Sunday, March 23, 2008

Have you heard about this Australian guy who put up a blog to lambast a Filipino group of friends nicknamed Gucci Gang?

The Gucci Gang comprise of some of Manila's high profilers like Tim Yap, Celine Lopez, and DJ Montano. The story, according to the Australian, was in essence a sting costing $70,000. I'm not really sure if the $ is US or Australian. Anyway, the Australian's boyfriend is DJ. DJ alledgely scammed Brian (the Australian) into giving him (DJ) money as capital for a restaurant joint venture with Celine Lopez. The ventrue never materialized and the $70,000 is gone. Brian wants his money back and he is currently spilling the beans on the people who alledgely scammed him.

Brian has a blog to facilitate his screams of foul. He spills juicy tidbits like so-and-so is a cocaine addict, that this eventologist is gay, that this journalist uses a ghost writer, that this Philippine newspaper is trash, and so many other stuff including negatory comments on the gang members' mothers. The writing style of the blog is akin to whining and accusation.

What struck me most were the hundreds of comments from Filipinos who are rooting for Brian. These Filipinos do their own share of fault-finding and stone-throwing at the Gucci Gang. It is as if the Gucci Gang represents everything that is evil in Philippine society: rich-famous-beautiful-idiots and addicts.

I think and ponder. Why am I troubled by this? I do not condone drugs or dishonesty. However, there are always two sides to a story. We have not heard or read about the side of the accused party. How will my life or the society I move in be affected if indeed the gang members are gay, addicts, illiterate divas, or scammers? Can't the Australian Brian file a civil or criminal case against the one who scammed him? The controversial blog has an average hit of 60,000 a day. That is a lot of clicks from Adsense.

More than century after Spanish rule, the Filipinos have not moved farther from irresponsible rumor-mongering and from the old reliable Pinoy trait of crab mentality.
Posted by desperateblogger On 3/23/2008 10:00:00 AM 9 comments


  1. dapat try niya mag adsense, baka sakaling mabawi niya din yung $70,000 hehe:)

  2. madame , well... hmn... stick with architekture. pls. thank you

  3. splice, naka adsense na yong blog may paid links pa.

    1. your spelling of architecture is wrong.

    2. my blog is a pesonal blog with no connection to my professon and no one can tell me what to or not to write.

    3. you should have given your opinion on the subject.

    4. why anonymous?

  4. at may sitemeter pa pala siya! tsk, I'm beginning to doubt him. Not because of the sitemeter, but because of those ads hehe (inggit?)

  5. sabi sa yo talangka mentality eh! (hindi naman crab, malaki yon e) LOL

  6. I should come here more often for my entertainment gossip fix, Lena, hahah!
    And by the way, been meaning to tell you this sometime ago. When did you post NY times spread featuring Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe? I happened to be at work when I checked out the link, and golly, I could've gotten fired! hehehe...
    Maybe your posts should carry a rating. :)

  7. salamat sa gossip haha! after embarrasing pics of the infamous Xeng Zulueta and Teressa Herrera came out, another ex-GG member Lucia Palami was caught in a compromising situation. this was in waaaah totoo kaya? what do you think?

  8. why put it in a blog? i think he should file a case instead of putting evrything on that said blog.

  9. @ msphilippines: precisely! there's no case to file for his allegations are just that, allegations.


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