Thursday, May 28, 2009

Once again, the Philippine Senate has committed another blunder when some clowns in the House proposed a Senate hearing on the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili sex video scandal. Why does the senate have to put their hands into the cookie jar? Why not take the case to the proper courts? It seems like the Senate hearing is a way for some (okay, most) of the politicians spearheading it to use the issue for their own personal gain. I was unfortunate enough to view parts of the live video streaming of the circus, err, the hearing.

I was quite amused that the two senators bombarding Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili with really senseless questions were two of the most media-exposed senators.

Senator 1: So, (addressing Halili) what was in the video? Hindi ko kasi napanood eh.(I was not able to watch it.)

What the freaking fart? What was he doing questioning the persons concerned when he has not even seen the sex video that started it all? And who the heck was he fooling with his statement that he has not watched any of the videos?

Senator 2: Ngayon Dr. Kho, anong nararandaman mo ngayon kaharap mo ang babaing nilapastangan mo ang dangal? (Dr. Kho, what are your feelings now that you are face to face with the woman you have wronged?)

Crap! I thought I accidentally switched channels and was watching Boy Abunda himself! The hearing went on up to a point where Katrina Halili broke down and let out a string of expletives.To this, Senator 2 commented to Kho that if only he did not video tape his sexual exploits then there would not have been a problem. Kho was humbled and kept on apologizing. There was even an instance when a former police and now a Laguna town mayor who poured water on Kho's head. The mayor was identified as Abner Afuang. Talk about professionalism!

A Roman Catholic Bishop expressed his displeasure with the ongoing Senate inquiry into the Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili sex video scandal as a waste of time and taxpayer’s money. I totally agree! There are a lot of more pressing issues like the economy, poverty, financial crisis, growing unemployment problem, agrarian reform and the spreading A(H1N1) virus.

I thought Senate hearings are for those issues with implications to national security. I just don't understand why the Senate has to make a big fuzz of the sex video scandal. Royalties?! The scandal would have died a natural death as all scandals naturally do. As I see it, Hayden and his sex partners were all victims here. Dr. Hayden Kho's profession as a doctor is forever compromised. I guess no one would totally trust him now as a doctor. His sexual partners were "exposed" in all their glory and I guess they feel shameful and violated. My distorted sense of thinking and humor tells me that Katrina Halili is actually reflectinig "S*it! nabisto tuloy na pakekak ako!"

We all have had our share of immoralities and "immortalities" - pictures, videos, text messages, letters or any tangible item that we sure wanted erased from the face of the earth. To the Senate clowns who are currently enjoying the freak show, I have two messages for you.

Let him who without sin cast the first stone.


Look who's talking!
Posted by desperateblogger On 5/28/2009 07:37:00 PM 14 comments


  1. Eto lang masasabi ko. Bastos yung nagbuhos kay Hayden ng tubig. Kahit pa gano kasama ginawa ni kho, wala siyang karapatan mang buhos ng ganun. Parang walang pinagaralan. Dating colonel pa man din.
    I'm not on hayden's side or anything.
    I just don't like the way he treated that person.
    Tawag dun PAMPAM!

  2. Don't you feel more secure now that you know they're dealing with this? I guess I don't have to worry about the video of me and a VERY famous actor? We were just talking though...hahahaha.....

    Yan ang senado natin dyan! Kakaiba.


  3. i just don't get it why they can't seem to get in touch with the other people involved in this circus - erik chua and bistek the Philippines too big that the authorities can't get their hands on these two?

    btw,who was that senator who asked what was in the video?it wouldn't be called a sex video if it's about farming or something else,is it?common sense.besides,we've established the fact that something happened between katrina and kho.i don't think the senators need to watch it "in aid of legislation." what they should be doing is leave the case (and the viewing)to the courts and they, as senators,should pass into law miriam's bill on cybernet peeking. that's their job!

    they've been sitting on that bill for a long time.if they only acted on it before,this case would have been a lesser circus. puro papogi kasi malapit na elections eh.

  4. @ add topic: i totally agree with you na ang bastos talaga nun former police na si afuang. it was mentioned that he's the current head of an ngo dealing with victims of crime. he said that halili looks like his daughter and that pushed him to do what he did. he said he'll never apologize for what he did because he did "dahil mahal ko ang sambayanan filipino. ginawa ko to para sa mga kababaihan." -- his reasoning was hilarious!

    @ huling: naku buti na lang at naitago ko na yong "video" ko.

    sabi ni kuya bong, yong next hearing daw hindi na circus. e pano na yong mga clowns sa senado?

    @online writer: eric chua and bistek rosario are nor celebrities. the two won't make such an impact at halili and kho. i think the senate should call vicki bello too. she'd good publicity material to the pa-poging clowns in the senate.

    kuya jinggoy said he has not seen the video. now i'm wondering how the senate committee would watch the video during the hearing - a laptop plugged into a big screen? :)

    there are a lot of important bills sitting in congress. however, this issue was pressed on by bong because according to an article i read, ruffa mae quinto gave bong an ultimatum that if the ruffa mae-kho sex video ever comes out, she'll leak the bong-ruffa mae video too. i just don't know how credible this piece of info is. :)

  5. hay na-Koh! basta malapit na elections, kahit anong basura basta sikat, sasakyan ng mga yan. nakakainis!

  6. the senate inquiry is a legal mandate however i dont see thse senators as credible people to conduct the inquiry.

  7. @ desperateblogger - Duh?! Looked like her daughter?! I see no resemblance! He's just tryin' to get away with what he did. He truly lost his manners.

  8. It's but a Freak Show alright. And just like every other freak show, it's all intended to get the target audience's attention. That doesn't seem like a real waste of Taxpayer's Money .... Not when you're in a position to steal the taxpayer's money anyway. :)

    That Abner Afuang stunt just gave Hayden the break that he needed. Perhaps the tiniest bit of public symphaty which he really, really needs. So was Afuang really on the side of the victims? :)

  9. sadly, that's is what the Filipino expect from a committee composed of "artista" Sen. Revilla and Sen. Estrada and Jamby who is also accusing in media, instead of in the right tribunal. Apart from that, in my own opinion, the Senate should not butt in this issue. They should, instead, concentrate on making laws that will hinder the distribution of immoral scandals to protect the children from seeing it. The investigation will only go to nowhere merely because the investigation is only a "shooting"
    Now, people should know that electing celebrities will give them waste of their money and time.

  10. While I don't agree with the water pouring kasi humiliating. I guess Hayden just needed that, para magising kung baga. Gusto ko nga holy water pa, para magising siya sa kamaliang ginawa niya. *lol*

    May political hiatus or wala, I still want Hayden to face the consequences dahil hindi lang si Katrina ang biktima rito pati yung kawawang GF nya dati na kinunan niya ng walang consent! Wala siyang galang sa mga babae, para siyang walang nanay, kapatid or pinsan na babae.

    Yun lang po, just my 2 cents.

    Hi Lena. ^_^

  11. Instead of concentrating on matters of national interest, mahilig sa pang "showbiz" ang mga politiko natin. Kaya wala tayong asenso because of the kind of people we vote into office. As they say, it happens "onli in da Pilipins."

  12. Hay naku, kaloka ang Senado natin, mga useless naman sila!

    Korek! Look who's talking! As far as I know, baka mas malala pa sila kay Hayden Kho.

  13. Marami pa ring hindi maka-get over sa issue HKKH.. i hope matapos na to dahil marami ng gustong makisawsaw.

    btw, i just drop by your site. will be visiting often..^^ ciao!

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