Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two more days and 2012 will be here! How fast time flies! As I look back it seems that so many things have happened. For one, we have Tabby. Second, Ethan changed school and has now adapted well to his new school environment. The year 2011 has been quite "hectic" for us. I would like to celebrate the New Year meaningfully. I would like to give thanks to the Lord for affording us favors, provisions, good health and protection.

I have a list of food that I would like to cook for December 31. I think we're "going Japanese" this time. Everyone in the family loves Japanese food. I am also considering sending my sis-in-law flowers for the occasion as I chanced on online coupons for ProFlowers. I wonder how much it cost.
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Let Jesus be the reason for the season!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tabby had a photo shoot. She was made to change into numerous costumes and headdresses. D1 said Tabby was such a trooper for a 6-month old baby. She gamely posed and smiled and goo-gooed through the photo session. The picture shows Tabby in a tiny tin barrel. D4 said Tabby almost did not fit in the barrel! The photographer out on Tabby a flowered headband said "smile Tabby" and she did. The flowered head band is nice but I think a Sun Hat on Tabby is a good idea too. What do you think?
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It is Christmas school break and Ethan is having his fill of missed television shows and iPad games. However, I reminded him that he has a book review to do. Nine-year old Ethan is tasked to read Charlotte's Web which he argues, he has read before. I told him then that the book review should be a breeze. Then he went on to say that there should not be any homework as it's Christmas break. What can I say? I totally agree with Ethan! However, D2 said that Ethan's school has changed curriculum and plantilla and they all have to catch up on level expectations that is why the teachers gave homework to do during the holiday break. Oh well...
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's with the holiday season? Aside from the avalanche of parties and gifts, the season seem to be "that" time of the year when there seem to be a "flood" of marriage proposals! I personally know of 3 couples who recently got engaged. I even tried on 2 of the diamond engagement rings! Fun! Diamonds are "still" forever! To the right is a one carat diamond engagement ring to drool for. I just love the simple lines of this ring. Does it follow that the recipient of an engagement ring does no get to have a Christmas present from the husband-to-be?
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Ethan was tasked to do the Monday morning reflection for the whole Munich campus of Southville. His topic was all about controlling and managing emotions. His teacher informed us to help Ethan come up with a short insight about the value of the week. D2 and D3 thought long about how to do a unique presentation. They think that a mere "talk" will not leave an impact on graders ages 7-10. So! After brainstorming, I was tasked to help Ethan out by "acting". Even Tabby was given an acting part. See for yourself.

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My mobile phone is not that high-tech, meaning it does not have a GPS. My car does not have a GPS system too which is fine by me as I don't really traipse about all over the country using my car. Last week a group of young people from the church asked if I could go with them to have an ocular inspection to a probable venue for an after-Christmas camp. Since I have a van, I decided to take it so I could accommodate more for the drive to Indang, Cavite. Since I am not so familiar with the ins and outs of the rural town, we got lost! I was driving around in circles and the locals were of no help as they can't seem to point us out in the right direction. I think my car does need GPS. I better review gps units first before deciding to buy one.
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Just look at this beautiful little angel in tutu!
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I was still up at midnight yesterday so I started to browse on what was up on cable. I got stuck at HBO as the scene that popped out was the iconic white-bikini-clad-heavily-accented Ursula Andress in the first ever James Bond flick starring Sean Connery. The movie was shot in Jamaica and I was overwhelmed by the seemingly unspoilt nature and clear blue waters. I was also mesmerized by the slim and buff physique of 007. I thought Ursula's body was too "soft". Anyway, the 1962 movie was high-tech at that time. James and Honey were supposedly contaminated with some radioactive thingy and it was funny how a series of water showers decontaminated them.

Things have changed in the last 50 years. Sean Connery is now 82 years old. Ursula Andress, 76. Now we know that a series of water showers is not enough to rid of radioactive materials. Today, communication is lightning fast. Today there are what you call website architects and that there are Network Engineer Jobs available for qualified persons. Things have changed. Some for the better, some for the worst. One day, Ethan and Tabby will tell their grandchildren how "things have changed" too.
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