Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It pained me to learn that one of my cousins has hearing problems. She is most gracious about it as she is uncomplaining and takes it all in stride. It seems one ear is alright so she tends to tilt her head on the side of her good ear so she could hear what one is saying. I told her that she needs to get herself tested. Hearing aids today are compact and unobtrusive. I think I should point her out to so she could see how hearing aids look.
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Sunday, August 26, 2012

As I rummage through my shoe boxes, I suddenly realized that " I have no shoes!" - said in such a way common to women. This basically means that :"of course I have dozens of pairs it's just that I  don't have a new pair".

Seriously, I have no pair for casual wear. All I have in this department are a pair of low-heeled black slip-on, a pair of  3" black wedge sandals and a pair of 4" periwinkle blue wedge slip-on. That's it!  I think I have over-worn my pair of light brown Crocs as I wear this pair everywhere. That's another thing I lack, a pair or two for everyday use for when I go to the grocery or fetch Ethan from school or hop over to my neighbor's house.  I want new pairs of footwear! 

The wonders of the Internet! Now I can window-shop online. Ever heard of for wholesale shoes? Hop over the website for cool offers.
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

So, after many months (or is it years?) of contemplation, attempts, wishful thinking, planning and dreaming, we have finally decided to make it official. Yes! Our party styling and event planning "company" is now "live"! Our official name is Party Styling Divas. Yes! We are divas alright! We will plan, style, conceptualize and make your dream party come to life. D3  is the most hands-on. The transition from twisting wire for teeth braces to pinwheels is a no-brainer.

 Now, I need a great-looking calling card. I know of this place where they do personalized photo holiday cards. I wonder if they do calling cards.
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It's amazing that Tabby seems to be so aware and intent on what's going on around her. As D2 was tutoring Ethan on fractions last night, the 14-month old Tabby was listening in rapt attention. I wonder if she was able to get the concept.
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My mother has been staying with me for the past two weeks. She got sick after the monsoon episode that she had no recourse but to agree to stay with me. Yes, she prefers to be her own mistress at our old house. It is very seldom that she agrees to stay with me. This time though she had no choice for she developed high fever. Since she currently does not have a live-in maid, she readily agreed to recuperate in my house.

I took her home yesterday as she was beginning to get restless in my house. The trip home took more than 2 hours. It was doubly pressing as I had to take Tabby (and her nanny) with us as I just can't leave her in the house alone with the nanny.

En route to my mother's house, one of my daughters called and asked if I am interested in bulova watches. Of course I am! Who would not be? Seems like someone is selling this brand and is asking the help of my daughter to source for clients. Seriously, I am just not in the mood to "help".
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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The town, err, the city, of Bacoor is yet again submerged in flood water. Oh, I guess we really cannot blame the town, err city, officials and infrastructure engineers as most of Metro Manila and its outlying provinces were in under flood water due to the monsoon rains. We were blessed enough to be safe at home when the roads in and out of  Bacoor became impassable. I am very thankful that we did not experience another Ondoy  

Reports (and pictures) confirmed that the flood along the Bacoor length of E. Aguinaldo Hiway was from knee to chest-deep! Even if we wanted to go to the grocery to buy food and stuff, it wasn't possible. It's a good thing that I stocked up on food before the torrential rain poured on August 6. The water has subsided a bit. There's no more water in the dining room and kitchen but the basement is still flooded. Sigh....
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The typhoon that hit the Philippines last weekend brought so much rain and flood. Classes were suspended for two days. For areas that were badly hit with flood, classes were suspended for the entire week. We were out in the garage trying to manage the rising flood water from entering the house. We had sandbags strategically placed to prevent the flood water from entering the house. My son told Ethan to man the basement to alert him if flood water was seeping in from the walls. 

After an hour of working outside, we gave up with the sandbags as the entire backyard was already submerged in flood water. My son called out to Ethan if the basement was flooded. Ethan answered "no". He was on a sofa in the basement playing computer games. When my son went down to hang out in the basement he was so surprised to see half of the basement floor already with flood. Ethan never noticed! Too bad though as my son's converter was on the floor, wet.
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Due to the erroneous designs and plans of the city engineers, then supported by flawed methods of construction,  irresponsible contractors and selfish municipal officials, our once private and quiet subdivision is probably the world's largest catch basin. No, it's not funny. Our nation would come to nothing if the Filipinos refuse to use their heads when electing public officials. 

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Oh yes, there were more sponsors at the recently concluded Outbreak Manila 2. Funny how the numerous sponsors tried to offer their stuff a few minutes before the run. After registering my singlet,. I dutifully attached it with two very high-tech fasteners- safety pins! The singlet was made of really durable material - paper. If you still don't know what "sarcasm" means, then maybe you know the meaning of  gullible. Anyway, there were signs of promotional products here,left and right. It was like walking through a mall.

As I was weaving my way through  runners making a bee-line for nothing, a promo man in green shirt and red hat blocked my way. "Ma'm", he said."You might want to try our product before your run".  Thinking he was offering a free energy drink, I stopped and asked. What do you know? He was offering me a slice of pizza, the really thick and big slice. Seriously?!
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I took this picture when my kids and I were walking towards the starting line of Outbreak Manila 2 at the Bonifacio Global City. Yup! We did it again - ran like maniacs while dodging "zombies" so as to preserve our red flags. Was it fun? You bet! I, for one, was able to really run this time as the road was paved. In the  first "Outbreak" held in Nuvali, the "road" was but a bike trail. However, the first Outbreak was better managed. It was funny how the route was peppered in spots with people watching us dodge and run. Hello?!
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I need a new laptop! Aside from everyone in the family have changed theirs, my laptop has been "battered" in  the last three years. It's actually a mini and the letters on the keyboard are either faded or flaking. Yes, I can barely read the letters. If someone who has not memorized the letters in a keyboard uses my laptop, woe on him/her. 

My son's laptop is only a year old. Before he bought a new one, he really tried to make the old one work. He left the laptop at home and attached the sign format hard drive - which was meant for me. Guess what?! Right! The formatting did not fix the laptop so hubby was forced to buy a new one. Taking all things into consideration, I think I do need to buy a new one.
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Ethan, Tabby and I are set to watch MICKEY!!! Woopdeedoo!!  Ethan and I are so excited! He has seen Mickey and Minnie several times in HK Disneyland but only from a distance. This time, we will see Mickey and the gang, up close and personal. 



Hit the road with Mickey Mouse and your favorite Disney friends for a hilarious talent search in Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show!  Featuring classic characters in an original storyline, this all-new stage production from Feld Entertainment, the producers of Disney On Ice, performs at Smart Araneta Coliseum from September 5-15, 2012. 

Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy set out on a zany road trip where audiences join in and help find the coolest acts around. Along the way, hit a high note with Cinderella; get your bounce on with Tigger; and shout out your loudest “yee-haw” at a hoedown with Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear from Disney•Pixar’s Toy Story! Grab your family for a fun-filled getaway at this live, show-stopping adventure jam-packed with unexpected twists, turns and hijinks!

Tickets are available in all TicketNet outlets and can also be purchased online at For more details about Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show, visit or call Vivre Fort Entertainment at (02) 470-6956. 

Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show is presented to you by Vivre Fort Entertainment, Araneta Center, Fox International Channels, Guess Kids and ABS-CBN. In cooperation with Citibank, Smart Araneta Coliseum, Gateway Cineplex 10, Alimall Cineplex 4, Holiday Inn Manila Galleria, Businessworld, Junior Inquirer, Philippine Star, Mellow 94.7 and Monster Radio RX 93.1.

Contact: Vivre Fort Entertainment Inc. at (02) 470 6956

About Feld Entertainment
Feld Entertainment is the worldwide leader in producing and presenting live touring family entertainment experiences that lift the human spirit and create indelible memories, with 30 million people in attendance at its shows each year. Feld Entertainment's productions have appeared in more than 70 countries on six continents and include Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey®, Feld Motor Sports, Disney On Ice and Disney Live!.
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Thursday, August 2, 2012

It was raining on Sunday, July 29, 2012. Since it is the monsoon months, I did not take note of the steady rain. At around 10:00 pm, the rain was really pouring. The wind was howling. Hey!. Is there a typhoon? Not one of us in the house knew! We had to go online to find out. Then the power went out. Typhoon Gener brought so much rain that it caused flood  in Metro Manila, our town included.. Our place was severely affected as the surface and rain water from a  newly paved (cement) road, angrily, purposely and quickly flowed in our area.  As the flood waters rose, so did our (homeowners) ire over those who were responsible for the badly designed road and drainage system in our area.  How many times do we have to tell these people that  rehabilitating a road is not the solution to curtail flooding? What then is the solution to minimize flooding? Proper Drainage!

 This is one of the streets in our place. In this picture the flood water is thigh-deep.


This is the street outside our subdivision. As you can see the road has 
been rehabilitated so that all the surface water flowed to our area.
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