Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Every so often, I am hit with the "bug" to revamp, renovate, repaint, refurnish my house. It would not really be much of a problem if  the itch to renovate my house comes every 5 years or so. Oh no. I am constantly on the lookout on new and unique ways to improve my abode and that is, everyday. Why everyday? Well, I am literally bombarded with websites,  magazines, TV shows, brochures and books relating to home improvement. If only I have the means (and energy) to renovate at least every two to three years, oh wow! That would be great.

A couple of days ago, I chanced upon a truly remarkable Chicago custom furniture shop.  The website specializes in everything wooden -from flooring to cabinets to furniture. I so love wood in my house. As a matter of fact, wood is the prime material in my house, from 8" V-cut planks of the exterior wall, to the Narra plywood interior finishing to the Guijo T&G flooring. See the kitchen cabinet I sourced from the site? Love it!

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Monday, September 17, 2012

For advocates and composers of electronic music owning a novation launchpad is a must. What is it? It is a compact controller that offers an interactive experience with an Ableton Live. The controller and the software work bi-directionally with each other to give the user real-time session feedback. Designed jointly by Ableton and Novation, the Launchpad affords an amateur or professional musician varied functions in the Live interface, through  a grid of backlit-buttoned mode selectors. Great! A nephew  is a drummer of an up-and-coming band. Two weeks ago, his group launched their first commercial CD. Yup! He did mention that they did use this awesome gadget in their recording.

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After more than 22 years, I finally saw my high school chum Patricia. The last time I saw her was during the architectural board exams in the 80s. When I mentioned this to her, she can't even remember that we did see each other on the 2nd day of the 3-day board exams! How could you not remember Pat? You were in a dilemma that day for the exam was plotting and you did not bring a protractor! Anyway, Annie (another high school chum), Pat and I had a wonderful dinner at Greenbelt 5. The long-drawn dinner took us down memory lane. The 5-hour dinner just wasn't long enough.
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Christmas is just around the corner. It is that time of the year when our church's Music Ministry is starting to plan for the coming Christmas season. This year, there are plans on recording secular and religious songs to commemorate our church's 49th year. Since the celebration will in December, it is a good idea to hit two birds with one stone - record Christmas songs in CDs then sell them for fundraising. The church has a small recording studio fitted with the basic equipment for recording. Though it has been the church's long-range plan to source for a state-of-the-art recording equipment, fund is still insufficient.

It is a good thing that one of the people behind the recording suggested to buy an Izotope Nectar to upgrade the vocal. This gadget has 11 vocal production effects needed to produce a great-sounding recording. Included features are:automatic pitch correction, breath control, compressors, manual note editor, reverb, limiter, doubler, varied built-in style preset, delay, EQ and de-esser. Great!
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I cooked homemade pizza the other day. Three large-sized pizzas to be exact. To go with the pepperoni pizza, I cooked barbeque-flavored ribs and baked penne pasta in marinara sauced. The kids loved them of course but I am not to happy as I now have a nasty burn which I got when I took out pizza #3 from the oven. Oh well, it's a good thing I still have some  burn ointment in my first-aid kit.

To go with the food, I made some orange juice spiked with lemon. I would have wanted to add a dash of gin for more "kick" but my kitchen is gin-less. In truth, my house is alcohol-less! I was browsing one of my cookbooks the other day and I took to reading the book about homemade beers and wine. It looks so easy but I do need to have special containers and other supplies. I wonder if I should just opt for beer making kits sold online.
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I just drafted a letter to our city mayor. About a month ago, the homeowners of  our village  had a meeting with the city engineers, city admin, DPWH engineer and contractor regarding the tapping of a newly constructed drainage system into our village's culvert. The connection would definitely bring about a deluge of microbes and ditch water into the low-laying streets in our area. After the meeting it was agreed upon that the new drainage system will not be tapped into ours. Yes! Or so we thought. After two weeks, the contractor still connected the new drainage into ours. Guess what?  The filthy water coming from the ditches has stagnated in our streets! I just hope our mayor would finally do something about our predicament as the health and welfare of the residents in our village are at stake.
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

My old pair of eyeglasses had to go. It was  more than 2 years old and did not "fit" me anymore. I was having this bout of headaches and cloudy-vision that the condition was affecting my work. So! I went to a doctor and had my eyes refracted. It seems that my left eyes' grade went up that my right eye had to compensate for the difference. The wise thing to do was to have a new set of eyeglasses.

I had one made and after 3 days got my new pair of eyeglasses. Goodbye headaches and cloudy-wavy vision! Or so I thought. I still have headaches! Worst, I need to change into my reading glasses when I use my laptop though my new pair is double vision! My new pair makes it impossible for me to ":read" anything that is more than a feet away from me! Gosh! Terrible!

A friend of mine has been telling me to opt for laser treatment for my eyes.She had hers done at this remarkable Chicago lasik clinic when she went to the US early this year. Yes, she is "eyeglasses-less" except when she has to read the text messages on her mobile phone. Now I am thinking....

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

It is official! My daughters and I have finally managed to squeeze-in our passion for party styling and planning. We "styled" a Pink Lemonade first birthday party for a client in Ayala Alabang. The client chose baby pink and light yellow as color motifs. She also wanted buntings and pinwheels and a table for the variety of sweets she was going to serve. Suffice to say that  I think our client (and her guests) were satisfied. Here are some pictures that I took via my iPhone. D3 used her digicam for the pics but if I wait for her to upload, that would take time.

We are now accepting party and event styling/planning in Metro Manila. Hire us, the Party Styling Divas & Co.  alindog(at)yahoo(dot)com 

Place setting for kids

centerpiece for adults table

 Sweets table

this is the scene that greets guests as they come in
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