Friday, February 17, 2012

My house's floor plan is unique. It does not have the usual first and second floor but split levels. The stairs are either 4 or 6 steps. From the ground level, it's 4 steps to the bedroom areas. From the 2nd level hallway is a stairwell that goes 6 steps to a 3rd level bedroom and 6 steps to the "basement". The basement is where the mini-library is. It's also there where my drafting table is. A desktop used to grace one corner of the area but since wi-fi, we all switched to laptop.

The basement needs to be re-tiled. Two years ago, at the height of the devastating typhoon Ondoy, flood seeped-in the basement. Muck and mud got in with the flood waters and since then the basement floor was never the same again. I need to re-tile if I want the basement to revamp the area. Now, I wonder what type of basement floor tile I'd choose this time.
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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Three of four years ago, Ethan locked himself in my bedroom. Oh turning the knob from the inside to open the door is pretty straightforward but the door knob broke and there was no way to open the door. D2 and I panicked to the max as we pried open, banged on the door, kicked it and even pleaded with it to open but to no avail.I think I have a detailed narration of the incident some where in the archive, complete with pictures.

That time, the blinds in my bedroom were sacrificed. I had to pry open the French window in my bedroom to get to Ethan. The blinds were in the way so the ends were cut. Well, Ethan is certainly not locked-in the bedroom anymore and the broken door knob has been taken care of but the broken blinds are still up. I think it's really time to source for some Discount Blinds for my bedroom.
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What ever happened to the "memes" that used to flood blogsites? I remember the days when other bloggers "tag" and "link" other bloggers through awards and more awards that come our way. Now that was a clever way to get linked and truth be told, that was one of the ways I got links in 0ther websites.

Is is just me or has this linking phenomenon had had its heyday? True, true. I got so busy with freelancing that I've set aside my bloggging. Yes, it was my fault that I lost contact with other bloggers. Maybe the meme-thing is still thriving and it's just me that is out of the game. I miss my blogger friends. I have not communicated with them for some time now. Hey friends! Where are you?

I think I need to drop by their blogs and say "hi" - that is if I could remember all their websites.
Posted by desperateblogger On 2/11/2012 05:56:00 PM 3 comments READ FULL POST
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