Wednesday, April 30, 2008

PR! The mighty Google has once again waved its mighty wand and has merited page ranks to deserving sites. The italics in the word deserving because I truly question the basis of page ranking. Why? This blog is still PR 0 despite its technorati rank, izea real ranks, link popularity and backlinks. This site has all the markings of at least a PR 2. I do not question other sites but mine. You see, my other blog, Manna from Heaven has now a PR 3!

Manna from Heaven is my two-month old personal inspirational blog. It has very few posts and links. I just keep the blog to vent and air my spiritual inspirations or sometimes, my lack of it. On the other hand, And Life Goes On , is a personal blog that airs all my angsts aside from making it a venue for paid ads and reviews. It had a PR 4 for an hour or two, then poof! Zero again.

Having said that, now I know why this blog is zilch. We, paid bloggers, have been warned of paid links and reviews. Reviewing sites and products and putting backlinks to these sites count as paid links that Google does not like. Um.. so the G robot read my paid-review-links and other non-adsense click-to-get-paid links and decided to count my site out?

Page Ranking counts to bloggers like me who earn extra for product and service reviews. The higher the PR, the more opportunities are available. What good is my PR 3 in my inspirational blog? Should I start to use that blog for paid reviews?

Posted by desperateblogger On 4/30/2008 10:42:00 AM 9 comments


  1. "Reviewing sites and products and putting backlinks to these sites count as paid links that Google does not like"

    my do bloggers who blog for profit (who put backlinks too) get a high PR rank..after all, they have more opps than we do right?

    just thinking out loud..

  2. I feel your pain. I lost my PR2 on my monetized travel site for what I believe to be the paid posts issue and I gained a PR3 on my blog where I like to talk about my son and my dog. I am still going to do paid posts, but I am only going to do the ones that do not require you disclose it.I hate feeling the need to bow to the almighty Google Gods!!!!

  3. If only there are sites which will pay me to review politicians and politics, ahehehe :)

    But I'm really not much into PR, though a 3/10 would be a bonus.

  4. I share the same sentiments. buti ka nga, ate len. PR3 na yung manna from heaven mo. ako both sites ate PR=N/A.

    kaya di ko muna sineseryoso ang mga paid opps that require PRs.

  5. i hope this concern reaches Google. it deserves to be heard.

  6. I do understand your sentiments. Same with my other blog, i lost my pr3 the other day. But google paid me back, earned the same PR3. Dont worry, PR is not the basis of our earnings. There are many other opportunities out there, it will come in time.

    Happy blogging. Cheers!


  7. my blog used to be a PR3 and is now a PR4... i also have paid posts on my sites... i guess disclosure makes a difference?

  8. borski and nai: that is the big question as most sites do get page ranks!

    annie: thank you.

    splice: your dream review will never ever happen!

    wena: basta!

    the dong: google knows all about the buzz re PR. they're just keeping mum cause they rule!

    ambo: thanks for the encouraging words. basta blog pa rin!

  9. I really don't get what's with Google PR either so I pretty much don't worry about it. Let's just take it as it comes and enjoy blogging. Have a nice day!


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