Sunday, October 12, 2008

During a baby's first 18 months, he will develop his own way of comforting himself: it may be a stuffed doll, a bottle at bedtime, thumbsucking or a comfort blanket. Ethan has his "mok" - shortcut for "kumot" the Filipino word for blanket. The "mok" must be of soft fleece or soft wool. Daughter #2 used to thumbsuck. Sometimes, when highly stressed or tired you can still chance upon her thumbsucking while in deep sleep. Of course she denies this to death, so we took her picture one time and showed it to her. Daughter #4 has "Eduardo" - the name of her 15-year old blanket. It's funny how "Eduardo" is still alive - "he" is washed a maximum of 3 times a year, in accordance with daughter #4's wishes.

Why the attachment to a "comforter"? Such comforts become necessary to a baby's sense of security. The need for comforters often reaches a peak at around two years. A child may still want them when he is older to go to sleep with or just to enable him to cope with tiredness or other form of stress. Having a well-loved comfort blanket can keep a toddler happy and willing to enjoy new situations when he might otherwise be anxious or miserable. If your child seems to become dependent on some objects or habit in this way, do not worry. Taking a way his comforter while he still needs it could cause him great distress.

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