Monday, January 28, 2013

I am not really vain.. Sure, I probably have a few jars and tubes of beauty products on my dresser but that does not mean that I am vain! I am not one of those women who can't leave the house without an inch of make-up on her face. In truth, I am one of those women who does not spend hours doing daily beauty regimen. But! Count me as one of those women who constantly seek new organic skin products.

Right. There are probably countless of  "organic" beauty soaps around but these soaps cost a fortune! I cannot very well shell out 450 Php  for a soap that melts like any other soap!  Now, there are supposedly  "organic" soaps sold in the local grocery but I really doubt that they are organic as they are way too cheap!

Thanks to Droplets of Nature's Beauty and Bright for its naturally formulated and reasonably-priced beauty soap.

There are two kinds of these soaps and both have skin lightening properties. The first herbal soap is a combination skin lightening body soap and an anti-aging serum bar.  The serum in this soap is  composed of skin nutrients and essential oils, skin lightening and anti-aging ingredients. I am not really after lightening my skin but I am very much interested in keeping my skin "youthful"! This anti-aging soap contains moringa extract, acai berry extract  and lactic acid - three potent anti-aging ingredients. Skin lighteners in this soap are kojic acid, papaya and lemon extract.  Use this soap like a regular soap. However, try to let the soap suds stay on your skin for at least 5 minutes. Rinse off and see (and feel) results after  regular use. 

The second Beauty and Bright herbal soap is a more potent skin lightening organic soap with noharsh chemicals. This soap contains  moringa extract, papaya, kojic acid, lactic acid and three very powerful natural oils - candeia tree oil, camella japonic oil and oxalis triangularis oil.  The combination of these three oils inhibit the production of melanin, which is the root cause of skin darkening.  The lactic acid moisturizes the skin while the moringa, papaya and kojic whitens the skin. 

Pegged at only 94 php and 114 php, these soaps are very affordable too.

You can order your soap and other Droplets of Nature products HERE.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

I had my  eyes refracted sometime in July. Naturally, I had  new pair of prescription eyeglasses made to conform with the latest refraction. The thing is, I can't seem to read  the words on my laptop's screen. I had to use reading glasses when I use the laptop. For 5 months, I made do with this pair. Last Christmas I had my eyes refracted again and this time, I decided to go for a progressive lens. My! The quote was quite expensive. It's a good thing that there was an ongoing eyeglasses specials so I was able to get the new pair of eyeglasses with a 25% discount. Great!
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Some of my childhood friends and I had a post Christmas lunch today. The luncheon dragged on for 6 hours. We each had our own food assignment and as usual, I brought oysters and mussels. We had the get together in one of the girl's new house located somewhere in Bacoor/Alabang. Did we have fun? You bet! We ate and talked non-stop.After all these years, we remain close (and I think, gorgeous!)
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Ethan, Tabby and D4 were all part of a wedding entourage. Ethan was the Bible bearer. Tabby was one of the flower girls and  D4 was a secondary sponsor. Since D4 was set to have her hair and make up done at 11 a.m. she decided to book a hotel near the wedding venue. She booked it for 2 days and wanted Ethan, Tabby, the nanny and myself to sleep over. I asked her how many beds there are and she said one queen size. Now, where will we sleep? D4 said we could just bring two Big Agnes Sleeping Bags. Though these sleeping bags are the epitome of comfort in outdoor sleeping, I would not want to spend 2 nights in it, while booked in a hotel! So, in the end, we just "camped" in D4's hotel room hours before the wedding to prepare and get dressed.
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Tabby was a flower girl in Vera and Mik's wedding  yesterday in a church in Eastwood. Oh, we had a hard time "controlling" her from not running back and forth the aisle. In the end, D4 (one of the candle sponsors) had to "walk" Tabby down the aisle.

After the processional, I had to get the little-hyper-flower girl from D4. I can't let her seat with the rest of the entourage as she'd surely fret and wreck everything within reach! Yes, our pretty little angel is quite "active".

So I got her from D4 and gave her to her nanny. What do you know? She does not want her nanny to carry her. She wants me! So, not minding my 4-inch heels, I carried her for quite some time. What now? My shoulders, arms and legs are now "complaining"!
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Creating digital music or audio production does not "happen" in one sitting. More often than not, you get "iinspired" when at your home, at work or even when at a friend's house. If you work full time in a big set-up studio, you might be working in studio 1 this day and then at studio 2 the next day. No problem, right? But if you have pre-selected plug-ins and stuff that you wish to access, you might have to pay for the software installation  on every computer that you use!  Thanks to iLok. you can now download 500 software licenses for your convenience. The Pace iLok 2 is the top ilok to get for your audio production convenience.
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Trending in Twitter is #cutforbieber here disturbing images of Bieber fans with slashed wrists are shown! What the?! It all started when a prankster who claimed to be a die-hard Bieber fan started an online campaign asking fellow fans to cut themselves until their "idol" stop smoking pot! This fan circulated fake pictures of slashed wrists. The problem is, there are now real fans who followed suit and literally cut their wrists! Oh my! Why are there mean people who suggest this kind of thing? Why are there fans who are unstable enough to heed such suggestions?
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

D4 and I attended a friend's 65th birthday bash at the Manila Shangrila. It was a simple yet extravagant affair! Okay, the description is not quite right. The birthday party was simple in terms of the guest list and it was extravagant because it was held as the "Shang". The dinner was scrumptious though I did not eat. I took particular notice of the roast lamb though. The birthday celebrant requested the guests to donate cash to her home church instead of buying her gifts. As a token of her appreciation, she raffled off a digital camera, DVD players and 3 L.E.D. TVs! Wow! Of course I did not win. If  I did I would have trooped to the local appliance store and got an L.E.D stand much like the flat screen stand at standsandmounts. Fun party. D4 and I even sang a duet.
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013.

The Blood of Jesus Christ covers all aspects of our lives. No power in hell can break the protection and covering of Jesus Christ's blood!

Lord, I declare and claim protection, provision and healing for my bloodline (children and grandchildren)  including my hubby, mother, brother and his family, and myself. Amen!
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The old year is gone but the clutter it made in my life (and house) is still here! What do I mean? Well, it is but normal to accumulate all kinds of stuff in a year. There are the soda plastic bottles, ketchup bottles, shampoo bottles, medicine bottles, all waiting to be sent to the neighborhood junkyard in the hope of collecting a few meager pesos. There are Ethan's and D2's tons of  used paper (i.e. test, homework) neatly (not!) piled here and there, with me feeling unsure if I should keep them or sent them to the junkyard with the plastic and glass bottles. Now, there are envelopes and envelopes and envelopes of 2012 bills all waiting to be filed away somewhere.  I would like to just gather all the junk that has accumulated in the house. How I wish I could start 2013 with nary a paper out of place. Maybe it's time to shop for some metal storage cabinets.
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