Sunday, May 31, 2009

I am in my elements again. My mother-in-law's 80th birthday is in the offing and as usual, I have been tasked to do the planning, coordinating and what-have you. I have already booked the venue and the caterer. The grandchildren and great-grandchildren have started rehearsals for the Barrio Fiesta inspired folk dances. All the participants have had their measurements taken by my seamstress for the customs to be used. This would be a real exciting birthday presentation. My sis-in-law kept on taking pictures and videos while rehearsing. Tough luck! The digi-cam's memory was low-capacity that she wasn't able to video the whole rehearsal. I told her that she should buy a new micro sd so that she could take all the pictures and videos she wants without fear of running out of memory.
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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Once again, the Philippine Senate has committed another blunder when some clowns in the House proposed a Senate hearing on the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili sex video scandal. Why does the senate have to put their hands into the cookie jar? Why not take the case to the proper courts? It seems like the Senate hearing is a way for some (okay, most) of the politicians spearheading it to use the issue for their own personal gain. I was unfortunate enough to view parts of the live video streaming of the circus, err, the hearing.

I was quite amused that the two senators bombarding Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili with really senseless questions were two of the most media-exposed senators.

Senator 1: So, (addressing Halili) what was in the video? Hindi ko kasi napanood eh.(I was not able to watch it.)

What the freaking fart? What was he doing questioning the persons concerned when he has not even seen the sex video that started it all? And who the heck was he fooling with his statement that he has not watched any of the videos?

Senator 2: Ngayon Dr. Kho, anong nararandaman mo ngayon kaharap mo ang babaing nilapastangan mo ang dangal? (Dr. Kho, what are your feelings now that you are face to face with the woman you have wronged?)

Crap! I thought I accidentally switched channels and was watching Boy Abunda himself! The hearing went on up to a point where Katrina Halili broke down and let out a string of expletives.To this, Senator 2 commented to Kho that if only he did not video tape his sexual exploits then there would not have been a problem. Kho was humbled and kept on apologizing. There was even an instance when a former police and now a Laguna town mayor who poured water on Kho's head. The mayor was identified as Abner Afuang. Talk about professionalism!

A Roman Catholic Bishop expressed his displeasure with the ongoing Senate inquiry into the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili sex video scandal as a waste of time and taxpayer’s money. I totally agree! There are a lot of more pressing issues like the economy, poverty, financial crisis, growing unemployment problem, agrarian reform and the spreading A(H1N1) virus.

I thought Senate hearings are for those issues with implications to national security. I just don't understand why the Senate has to make a big fuzz of the sex video scandal. Royalties?! The scandal would have died a natural death as all scandals naturally do. As I see it, Hayden and his sex partners were all victims here. Dr. Hayden Kho's profession as a doctor is forever compromised. I guess no one would totally trust him now as a doctor. His sexual partners were "exposed" in all their glory and I guess they feel shameful and violated. My distorted sense of thinking and humor tells me that Katrina Halili is actually reflectinig "S*it! nabisto tuloy na pakekak ako!"

We all have had our share of immoralities and "immortalities" - pictures, videos, text messages, letters or any tangible item that we sure wanted erased from the face of the earth. To the Senate clowns who are currently enjoying the freak show, I have two messages for you.

Let him who without sin cast the first stone.


Look who's talking!
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daughter # 4 is all grown up. She will start management training at a big reputable bank come June 1. There were a lot of offers for her and she had a real hard time deciding. After her contract signing, other companies started calling her too. Shucks! The bank where she applied for a position in the treasury department just called and she can't accept the offer for her contract with the first bank is already in black and white. Yesterday another company called and daughter's dilemma now is explaining that she already signed up for one.

Because of the many calls and text messages that she has been receiving from various companies, daughter #4 reads all her text messages and answers all calls even if the numbers are not in her phonebook. The following is one heck of a text message (or for that matter, one hell of prank texter) that she received a couple of days ago.


DAUGHTER: Who's this?

PRANKSTER: U gv ur nym frst.& bsde u mstkn dial my # s0 u supp0sd 2 entroduce ur slf 2 me. u r da 1 h0 txt me 1st last week f i not mstken!"

DAUGHTER: Huh? I don't think I ever texted you and why would you even say hi if you only want to know who I am?

PRANKSTER: Wat? Y did u telling dis 2 me.?.Or just kidding men...ryt?Oh my g0d c m0n d0nt mke me a f0ol..plz d0nt bear me h0pe u understand! Ok?.

DAUGHTER: What? I totally didn't understand your english. You need english lessons.

PRANKSTER: kc bo2 k tlaga! Kya d m0 naintindihan ang english q... (because you're stupid and can't understand english) plz check ur grammar..Ok?

DAUGHTER: You're unbelieveable. I'll just laugh at you. Pls go away now. Shoo! You're wasting me time.

PRANKSTER: Ok..I d0nt wnt 2 2lk any kind of idi0t pers0n..lyk u!" & i d0nt cre h0 da hell u r..Ok,, ur wish s ur command! damn u! - d0nt txt me anym0re..idi0t..plz get 0ut of my lyf!" -ur such a pester! bastard!

Okay. That made our day.
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

"What?! Three thousand pesos for a freaking concert ticket?!"

Yup! My sister-in-law told me that her 13 year old daughter watched the David Cook and David Archuleta Concert at the Mall of Asia concert ground last weekend. When I say ground, I do mean solid-honest-to-goodness-dustfull-soil. The concert venue was on a makeshift stage (although fully high-tech and quite awesome) with monoblocks or plastic chairs for seats. No way would I pay three thousand of my precious money just to get crushed and dirtied to watch a concert. I would not mind paying for a 3,000 Php ticket as long as the venue is posh, air-conditioned, carpeted and opulent.

My girls said I am such a hypocrite.

"Mom, you watched the freaking five-thousand-peso ticket to watch Michael Jackson lipsynched his way on a make-shift-stage-albeit-highly-techy-stage some 12 years ago!"

"Excuse me, it was pre-child-sexual-abuse-case Michael Jackson! Besides, the ticket was free and it was not such a bad experience for I was rubbing elbows with a 30-lb lighter Sharon Cuneta."

I don't know. Is the Philippines in economic crisis? I just see too much spending wherever I go.

Yesterday, Ethan and I attended the 6th birthday party of his best bud. The birthday was Mexican/Fiesta themed and was catered by a leading Mexican food provider. There was even a lechon and give-aways to the rafters. After the party I dropped by at a premiere events venue south of Manila as I was considering a place for my ma-in-law's 80th bash. I was given a quote for the event and I almost fainted! It was expensive but people don't seem to mind as there were four events simultaneously occurring while I was there. A lot of potential clients were there too for the food tasting of one of the in-house caterers. Catering is from 500 Php -2,000 Php per head ++. This is exclusive of the venue rent. Expensive but people are coveting for the said venue and caterers.

There's a Pussycat Dolls Concert coming sometime in June and tickets are in the high thousands too. Daughters 3 and 4 want to purchase tickets. These two are big fans of PCD. I overheard them talking that they should buy a certain brand of shampoo first so they could avail of the 50% discount.

"How much?" I asked

"Three thousand per" quipped daughter 4

"Not bad. So with the 50% discount the ticket would go for 1,500 Php each." I approvingly said.

"No mom. The three thousand pesos per ticket is the discounted price."

"Ay sows! You'll just be wasting good money. Pool your money together and buy a new air-conditioner unit. You've been pestering me for a new one and I see that on your own you could afford to buy one."

And that's that!
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Okay, so what's this big hoopla about Dr. Hayden Kho Jr? Always, always add the junior as Dr. Hayden Kho (without the suffix junior) is actually Junior's dad. Every internet-gossip-savvy pinoy/pinay is blogging about the sexy-dance video and now the sex video of Kho Jr. and Katrina Halili. There is even a sex video of a certain Maricar Reyes, an allege resident in one of the top hospitals in Manila, that is also out in the internet. I have seen the sexy dance video of Kho Jr. and Halili and Kho looks kinda "gay" in his dance moves. Halili was just that... your ordinary sexy star doing a routine sexy dance. I have yet to see the sex video of Kho Jr.-Halili and Kho Jr.- Reyes.

The sex video brouhaha has done Katrina Halili a lot of notorious exposure and I guess she's loving every minute of it. Hayden Kho Jr. is now getting his second round of his 15-minute fame. His first round came when he and Vicki Belo were an item. The juicier part was when Belo reportedly dropped Hayden Jr, due to his infidelities prompting Hayden to stage a suicide attempt -or so they say. I heard that Lola Vicky Belo and him are back to their lovey-dovey tandem. Teka lang, suka ako. Lola is about my age and Kho Jr. is about daughter # 1's age. Move over Ashton and Demi.

Kho Jr. and Halili are not the victims here. The real victims here are Maricar Reyes and the string of other girls who were secretly video-taped by Hayden Jr. They were just one of Kho Jr's sex partners and had no idea that Hayden Jr. has a hang-up- to put it lightly. Hayden Kho Jr. is one sick doctor. However, the real-truly-honest-to-goodness culprit here is the person who allegedly swiped the videos from Hayden Kho Jr.'s laptop. The culprit should have thought of the implications of his act. Instead of hurting only Hayden Jr., the circle of affected people has become wider. Now, now. Don't look on this article as confirmed information. As I've said from the start, every internet-gossip-savvy pinoy/pinay is blogging about the sexy-dance video and now the sex video of Kho Jr. and Katrina Halili.

There are talk and speculation that Hayden Kho Jr.'s medical license will be revoked. In fairness to Hayden Jr, it was not his intent to publish his sex tapes. Those were just his personal and private collection to which you and I and the rest of the world is not part of. True, video-taping those highly controversial sex acts may be deemed perverted. However, I am sure there are lot of other people out there with some other quirks and irks that we know nothing of and the sex videos of Hayden Jr. should have been treated as such. Private and Personal. The involved sex partners should be the ones to press charges, not the Professional Regulation Board or the Senate!

Now, taking all facts and fiction about Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. into consideration, would you still have him for your personal physician? :)
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

My cervical spondylosis has been acting up since last week. The pain was minimal at first but now the pain is quietly but deliberately growing in strength in spite of the medication. Why? I am really not stress-free. Although my doctor gives me anti-anxiety pills, the stress and problems are still there - not resolved. I just want to be stress-free but for that to happen I have to resolve my problems first which I can't do for it involves a lot of factors that are beyond my control. There are two plausible solutions though - increase my medication or win the lotto.

For the meantime, I ask my readers to pray for me. Prayers are "magical" and do wonders. I just have to embrace I Peter 5:7 - Let Him have all your worries and cares, for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Mom, would you like to lose 7-10 lbs in a week?" queried daughter # 2.

"What kind of fad diet are you referring to this time?" I answered.

I have encountered and tried a lot of diets in the past. There's the "starvation" cum cleansing diet I followed religiously when I first enrolled at Slimmer's World. In fairness, I lost 30 lbs in a span of three months with that diet. Then there's the low-carb diet and the South Beach diet. Umm... did not really stick to it for I was still lean and fit when that diet was the fad. Then there's the low-fat low salt diet that I am forced to follow now for medical reasons.

I was not really into dieting for I used to work out a lot thus making my metabolism fast. I avoided too much starch, sweets and fat back then though. Then the inevitable happened. I stopped exercising and regulating my food intake. Ergo. I gained about more than 20 lbs in 7 years. At my age, it's no longer a breeze to lose weight.

Getting back to my daughter's question, I actually got interested in losing 7-10 lbs per week. I have already lost about 7 lbs since March and that is not very impressive. I need to really slim down by mid-July for I have two important functions to attend. The first one is the 80th birthday celebration of my mother-in-law and the second one is the wedding of my son's coach in high school. I have been tapped as one of the principal sponsors and by gawd! - I have to be the best looking daughter-in-law and best looking "ninang"!

So, I told daughter I'm in on her new-found diet. We started yesterday and she already lost 4 lbs. while I lost 3 lbs. Nothing to get excited about because the weight lost could all just be water. I'll wait until the end of the seven-day diet plan before I give my verdict. Meanwhile, boy am I hungry!
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

As promised, Debbie and Dana of Fil-Am Journey sent me some pictures of us while they were here in Manila. I picked the couple up at the Heritage Hotel and then had lunch at Mall of Asia. We were not able to hang out long for they had to catch the bus home to Debbie's hometown in Manaoag, Pangasinan. Prior to our meeting Debbie and I already talked over the phone. She sounded soft and sweet and meeting her personally confirmed my assessment of her. I was surprised that Dana knows a lot of Tagalog words - even swear words! Hahaha. He's so tall Debbie and I were dwarfed! He's one devoted and loving husband to Debbie though. They are both real lucky and blessed to have each other.

at Gerry's Grill waiting for our lunch to be served

Dana and moi at the bay side of MOA

Debbie and I at the steps of MOA's entertainment complex
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Friday, May 15, 2009

At 12:00 P.M., everyday on this side of my world, my EC credit drops dropped to zero. That means it's a brand new day for EC card dropping. I have not been very active in dropping ECs of late because of my diagnosed carpal tunnel on both my hands. The clicking that comes with EC dropping makes my right hand down right numb. Nevertheless, I still do drop ECs because I just had to. Last night, at precisely 11:30 P.M., GMT+8, I have dropped about 225 ECs already. Since I was "nursing" a terrible cold and my right hand just about ready to fall off, I decided to call it a day. One thing bothered me though. There were still no EC credits dropped on my blog. Hm.... I wonder. Anyway, surely there's still tomorrow before the day starts all over again regarding EC drops. Confident that I just need a few minutes to finish my 300 EC drops, I logged in late. Lo and behold! My EC drops of 225 is back to a big fat zero and garsh!!! only 27 people dropped ECs on my blog. What happened? Where are all my EC droppers? Where are my credits? Dang!! Make that double Dang!
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bacoor Town Fiesta always falls on Mother's Day. I am glad to say that after years and years of feeling obliged to be present at the said town fiesta, I was conveniently absent this time. Remember? I chose to show my face at the 95th Taytay Elementary School reunion than spend a whole day "celebrating" fiesta and mother's day with the in-laws. Believe when I say no one among the Bacoor kins, not even my own children, even bothered to send me a text message to greet me even a "sad" mother's day. Talk about loyalty! Daughter #4 was with me though. I left her with my mama and Tiya Liling while I attended the said reunion.

I've always been against fiestas. True, fiestas are Filipino traditions since the Spanish time but! I do not condone the excessive spending and drinking and extravagance shown at such occasions. The town fiesta celebration in Bacoor is so extravagant and lavish. A total of six Hermanas each year are chosen for the next 10 years. These hermanas are given ample time to make sure they have money to spend when their time comes. Millions are spent by these hermanas. Millions that could have made sense and helped more if they gave it to charity and to other noble causes. Most hermanas (or their husbands) are politically inclined so there's really no need to ask where their funds come from.

I was browsing at some pictures taken during the parade and this one caught my attention. This was supposed to be a giant made of paper mache sponsored by Amarey.

With probably hundreds of staff hired and paid by the hermanas, surely someone must have noticed this error before the parade started. No one did. If only the money involved in fiestas were diverted to worthy causes like the better education to the greater Bacoor public school system, then I guess the rest of Bacoor would not be forced into dringking furified water. Amarey! Show your face!
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

While daughters 2,3 Ethan and I were gallivanting at Anvaya Cove, daughter #4 and my son were in far away south. The two invited themselves to stay at daughter # 1's best friend house in Davao. Ivy and her wonderful hubby, Dex, treated my two youngest with such care and fun-laden activities that my kids wanted to stay in Davao forever. Ivy was daughter #1's best friend since high school. She was originally from Cavite City but relocated to Davao when she married Dex. Dex's mom even invited daughter #4 and my son to stay overnight at her quaint and unique Wild Berry Farm in Bukidnon. They said the climate there was akin to Baguio - cold.

Daughter # 4 and my son at the entrance to Wild Berry Farm

The Nowhere Cafe managed and owned by Dex's mom
offers delicous food and desserts.
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I received an email that set me thinking. The gist of the email was the scientifically researched fact that guyabano or soursop or graviola tree does one heck of a job in destroying cancer cells. The scientific research was said to have been done by a big leading US pharmaceutical company way back in the 1970s. The positive result of the numerous tests was kept from the public due, they say, to financial gains. If a simple common fruit could cure cancer, then surely drug companies would keep the findings to themselves. I don't know if it's true or not but eating soursop from time to time would do one any harm. The graviola tree thrives in the Amazon rainforest. You might want to include it in your itinerary if you plan an Argentina travel via Brazil one of these days.
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It has been raining on and off for the last three weeks. Crazy weather. It's supposed to be the middle of summer here in the tropics but it's not. Last weekend, there was even a low-pressure area that developed into s full-strength typhoon. This morning up to about 4:00 P.M. today, the sun was really shining hot. Right now, the sky is once again overcast. The early rainy season left me unprepared for Chuck's (my labrador retriever) housing. The dog now stays full time in my terrace and guess what? I need new patio chairs for the dang dog had gnawed all of my rattan chairs into bits.
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Monday, May 11, 2009

I had a fun time attending my elementary school's 95th foundation day. The elementary school's products included the "old" creme of the crop of Taytay itself. The oldest batch with a representative was class 1937. The lone representative was my Tiya Liling who happened to be an awardee too for her services as a teacher in the said school. My batchmates and I met for a potluck at one of my amiga's resthouse in Taytay. After lunch we proceeded at the motorcade's starting point where we all rode in one big float. The things is, our boy batchmates did not come except for a couple. Anyway, as the motorcade proceeded along the streets and alleys of Taytay we started calling out to our "boys" as we passed by their homes. Hmm... doors closed, windows closed. We all gathered force as we pass by Wency's house and called out " Wency! Lena's looking for you!" I swear, I saw the lone open window closed! We all started to laugh. One classmate said that the former car salesman, is now an auto insurance agent. I wonder who slammed the window shut? His wife perhaps as Wency sits gagged and tied to a chair?
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Sunday, May 10, 2009

I am not the soft-spoken-sweet-sunshiny-lovey-dovey type of a mother. As daughter #2 once jokingly(?) said their childhood was like living in a concentration camp. I was strict with play, study, TV, and sleep time. My scheduled for them just had to be followed. I did not settle for less from them for I know they could do better. The first three girls said that daughter # 4, my son and Ethan had it easy for by the time they came out into the world I was more mellow. My three eldest forgot to equate that by the time daughter # 4 and my son where in grade school they were already in their teens and it was time for me to be their friend and not their Gestapo.

I once had a row with my one of my first three daughters and she said that I was never ever contented with what she does or with any aspect of her life. I said that that is not true for as her mother I was her greatest critic and number one fan. A mother's love is akin to the fruits of the Holy Spirit as mentioned in I Corinthians.

Love is patient; love is kind. Love is not jealous; is not proud;
is not conceited; does not act foolishly; is not selfish;
is not easily provoked to anger; keeps no record of wrongs;
takes no pleasure in unrighteousness, but rejoices in the truth;
love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things,
and endures all things. ~I Corinthians 13:4-7

To all the great mothers out there. Different strokes for different folks but I know that you, like me, will move mountains and cross seas for the sake of our children. I salute you!

Happy Mother's Day!
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My last medical check up confirmed that my weight is within the healthy range. My BMI (body mass index) also confirms that. But! I still see myself fat. I want to get back to my ideal weight according to my fitness consultant long ago was from 98-104 lbs. According to a chart I consulted a while back, my ideal weight for my age and height is 111 lbs. That's still too fat if I compare it with what my fitness consultant told me a long time ago.

According to an article I read, The Weight Health Connection, society has obviously influenced us on what an ideal woman and man should look like. The reality is, what looks attractive an weight is not necessarily a healthy weight. Take for example, a fashion model on the verge of being called anorexic may be viewed as attractive but common sense will tell us that that is definitely not a healthy weight. A man who pumps and bulks up might win body-building competition, but his physique might not be healthy too. The best way to measure if you're overweight or not is get your BMI and waist circumference. A BMI of 25 and over and waist circumference of 35 inches are indications that you are overweight. Check out the article for more information. Well, if you ask me, looking at the mirror is proof enough to see if you are overweight or not. Go look. No illusions this time.
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

I have not been online browsing and blog hopping. My desk top is so slow not because of my broadband connection. I always check the speed of my broadband and it's consistent between 1750 kbps to 2000 kbps. On a good day the speed goes up to 3,200 kbps. So how come it's taking me a long time to load and browse using my computer? Ah!, said my son as he tinkers with my desktop computer, you need a bigger computer memory as you've save a lot of junk files." He said that the storage capacity of the computer affects its speed. What junk? My files are important to me. I do not delete much. Who knows? The files and documents I've saved 10 years ago might come in handy in the future.
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A child's 7th birthday celebration is a big thing here in the Philippines. Mommies really take the time to plan a theme party for their kids 7th birthday. I just got off the phone talking to my friend. She is asking for my help in planning her granddaughter's party. The child's mom is working abroad and there's just on one to take care of the planning. No problem. I and my girls can do it with our eyes closed. I've actually acted out as a wedding, debut, name-it-i've-done-it parties. My friend's granddaughter wants a Hanna Montana theme. Now, where could I get cardboard displays of Hanna Montana?
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

After two hours of eating breakfast - sampling there is to sample in the buffet - the gravity was just too much. Here is a sequence of pictures where we all tried to jump. Daughter #2 was at first patient and understanding. Of course she would not expect these half-century old ladies to jump as high. Later, daughter #2 and some nosey onlookers were beside themselves laughing - at us. I even saw some unknown persons aim their mean DSLR at us. My friends and I plan to send over some of our pictures to either Oprah or Ellen. We'll try our best to reason out to these two hosts why we deserve an all expense-paid East to West Coast tour on an RV.

The pull of gravity was just too much so was the sucky timing of these oldies (but goodies). We were all supposed to count 1-2-3 jump. The thing is we can't even agree to jump on the "jump". We had such a blast! Failing to do the jump, we settled for these really cheesy poses.

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After a month of intensive medications, it was time to see my doctor for a consult. I was 6th in the list of patients but it did not take long for my name to be called. After the exchange pleasantries the doctor started his check-up on me. My blood pressure was fine. Reflexes, okay. Weight, alright. I was expecting a reduction of the pills I was taking but the doctor said another month and then a blood chemistry workout to see if my level of cholesterol has gone down. My bad cholesterol was way over the limit a month and half ago. The normal's limit was 200 and mine was in the 260s. Oh well. Another month of medication and waiting. The good news is I'm still losing weight and intend to lose some more. No need for Atrophex pills though. The low-salt, low-fat diet is doing wonders.
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Words are not needed to describe the following pictures taken at Anvaya Cove in Morong, Bataan. The pictures speak for themselves. My girlfriends and I may all well be past the half century mark but we all felt like we were still in or teens. Nothing has changed between us except that we've all grown wiser in many ways. Oh and we gained a lot of weight too.

I've always wanted to pose like Marilyn Monroe.

This was daughter #2's idea of a photo shoot.

This was right after the buffet breakfast. It took
us two hours to finish our meal.
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Monday, May 4, 2009

I never did learn the name of the place we went to. All I know is that the make-believe-Hispanic-old town splendor is located in Bagac, Bataan. The venue would probably be open to the public late this year. I like the ambience of the place. It made me feel like Maria Clara emoting with Ibarra.

It made me feel like "Sisa" looking for Basilio and Crispin. Basilio! Crispin! Nasaan kayo?!

As I sat in one of these tables I could just imagine the ire of Dona Victorina as she was left to eat the chicken's neck in the tinola.

The place and its vicinity was carefully planned, designed and executed. One could actually have a feel of old Manila.
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I had lunch with Dana and Debbie Schroeder of Fil-Am Journey on Saturday, May 2. Debbie with son Daniel has been vacationing in Pangasinan for weeks now while Dana just came in on May 1. Since Dana's flight came in late at night (or early morning) the couple decided to stay overnight at the Heritage Hotel before driving down to Pangasinan the following day. The hotel they stayed in was a 15-minute drive from my house. So! I invited the two for lunch at the Mall of Asia. While having lunch, I got to know the couple more. Debbie is so sweet no wonder Dana is hopelessly in love with his wife. After lunch, We took a short walk through the mall with Dana insisting on walking by the seaside. Debbie took pictures and she'll probably send them to me through email. We were both sorry that they had to leave soon for the drive back to Pangasinan. I promised them though that when I do push through with my plan for Orlando vacations, I would drop by their place in Georgia.
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

It was a very short fight. Ricky Hatton fell twice during the first round. He looked disoriented as he went off to his corner at the bell's prompt. Pacquaio looked relaxed - not a strand of hair out of place or a even the beginnings of a sweat on his face. Pacquiao's left hooked Hatton somewhere near the jaw and jugular area. Hatton's eyes looked up glazed and defeated. The fight was over. Manny Pacquiao won. Hatton's training staff underestimated the power of Dr. Manny Pacquiao.

Congratulations Manny!
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I turned on the TV set in my bedroom and I was met by a thud-thudding sound that gradually faded away as the TV monitor warmed up. I grabbed the remote clicked on the up/down button to change channels. Nothing happened. I checked the remote control's batteries. New. I re-programmed the remote control. Nothing happened too! Oh well, I stood up and tried to change the channel manually. The UP button worked fine but when I pressed the DOWN button, it went straight down the TV's control panel. Seriously! I need a new television set. Maybe it's time I get one of those new uber high tech LCD TV set. First I have to see if I can afford to buy one including an LCD mount.
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

I barely slept the night before our great escpade to Anvaya Cove. Daughter #4 and my son were off to Davao on the same morning I was to leave with the girlfriends. Being on a budget, daughter #4 and my son booked to 4:00 A.M. flight to Davao - meaning they have to check in at NAIA 3 around 2:00 P.M. Guess who the driver was? By the time I dropped the two off and got home it was 2:30 A.M. so I decided to just stay up and watch TV since I'd be getting up at 4:30 A.M. When daughter #1 dropped us (daughter #s 2, 3, Ethan and I) at the meeting place, I was ready to fall flat on my face. My friend Liza arrived with her chauffeured SUV to pick us up. We were then on our way to NLEX to meet up with the other girlfriends.

We met at around 8:00 A.M., ate breakfast and talked. Ethan actually asked my girlfriends and I why we never stopped talking. The pit stop was filled with fast food joints and several booths giving out discount supplements to what have you. I took several.

In front of an authentic 1800s wooden main door

On we went to our first tourist stop of the day, Bagac, Morong, Bataan. I asked what was in Bagac and Myr said it's the place where they shoot Richard Gutierrez's Zorro. The place is a mini-village under construction. Replicas of Spanish houses circa 1800s were being put-together. The materials used were real antique wood, panels and posts. The place would eventually be opened to the public. But for now, only Zorro and us were allowed to. Photo on the left shows us at the authentic 1800s main door to a casita.

My amigas and I at Zorro's azotea.

Eating our packed lunch in one of the casitas.

This was a photo documenting the preparation to jump.
The jumping picture was actually captured by daughter #2 in
Kim's camera. However, Kim being Kim, erased the
said picture. Daughter #3 said she has her own shot of the great jump.

Here's the jump pics from #3's digicam.
The deleted picture was better. Kim!
picture was a lot better.
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The overnight R & R I had with my girlfriends proved to be a quite relaxing but tiring one. We went to an awesome cove somewhere in the North. The place was fantastic. There were not so much people as it was an exclusive resort for members and their guests. Here's a preview of the beach front from the hill top.

Below is a sampler picture of my friends. We've all accumulated weight over the years! But don't under estimate this bunch of sillies as they are all very successful in their chosen fields. One of them is even the co- CEO of Operation Blessings Asia (affiliated with the 700 Club). Our R & R was so much fun. We talked, laughed, reminisced, and ate without abate. The talk was everything and anything under the sun and moon. I guess we should have discussed best appetite suppressant as we well all seem to need to take one.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

It’s alarming that there seems to be a swine flu epidemic Mexico. The Mexican government has ordered a five-day shot down as it struggled to fight the growing spread of influenza A (H1N1). Although flu vaccinations in humans could not possibly prevent swine flu, it is still a relief to know that my immune system had been boosted by the Vaxigrip flu immunization that I had.

I was informed that a second wave of flu vaccinations would be sponsored by Sanofi Pasteur. I missed the first campaign and I have resolved that I will not miss the second Bakuna sa Flu campaign. Ethan and I were set for the flu shots. However, as Forrest Gump says “sh*ts happens”. Ethan contacted the trangkaso two days prior to the event. He was running a fever from 39° Celsius to 41° Celsius. I was in panic mode! My daughter (the doctor) thought of inserting an IV to better manage Ethan’s high fever. The fever was uncontrollable. My fault. I should have not missed the first Bakuna sa Flu campaign.

I attended the second Sanofi Pasteur Bakuna sa Flu campaign on March 7,2009 at Max’s Tiendesitas. The place was filled with mommy bloggers with their kids. Sanofi Pasteur was to give free flu vaccines for the mom bloggers and their kids. I brought along daughter #4 and we were one of the first ones to arrive.

As more bloggers arrived and got settled Dr. Ruby Mendoza-Dizon started the short but very informative talk about the importance of Bakuna. I learned that the flu season in the Philippines coincide with the rainy season that is from July to October. The best time therefore for the flu vaccination is from February to June. Who are the best candidates for the vaccination? Everyone who does not want to have the flu! However persons who have increased risk of complications should get himself immunized. Here is a short list of those said persons.

• Persons 50 years or above
• Children 6 months to 23 months
• Adults and children with chronic health conditions:
• Chronic health disease (congestive heart failure, hypertensive cardiovascular disease, valvular heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, stroke)
• Chronic lung disease (COPD, asthma, bronchitis)
• Chronic renal dysfunction

After the short talk a lot of questions were asked by the participating bloggers. Through the many questions I learned that pregnant women past the first trimester are safe to be immunized, so are those with colds, but not those with fever. I also learned that the vaccine is made of dead flu viruses and that it would take two weeks for the flu immunity to build up to its full strength. After that came vaccination time. Here are the many faces of the flu vaccination.

The flu vaccination was a success. Sanofi Pasteur is tenacious in its campaign to prevent flu in the Philippines. The brand Vaxigrip is the brand to look for. According to daughter #1, MD, it’s one of the best flu brands available in the Philippines today. After the vaccination came the fun part – snacks! I met some fellow mom bloggers and we all had a blast exchanging tidbits. The Max’s friend chicken did not fail us too. Delicious as always!

The event was wrapped up with Sanofi Pasteur in conjunction with Nuffnang Philippines giving out these bags filled with goodies. Thank you Sanofi Pasteur.

A Flu awareness campaign brought to you by Sanofi Pasteur

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