Thursday, May 24, 2012

Back in the days when  the first generation bellbottomed-denim pants thrived, my skin was so flawlessly fair and pink. Most called m beautiful complexion "balat sibuyas" as it was soft, smooth. Over the years of Cavite sun and salty air, the travails of motherhood and familyhood, my fair and youthful skin gradually faded. I woke up one morning and saw staring back at me, a taunt,dark and melasma-spotted face! Oh no! I looked so old!

I don't have the time and inclination (and money) to troop to the nearest dermatologist to fix my face. I just want to look the melasma out and for my face complexion to even out. I heard about SkinWhite - that it's supposed to you that :"beautiful blush white skin". Alright. It had me at "beautiful".

Well, the result was not instant but in a week's time I saw some improvements. After a month's use, the melasma are barely visible. In two month's, the melasma is gone and my skin was more subtle, with less wrinkles. In three month's time, my friends said I looked like a "meztisa" as my facial complexion is fair and pink!

Seems like SkinWhite has that  SYNCHROWHITE ACTION that:

WHITENS the skin’s surface
REDUCES formation of new dark pigments at its source
NOURISHES skin with Vitamins
PROTECTS skin against toxins and UV rays

... and that is how I got my beautiful blush white skin! Even my three Princes Charming (hubby, my son and Ethan) noticed!

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Countless moms the world over were toasted, honored, loved and showered with gifts on Mother's Day. Even the pastor's sermon yesterday was tied up with the occasion. There are moms who were treated-out for lunch or dinner, given  flowers, chocolates and cakes. Some, undoubtedly,  received expensive gifts from their children. I did not receive traditional gifts such as flowers, perfume or any article of clothing. My kids (and grandkids) are more creative than that. I received something priceless.

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finally,  D1, D3, Ethan and I finally watched The Avengers. D2, D4 and my son have been raving about this action movie. Every FB contact who had watched the movie had nothing but praises for the flick. Ok, I am a fan of  Robert Downey. I think I have watched his every major movies. I loved Ironman 1 and Ironman 2. Come to think of it, the 2 Ironman movies both opened in May (2008 and 2010) as with Thor and The Avengers (2011 and 2012).  I did not watch Captain America though.

We watched the movie in 3-D, which I did not particularly like as I don't like wearing a 3-D pair of glasses over my real eyeglasses. That (the 3-D) is the only thing that I didn't like about the movie. I think I got a bit dizzy with the zooming in and out of those aliens.

Robert Downey's quips were funny. His delivery were quick and so ordinary that I think not all who watched with us got the jokes. Chris Evans as Captain America is a hunk! He was one of the Fantastic Four sans the really buff body.  Chris Hemsworth as Thor is still captivating! He is so muscular and tall that he dwarfed the other characters. Mark Ruffalo is Hulk. Well.. what else can I say. He's Hulk. The Black Widow is portrayed by Scarlett Johansson. She was steaming hot!  Hawkeye  is played by Jeremy Renner. Oh, I had no idea who this actor is but he caught my attention as his super duper buff biceps were made more :attractive when he shoots those high-tech arrows.D1 said Renner is the new Jason Bourne. Loki is portrayed by Tom Hiddleston., the same Loki in Thor.

On a scale of 1-10, the movie is a 9 for its entertainment value and probably a 10 for its high-tech production.
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

In the May 6 NAIA 3 Raymart-Claudine-Tulfo fiasco, who is suing who? Well it seems that both parties filed charges against each other. Ramon Tulfo filed charges of grave coercion and physical injury against the Raymart-Claudine tandem while the same tandem filed physical injury and child abuse against Mon Tulfo. Yes. Child abuse. Looks like Raymart, Claudine and their lawyer just have to add another complaint to even out with Tulfo. I just hope that on that "fateful day",   the children were far enough not to hear  their mom say cuss words to the airline's ground crew.  When the fist fight erupted Claudine should have had the sense to take her children away from the scene instead of  diving into the fist fight herself. I just don't get it. If these were done, then the kids would not have been privy to the fight scene. Ramon Tulfo abused their children? That is funny, if not outright silly.

the "injured thigh" and yellow nail polish
Who threw the first punch? Raymart said it was Tulfo and Tulfo said it was Raymart. Claudine and Raymart claimed Tulfo kicked Claudine that's why Raymart  and his cohorts pulverized Tulfo. Now, why in the heck would Tulfo punch Raymart and kick Claudine? As a media person,  Tulfo is more susceptible to punches from celebrities  ( i.e. paparazzi) than him throwing punches at celebrities.  If he did kick Claudine, I wonder if it was really intentional or  was it accidental?  View the :"famous" fist fight video in slow-motion. It seems like the guy wearing the pink shirt accidentally kicked Claudine.

I almost fell off the chair the other night as I watched Claudine limped her way to the Pasay Police Station to file her complaint. The "limp" meant she was really kicked hard by Tulfo which does not make sense since her thigh bore only smudges of dirt as seen in the photo that I sourced from TV Patrol.. There was no reddening of the affected area. For someone as fair as Claudine, the tell tale sign of bruising should have been evident at once. What can I say?  Is that even a shoeprint? It it was indeed a shoeprint, is part of  NAIA3 muddy?   Looks like oil streak to me. Call CIS!  Well, I guess the medico legal examiner took care of that. According to GMA News, Claudine reached out to Gabriela for help. I wonder if the two female ground crew of Cebu Pac reached out to Gabriela too. Gabriela is a NGO women's advocate group in the Philippines.

I am not a fan of Claudine or Raymart (but I do like Randy!) I certainly am not a follower of Tulfo or his brothers (it was only yesterday that I found out that he has 2 other brother other than Erwin). The bottom line is this day and age of social media and citizen journalists, the media (is even more) entitled to take pictures, videos,  report and express opinion on anything and everything under the Pinoy sun.  That is their privilege. Public figures have the responsibility to act accordingly and not use their status to lambast the common people. Airlines must be more responsible and responsive with their passengers' needs and luggage! Peace!
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ethan's summer soccer workshop is in its last legs. In no time at all, summer vacation will  be over and it's back to school for the nth time!  It will be back to notebooks and books! Assignments and projects. Quizzes and exams. Argghh!

Ethan and his best buds Kyle, Andrei and Leila are in the soccer program. They do enjoy kicking and dribbling the soccer ball and I think they have certainly improved their skills. On the way to the soccer venue is a large field for horseback riding. Knowing nothing about horses and horseback riding, I can honestly say that the riders I see are all equestrians as they are in breeches, riding jeans and jodphurs. I wonder how much lessons cost. I wonder if Ethan would love to take riding lessons. Not!
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D3, Ethan and I attended Sunday services at our home church. The D1, 2, 4 and Tabby attended CCF in Alabang. They were quite excited as Paul Tan-Chi delivered the message. Here's Tabby in her Sunday best, on the way to church.
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 It was  tiring weekend for me. For  a change  I took my 10-year old Sunday school students for a breakfast communion at McDonald's. It was a refreshing change for my kids as they kind of belong to the lesser privileged and eating-out is not part of their usual family routine. After the church services was a really long meeting. Various ministries of the church are tasked to present their activities for the coming conference year 2012-2013. The meeting dragged on but at around 5:00 pm, I had to go to fetch D3. 

En route, I noticed that there are  a lot of big-named supermarkets and hypermarts that line Aguinaldo Hi-way  from Coastal Road all the way to Tagaytay. An ongoing construction somewhere in Dasmarinas is another Ayala Mall. I guess there is really I need for these commercial areas as the whole Cavite area is now literally peppered with residential subdivisions and housing. Won't it be something if the one of these developers opted for park model homes? Simple no-fuss instant homes.
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Monday, May 7, 2012

The Ramon Tulfo-Raymart Santiago-Claudine Barretto brouhaha. According to Raymart and Claudine, Ramon Tuifo punched (Raymart) and kicked (Claudine) when they "respectfully" asked Tulfo to stop taking pictures of Claudine while she was lambasting CebuPac staff.. The airline allegedly lost one of Claudine's luggage.

The couple, their children and a horde of yayas and bodyguards landed in NAIA 3 from Boracay. Ramon Tulfo just landed from Davao. He said he's in the process of writing an expose on the many boo-boos of CebuPac. He naturally noticed the commotion going on for who would not notice a crossed and unpleasant pretty woman while she hurdles insult on a "lowly" airline employee?  Being who he is (and his current task of writing an article about CebuPac) Tulfo took pictures (or was it videos?) of the scene he saw not knowing that the screaming banshee was Claudine.

Enough said! Just watch the video. Isusumbong ko na lang kayo kay Tulfo! 

*** Where the heck is the video that i embedded?***

Anyway... here's the link:
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ethan,my son and I attended the vesper services at CRL in UP Diliman last Sunday. I asked the girls to tag along so we could all eat out for dinner. Since the temperature was close to 37-degree Centigrade that afternoon, the girls refused to budge from their air-conditioned rooms. At dinner time, they opted to troop to my mom-in-law's house to eat. They were quite surprised to find our ex-seamstress there visiting my in-law. She went abroad more than 10 years ago and heard that she is doing fairly well as she married a nationale of that particular country. She seems to be very financially stable as she gifted my mom-in-law with a beautiful kaftan and cashmere scarf. I wonder what's her line of work.
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Come on everybody it's parachute time!
Tabby goes to Gymboree classes once a week. Now, you might ask, what do 10-month old babies do in such a class. Plenty! The baby and parent sing and do movements to increase the baby's cognitive intelligence and improve physical coordination. Tabby loves parachute time. Babies sit on the parachute as  teacher blows bubbles.
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no more crayons and coloring books
The Z generation will certainly rule the cyber world.  Kids born between 1995 to 2012 comprise this generation and they are the most highly exposed to current (and future) high technology.  This is the generation that will be the most internet-savvy.  When  my kids were little, I used to buy tons of coloring books, crayons, drawing paper and colored pencils for them to 'hone" their artistic inclinations and (in truth) as aid in baby-sitting. Twenty years+ later, the third generation in our clan prefer their electronic devices! However, I still see to it that these kids' use of these electronic gadgets is limited. Sure, these tech savvy 9 year olds do have their own social networking pages but I draw the line on internet browsing, sign-ups and game downloads  as one can never tell if a site has ample cybersecurity as protection for their users. Tech-savvy kids. What's next?

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