Sunday, February 10, 2008

Gotta gig tonight!

No! I’m not drunk!

I’m going out. Don’t wait up.

School sucks!!!! I quit!!!!

Lucky me. I have not had the occasion to hear these phrases from my kids. No. They are not the nerdy-fanatics-worthier-than-thou-type of kids. They are just your regular neighborhood sort. They don’t smoke, do drugs or party incessantly. My kids are conservative in principles, actions, habits, etc. In other words… they are square.

My kids are focused on their studies: so focused that I have to put my foot down against their going to school when storm signal #3 is up. Their reason? No class suspension announcement yet!

My fault actually. I have rammed into my children’s the value of education: I say what you’ve learned cannot be bought, stolen or lost. It is your legacy! It is your right and privilege and it’s up to you to make the most of that opportunity!.. relentlessly.

Gosh! I so sound like my dear-departed-papa! Yes, I tend to sermonize complete with emote. I usually do the discourse during dinner. But wait! As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with my lectures.

Parents should instill to their young children the importance of education. How? I initiated my kids by developing their study habits. Kids need structure and discipline. Once your child starts preschool, set aside a time for study. By “study” I do not mean comprehensive reading and writing and math at 3 years old!: more on reciting the alphabet, doing puzzles and coloring books, story-telling and the likes. As the child grows older and more apt, then you can modify his study period accordingly.

When my eldest started preschool, I integrated into her schedule a “mommy-child” time. Oh these sessions were often tearful (on my daughter’s part) but we persevered. I bought each of my children a study table. They had their own little nook for studying and doing their homework. I bought books, books and more books for my kids to read and use as reference. (Yup, no Google yet).

The study time that I started with my kids paid off. (I’d like to think, big time).

My eldest, (who used to cry at study-time) is now a doctor. My second child (who can’t seem to grasp the meaning of study much more, spell it) is now a teacher. My third child (who used to feign sleep and appear innocent to avoid study-time) is now a dentist. My fourth daughter (the one who wanted to leave home at age 6 and hahaha, thought that unicorns are real [at age 17!]) is a senior taking up a double-degree course. My fifth and only boy (who was a super-hyper kid that we thought had ADHD and was and is still color-confused) is a freshman at a top Philippine university.

Yes. My kids are square… and I don’t mind.

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Posted by desperateblogger On 2/10/2008 09:04:00 PM 10 comments


  1. I suddenly remembered those times that my Mom keep on telling us about the importance of education and how hard for them to enroll us in a good schools especially with our financial problems.

    Wow, you're so lucky to have children like them who treasures and do what you taught them. Some kids these days are ... tsk tsk..

    By the way, thank you for sending me a message and welcome to the blogosphere. About the "tagged", it's a way of a blogger to increase their google page ranking or to distribute their links to other bloggers.

    If you want to invite people or other blogger to visit your blog, just add a comment on their entries/post too (like what I'm doing now) and in return, they will visit your site. Just make sure that you will add a comment related with their current entry.

    I'll add you to my link page and if you still have any question, just visit my blog. :)

  2. Headache? Consult child number one. Toothache? Consult child number three. Problem in school? Ask child number three. Last but not the least, want to built a house? Desperateblogger will save the day :0)

  3. Wow...You've been there and back..Me on the other hand, is starting my journey on motherhood.

    Hats off to you, Ma'am.

  4. hi! thanks for dropping by and for the "tip".

  5. renz, before you know it, your child would be all grown up. so just enjoy and savor the joy and pain of mommyhood.

  6. @db (short for desperate blogger), in our family, both my parents were working so that "study time" between parents were not that often as they will be home late and growing kids do need their early bedtimes. What they did do is get us tutored because they recognized a need to have study habits at our ages (and complete assignments).

    For mama and papa's part, they made sure that if any of their five children will have a school show, recognition, or what have you, they will surely drop in (with manong photographer in tow). They also made sure we have all the things we need in school, made sure we had the school project in on time, hired the dance instructor for our christmas party presentation, got involved in PTA, etc., in short, making our school lives easier and fuller-- we just had to do THE actual listening, studying and pass.

    So hats off to parents like you for your love and support. We needed it then, and we definitely still need it now that we are grown up and starting families of our own. < Tear > I miss Boy and Nitz...waaaaaah!

  7. you made me teary-eyed you artista ng davao you!

    parents have different ways of instilling discipline and values. nitz's and boy's ways were dictated by their situation then. sige tutors galore but in the end, they were there for you too.

    ako president ng fans club mo ha?

  8. nauna na ako magtayo ng Lena Forever Fans Club!

    i treasure your family always! senti ba??

  9. to miss desperateblogger i envy you, hubby is so proud to be in his life and a mom of his children......


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