Sunday, May 4, 2008

An online buddy ,Herson, introduced me to a site that pays you to do essays and research works. He said he has been with that company for a year and that the pay is good. Wanting to spread out my wings in terms of writing and well, earning money online, I signed up. All I had to do was fill-up the online application form and attach a sample of my work. I was readily approved to be one of the site's new writer for hire.

I was excited. Finally, a writing gig where I am not hired based on my site's PR or popularity or location or domain(or lack of it). Google will be happy with me. No more paid blogging! I received emails after emails of writing opportunities. As I peruse the topics, I thought what the heck did I get myself into? Here are some samples of opportunities offered to me.

Topic: Mobility/Continuing Care Nursing Care Plan
Type: Case Study (Health and Social Care)
Pages: 30
Level: Specialized Level (Nursing)
Page cost: $10.65
Total: $319.50
Deadline: 2008-05-07 06:21:15 PST
Style: APA, UK English
Sources: 10

Topic:How does an initially successful behaviour establish itself
as a self-defeating behaviour and why is it so difficult for the client
to recognise it?'
Type:Problem-Solving (Other/Not Specified)
Level: College Level
Page cost: $7.14
Total: $71.40
Deadline: 2008-05-03 23:36:17 PST
Style: MLA, UK

I signed up to write for subjects in art, religion and other easy social sciences. The clients specify the number of resources that is why it's imperative to do research work. Researching is not really a daunting task: but if you have to write a 30-page-10-resources-research- in- specialized nursing, a subject I know nothing about, to be written in UK English in 3-4 days, I say, old chap count me out.

The in-demand topics are business, health care and philosophy related. As I continue to receive offers of perplexing topics, my nose persists to bleed!
Posted by desperateblogger On 5/04/2008 12:21:00 AM 11 comments


  1. Had the same, errr, 'problem' (?) back when I started there. The topics were, well, damn hell reasons to bleed my nose to the point of anemia. But it's been good. Had it not been for the writing gigs, I wouldn't have been able to live independently for year, which was truly a relief for my parents back home.

  2. oh that certainly are painful.. 30 pages... in just couple of days... i had some hard time doing my papers for school and its only 3-4 pages with 2-3 sources.. but hey.. I am actually interested.. lol.. you think I can have the url of that.. :)


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  3. oh by the way.. i fave you on technorati.. you think you can fave me too.. :)



  4. Sis, I can't change your URl kase I don't know your name in my list. You are not in my list a desperate blogger. I don't know what name you were using when we exchange links before.

  5. Hi there, got here from splice and dice's blog. You might, if you haven't already, want to check out, which has probably the most definitive listing of how to make a bit from your blog or from writing on the internet. Long research papers are definitely out, for me. It's the short and sweet (not to mention regular) jobs that bring in the dough.

  6. Hi there, would you like to exchange links?


  7. splice: my nosebleed will eventually stop. so how the heck do you clasify english as either UK or harvard?

    vhiel: the url is

    bambit: tnx for the info. i've checked that site already that's why i got into paid blogging.

  8. I think the part where there's the "MLA/UK" refers to the citation/referencing style (MLA) and the language content (UK English). Funny though, they have that distinction between UK English and US English for research papers and other academic writings.

  9. hey! this sounds interesting. online writing and paid blogging really are potential source of additional income. but then, i can't commit myself to it this time for 2 reasons: i work fulltime, and i don't own a pc/laptop at home yet... i hope that soon i'll become an online writer/paid blogger hehehe.

  10. hi! I'm a full time mom and I just started blogging about marriage, motherhood, and pregnancy. I really love writing. Aside from writing for my own site, I am also interested in paid blogging/writing. Can you please recommend some good sites for me to start with? Thanks so much and God bless! ;)

  11. @ kyong: try payu2blog and blogsvertise. you can work for me. i sometimes have rush projects. send me a sample article.


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