Wednesday, December 31, 2008

May the Lord God bless us all

New Year

Have a safe, happy and prosperous one!
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I did some additional shopping for gifts yesterday. As usual, I forgot to give Christmas gifts to some and I wanted to make up for it by giving them a New Year gift instead. I have thought of giving food as New Year gifts. Since everyone would surely be awake to greet the new year, it follows that food would be 'needed' to sustain the revelers. As I was considering what food to give, my attention focused on some really yummy looking candies - boxes and boxes of them. There were chocolate covered almonds and walnuts, truffles, fruit candies and the likes. So, I bought boxes of candies instead.

I was reminded of an online candy store called Gertrude Hawk. The site offered numerous Christmas packages that were unbelievable. Yummy! I went to the site to check out its latest offering. Wow! A sale is ongoing. A 50% to 75% off on selected items. Smidgen pack and Chocolate tub is on sale at 5 packs at $35! Caramel dipped apples can be had at 2 for $10. You can even build your own custom basket of goodies. I think I need to seriously consider placing orders now for Valentine Chocolate packages.

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My kids and their cousins (their dad's side) went out for coffee last night. Before trooping to Starbucks, they decided to eat halo-halo first. After which they proceeded to Starbucks along Macapagal Ave. with everyone wearing either a red or green shirt.

After loading themselves with caffein they proceeded to do what they usually do when hyper.

Anyway, the jaunt ended when the doctor in the group was paged by the hospital - emergency. Guess what? The red and green group all went to the hospital too. Need I say more?
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Online conversation, most commonly termed as online chat has come a long way. It has made our lives easier - what with us saving tons of money from long distance and overseas calls. Instant communication is at the tip of our hands. We can go online anytime and chat with friends and relatives. This mode of communication is highly used now as even e-mail providers have chat lines. The use of webcams is now a common practice too. We can even meet new people online. I know of some who even met their husbands online. Cool. Now, there are probably hundreds of chat rooms available in the net today. There are chat rooms for under every classification you can possibly think of. Some chat rooms are relevant. Some are not. However if you are on the lookout for something closer to home, you might want to check Free Local Chat. At members from all over the world joined their chats.A member has the option to chose the locality of the chat room, turn on or off the webcam, type your responses or actually talk and see other members. Membership is free of course. If you are into meeting new friends online, check the site out.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

means: trumpet and firecrackers

The grocery stores are raking in money! Shoppers just can't get enough. It has been customary in the Philippines to fill up the cupboard, refrigerators, pantries, jars, and what-have-you with food and groceries for New Year. A table laden with food on New Year's Eve means a bountiful new year. Me? I don't believe in superstitions but I did some grocery shopping today for the freezer was empty. I have no idea what to cook for New Year's Eve. I've ran out of ideas and I'm just not in the mood. But, whether i like it or not the new year will come and I have to think of something to cook for tomorrow's eve.

My hubby used to buy boxes and boxes of firecrackers and sparklers - back when the prices were tolerable. By tolerable, I meant hubby was buying at least 10,000 php worth of different kinds of fireworks. Today, a box of dragon multi-shot cakes cost anywhere from 750 Php to 10,000 Php. each. Never mind. I'll just tell my kids to watch our neighbor's fireworks display which reportedly cost her 65,000 php last year. However for the sake of Ethan I ordered some sparklers. The lot cost me 1,000 Php. Gosh! Just for some sparklers! I also bought some good old "torotot" (toy trumpet) for us to loudly greet the new year.

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One more day and the new year is here. Have you thought about or made your resolutions for the coming year? I have. This year I want to be debt free. I will be debt free. Having multiple credit cards is both a blessing and a curse. With the increasingly difficult economic situation worldwide, the use of credit cards to purchase is on the rise too. Credit card debt is actually one of the top problems in the Western world. We all have a long standing love-hate relationship with our credit cards. Some are wise enough to limit their credit card purchases. Some are either not wise enough to limit their use of credit cards or are really hard pressed for cash that they to be deeply in debt. If Household budgets are overshot on a fairly regular basis, them monetary problems resulting in credit card charges will occur.

If you have multiple credit cards, you can chose to consolidate all your credit card debts to make it easy on you to pay. An online company can help you with this. The site offers debt consolidation and free credit counseling. I know that being in debt is highly stressful. Now is the time to put your debts in perspective. If you have a bad credit report, then store credit cards are a perfect way to rebuild your credit.
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Monday, December 29, 2008

I like to give toys as gifts. But! The toy should be stimulating and educational. This Christmas one of my gifts for Ethan was a beginner's watercolor painting set complete with a mini easel, a set of flat and round brushes, 12 tubes of watercolor, a palette and some watercolor boards for painting.

The artist doing his background washout

Painting in details. Note the use of both left and right hands

Finished watercolor artworks of Ethan

Both my husband and I can do sketches and watercolor. Sad to say, none of our kids have the talent to draw or paint. Maybe the painting genes skipped a generation and Ethan got it. Great. A Botong Francisco in the making.

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My nephew is currently in his Senior year in high school. Time really flies. I have sort of retained an image of him as a chubby five year old. He just turned 17 and his dad says is feeling invincible. I laughed and told my brother that that was natural for a teener. My nephew has decided to take up a course in science as preparation for his medical school. He said he wants to be a doctor too. My brother asked me to inquire how his son could apply and be accepted at the University of the Philippines. I inquired at UP's admission and found out that there's no need for an entrance exams as long as his SAT's in the higher 1200 score. Wow! That would be quite a task. There must be an easy way to get a high mark in SAT.

Yes there is.Brightstorm is an online educational aid to help teens with their studies. There are various subjects to choose from: Geometry, Algebra, Writing, History and more. Since I was interested for my nephew, I signed-up for a trial course in SAT writing under teacher Linda Hirw. The course rocks and so does the teacher. The video was easy to follow and was of great value. The really great aspect of the video course was you can rewind it if you need to. The SAT writing is divided into 17 episodes to cover all you need to know about the SAT's writing exams. Sign up for a free brightstorm acocunt and try a course yourself. I will definitely advise my nephew to get this online tutor.
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

ZZZ..ZZZ...ZZZ.. ngork! ngork!

The Holiday Season is reason enough to overspend, overeat, stay up late, and wake up late. December 25, 2:30 p.m. After eating, oh excuse me, stuffing my face with food, then a lull in the direction of "fun", sleep took over. Remember, I've been overworked (and not paid) for the past three weeks prior to Christmas. I felt like taking a teenie-weenie nap. Seems like a couple more overeaters thought of doing the same thing. I don't know who took the shots. I was sleeping.

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My friend called me this afternoon. At last! After months of prodding her husband for a plasma TV, he finally conceded and bought her one as a gift for Christmas. My friend is not really the type to pester her hubby for material things but she just had to, this time. Why? Their 24" TV set is 15 years old! It's so heavy and bulky that it would take 2 grown-up men to carry it. Oh wait. Make that 3 grown up men. The color has gone awry that the TV screen projects green ketchup instead of red. Not that my friend minds a green ketchup but she just can't stand watching her favorite telenovela stars wear a brownish-greenish lipstick. She's so happy with her new TV but is wondering if she still needs to look for tv stands.
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Because of the advent of digi-cams, there is a compulsion to just click away with no more regard from buying films to developing and printing the pictures. Since my ever faithful Canon SLR is currently out-of-order and my first ever digi-cam has met its demise, I grabbed these pictures from my daughters' and relatives' sites. Cameras used were from lowly 8 to 10 megapixel digi-cams and the higher tech DSLRs.

These pictures were taken in Taytay during my mother's side of the clan annual Christmas day lunch. After the church worship service we all troop to the late Tiya Noneng's house - bearing pot luck and gifts. It used to be that my kids were the youngest of the lot. Now we have seven fourth generations -generation Y.

On your left is a colage of me and my kids and Ethan. Can you tell who is who?

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At year's end I always see to it that my car is attended to before its annual registration. Since hubby's family owns a machine and an automotive shop, usual car routines like change oil, break fluid refill, engine wash and those sort of things are taken for granted. I just have to park my car in the service area and tell the mechanics what to do or in most instances, they tell me what needs to be done. I have yet to take my car for its routine maintenance check before my car registration in January. I was supposed to leave the car the other day but there was only one mechanic on duty. The other mechanic was out looking for coilovers to be used in a '95 mini van. I'll just bring my car over next week. Better yet, after the New Year.
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We woke up late on December 25. We were supposed to be leave for Taytay by 8:00 a.m. for the 9:00 a.m. Christmas worship service but we did not. We left at 9:20 a.m. arrived at 10:10 a.m. and missed 3/4 of the worship service. It has been traditional to sing the Hallelujah Chorus by Handel every Christmas. And like routine, the present conductor asked those in the congregation to join the Chancel Choir in the Hallelujah Chorus. Of course I did not want to join because my voice was still sleeping and naturally, still in the lower register. However, one of my friends saw me and literally dragged me in front to sing with the choir. Soprano. I was not able to hit the high G's and A's though.

Socializing after the worship was fun. My kids kissed relatives and their godparents who were there. My kids, at their ages, were still given money by their godparents. They refused to get the gift money but I signaled that it would be more impolite to refuse the money. So, they thanked their godparents and noted to give them gifts this New Year. Believe it or not, I still received money from my ninang too. Hello Benjamin!

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Friday, December 26, 2008

The new year is just five days away. For most Filipinos, this means lavish food, a load of firecrackers and fireworks, and a lot of superstitions. My mother-in-law always sees to it that coins are laid out everywhere her house. She also sees to it that all the lights are ablaze come New Year's Eve. My friend buys 12 different round fruits every new year. Every year it has been her dilemma as to what fruits to buy as there is not enough variety of 12 rounded fruits in season. Let's count: apple, orange, grape, melon, pomelo, watermelon, kiwi, longan, lychee, rambutan. What other rounded fruit is in season? I can't think of any.

There was year that my friend added a big round coconut in her fruit platter just to make the 12 round fruits tray complete. It was so hilarious to see a big coconut arranged side by side with the dainty grapes and kiwi. I don't believe in superstitions but I do practice lighting up all the lights in our house for New Year's eve. This afternoon I checked all the light fixtures in and out of the house to see which bulb needs to be replaced before the new year. Five. That's a lot.
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No. It's not the line in MRT. It's the line to Flip Flops, the boutique in Mall of Asia that sells the outrageously priced flip flops. Havaianas are so three years ago but some are still or are now just crazy about the 'tsinelas' (slippers). The line is to limit the number of people inside as the store is quite small. I guess the store had its share of shoplifters too this Yuletide.

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Christmas break for offices and companies is from December 24 to January 1, straight.This may well be the longest Christmas break ever for offices as some companies opted to include January 2 in the break for it falls on a Friday. That would mean for most companies and government offices, work will resume in January 5, 2009. I asked my sister-in-law when the family-owned corporation would resume. She said, some would come to work on the 29th and 30th for there are a lot of cleaning up to do before the new year. She also needs to buy office supplies for the office. Oh well. I guess not everyone is on a long holiday then.
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Christmas Eve dinner was not so tiring after all. After cooking pork roast, barbeque ribs, spaghetti with meatballs, roast chicken, fish with garlic and jalapeno, and my son's favorite mashed potato, I found that I could still participate with my family and guests to eat dinner. At 8:30 p.m. we started dinner. We were supposed to eat earlier but one guest was late due to unbelievable traffic - according to him. After dinner, Ethan was so anxious to open his gifts. Okay, I said. I would not want to wait until midnight for we still have to go to church in the morning. Here is a picture of what was under our tree.

Ethan took forever to open his gifts. We helped him read the gift tags and he was ever so careful in opening the gifts - a far cry from my son's tendency to rip off wrappers. Ethan commented on each and every gift he received. I gave him a paint set complete with easel and canvas and he said that that was what he really wanted after having just said the same thing with his aunt's gift of a Ben10 toy. Diplomatic, right? Here is Ethan opening his gifts.

We then started to open our gifts too. As they ooh-ed and aah-ed on what they received, my kids started to label the "champion" gifts. By this time I was so sleepy- what with my taking an anti-histamine pill (allergic rashes) and my marathon cooking. As the clock struck 12 I hit the sack after setting the alarm at 6:00 a.m.
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas means the spirit of giving
Peace and joy to you,
The goodness of loving,
The gladness of living;
These are Christmas too.

So, keep Christmas with you
All through the year,
When Christmas is over,
Save some Christmas cheer.
These precious moments,
Hold them very dear
And keep Christmas with you
All through the year.

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It's the 24th! I'll be preparing our Noche Buena in a bit. It would not really be a midnight meal for 8 years ago, I've decided to serve a Christmas Eve dinner instead. Why? It's more practical as no more extra cooking. Second, it's healthier than eating at 12 midnight.Third, we all have to get up early the following day for Christmas day worship service. So, I'll be offline for hours and will be right back if I still have the energy to log on later.
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Last week, I saw a gym buddy that I have not seen for quite a while. She said she has bought a new house (in a more upscale village) over a year ago. She said she was planning to have her house re-painted and asked if I was available to get the job. Sure, I said. So we exchanged numbers with an understanding of my getting the paint job set for January. I just got a call from that friend. She is frantic for a replacement for her home theater carpet.It seemed that his son had a party two nights ago and an accident occurred that resulted in burning part of the carpet. I reassured her and promise to contact the carpet people after the holidays. Now she's slightly pissed because it's Christmas and her carpet is ruined.
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My son just turned 18 and is now officially a grown up. Or is he? For the longest time he has been pestering me to buy him an X-box I said he has other gaming consoles and that he should be happy and contented with them. He said that I should check out the Xbox 360 first before I comment further. That I did. I browsed at ShopWiki and read all I can about the game console.

The Xbox 360 is a product of Microsoft. Sturdy and slick it is by far the most powerful console in the market today. The hard drive and wireless controller-bundled system is quite pricey but no complaints so far. There are two new additions on the Xbox scene: the Xbox Live Vision and the Xbox HD-DVD. The Xbox HD-DVD is the next generation of DVD technology as it would give you a home theatre experience just by pluggin it into your Xbox. Suffice to say the the Xbox 360 is not an ordinary gaming console. Browsing the site I learned that the controller is the best ever designed! I would not fumble if ever I use it. Great! Now I need to figure oit how to buy it online.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I woke up feeling all giddy and excited. I didn't want to turn on my computer. I refuse to turn on my computer. Why? Today was supposed to be the day that the winner for the blog post entitled A Day at the SONY Expo 2008 would be announced. I hang on until 11:00 a.m. then I finally turned on my computer to see if there is an email from Nuffnang announcing the blog winner. No email. I turned off the computer and went to the grocery. I dilly-dallied with my errands. By 3:45 p.m. I was home. Surely by this time the winner for the blog post is out. I turned on my computer and opened my email.

In a nutshell, Nuffnang said they were overwhelmed with entries that the announcement of the winning blog was moved to January 9, 2009. Hmmm... the original deadline for entries was on Dec. 19. Then it was postponed to Dec.22 because Nuffnang wanted other bloggers present at the Expo submit their entries. So, from Dec. 19 to Dec. 22, hundreds (?) submitted entries? Cannot be as there were only a few bloggers who were present during the Expo. Unless! Non-bloggers decided to get a blogspot or wordpress just to enter the contest. Why? The prize is a Vaio laptop.

I submitted my entry pretty early, on the 16th or 17th. Others, I checked, submitted theirs on the 19th up to the 22nd. One thing I noticed was the ever-evolving posts of some bloggers. I guess they blog hop and 'spy' on other blogger's post then add on improvements to their posts. Some even changed their publish dates maybe to take away suspicious thoughts. Sigh! Justify Full
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Okay now. It's official. Everyone in the house gained a few pounds, Ethan included. Gosh! There's just no stopping us from eating, or rather, over eating. I have been cooking special food in large quantities since the onset of December. Friends have been inviting us for dinner or sending over food in the spirit of Christmas. I've attended several Christmas parties and naturally over ate! My tendency to go to the mall for Christmas shopping and stuff also led me to eat out on a regular basis.Bad. Too much calories. With another week of eating in line I better start browsing the weight watchers diet. If you have not heard of this site, where have you been in the last 40 years. Basically, Weight Watchers helps members create a foundation to introduce healthier choices and physical activity into their lives. Members are invited for weekly meetings where each session tackles problems relating to their weight. There is now a weight watchers online where members can form virtual support groups, monitor progress and access hundreds of approved recipe. Check out weightwatchers now and see how it's famous Flex Plan works. The system is easy to follow, flexible and has been successful for the last 40 years.
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Got this from Cherry.

1. Have you ever been on TV?
Yes, several times. I went on TV to dance with a group way back when Pancho Magalona. Uncle Bob and Maan Hontiveros were the "in" TV hosts. I also did an interview stint with Tessie Tomas.

2. Have you ever sung in public?
Oh yes! I was a member of the UP Concert Chorus, the conductress of TUMC chancel and Women's Chorus, so singing in public was inevitable. Sometimes, my girls and I are also invited to sing I churches an weddings and birthdays, etc.

3. Have you ever dyed your hair blond?
No. The boldest color I dyed my hair was ash blond that did not really "dyed".

4. Have you ever eaten frogs' legs?
Yes. When I was a kid my mom used to cook this really tasty little morsels in miswa soup. When I learned that that was "Kermit", I stopped eating frogs.

5. Have you ever received a present that you really hated?
Maybe but I do not take note of the feeling. I'm just glad I received a gift.

6. Have you ever walked into a lamp post?
No. But I tripped while gloriously drunk and refused to get up.

7. Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 15 people?
Yes, always.

8. Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others?
Several times.

9. Have you ever done volunteer work?
Yes, church and personal.

Now, let's see who I can tag with this. I want to know more about you guys so please do this tag. I'm tagging the following:

Brown Pinay, Can of Thoughts, Capturing the Moments,Crimson Heavens,My Two Cents Worth

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Monday, December 22, 2008

My two daughters, Ethan and I went to the mall to buy stuff for our exchange gifts with my side of the clan on December 25. I was expecting a snail's pace in walking around the mall but it was not. There's not much of a mad rush of shoppers considering it's the 22nd already. I wonder why? Economics? Most likely. What I noticed though were the pretty and Christmas-sy promotional bags given out my major retailers in the mall. The bags are environmental friendly. Looks like the "save the planet" motto is finally catching on. Great!
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During the Yuletide, it has always been my aim (alas, never did come true) to make my home Norman Rockwell-ish. I've always admired the great American 20th century painter and illustrator. His art works depicted the American everyday life scenarios that are indeed very true at the time he did the illustrations. Here are some samples of his works.

Aren't they great?

pictures from: norman rockwell site
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Are you looking for a new phone and internet service provider to serve you better? There is one based in New Jersey that provides one for residential and small scale to mid size businesses. Spectrotel offers the following services:

* Local phone service
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* Data and Internet services
* Unlimited calling plans and calling cards
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The company now offers a new Preferred Customer Program for customers with 10 to more lines. The program brings excellent customer service by providing an Account Manager for the customer’s service and billing needs; a single point of contact for prioritizing all telecom needs within Spectrotel; service, repair and billing support on an as needed basis provided by a team of professionals; and eligibility for special discounts and promotions, quarterly bill reviews, streamlined communication and new service offerings.

With a 90% customer satisfaction, the site is worth checking out.
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Christmas gift-giving used to be a big deal for me and my neighbors. Back in the 80's my neighbors and I sort of had an understanding that it was our "duty" to gift each other's children. It was sort of irritating because there were those I did not feel like gifting but I had to anyway. Come December 24 around 5 P.M. I load all the gifts for my neighbors and my kids in my hubby's open top jeep. For an hour or so I drive around the village seemingly like Santa less the "ho-ho-ho". The gift-giving stopped for some but I still continued to give gifts to real close friends and instead of gifs for their kids, it's now for their grandkids.
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

I love watching movies. It is one of my favorite past time. I don't watch a movie for the sake of just watching. I'd like to see movies of quality: good story, good actors, good director and with a lesson to impart. I'm not saying that all the movies that I watch are lesson filled or with a relevant message. It's just that sometimes, movies based on true stories are great views especially if you have impressionable children.

Our movie night used to be a weekly affair when my kids were young. I basically chose the movie for them to watch: no violence, family-oriented, happy, and with a message to impart. We have popcorn, soda, hotdog to eat inside the movie house. As they grew older, they were exposed to other types of movies but their love for the type of movies I introduced to them was still there. Now, we still watch as a family most of the time and sometimes they still discuss the movies that they once watched years ago. Here's one movie worth sharing to your kids to watch.

All Roads Lead Home The Movie is a perfect family movie with a message to impart. Base on a true story it's one movie that will make kids realize the value of family.
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Tomorrow will be a busy day for me. I have been invited to two concerts in my hometown. The first church concert will be at 11:00 A.M. by a chorus handled by my good friend Lex. The other concert will be at 6:00 P.M. by the TUMC Chancel choir under Glem. Between each concert, I think I'll just hang out in my mama's place and pig out. Might as well call the other cousins so we can plan our potluck menu for December 25. I have not thought about what to cook for Christmas Eve yet. I've been driving everywhere - shopping, shopping, shopping. No, I'm not actually the one doing the shopping. I'm just the designated driver.

Yesterday I fetched my son from his apartment and we decided to drop by Greenhills. If you've not been to that place for quite a while you'll be amazed at the new look of Greenhills. The old Viramall has been completely revamped, a multi-level building fronting it with connecting overpasses to each new building within the complex. Nice. I was not able to buy anything but my son was able to buy gifts for his sisters. Today, it was MOA. Daughter #2 bought a laptop and we all tagged along. The actual buying and installing took no more than an hour but nevertheless, we were there for 5 hours - shopping for Ethan's pants and my son's polo shirt. They even bought a monopoly set which I paid for. For dinner, it was Japanese. For dessert, crepe and ice cream.

I am so tired I just want to sleep and wake up after the holiday rush.
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Finding the right job is a dilemma. Finding the right employee for a certain position is also a problem. There are companies out there that has not time to look for potential employees. These companies seek the services of recruitment agencies to do the hard job of finding suitable employees for prime positions. One such company is spearheaded by Dennis Carey. Who is Dennis Carey? He specializes in recruiting CEOs and corporate directors for big multinationals like of 3M, Tyco International, Unisys (previous CEO, not current), MCI, and American Standard, and others. He also board director searches for companies like American Express, CBS, Tyco International, Air Products, Rohm and Haas to give a few. A graduate of the University of Maryland with a Phd tucked under his belt and a post-doctoral fellow from Harvard, Dennis Carey is highly qualified to find the right employee for high managerial and directoral positions. He led in the founding of G100, Chairman Academy and the CEO Academy. He has successfully authored numerous articles about corporate governance,director recruitment, board compensation and business strategies. To date he has published three books: CEO Succession, The Human Side of M & A, and How to Run a Company. For more info click on the links.
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Christmas 1974 was when I experienced my first heartbreak. I was 17 and perceived to be madly in love with a college senior I met at the College of Music in UP. He was a member of the Madrigal Singers and I was with the Concert Chorus. I actually met him more than a year ago and have been in a relationship for more than a year. Coming from an all girls' school, I really had no experience "managing" boyfriends. As I look back I realized that I was an insecure, childish, demanding bitch. Okay. Granted. But! - in my defense - I was young... so young and inexperienced. After more than a year of adjusting, quarreling, loving, hating, liking, my boyfriend finally broke up with me. Yes! the SOB broke up with me! I really can't say why because I asked him and he didn't answer, as in never! The hard part of the break up was our choral groups had a joint engagement at the Folk Arts Theatre and we had to see each other at rehearsals and performances. I don't know how I was able to stand it. My first heartbreak almost killed me. I was so sad to the point of depression.

December 24 was always a busy day in our house and in our church. I remember doing all that has to be done in church - the Christmas program, the Christmas eve worship service and the gift giving. I then went home to await the Noche Buena. My cousins have arrived and were all very noisy. I remember lying down on the sofa, face down, crying softly for no one knows the ongoing turmoil deep inside me. I was crying for the soft promises he said to me. I was crying for the love I did feel from him. I was crying for the camaraderie and friendship we had. I was crying for his betrayal. I was crying for my stupidity of completely trusting him.

I don't know how I survived that Christmas. I can't even recall what happened after the crying. Suffice to say that I survived that first heartbreak and became wiser in the affairs of the heart - proceeding heartbreaks were a breeze! That was one Christmas that I want to forget. Over the years the pain of that Christmas heartbreak became more blurred. Now, I can still remember about the heart ache but I cannot remember the pain anymore.

Lesson learned: A breakup is painful, but you'll get over it. My son was 15 when he had his first heart ache. As he hugged me while crying, I remember that time in '74. I had no one to hug and cry my heart out. I said to my son: I know the pain that you're feeling right now for I too experienced that. I'm telling you now, the pain will go away and in your case, I'm giving you two months to recover. I was wrong. My son recovered in no time time at all.

Some years back, I decided to Google my X's name and I came up with some hits. I also searched in people finder sites. Ahhh, so he's living in Chino Hills now married to a Melissa. Ummm.. he does not appear to have kids! Ohh... he and wifey are active in their church at St. Paul. Oooo... he's phone number is 725------. I know. I'm one crazy old woman. AND! I did email him telling him about the recent me. What do you know? He never replied but I knew he opened my e-mail for that particular e-mail had a thingy that lets me know if it has been opened. I know. I'm one demented woman. What's his name? I want to see requests.
Posted by desperateblogger On 12/20/2008 12:03:00 AM 9 comments READ FULL POST

Friday, December 19, 2008

Having five kids, it's a given that I have tons of still pictures and home movies dating back during the VHS and Betamax era. I was an avid "child" photographer and videographer that I am not kidding when I say I have big boxes filled with pictures not yet (or will ever be) organized and put into albums or scanned and copied into CDs or DVDs or even USBs. OMG! I never thought I'd be up and about gallivanting in an era full of acronyms! Anyway, I just have to do something with my home movies still in VHS and Betmax tapes, super 8 and video 8. I had some tapes transferred into CDs but watching them now, I was not happy with the results. How I wish I could just compressed some tapes together and make is a sort of a movie. Well, I browsed online and found a great site that would do just that. The company is groovy like a movie production company. Founded in 2000, the multimedia production company has done numerous successful productions that launched soccer coaching association, car dealerships, restaurants, colleges and more. Check out the site for more info. Great service.
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

When my kids were still very young, I spend the better part of my Christmas money shopping for their clothes, shoes and gifts. I normally buy them three changes of clothes, two pairs of shoes, and at least three gifts each. My hubby did not mind though. On the onset, he knew I was one crazy mom so he never really bothered with my eccentricities. I no longer go 'crazy' buying my kids stuff for Christmas. They're all grown up and the novelty of new clothes and toys is long gone. Now, they want cars, laptops, Ipods, travels, Blackberry, etc. The only thing I can afford is a blueberry or strawberry. Sigh!

The Cousins (hubby's side) back in Christmas 1993. Far left is the dentist.
Right smack in the middle is daughter #4. Far right second row is my son.

My mama with her grandchildren. On her lap is my nephew from NJ.
L-R: daughter #3, 4, my son, my nephew, daughter #2 and 1. Dec. 1992

It's so nice to look back at years past and reminisce. When my kids were at this youthful stage, I couldn't wait for them to grow up. Now that they're all grown up, I wish they were young and dependent on me again. I so miss buying my girls all those frilly silly dresses. Looking at these old pictures, I am reminded how good my son smelled when he was still a wee boy. Now? Nevermind! Christmas past makes me sort of.... sad.
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I love to wear t-shirts. They're comfy and quite fashionable too. T-shirt fashion is for men, women, including all age-groups. T-shirts and blue jeans is the universal uniform' the world over. Whoever invented t-shirts anyway? T-shirts started as a form of underwear during 17th century England. It came to the United States during WW2 when Us soldiers took note of the light cotton undershirts of their European counterparts. Thus, the idea of a light and cool undershirt came to the US and from then evolved. Why the name T-shirt? Obviously because the shirt looks like a T.

During the Christmas season, it's usual for me to buy personalized t-shirts for close friends and relatives. Last year I had a blast buying Superman t-shirts for my small nephews. They so love Superman that giving them shirts of their hero as gifts was perfect. It's actually easier to gift kids than adults, right? Choosing the right gift for an adult blows me. Christmas shopping would be a lot more easier if I could just have a bunch of personalized Beatles t-shirts printed and give as gifts to my "aging" divas of friends. I have already bought my presents for my little nephews. This year, Batman t-shirts it will be for they all love the movie.
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 16, 2008, 0950 hour. I was busy cooking for daughter #2's birthday dinner for her 30 guests. I was waiting for an important text message so I assigned daughter #4 to man my mobile phone.

'Mom!' daughter #4 shrieked. 'SONY texted and it said you have until December 19 to submit your entry to the post event thingy.'

I have not forgotten about the post event blog. It's just that due to the pre-Christmas hubbub, I subconsciously wished that the contest was light years away.

I blog to air my angst, rave or rant. I have no illusions of being a literary genius. Far from that. Nevertheless, I write what I have or want to say. It's liberating, you know, to say what you have to say. When SONY in conjuction with Nuffnang sponsored a blog post contest, I said to myself, 'why not?' I was pleasantly surprised to have been chosen to be one of the top 50 shortlisted VIP bloggers who made it to the finals. To attend or not to attend. That was the question.

'Mom, what if you win and you're not there?' said daughter #2

'Yeah mom, just go for the sake of experience.' added daughter #3

'Do you think you could give me the digi- cam in case you win mom?' asked daughter #4

What the heck! I confirmed my attendance and that was that. December 6 dawned gray and overcast. Ethan was excited to tag along while I was overly apprehensive. Questions kept running in my mind. Would I look silly rubbing elbows with bloggers half my age? Would I meet someone I know through our blogs? Would the event be a run-of-the-mill exhibit? What are my chances of winning against seasoned writers and bloggers? I felt so inept due to my IT expertise - the lack of it. Should I just turn the car back and go home and forget all about this? Before I can formulate new questions, I was in front of the SM Convention Center. I parked the car then Ethan and I went inside. We were greeted by a long queue of youthful looking faces at the registration area.

'Bloggers register here please' said the well-modulated female voice. Ah! Great! A special registration line for the invited 50 bloggers. I stood in line and talked with the young girl in front of me - Kim of Riyomantic, 17 years young. We decided to seat together as we went inside the exhibit area. I fleetingly looked at all the products on display before we proceeded to the reception area. A banquet was laid out for the invited bloggers and media people. The buffet meal was delicious. The service was efficient. It seemed that everyone involved in the SONY Expo were tuned to be attentive and well-mannered. Our table was then gradually filled by other bloggers (Mike, Sheng and Dondie) and the media. The program started and we were glued for the emcees were the three stooges of "Boys' Night Out": Slick Rick, Tony Tony and Sam Y.G. The program progressed with some song numbers and Vaio's ramp walk.

..... 'and the three commendable bloggers are: eMz, John Dale and Lina', announced Slick. I stood up with a wide silly grin plastered on my face. I even had the tenacity to shout to Slick "It's not Lina. It's Lena!" My 3-inch heels went tick-tocking on the floor as I hurriedly went to the front of the stage. I was about to climb the steep stage steps when I realized there were no handrails. 'Kuya', I said to one of the production crews, 'please hold my hand so I will not fall.' I was on stage and looking at the assembled guests but not really seeing. I could see the joyful face of 6 year-old Ethan seemingly so proud of his 'grandmom'. I received a SONY Music player. Cool!

The grand prize, awarded by the stunning KC Concepcion, went to my new online buddy Mike. We were all so happy for him. After the awarding and the obligatory congratulations Ethan and I proceeded to check out SONY's eight world breakthrough technologies. I looked and tried on each single product. I have no high-sounding-tech-words to impart regarding the beauty of these products. All I can say is SONY's eight world breakthroughs "rock!" The products are easy to handle and operate - even a tech moron like me can do it. That's the beauty of all SONY products - high technology within the reach and grasp of the common people.

SONY's Eight World Breakthroughs

My favorite among the lot is the World’s First Noise Canceling Notebook Computer: VAIO T Series. It is lightweight, with exceptional audio and visual performance, and noise-canceling feature - every blogger's dream laptop! I just fell in love with the unit! I wish it could be mine! The red one! With the Vaio's noise-canceling feature, a bomb could be exploding right behind me and I wouldn't even know. Ethan and I continued to visit each and every booth. The technology displayed right before my very eyes were outstanding and the top in line. I was amazed! Thirty years ago, my radio cassette player was the top dog!

The SONY Expo 2008 event was an experience to remember. As I look back, I can't decide which part was my favorite. Was it the part where I received one of the commendable entries award?

Prize given by SONY Philippines president

Is my favorite part the one where I met some new friends and stalked others?

new friends....

Stalker with stalkees

Is my favorite part the one where we were treated with
unbelievable freebies by SONY?

Failed plan to snitch the Bravia

Oh well, a Bravia bunny is better than no 'Bravia' at all

Is my favorite part the one where I stood in all my glory in the middle
of SONY's eight world breakthroughs and pretended they were all mine?

My precious....hehehe

I don't know... I loved every part of it. I can rightly say my favorite part of the SONY Expo 2008 Event was the whole encounter itself.

An hour plus of walking and standing put a strain on my aching three-inch-heel-shoe-clad feet. I needed to rest my feet. I proceeded back to the quiet reception area and sat alone on one of the empty tables. I slowly, inaudibly and obscurely took off my shoes, put my feet up on a vacant chair and relaxed my aching feet. As I look around the throng of people teeming about the area ooh-ing and aah-ing on the marvels of SONY technology, I can't help but beam. I have no technology or computer background - no gadgets nor software to do amazing stuff for my post. But! While most of my contemporaries are back home contemplating on how to turn on a computer much less e-mail, here I am, past the century mark, hobnobbing with this community - half of which young enough to be my children, joining a blogging contest, comprehending the nanotechnology within my reach, appreciating and thanking the people behind SONY for the awe inspiring products they continue to develop and offer for the good and improvement of the common people, like me. Kudos! I take my hat off, so to speak.

What could make this SONY day more perfect?

'Ma'm, would you like a cup of hot brewed coffee?' asked a smiling waitress who silently materialized by my side. I looked up the pretty waitress, smiled in reciprocation and answered 'sure!'.


More SONY Expo 2008 Pictures

*note: Using my "age" as leverage, I scored all these pictures from other people's cameras as I don't have one. I would like to thank those who were patient enough to oblige. Thank you too SONY and Nuffnang. You ROCK!
Posted by desperateblogger On 12/16/2008 06:07:00 PM 8 comments READ FULL POST
Advertising has come a long way what with the advent of the internet and its off-shoot- internet marketing. We all have experienced email marketing. We get the everyday in out inboxes - spam. The more spam marketing messages we get, the less we click open that particular marketing email. Advertisers are on the look out for more effective and personal marketing strategies. Pepperjam, a full internet marketing agency, has come up with the mobile marketing. Basically, Mobile Marketing is direct marketing by sending campaign ads to cellular phones. Pepperjam Mobile is full-service that includes list building, creative design, management and deployment. No spam messages please as the company only sends its campaigns to an opt-in list. Why is mobile marketing highly effective? For one, it has the highest open rate at 99.99%. True! Every time I receive a text message I open the inbox, no matter what. Second, your campaign's progress can be viewed in real time. Third, you will learn more about your customers which would benefit you in terms of how to market to them. It is so easy to set up too. Why don't you click on the link to know more about mobile marketing offered by
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The Filipino tradition of Misa de Gallo starts December 16. Misa means Mass, while Gallo means rooster. Get my drift? In Filipino it's called "Simbang Gabi" with simba meaning worship and gabi meaning night. For Roman Catholics, the Misa de Gallo is at 4:00 A.M. For most Evangelical churches, the worship service is at 8:00 P.M. For nine consecutive days, believers attend mass or worship service to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. For most youngsters, the "simbang gabi" serves as a venue to socialize and eat puto bumbong or bibingka after the mass.

I have not attended Simbang gabi for quite a while. My church holds its worship service at 8:00 P.M. that when I was a teener, I hated it. It was not "cool" for there was no native delicacies galore after the service. When I was in UP, I had the chance to attend the Roman Catholic simbang gabi because of my then boyfriend. We were both staying at different dorms and since the church was just a stone's throw away from our dorms, what the heck?! I attended the mass for 5 consecutive days. On the sixth day, classes ended for Christmas break and I had no option but to go home. That was my first and last Catholic simbang gabi.

Simbang Gabi was a composition of the late National Artist Lucio San Pedro. I was actually looking for a version of the song from UP Concert Chorus as I'm alumna. This version is from the Philippine Madrigal Singers (formerly UP Mardigal Singers) -close to me heart too. Why? My ex who I went with to attend the Midnight Mass eons ago, is an alumnus of the UP Madrigal Singers. Saan na kaya itong ex ko na to? ( I wonder where he is now)
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Monday, December 15, 2008

When my kids were growing up I made sure that they sleep at 8:00 p.m. so that I could wake them up for Noche Buena. It was futile at first for the first three daughters. They were ages, 5,4, and 2.5 and just could not wake on Christmas eve to humor me. Nevertheless I persevered for years, until finally no one wants to sleep anymore and would rather wait for midnight to strike so they could open their gifts. By this time my kids were ages 12, 11, 9, 5 and 2. I usually have my close friend Eva and her family with us on Christmas Eve. Below are some pictures taken on Christmas eve 1992.

My son, aged two, eyes closed, while I try to "wake"
him up by shoving gifts in his hands.

The four girls:(front to back)
Daughter 3, 2, 4, and 1

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. A lot of cities in the USA are going to have a White Christmas. Snow came early this year and it looks like the US is in for a snowy winter. The weather has been acting up and some states are even experiencing heavy rains. "Yey!" said the snow sports enthusiasts. Ski lodges and resorts are heavily booked by this time. Fishing enthusiasts are about ready to hack into the ice and set up their comfy fishing "homes" once the great lakes freeze over. Be careful now. Flurries may well turn into 6" of pure snow. Drivers, are your snow chains in order?
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Tomorrow is daughter # 2's birthday. She has invited some friends for dinner tomorrow. I went to the grocery and wet market to buy the things I need for her dinner party. I'll be busy cooking tomorrow and earlier, I've already marinated and pre-cooked some of the food. Daughter # 4 helped in making the house clean and presentable for tomorrow's party. She even lighted our very "poor" Christmas village for size.

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Traffic is everywhere! I thought there's a world wide recession and that people won't be shopping due to economic restraint. What economic restraint? People everywhere are still on the mad rush of Christmas shopping. A 15-minute drive turned into an hour's crawl. The low price of gasoline prompted each and every car owner to take their cars out again. People! Don't forget car-pooling and saving trips! Every mall, store and stall are teeming with people. I went to Quiapo yesterday afternoon thinking since it was a Sunday, there'll be less human and car traffic. I was dead wrong! Daughter #4 and my son were with me (their first time in Quiapo) and were crushed by human traffic. Now, you may ask what the heck was I doing in Quiapo. I was planning to buy an Ipod and a tv. I though that Quiapo would have unheard of bargains. There were bargains alright. Ipods, Mp3s and Mp4s are priced at 600 Php only. Wow! The problem is, the units are fakes! Daughter #4 said "I told you mom that it would be better to buy at mall outlets". So, there. Off to the mall then.
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas 1980 was a special one for me. This was the year that I'd be spending my first Christmas with my husband and new baby daughter. I was excited yet sad for it was also the first Christmas that I would not be spending with my Taytay kins. It was also the first Christmas that I did not actively participate in my hometown church's program and activities. It was quite disheartening as I've always been in the center of Christmas-related- things, home-wise and church-wise, when I was still single.

I did not have a lot of money back then. Come to think of it, I still do not have much money even now. With my meager earnings, I bought gifts for all of my husband's family and close relatives. I even got the list of all my husband's godchildren so I could get them gifts too. December 24 came. I so wanted to go home to Taytay but my husband said that we'll spend Christmas with his family. I have gift-wrapped all my gifts and put them under the tree. I was slightly surprised that there are no other gifts aside from mine, under the tree. Maybe they'd (the in-laws) put the gifts later. Around 6:30 pm we ate dinner. There was a lot of cooking going and I though that there would be a lot of food for Noche Buena and Christmas day. By 8:00 pm my baby daughter(#1) was fast asleep. I asked my hubby if we're still going to sleep or just wait up for Noche Buena. He said he'll be sleeping in a while and has no plan of waking up later for their family does not, ever, observe Noche Buena and gift-giving.

I just stood there, looking at him. Finally I asked "so why did you want to be here on the 24th when there's nothing here? We could have gone home to my mom's place and be back here on the 25th!" My husband did not say anything. He went to sleep. I heard my baby cry and I went to settle her again. By 10:00 p.m. I was near tears. I so wanted to call my mother but the phone service back in those days were horrendous. By 11:00 p.m. I went to bed. My husband and baby daughter were fast asleep and as I lay awake thinking of past Christmases, my tears finally fell.

Christmas is a time for family and love. What am I doing crying my heart out? I just got so used to in how we spend and celebrate Christmas in Taytay that this "new" Christmas experience is bringing my spirit down. I looked at my sleeping husband and baby daughter. I thought that these two are my family now and I promised myself that next Christmas, we'll celebrate it the way we want it.
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My friend has been lamenting on the high cost of medical consultations, laboratory works and hospitalization that she incurs every time her husband gets sick. She asked me how I cope with hubby's medical bills for like my friend's husband. Both, my hubby and hers, have pre-existing heart conditions that make health insurance agents shy away. Well, that was before. I told my friend that there are health insurance companies now that accept clients with pre-existing health issues. In line with this, I also told her about no exam life insurance that I'm considering of getting for hubby. This would mean no medical exams and other related lab tests to be considered. Simple and hassle-free.
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Saturday, December 13, 2008

I have not done memes for quite a while now. I owe Renz one and Cherry another. I'll do Cherry's award first.

1. Put the logo in your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who shared it with you.
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Now, I'm passing this award to:

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Yey! Daughter # 2 has been offered to take an International Baccalaureate course in Malaysia sometime in February. She didn't want to accept it because according to the school's admin, she would be tied to the school for another two years. I asked her what her plans are for the next two years. Masteral classes? Apply for a teaching post abroad? Daughter #2 said she has no immediate plans. I said "then what's stopping you from taking the course?" Daughter #2 finally agreed to the training course. Now, I'm on the lookout for great travel deals to Malaysia. I might want to tag along with daughter # 2.
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Friday, December 12, 2008

I watched Ethan's Christmas program today. It was not your ordinary Christmas program where everyone wears red and green while they sing and dance to the tune of Jingle Bells. Teacher Michelle adapted the story of the Three Trees and gave it a meaningful twist.

The story begins with the three trees and their family talking about their dreams and aspirations. Tree # 1 just wants to be made into a beautiful chest of drawers to hold only precious gems and jewels. Tree # 2 wants to be a mighty ship to serve only great Kings. Tree # 3 just wants to stay on top of the mountain to basks in its beauty and be reminded of God. Years past and the three trees were eventually cut down by woodcutters. Tree # 1 turned out to be a lowly animal feeder. But years later, the animal feeder turned to be the manger where baby Jesus was laid. Tree #1's dream of holding the greatest treasure of all came true. Tree # 2 turned out to be a fisherman's vessel. Tree #2 did not like his smelly job. No great kings, as passengers. Then one stormy night, many years later, as several fishermen were on board, a great storm came and shook the boat. A great fisherman by the name of Jesus calmed the stormed. Tree #2's dream of serving great kings proved to be true for it served the King of Kings. Tree #3 became a cut lumber forgotten in the lumber yard. Years later, the lumber was taken and was made into a cross. A great man, the Son of God, was nailed on that cross. Tree #3 was sad and cried for the cruelty done to Jesus. But, three days later, Jesus rose and forever as mankind looks into the cross, we are reminded of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Tree #3's dream of serving God and a reminder of God's greatness came true.

The greatest story ever told was so simply, wonderfully, joyfully and lovingly presented by kids ages 2.5 to 6 years old. There were a lot of singing and dancing and fun but the message of Christ came through. Kudos to the teachers and students. Good job!

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Daughter #3 braved the traffic yesterday. She was on the lookout for great finds and sale at one particular shopping complex known for great bargains. Over the years, that particular shopping area has been noted for unique and inexpensive products. The complex started out as a supermarket with some satellite boutiques. Over the years, the area has been renovated and new buildings added. Sad to say, daughter #3 said there was nothing to go gaga about the shopping complex now as prices are outrageously expensive. Did daughter came home empty-handed? Of course not.

youtube profile:
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Las Piñas, Metro Manila is known for two things: the Bamboo organ and its lantern retail every Christmas Season. By lantern, I meant the parol or star-shaped Christmas lanterns from the Philippines. Traditionally, the lanterns were made of bamboo sticks which were then covered with Japanese paper or crepe paper. In due time, the papers as materials were dumped and colored plastics were used. Practical, though not eco-friendly if you ask Al Gore. The plastic covered lanterns can be used over and over again whereas the paper covered lantern is good for one Christmas only. See, above, the beautiful plastic-covered lanterns.

Today, the plastic-covered lanterns have come a long way. Lanterns are still covered by plastics but the design has evolved into more complicated and lighted lanterns. Ethan and I went to Las Piñas one night to see the beautiful-colored-lighted lanterns for sale by the roadside. The street was fairly busy because of the parked cars whose owners were by the lantern stalls, buying.

If you look closely at the picture above, extreme left, a lantern snowman is also displayed. Now, I ask, what the heck is the relevance of a snowman as the Philippines is in the tropics? I actually saw some lantern snowmen prominently displayed in the most exclusive of South of Manila villages. They looked pathetic all wrapped in clear plastic for rain protection. I did not buy any for the cheapest that I could find was at 1,750 Php. Totally a far cry from the 5.00 Php parol of long ago.

credit: picture #1

Posted by desperateblogger On 12/11/2008 06:46:00 PM 1 comment READ FULL POST
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