice. If you are looking for a good-paying job with the included perk of travel,  then you should consider
 cruiseline jobs here and now! A cruise ship takes a lot of people to "run". Exclusive of the actual running of a ship, a cruise ship needs people in the food, entertainment, health and fitness, counseling, business industries to operate. Check out the link
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Hubby's side of the family gathered on December 24 for an informal Christmas dinner. It was potluck with some not bothering to bring their share. Anyway,  my girls requested the date since we were homebound to Taytay the following day. I was supposed to post this picture in time for Christmas cheers but, I forgot! Anyway, here's hoping your Christmas was wonderful and meaningful.
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The goal of the Praise and Worship Team is to upgrade the microphones and speakers they use. The microphones all have the tendency to drop audio at the most inconvenient time. The head of the Worship Team said that the microphones are more than 5 years old while the speakers are close to 10 years old. Hello? The time is ripe for new audio aids! In connection,  I suggested that we should also get a
digital recorder. This will provide not only superior sound but a longer recording time. Audio file transfer to a PC or laptop through PC connection or USB is quick and file management highly convenient. The LCD screen is bigger with a longer-lasting battery life. Great!
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Someone was nice enough to send me a box of luxury chocolate. I had no idea what a Patchi is until I received one. When D1 saw the box, she said that it's an expensive box of chocolate costing thousands of pesos. Well, hello? Now, I can't eat this chocolate! I'd be thinking how dear it is every time I take a bite.
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A cousin who has been living in San Francisco, California, decided to come back home to Manila for good. She and her hubby, packed and shipped all their belongings to Manila as they have bought  a condominium unit in the heart of Ortigas Center. They sold their condo located along 12 Street near a San Francisco drug treatment center . It was an easy decision to make as they don't have kids to consider. Cousin and her hubby are now quite occupied with the new condo unit. I think they'll be moving in their new "home" this January.
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The lobby of Makati Medical Center was akin to a 5-star hotel lobby. 
It was fully decked with glittering Christmas balls, twigs, stars and lighted paper chandelier.

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The best bed mattress is probably a memory foam mattress. Instead of an unyielding or soggy bed mattress, a memory foam mattress will mold to one's body contours for ultimate support. The only problem is that this type of mattress is quite expensive. A great alternative is a memory foam topper. This is a mattress topper that will mold to one's body contour for optimum neck, shoulders, back and leg support. The even distribution of weight on the mattress topper will eliminate pressure points for better circulation. It's very affordable too.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Doesn't Tabby look like Dora? Hmm.... delicioso!
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It took me a couple of minute to turn on the ACU in my bedroom. The remote control's two AA battery has run their course, so to speak. I had to take out the batteries, blow, shake and beg at them (for a last hurrah) before putting them back again in the remote control. It worked!  I have AAA rechargeable batteries, remnants of my son'd remote control car days. I think I need to get a best selection of powerex AA batteries for the house. Just a few minutes ago, Ethan was also in need of one AA battery for his alarm clock and I have nothing to give him.
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Musical Chair With a Twist!                 

Hubby's family company held its annual Christmas party on December 21. My girls took care of all the details of the party.  They were the ones who bought gifts for game prizes. D2 was the emcee. She thought of doing musical chair where the participants jump into another person for chair. Fun!
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D4 has transferred company. She bid bye-bye to her old "employer" as she needs to "grow" in terms of experience and salary (but of course). Her new office is still located in the heart of Makati CBD. From her new office building, she can see  her old office building. I didn't even know that she was applying in another company. I came to know about her job hunting when she had to take an exam as part of a pre-employment screening protocol. Well, I sincerely hope that D4 will "grow" positively in all aspects in her new job.
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I was not very enthusiastic about Christmas shopping. Over the years, I've lost the energy and enthusiasm to shop. There's just too much people doing their last minute shopping. What do you know? SM Malls decided to extend their store hours to midnight. Great! Here I was at the parking lot at 12:05 a.m.
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My mother-in-law has been semi-confined to a wheel chair for quite sometime now. She undergoes physical therapy 3 times a week and I am confounded as to why she refuses to walk using a cane! She is gaining weight due to her immobility. I read that a roll about could aid her with walking. It's a sort of a one-leg scooter that could her get mobile. I think it's for rent for those with a temporary need for it. However, it is also for sale for those with a more permanent need for a knee walker. I wonder how much it costs.
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Philippine Christmas celebration is steeped with traditions and one of these is the Simbang Gabi which literally means Night Church and is held from December 16 to 24. There are religious denominations that observe this tradition by holding church services at the crack of dawn, while there are other religious denominations that hold their church services at night. My church does the latter. For nine days different organizations in the church "host" the services. I brought Tabby along when the host was the church's mission extension. As the children sang, Tabby went up to them and observed them at close range.
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Shopping  for hats is not an easy task. Ethan has a couple of short pit hats but refuses to wear one. He says it "gets in the way", whatever that means. My son has a handful of bonnets that I don't really like as wearing one reminds me of hip-hoppers that are too insensitive to Philippine heat even in the supposedly cooler month of December. . Shopping for a hat became mandatory as it was the "theme" for a Christmas exchange gift. The choices are quite limited but I was drawn to the Western Hats rack in the hat section. Not that I planned on buying one but those hats reminded me my son's 7th birthday. It was a cowboy themed party with my son in full cowboy regalia. Those were the days.
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My mother stayed with us for Christmas. She is nearing 80 but is still quite agile, thank God!. She is quite an accomplished cook and my kids just love her cooking. There's nothing more delicious than a meal cooked by grandma! She went with me to the grocery and bought the ingredients for her famous "lauya". It is a sort of a beef stew seasoned by star anise and cinnamon bark. It is not for every taste bud, but for my kids (and me and hubby), lauya is an unforgotten experience. 
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I'd like to think that I'm quite creative in wrapping presents. I buy all types of  wrapping papers, bottles, jars, box, ribbons and whatnots for inexpensive, creative and nice gift presentations. This year, my daughters thought of gifting their friends and relatives with home made bath salts. For containers, we sourced for ceramic jars and bottles to contain the bath salts. It would have been great if we had the resources to attach name plates on each jar, but  since we can't,  we had to content ourselves with gift cards. Yes, we do accept customized orders!
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Christmas time is always a "crazy" time for me. There's just too much to do! There's the usual everyday things that I do, plus additional time to spend on figuring out what to give who and who that "who" is! My gift list has certainly shrunk over the years. The little kids that used to populate my gift list are no longer "little". Some of the adults in my gift list do not figure in my life anymore. However, there are some people I added to my gift list. Figuring out  my budget is another thing. It is a good thing that most of my "giftees" believe that "It's the thought that counts and not the price."
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

D3 and I were busy doing some shopping yesterday. I really had no intention of doing some rushed shopping but hey! The season sort of :"compels' one to shop! There's just no way going around that fact. D3 bought some cute ceramic jars which she intends on filling up with scrub salt. I bought some vacuum cups as gifts to coffee-drinking friends. I had to rummage through a pile of gift tags in search of the right ones. Where have all the gift tags gone? I might as well opted to print brochures from in my failure to find Christmas tags!
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Today is December 16. It is D2's birthday! It is also the 49th anniversary of Church by the Highway. It is also the start of the Philippine Christmas tradition of  Midnight church service, which is 9 nights or dawn church services. I am still awake as I've just finished preparing the food for the church lunch potluck. I am also waiting for D1 and D2 to get home for they each attended a Christmas party. Nine more days to Christmas! Remember.

Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

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Considering my age, I am not actually vain with how I look. Though I don't have that supple and wrinkle-free complexion anymore, I don't obsess about it. I have a few facial creams and moisturizers that I use. Oh, they are not those uber expensive ones that promise a wrinkle-free face in two weeks. I just  use those very affordable creams that keep me wondering why I bear with them anyway.  

I 've been switching to organic products such as citronella to ward-off mosquitoes, shampoo and deodorant. I think I'd try and buy Dr Hauschka for quality organic skin products- day creams, toner, facial masks, moisturizers and even lip balms. Wish list?
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I knew I should have ordered those address labels! I have only a few left and I need a bunch right now! I don't actually use the labels for letters via slow mail.  I use them  to label my books! Clever, right?  I got this ideas years ago, when I had to manually write my children's name and addresses on each and every notebook and book. Gosh! That was a lot as I have five kids! Well, they are not little kids anymore but they still use address labels for their books. Oh well. I guess I just have to drop by the shop to order 50 pieces.
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Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's 9 days before Christmas and I have not done any Christmas shopping! The thing is, I really don't have the inclination to buy gifts! The kids are all grown up. I no longer have a long list of  nieces, nephews and godchildren to buy gifts for, though I have Ethan and Tabby to consider. Do I really need to buy gifts? Wouldn't it be better if I just say a prayer and release blessings on my friends and family. The truth is, I always include family and friends in my prayer. I also bless them in Jesus' name. It does not have to be Christmas to  for me to do this. As far as I know, it's Christmas everyday!
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D3 needs to have her own dental clinic here in our city. She is handling numerous dental clinics but under a corporation. Being both a pediatric dentist and an orthodontist, she would thrive well on her own. She is currently sourcing for dental chairs and equipment. She has a list and it is quite extensive. She does not need lab ovens though. I wonder how much it will cost to out up a real nice dental clinic with state-of-the-art equipment.
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I helped D2 with some props she needed for a school musical. Ever the creative "genius", I took the task of making a "piano". Armed with a cutter and pencil, I decided to use a styrpore for the piano. I took to black latex paint instead of poster color to prevent possible fading. It's hard to cut-out a piano, more so if I have no pattern to follow. It's even harder to compress two octaves in my less than 2 feet in length piano. I wanted to print Technics or Yamaha in my piano but D2 said  "Mom! Really. No one would see the brand!" Here's me, "playing" my octave and a half styropore piano.

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My garden has not really recovered yet from the devastating floods that hit our place in August and September this year. The top soil has eroded. The grass are balding and not that green. The hasta plants need plenty of tender-loving-care. The vines on the mango trees look like they are hanging on for dear life! I had the inclination to do a bit of gardening this afternoon then stopped when I saw the sorrier state of the garden hose. It's all twisted and breaking into pieces. Seriously, could I possibly opt for a stainless steel flexible hose?
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Manila (December, 2012) – An art exhibit and music fest fundraiser for Save Philippine Seas’ Pawikan Watchers program opens on January 19, 2013 at the Conspiracy Garden Café, Quezon City.

EndDanger, which features mixed media artworks from the group Artists for Nature and performances from Flying Ipis, Extrapolation, and Peso Movement, calls attention to the growing problem of animal endangerment in the Philippines and encourages the community to get involved in conservation and protection efforts.

Although gifted with a rich and biologically diverse ecosystem, from lush forests to a vibrant marine life, our country’s natural resources have significantly dwindled over time. Animal species, in particular, are under increasing threat from habitat destruction, pollution and commercial exploitation. Many are now in the verge of extinction.

The artists and organizers behind EndDanger seek to raise funds for the monitoring of one of the Philippines’ most threatened species, the pawikan. All proceeds from the event’s ticket sales will go to the Pawikan Watchers training program, which Save Philippine Seas (SPS)—an independent movement that fights abuse of our aquatic resources through legal discourse and social media—launched in cooperation with Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB).

Pawikan Watchers aims to educate volunteers from different parts of the Philippines on the ecology and biology of, and PAWB-approved guidelines for, handling sea turtles. Apart from raising funds, Artists for Nature sees the exhibit as an opportunity to broaden public awareness of the urgent need to preserve our wildlife.

EndDanger is sponsored by Numa the Organic & Eco Baby Store, Ministry of Mushrooms, and Holy Carabao Holistic Farms, and is in partnership with, Clean Up Philippines, Eco-Sys Foundation, Green Fins, Society for Sustainable Tourism and Development, Inc., Sea News Network, Butanding Network, UP Green League and Earth UST.
The art exhibit runs up to February 8, 2013. Conspiracy Garden Café is located at 59 Visayas Avenue, Project 6, Quezon City.

For opening night tickets or more information, please contact Wendi Garcia at +639162742859 or Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for updates.
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas lists are so overrated! As early as September, I have been aware of close friends and family making their lists (and probably checking them thrice!) Matter of fact, my FB page is flooded with "all I want for Christmas is ..." and so on. Even Ethan has his wish list. His number one wish is an X-box, followed by a more practical backpack for his school stuff. I'd probably  go for the more practical and affordable backpack. Me? Well, I definitely would not mind one of those uber nice michael kors watches.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

That's me and Risa, laboring on "glittering" our Christmas angels. This year, the church decoration is simple. No more a thousand and one twinkling lights snaking through a thousand miles plastic pine leaves. Just two trumpeting styropore angels heralding the birth of Jesus Christ. The decoration is done. I'll take some pictures and post them here soon.
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Our church is in serious need of  portable multitrack recorder. Our old unit is not as effective anymore. The recording produced is not as clear. The children's choir recorded some Christmas songs. The live performance was quite impressive. However, the recorded songs were a bit scratchy, if you know what I mean.The person in charge of the audio-video booth is considering to replace the old multitrack recorder with a tascam dr680. This portable 8-track recorder is best since we could bring it on location. It's now pegged at $600. Not bad huh?

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Christmas is just around the corner. There are those who are busy shopping for Christmas gifts. Most companies are  holding their Christmas parties. Students can't wait for the Christmas break. Children of all ages are excited to receive their Christmas presents. In the midst of all these seemingly stirring activities this Yuletide, let us not forget that there are people who are suffering. This Christmas, let us utter a prayer for those who are in need. God's favors and blessings on them. Amen!
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Tabby will be a flower girl this coming January  to D4's former officemate.How excited are we? Very! We all have the inkling that this turbo of a toddler will run back and forth the aisle! The wedding's color motif is teal! Wow! Seriously, just what shade is teal? Is it blue that's a bit greener or green that's a bit bluer? What shoe color will Tabby wear? Silver? Anyway, D4 said she has seen the wedding ring sets and they are in silver. Yep! Better buy that sparkly silver shoes for Tabby girl.
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Pacquiao on the floor as Marquez looks on

Marquez KOs Pacquiao! That punch could very well be "the" punch of the year! Based on the judges' scoring, Pacquiao was ahead of Marquez in landing punches. However, close to the end of the 6th round, Pacquiao missed a right-hand punch which became Marquez's opening to land a solid wallop on Pacquiao's jaw. It was lights out for the Pinoy boxer amidst the roar of the pro-Marquez camp. The Filipinos were stunned! The undefeated champ was out cold. Manny Pacquiao lost!

There were Filipinos who made fun of Pacquiao's "planking" pose as he laid unconscious on the ring's floor. There were Filipinos who attributed Pacquiao's lost to his renewed relationship with Christ (thus Manny's doing away with his rosary and gesturing the sign of the cross). There were Filipinos who were angered by Pacquiao's lost as they themselves probably lost money on their bet.

How short is a Pinoy's memory? Very short. Have you (yes you!) forgotten the glory and honor that Manny Pacquiao brought to the Philippines? Have you forgotten the humanitarian deeds that Pacquiao has been doing? True, Manny is not perfect. He has erred countless times, just like you and me.  But he has been justified by Christ's death and is well on the path mandated  by God. 

 I am not a fan of Manny Pacquiao  in the strictest sense but I do respect and admire him,  more so when I read his biography. Who amongst you have rose from the slums of Sarangani and went on to be an 8-division world champion and the second highest paid athlete? Not me! Not you! How dare anyone who condemns Pacquiao for committing himself to Christ! I have news for you and your bigoted opinions. God has a perfect plan for Manny Pacquiao. If Pacquaio continues his journey with Christ, He will lead the way for Manny Pacquiao. God bless you Manny!

 (photo courtesy of Suntimes)
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