Friday, October 30, 2009

Snorkeling in the middle of the sea to the beautiful coral reef and feed the fish was not in my "wish" list. However, as I, my girls and Ethan were dropped unceremoniously in the middle of Hunda Bay, did we have any choice? I did learn something. I know now why so many are keen on snorkeling. It's amazing and exhilarating!

D2 and I waving at the "manong" as he took our picture.
The guide was lying low on the sea bed.

This is Ethan as he feeds the fishes. I am not really sure if he
was actually swimming away or towards the fishes.

That's my butt! I had so much fun I didn't want to leave.
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009



This beautiful stretch of white-sand beach is in Pandan Island, Hunda Bay, Puerto Princesa. The beach is accessible by a 45 minute ride motorized banca. The photos were taken just a few hours ago. Yes, there are pandan leaves growing abundantly in the island.
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Arrived at Puerto Princesa Palawan!

Here's a picture of me...with marching band music in the background
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En route to Puerto Princesa, Palawan!
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Five of the unofficial photographers at Ethan's party just dropped by and uploaded the pics in my netbook. There are 200+ pictures in the file and I am now having a major headache browsing through them.Ethan's party theme was MAD Scientist. Invites were inside test tubes. Guests were enjoined to wear lab coats or scrubs to come as a mad scientist. My lab coat says Dr.Mom with the label madder scientist for Dr. Ethan was the mad scientist. My son was Dr. Sonboy with the title bio mechanic. D4's title was test tube holder and the mad titles goes on. Shown here is D2 writing out IDs for the guests. The cutie in the pic below wants to be an "awkwitek" someday.

The party was different for we set up various work stations for the kids to do stuff like art work,

puzzle and origami stations..

and pin the thingy to some thingy...

The kids had fun doing all the work stations for each completed task merited tickets to redeem equivalent prizes.

However, the station that got the most attention, for the adults, was the velcro wall. I can't post all the wacky-sticky poses but here are a few. I know I have some where. I guess I just have to wait for the other unofficial photographers to turn in their memory sticks to me.

The party's main event was the mad science lab show. The kids were so mesmerized by the "magic" of science.

The party culminated with the birthday cake candle blowing and the giving out of party favors that were inside uber big green surgical gloves.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

As I was too cheap to hire a professional photographer and videographer for Ethan's birthday, I am now at the mercy of my guests who lug their DSLR cameras to take pictures of the event. Oh we have our own too but my daughters are also still so lazy to upload their pictures and videos. It was one heck of party. Ethan was absent the following day in school for I was just too tired to even lift my eyelids. My daughters and son were not so lucky though for it was back to the grinding board for them.

The party was set to start at 3:00 P.M. We had tarps set a long the way to guide guests to the house. However, excited guests came as early as 2:25 P.M. and I was still sweaty and smelly. My girls and I and the rest of the "helpers" sprung into action as we finish up other details.

As I was also too cheap to hire a caterer, my food were all "on the spot" cooking: burgers, hotdog, pizza and fishball.I rented the pizza and fishball stalls which delighted my guests at no end. I had a large grill where the burgers and hotdog cooked complete with a side dish of coleslaw and mashed potato. There was also the "mamang sorbetero" in one corner and the kids kept asking their moms for money to buy ice cream. The chocolate fountain was a hit too. Of course I had the usual fare of spaghetti, fried chicken and "pancit Malabon".

It was a themed party but I won't go into that yet for there's still no pictures to show! Meantime, I think I need to lay low on fatty and salty food for a bit for I had my month's ration all used up eating siomai, kikiam, and shrimp ball at the party. I think I need to "detox". I guess I have to look for the best colon cleanse available. There's a website that does review of colon cleansers. I better check it out.
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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tomorrow is Ethan's big day. The long-awaited-postponed 7th birthday celebration will finally push through. I and my girls have been so busy coordinating the minute details of the party. Add these to the regular work load I have and I feel like having that pipe dream of a las vegas vacations right now. As I type this, I still have a ton of things to do. I'll post pictures of the party so you'll have a clear picture why Ethan's 7th birthday kept us on our toes. In the meantime, I have to go see and check what time the food stalls will be picked up. I wonder if I've assigned someone for the sound system? Who will pick up the cake? ... and my lists goes on.
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Friday, October 16, 2009

I was on "speed" this morning hurrying and scurrying because of my 9:15 A.M. PTC (parent-teacher-conference.I got back real late last night or should I say, early this morning.I was planning to wake up at 6:30 A.M. so I could still have time to browse on my email and organize my day. I needed to work out a schedule Ethan's long-delayed birthday party on Sunday. Ha ha ha. I woke up at 8:05 A.M. and had barely time to do get dressed for the PTC. I made it though but I was so stressed and harassed. If only I could bottle "stress" and and sell them as weight loss supplements I'd be rich! In fairness, I have lost a lot of weight due to stress!
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I have not set up the desktop in the basement yet. I wanted to yesterday but as I am still "thumbless" I decided against lifting the cpu. Though each one of my kids and I have laptops, the ancient computer in the basement has all our early files and documents. The cpu was the first item that D2 "save" from the rising water. I have not checked if the cpu is working. I tried to use the printer the other day but it won't turn on. I wish I availed of an online backup services for the desktop. The online backup could store all the files in a computer's hard drive. The online backup is an insurance in case the computer's hard drive is corrupted. I think I should get this service.
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Again, I had a talk with one of my neighbors about the recent flooding here in Manila. She was telling me how her refrigerator floated right out of her kitchen. Well, my refrigerator horror story was that my upright freezer floated, frozen meat et al, in the basement. One good thing about these freezers and refrigerators is that the motor compressors are sealed tight that moisture can't get in. The only downside was that if your refrigerator has a water filter, then changing the gswf is definitely a must after the "flood".

It is raining again. Somehow, the pitter-patter of the rain terrifies me, in a way.
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I think I need to fumigate my house more thoroughly. The flood water that hit us was real dirty and I think the chlorine bleach and other cleansing products I used are not enough. Ethan has been scratching himself crazy these past couple of weeks.Likewise with D4. D2 is complaining of allergies while D3's skin allergies are active once again. D1's acne is acting up again too. She said she thinks she needs to go see a dermatologist for acne treatment. Well, I think I need to clean every nook and crany of my house again. Germs are still lurking about.
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I had a talk with one of my retired neighbors yesterday. I asked how where they went when the flood water rose at the height typhoon Ondoy as her home was at street level. She said she was fetched by 4 well-built men and was guided to walk in chest deep water. She said the flood water was up to her knees in the bedroom area. She used to be the National Housing Authority treasurer and that did not do her any good at all regarding her house design. She was lamenting that all her wood furniture are all warped and that the only "unharmed" ones are the wrought iron patio furniture
. So, she said she has been spending a lot of time outside than inside nowadays.
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Ethan has gained weight! The past few weeks of harried eating has brought havoc on Ethan's system. We were concentrating on a lot of other stuff that we sort of had more than our share of fastfood meals. I had difficulty zipping his pants on this morning. He can't zip it so he asked me to do it. I have never imagined how hard it was to zip a pair of pants 2 inches smaller than the targeted waistline not to mention that the "zipper" - the person and not the object- has only one good thumb to do the job. I gave up and I jokingly told Ethan that I'd give him the best diet pills so he would lose weight.

"But mom! I have to be fat. I'll be Mario in Halloween."

Oh! I didn't know that he was serious about wearing a Mario costume for his trick or treat. Now, I wonder who will go as Luigi. Not me!!
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Part of the subdivision where I live in is still in 2 to 3 inches of flood water. The flood water has turned into green which probably means that algae are alive and thriving! I took pity on one man who was on his bike when he slipped and fell on some real nasty-slimy algae. My concern now is the stagnant water could cause health issues. I had a talk with the town engineer a few days ago and he said that our "flood" is not a priority since there are other areas that need more help than we do. Oh, okay.

Anyway, I was driving along the flooded area when I saw about 4 to 5 small brown birds taking a "bath" in the clearer part of the stagnant water. They seem to be enjoying themselves so I slowed down and watch them have fun. It has long been my wish to have a couple of Bird Cages filled with love birds by the garden. The last time we had a bird was way back when my son was about 5 years old. I bought him a couple of love birds complete with bird supplies like seeds and water container. The birds did not last two days because my son let them go. He said he pitied the birds so he opened the cage and shooed them away. After a couple of weeks my son said he wants another pair. I told him "no" for he would only let fly away. He said no he will not so I bought him another pair complete with some pet bird supplies again. The birds lasted a week for on the 8th day, my son let them go again.

I guess for starters I could buy a pair first and see what will happen.
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I had a consult with one of the top hand surgeons in the Philippines the other day. D1 was insistent I see the orthopedic surgeon to make sure my left thumb is A-okay. I said yes and D1 made the appointment.

As I waiting for my turn, some patients were also waiting for their turn. One young man had a whole arm in cast. Another man in sarong sitting on his wheelchair, was in a half-body cast. The other patient to my right had her left leg in full cast too. I looked at my pathetic little left thumb that was in a splint and felt terribly out of place.

I heard my name called and I went inside the doctor's office for the consult. He looked at the X-rays, asked me questions and finally took out the splint in my thumb. The doctor concluded that 3 ligaments were torn and that I was lucky I was able to immediately put back my thumb when it was dislocated. He then asked me how I dislocated my thumb and off I went telling him about my flood rescue. The doctor has his own stories too. As he was re-splinting my thumb, he told me his flood story.

His home in one of the first class villages in Makati was also submerged in flash flood. He said the water was waist-high inside his house which was a good 1 meter high from the road. He said the ground floor of his house and all its contents were ruined and four of his cars were submerged in flood water. He lamented that no house was spared in the village including the steel buildings right outside the village's perimeter. He was really so low because of what has happened.

I told him that he is still luck than most because he still has a home to come to and his family is safe. I said that all that were ruined were material things that could be replaced.

He looked at me and said "You are right!" and his face lit up.

The re-splinting was done and I was told not to bend lefty for four more weeks. The doctor said he'd see after four weeks and will see if my thumb will be needing therapy. I wanted to feel bad about it but as I said, it's good that my thumb is the only "casualty" brought on by the recent flood.
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I lost a total of 12 pounds in 6 months! It was a slow but sure weight lost. My friends have been asking me how I did it since I do not go to the gym anymore. I told them through moderating my diet. I had to go on a low fat and low salt diet because of my high cholesterol level. It wasn't easy at first but after a few weeks, it was a breeze. It's not that I don't eat regular food at times because I do. Just yesterday I ate out and had some really nasty oily pasta, potato salad and chicken bar-be-que. The trick is to eat low fat and low salt food more often that you eat regular food. Exercise too. I haven't been jogging since even before the typhoon that hit Manila for it has been raining on and off in the afternoons. What I'd like to do now is read up on food that burns more calorie digesting them than their caloric value. I once read that corn is one such natural fat burner. I think I'd want to lose 5 more pounds.

I know. Don't think. Just do it!
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Friday, October 9, 2009

I need some freelance writers.

Leave your contact emails in the
comment section and I'll get back to you.
You can email me. Scroll down and look right
for the email add
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I was sorting through some of the stuff that were "rescued" from the flooded basement when I realized that I was keeping a lot of junk. The basement doubles as a library and in one of the bags that has some books, I found a grade 4 newsprint book of D1. The book is tattered and owing to its newsprint pages, about to disintegrate. I rummaged through the box and took out the books of the same genre for the junkman.

In one box, I found unwrapped and still brandnew holiday gifts given to Ethan last Christmas! I must have forgotten all about them when I tidied up after Christmas last year. Still in another box are empty boxes of all the mobile phones I must have owned since 15 years ago! I really should start getting rid of all these junk.... now!
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Monday, October 5, 2009

If you are from Manila, the southern part specifically, I am sure you know or have heard of the water supply dilemma of BF Homes residents for the last 20 years or so. The subdivision's own water supply has long dried up and excavation attempts proved futile because of the very deep water level that has to be tapped in order to have water. Therefore, for the last two decades, water was delivered through private means to homes in BF. About ten years ago the Manila Water Works and Sewerage System, upgraded its system (and continues to do so) that free flowing water is now available in the South, my house included. However, the management of BF Homes refused the services of MWSS for reasons I cannot figure out - nor the homeowners of BF too. Anyway after years of petition and court decisions and so on, BF Homes is now being fitted with new pipes. I was shocked (not really) to find out that the old water pipes laid out in the late 60's were of asbestos! Nothing to be surprised of actually as it was only the 80's that Mesothelioma was assessed. The disease is a form of cancer for people exposed to asbestos. I am not even sure if we have Mesothelioma doctors here in Manila.
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Sunday, October 4, 2009

To all those who want to donate to the flood victims, I am willing to accept your donations and buy the items that you want to give. D4 said there is a rising need for antibiotics like cloxacillin, amoxicillin, and cefalixine. I just called a generics pharmacy and cloxacillin is 7.50 php per tablet, amoxicillin at 4.00 php and cefalixine at 6.00 php. It would be no trouble for me to get the meds. I can donate the meds for you too. However, donations are anonymous but I can send you the receipt of the purchase.

You can donate though my paypal account. Just click the DONATE widget at mid right side of this page. Please stipulate your requests when donating. You can email me at alindog311atyahoodotcom.
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On the eve of super typhoon Pepeng (Parma), D1 #1 went straight to my sister-in-law's house after work so as to "save" her car just in case of flooding. All the kids, except D2, were accounted for, Ethan and hubby included.

I fetched D2 somewhere in the South after their group's relief operations in Laguna. D2 said it was only the volleyball team's coach (who is from Laguna) who asked them to consider helping out the affected people in Laguna. Their team was the first one to reach out to those in Laguna. Other relief and rescue missions were concentrating in Marikina, Pasig and Cainta. Horror stories of politicos posing for photo opps are many. What can I say! "LECHE kayo!" More about that issue next time.

Anyway, I packed some clothes to fill up a small suitcase in the event that we had to evacuate. I packed some of Ethan's clothes and all of the important documents like passports and stuff too. My SIL has been calling me to come over to their place but I refused. I said we'll "evacuate" in time. I already bought food, supplies and medicines. I checked the yard for any thing that could be blown off by strong winds. I made sure the mango trees are braced et al. I had candles (scented even), flashlights, and rechargeable lights ready. We had a generator before but it was submerged in flood water too. All our mobile phones and laptops were fully charged. In case of power failure and we can't connect via our regular internet, we have two wireless broadband providers that can just be plugged ala USB in a laptop.

We were ready this time. I went to bed around 1:30 A.M. praying hard that the typhoon would change its course. If it were no for my meds I would not have fallen asleep because of apprehension.

I woke with a start and looked at the bedside clock. It read 6:45 A.M. Something is wrong! My foggy brain can't really focus yet. What is wrong? What?! The sun was streaming in my window and I heard birds chirping. I was expecting to wake up to howling winds and rain battering my house but no! The typhoon changed its course and I thanked God for His graciousness.

I still feel a little bit tired. My thumb is still in a splint and I need to focus on other stuff left forgotten in the aftermath and then the wake of typhoons. Last I heard there's another one brewing. If only I could pack up my bags and go for an orlando vacations I'd do it in a jiffy.
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Saturday, October 3, 2009

One of the mom's of Ethan's classmate texted me yesterday asking directions to our place for Ethan's birthday party originally slated for today. I have informed Ethan's teachers to tell his classmates that the party is postponed for October 18. However, one classmate was not informed.

Thank God the storm did not directly hit the Philippines. I was up until 1:00 A.M. packing clothes and other important stuff to take with me in case it floods again. My son was up until 7:00 A.M. waiting for the typhoon. Traffic was horrendous last night for people panicked because of a circulated text message claiming that a 195 kph wind-packing storm will hit Metro Manila last night. Whoever started that message shoulf go bang his head on a concrete wall while repeatedly saying "I'm sorry I'm an a_s."

The circuit breakers in the house is still not fully functional. The faucets in the yard submerged in the muddy flood water are all clogged up. There are still a lot of work to be done in and out of the house but hey! we're still lucky and blessed in spite of.
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Friday, October 2, 2009

The house is slowly but surely getting back into shape. I have two people come in to help in the clean up and for three days they cleaned the yard and "washed" the house. Two outlet circuit breakers are still out and I just can't figure out why. I have been calling an electrician to come and check the circuits but I guess he's still swamped with work.

Ethan has not been to school for the past 4 days plus today. He and I are just too tired to go to school. I know! Classes have been suspended for one week but his school is open for those who want to come to school. About 99% of the school population was not affected by the recent flooding. The 1% was Ethan. Crazy! The reason I think was that the school admin didn't want to make up for lost school days so as not to affect the semestral break. I didn't like that. A parent said the school admin was worried because the students were already behind their studies. Give me a freaking break!!! These kids are from ages 2.5 to 7!

Anyway, PAGASA said another mega typhoon will hit the northern part of the Philippines tomorrow. D2 and I went out last night to buy stocks for the pantry, buy my medications, and stock up on candles, flashlights et al. Boy! The supermarket was teeming with panic buyers. I even saw a couple dressed to the nines! The woman was in her sparkly evening gown while the man was in tuxedos! The hardware section of the grocery actually ran out of flashlights that I literally had to run to the mall's hardware store to buy flashlights.

Here's hoping and praying that the typhoon weakens and dies enroute.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

It is included in the Medical Code of Ethics that doctors are not to charge professional fees to parents, spouses and children of fellow doctors. This clause is followed by almost all the doctors that I know - except for my neurologist and hubby's cardiologist. I can understand my neurologist's situation because I was a new patient then and even if he saw D1 hovering in her medical coat with her name and department boldly embroidered in the pocket, his neurons did not work to do 1 + 1 = 2.

The cardiologist is another story. He has been my late father-in-law's cardiologist and he more or less saw D1 from the time she was in med school to the present. The cardiologist is also the doctor of MIL and of D3 when she had seizures three years ago. Since D1 is working at the same hospital as he does, they are, in essence, colleagues. So when hubby was presented with the cardiologist's bill, D1 was really surprised. First, the cardiologist was not even physically present to examine hubby. He just called his residents to run some tests. Second,the cardiologist did not follow the code of ethics. Third, the professional fee was "outrageous"! The surgeon who was hubby's prime doctor charged: "no bill".

Last night, I called my friend Eva, the one who kept asking me about which best weight loss pills she should take, to check up on her. Her house was submerged in flood water too with the water level inside her house chest deep. She said her toe is throbbing and that her hubby slipped and now has a swollen ankle. The throbbing toe concerned me for it was recently operated on and took a really long time to heal because my friend is diabetic. Her hubby is a cardio patient and a diabetic too.

D1 was eating dinner and I told her to hurry up and drop by friend's house for a quick consult. D1 was slow to respond and she said that she can't do anything if the ankle was fractured. I told her that "well, dropping by and looking at their ailments would help". My friends toe is red and swollen. Her hubby's ankle was swollen too. They have four grown-up kids with families who live within a stone-throw away radius from my friend's house. Where were they? This was D1's point. She said that my friend's children should have brought their parents to the hospital for treatment. I answered "Well, they didn't. That's why they are my friends and you are my daughter who is a doctor."

Save Lives. Is that a doctor's main point in being one or has it changed?

Look after your ailing parents. Isn't this the norm anymore?

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