Sunday, October 30, 2011

My!Christmas is just around the corner! I step into a mall and my senses are bombarded with Christmas decorations, Christmas lights and (of course) Christmas songs! Malls are into 50% sales as prelude to the inevitable Christmas shopping. I actually joined the throng of bargain-hunters this afternoon in search for Ethan's running shoes. I found a pair and enjoyed a 10% discount. I passed by the Christmas decorations department and was enthralled by the beautifully-decorated Christmas trees. Made me think of the Christmas stockings that I need to fill up with personalized stocking stuffers for Ethan and Tabby. Yup! I have always filled up big stockings for Ethan every Christmas. This time, Tabby is included. I wonder what I'll get Ethan and Tabby this year.
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Friday, October 28, 2011

A graduating student from De La Salle University e-mailed me to inquire if I would be kind enough to publish a link to their online survey. Being a mom of 5, I certainly cannot refuse. So dear readers, kindly click the link so we can help Irene Chia with her thesis.

Please click the link and answer the survey. Thanks.
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Friday, October 21, 2011

For close to five days our house was the only one in the neighborhood without electricity. A neighbor said she saw a tall truck hit the drop wire that supplies electrical current to the house. It happened on a Thursday afternoon so I readily called the emergency number of the electrical supplier so they can fix the line. Too bad, the electrical meter was crushed so the line can't be fixed. I had to reapply for a connection and the process took 5 days including the weekend. Offices are closed on weekends. When the current was back on, the phone refused to go back on. After several minutes of tinkering I finally figured out that the rechargeable batteries needed to be recharged.
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Hubby's family business needs a fitting software to manage all its files. The business is more than 40 years old and the system used by its employees to manage all aspects of the business is as old as the company itself. The records and document files are paper-based and I thought that there's no system that could organize these. I read somewhere that Dokmee document management system can help organize, manage and secure not only electronic files but even paper-based documents. I better read up on it so I could recommend it to hubby's family business.
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Hello mom! I'm glad you are home!
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I am in the middle of house repairs, again. The recent string of typhoons that hit Manila sped-up the depreciation of the house roofing, exterior paint, gutters and downspout. The initial repairs were okay but as with house repairs, there is this tendency to fix everything once you get started. The house is a mess, again. The carport needs a lot of work though. The metal frame is alright but the tarpaulin roofing is not A-okay. Sometimes I think that metal buildings are better options for garages. I wonder how much they cost.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It has been a while since my last blog entry. I have been busy with a lot of things. The tasks were just unending. D2,D3 and I put up a musical play for Ethan's school. For three months we "slaved" away!- teaching the kids (7-16 years old) the songs, dances and acting for the whole musical. More on that once I have the pictures of the musical.

Ethan had his 9th birthday too. We held the small party in his class - nothing fancy though as the party was held during the regular lunch break.

Teachers' Day came and went and D2, of course, received a lot of gifts - chocolate, flowers, cologne, bags, wallet, lotion and even soap! I got interested with a blackish soap called african black soap.The soap is said to clear the skin of fine lines et al. Need I say more? The soap is mine!
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Friday, October 7, 2011

I took Tabby and Ethan to their pediatrician for their shots. To save time I also made appointments to my two doctors. Since D1 was on duty and Tabby's nanny was with us, I took off to see my doctors as the two kids were waiting for their shots. I was rushing all over the ground floor, 2nd and 3rd floors just to make sure that I don't waste time. I even went out in search of a photocopying facility for copies of my lab results but not before I had to go back to the parking lot to get the lab results in the car.

As I was walking towards the parking area I was amazed at the number of people siting by the parking lot's fence as they were smoking and eating. They were employees of call centers and were out on a break. I overheard two of them talking about applying for legitimate Computer Programmer Jobs that keep regular hours. Yup! College graduates are trooping to call centers for jobs! Is that a good thing or bad?

Anyway, I was able to see my two doctors and everything's great! Thank you Lord!
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