Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The much awaited Park Bo Gum ( that superduperhandsome S.Korean K-drama actor) Fan Meet slated on April 27, 2019 at the Mall of Asia, is postponed. The safety of the artist, staff and probable audience were taken into consideration due to the recent earthquake that has been hitting parts of the Philippines, greater Manila, included. Thus, Park Bo Gum's May Your Everyday Be a Good Day has been postponed to June 22, 2019. At least, it's in the same year.

                                       PARK BO GUM courtesy of Philippine Star

Anyway, there's this Park Bo Gum Fan Page in FB that has a link for submitting letters for Mr Park. The post indicated that Bogummy prefers to receive letters rather than gifts from his fans.

 So! Heck! I wrote one and submitted it online. I'm not really sure if my letter will reach Mr. Park but just in case he does not, I'd post it here and hope against hope that sometime in the next 25 years, when Park Bo Gum is 50 and he has nothing better to do a cold Seoul winter night, he'll type in and search for Dear Park Bo Gum, and this page will be number 101 on he list of searched links.

April 19, 2019

Dear Park Bo Gum,


Though I will be at the Fan Meet on April 27, I doubt if I will get the chance to have a close-up look of your beautifully-chiseled face, much less shake your hand. So, for the first time in my life, I will be “fangirling” by writing you a letter.

The Hallyu craze started sometime in the late 1990s but it was only in February 2019 that I got to watch my very first K-drama, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.  I was fascinated with Park Seo Joon! I told my close friend about this and she excitedly told me to watch Encounter. I asked if the lead was also Seo Joon, but she said it’s another Park though, Park Bo Gum. Since the only K-drama male star that I know of was Seo Joon, I said “Okay, I’ll watch Encounter”.

White top and denim pants are staples for me so when I saw you dressed in such attire in the series’ first scene, you had my attention!  I was not truly a K-drama convert then so I was trying look for flaws with the series. However, the more discriminating I was, the more I realized that you are a great actor who is able to show a wide range of emotions with minute facial expressions! I was hooked! I finished Encounter in 2 nights straight, and was advised by my friend, again, to watch Love in the Moonlight.

Choha! Sarangheyo!  You portrayed the role of an intelligent, sensitive, passionate, playful, compassionate and faithful crown prince excellently! I became a certified Park Bo Gum fan!  Even more so when I read up about you and learned that you are a music major who plays the piano, sings, and dances. You are a very talented, very popular, yet still a very unassuming and humble person!
As a true fangirl, I started downloading piano scores of Love in the Moonlight OST, of which my favorites are My Dearest, Because and the Moonlight Flows. My iPod and iPhone’s playlist include a PBG playlist. My Dearest is my favorite among all your songs (so far). That song brings out the best of your wonderful, mellow baritone voice. You have a rich voice timbre; your vibrato is soft and solid; your falsetto is very pleasant to hear as transition between chest tone and falsetto is flawless!  I de-stress myself and sometimes lull myself to sleep, listening to your version of My Dearest.  iTunes indicated I have played the song 89*times. Geurae, I can now sing it in Korean! 😊
I loved Reply 1988! Such a down-to-earth coming-of-age series. Team Taek! Never doubted it!I have yet to watch other series where you play second lead.

The Manila Fan Meet is  the very first one that I will go to.  My children will probably have a fit if they learn their mom bought a VIP ticket to see her K-drama star. Oh well…life is too short!

I do hope that you will really read my letter. It would be great if you will, in spite of your very busy schedule, be able to drop me a line. I have a blog and is planning to do a series of articles about you!
I will pray that you reap more success in your career and personal life. I hope to see you when I go to Seoul early next year! Take care always!

* 107 as of  April 24,2019

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Friday, February 15, 2019

I’m sorry if I seem to lack the propensity to watch telenovelas. I find watching them a waste of my time as:1.) they are too melodramatic for my taste, and  2.) the pacing and development of storylines are too slow.  I’d like to add “bad acting and bad script”, but I don’t want to be labeled as a Pinoy Teleserye snob.

I do watch US TV series though, but K-Drama? No way.  

On the other hand, two of my daughters are fans of anything K-Pop and K-Drama. Through them I became familiar with G Dragon, the variety show Running Man and "unlimited"samgyupsal. They even went on a trip to Seoul probably to have a more intimate “feel” of the country of their favorite Korean stars.  My two daughters are no longer in their highly impressionable years. They are sensible, practical young adult professionals, thus their fascination to anything K was something new and strange for me (and to the rest of the household).

K-Pop is not an unfamiliar territory for me though. I kind of grooved to the catchy beat of Gangnam Style and the one-syllable and two-syllable titles of Momoland songs, which are staples to my 2-year old granddaughter.  

I have not watched any K-Drama, until October 2018. My girlfriends and I were somewhere down south, billeted in a hotel with  limited TV cable connection. I am a late sleeper, ending each night streaming my favorite US TV series, or movies.  Ear-plugged and eyes-glued to my iGadget, I can hear and see my two girlfriends giggling while watching an episode of a K-Drama series. I briefly glanced at the flat screen and took in what they were watching - a nice-looking-hunk-of-a-man Korean CEO squeezing himself into a girl’s bed who I later learned, was his secretary. I saw the humor and wit of that particular scene. Though it was technically a bed scene, there was no malice or innuendos perceived.

Caving in to K-Drama wasn’t instantaneous; but prior to my watching that particular K-Drama scene, my indoctrination to anything Korean through my daughters, Psy, BoomBoom, Baam, and samgyupsal has been going on for quite some time, without me knowing about it. 

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is the title of K-Drama that piqued my interest. On February 1, 2018,  I clicked on Episode 1 link in Netflix. After a day or so of binging, I was hooked! I loved the series! I had to tell someone who is into K-Drama all about my "discovery".

Who to tell? ❓❓❓

A very good friend of mine is worst than my daughters with regards to watching K-Drama series. She spends every spare time (and sometimes absents herself from work) just to watch her series. She never goes anywhere without her tablet-full-of-downloaded-K-Drama series.
So, I told her about my growing interest to K-Dramas. The news excited her and recommended that I watch Encounter. I asked her if the male lead is Park Seo-joon. No, she said, but it’s another Park… Park Bo Gum. My daughter’s friend joined in the conversation and recommended that I watch Love in the Moonlight too.  

After three days, I finished the two Park Bo Gum series.

My fascination for K-Drama and admiration (read: enthrallment, attraction) to Park Bo Gum have been sealed.

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