Friday, May 30, 2008

I admit that the fastfoods from Beijing are a little bit too much for me. I am not very adventurous when it comes to food. One should also consider the country of origin on gauging certain food tolerance or affinity. What maybe yucky for me (a Filipina) might not be yucky to citizens of other nations. Eating exotic food takes a courageous spirit and a high tolerance to the yuck! factor. I don't even eat balot. I used to but when I was old enough to know exactly what balot is, I stopped eating it. What is balot? Well, balot is a Filipino delicacy of nine-day-old fertilized duck egg that is cooked like hard-boiled egg.

A large percentage of Filipinos eat balut. In my household, my hubby is the only one who eats the whole thing: embryo et al! Okay, some non-Pinoys might find that eating balot is a task right-off Fear Factor! To take your mind off the lowly Pinoy balot, take a look at another fastfood from Beijing. Don't blame me. I too was just browsing.

balut picture
Posted by desperateblogger On 5/30/2008 10:12:00 AM 16 comments


  1. yeah, that looks yucky! i don't eat balut as well. just thinking about what's inside it makes me wanna puke!

    but i have nothing against the people who likes eating it. just not for me!

  2. hehehe I knew an African American who told me he loved to eat balut! hahahaha

    pero ako yung sabaw lang sa balut...I still can't stomach eating the whole embryo! especially pag 18 days na!

  3. My husband is filipino, but he is totally white washed so he doesn't even know tagalog or anything. One time at his family reunion I decided to eat a balut, and his uncle and granddad were so excited and taped me eating it. My husband and his cousins were like..ewwwww. I thought it was funnie.

  4. Before I eat balut..It used to be my favorite. But now? Eiiiw!No way!When I got pregnant, I promised not to balut.It makes me think that I'm eating a fetus!

  5. I've only ever heard of people eating things like this and i had hoped they were joking. I think it must be a mind over matter thing. Not for me though

  6. eating balot is an acquired "talent". i can totally sip the broth in the balot and eat the egg yolk if i want to.. but not the embryo

    sheng: my kids don't eat balot too.

    Z'riz: an 18 day old embryo is sisiw na!

    thebaglady: of you're one brave lady! hats off!

    havenlei: eewwwww!!

    cat: you're right. it's really mind over matter, which i totally can't do.

  7. Balut/balot rocks the socks off my feet! Ahaha! I damn love that food. The broth/soup, the yolk, the hard white part, and the chick! Sarap nyan men! whoohoo! \m/

  8. yup! that's why it still puzzles me that they sell it pa! hahahaha merong beak na...and feathers!

  9. splice: it'll be so easy to feed you. balot lang ang katapat.

    z'riz: lol! that's what happened to me.i think i was about 10 and happily eating my balot. when i bit on the balot i saw the sad head and beak of the itik complete with wet or rather cooked feathers. ayoko na kainin after that episode.

  10. hihi, i love balut but I close my eyes eating it and cant eat if the chick is kinda big or if I open the shell i saw the eyes, il sip the soup na lang and the yolk.

  11. nine-day-old? the one we encountered was a 16-day-old balot and it wasn't the best snack we've had!

  12. Balot/balut??? Yuckkkkkksss!

    Dana said if Andrew Zimmern ( Bizzare Foods/ Travel Channel )ate balut, he will, too! lol...let's see...

  13. hahaha well...that didn't happen to me fortunately! :)

  14. ew! i don't eat balot BUT i LOVE watching people eating balot. So when they noticed me watching them, they offer me one but nah nah, it's enough for me to watch you. I feel the same satisfaction that you felt. In a sense it's not yucky.

  15. Ngek! I don't also eat balot for me its yucky.. But for those who love to eat balot its super Yum yum yum wth the help of suka and asin.


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