Sunday, April 20, 2008

Have you heard about the Vicente Sotto Hospital Scandal or what is notoriously labeled the Black Suede Scandal? Here it is in a nutshell.

Apparently a gay guy met a stranger on Dec. 31, 2007 in his hometown of Cebu city. One thing led to another and they ended up having, well, sex. Our gay guy said that he was so drunk that after the first round of sex he remembered telling the stranger to please not do anything kinky when the stranger asked him if he can, well, use a foreign object for their sex play. That being said the gay guy said he fell asleep.

In the morning, he found that the stranger has left. He looked around the room and found that one of his cologne canisters (Black Suede) was missing. Umm... that was pretty quick and alert of him considering his apparent state of drunkenness the previous night. Anyway the gay guy got up to pee and found it hard to. He suspected foul play and with his mother (I think), consulted a doctor. It was found that a cylindrical object was shoved up his rectum. The object, perpendicular to his spine. The only solution to his predicament was an operation.

On January 3, 2007, his operation was scheduled. Upon entry into the operating room, he noticed that there were so many people in the OR. He was about to complain but the anesthesia was already kicking in. The operation was a success and he thought that was that!

Two weeks after the surgery, he went back to the doctor for check-up. The doctor said his procedure was videotaped (for medical purposes I assume) and asked if he would want a copy. Gay guy said no but requested to please keep the video under wraps.

Two months after, one concerned neighbor tipped him about the video published in a leading social site. Thus started the saga of the VSH (Vicente Sotto Hospital) Scandal.

I was able to watch the video before it was pulled out of the internet. The OR was noisy but that was not really remarkable as conversations are done in the OR. There were many medical staff present, again something not out of the ordinary as the hospital is a teaching hospital. One can expect a heavy turn-out of nursing interns, medical junior interns, post-grad interns and other residents. The doctors and nurses were giggling but I guess they were doing their job as there were no reports of complications by the patient.

The gay-guy-patient-victim is now suing the hospital and the involved medical staff. In the meantime, the hospital has sanctioned the concerned medical staff. Many are outraged for they said it was a violation of human rights. The consensus among comments that I have read condemn these doctors and nurses and cried that their licenses should be revoked.

What say you?

Posted by desperateblogger On 4/20/2008 10:14:00 PM 10 comments


  1. I say take the license of the people responsible. It was an outright violation of a patient's right to privacy. The doctor told him he was videotaped AFTER the operation thus I presume without proper authorization from the patient.

    It's really bugging me because I've been on that operating table once (well not the same as in same one) and heck I know how it feels to be helpless under anesthesia.

  2. dapat ivideotape din yang mga healthcare personnel na yan pag sila na ang pasyente.

    kaya ako hanggat maari hinahabaan at inuunawa ko ang pasyente dahil magiging pasyente din ako balang araw kahit ba lagnat lang yan.

  3. i think the fault lies in the one who posted the video on the net. if indeed it was videotaped for filing purposes, how did it get out?

    that is the million dollar question.

    regarding the doctors, i think they did a good job in treating him as there wasn't any complications.

    the one who posted this vid should be caught and dealt with. how stupid of that person to be in an OR and not get it through his skull that what was going on there is confidential. if he doesn't understand that fact, then he doesn't belong in there..right?

    just my 2 cents..hehe

  4. Well if they got permission to film it in the first place then this would happen either way. Like sex tapes just leak out.


  5. i was so appalled with this...

    i should say that these doctors and medical staffs are not professional at all... just where did they place their ethics?!

  6. oh, now i know the real story behind it..thanks for the detailed my opinion, all the personnels involved durinng that inhumane operation must be faced with the necessary punishment which is inclined with the medical code of ethics...

  7. I feel so scared knowing that this could have happened to me while I was in the OR.

  8. the conduct of the "professionals" in the operating room is rude and unprofessional... how could they act that way towards a patient who was in an undesirable circumstance?

  9. moral of the story: keep your cologne spray canisters under lock and key. bwahahaha


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