Friday, May 27, 2011

Now I believe that as one grows older, metabolism slows down. I eat basically the same amount of food and sometimes less than usual but I still seem to be gaining weight. As Ethan says, my tummy and triceps are wobbly. The days of firm and buff muscles are gone and sometimes I just can't help but be amazed as how the years went by.

Anyway, I am not fat, just pleasantly "rounded". I received an email ad campaign re lipozene reviews. It claims of guaranteed weight loss. Hmmm...I am really skeptical about these diet pills and the likes. I think I just try to eat less than usual and maybe go back to jogging or brisk walking.
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

"But mom, you are old!" quipped my 8-year old grandson. Ethan is so obsessed with my wrinkly face and wobbly tummy that at times I feel like "bursting" because I don't want the wrinkles and flabs too!

I saw this ad about a supposedly anti-wrinkle cream that could only be sourced from a legitimate dermatologist. Prevage is topical;y applied anti-aging-wrinkle cream from Allergen, the maker of Botox. This skin care product is said to correct the damage caused by the sun,pollution and other toxins from the environment. Alright, where do I sign up for that prevage elizabeth argen prevage, oh I mean Prevage skin cream. I want!
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I have been meaning to change my blog design for almost a year now. The thing is, I can't get anyone to redesign my blog. The free web templates are not for me.I want my site customized as I need to have certain functions and features integrated. There was one web designer whose sample websites I found interesting but he was too busy to accommodate me. Another web designer I was referred to charges too much. I just can't find anyone to revamp my blog! Anyone?!

In my quest to find a talented and affordable web designer,I stumbled on a site that lets you download photos, vectors, illustrations and videos for credits.Of course you have to buy credits but the downloadable graphics are so worth the money. Graphics are downloadable in different sizes. The larger the picture, the more credits you shell out. For those who are into graphic and website designs, Fotolia is the site to consider. The library is updated daily and currently the site has 10,621,431 photos in JPEG format and 1,375,398 illustrations in JPEG format.That's a lot of graphics!

I have been downloading photos and illustrations. The problem is,I can't really decide which are the ones that I want.Hmm...I want them all. You won't have trouble searching for pictures as you can search by category (representative and conceptual) by country or by gallery. No sweat!
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For the last 3 weeks, my girls and I have been clearing our rooms and closets from things that we no longer use. The process was one big headache. It was almost impossible to decide which ones to put in the bags for charity, which ones to keep and which ones hand over to specific persons. It took us about 25 large garbage bags and 5 large boxes before we were able to make a semblance of order in our closets and bedrooms. The "trash" and "waste" were unbelievable. My girls and I horded stuff! I even found new clothes, shoes and unopened toys, baseball gifts and numerous expired beauty products hiding in nooks in the closets. Is the house clear of unused stuff now?

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

I have been telling my husband that their family business's office management system is obsolete. Almost everything is still done manually and the computers are only used for writing correspondence and playing computer games! The OS system the computer has is 10 years old and I doubt if anyone in the office knows about Windows 7.

I came across a software aptly called inetsoft business intelligence softwareand I do believe hubby's family business can make use of this software. Heck, their whole line of affiliated businesses can improve and organize their business by using this software. I wonder how much it costs.
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Friday, May 20, 2011

For the past week, my girls and I have been clearing our closets of clothes we have not worn for more than a year.Well, it is funny how I still have clothes gathering dust in one corner of my closet. Between the five of us, including Ethan, we filled up 25 large garbage bags with old clothes, shoes and accessories.I even saw some sexy costumes tucked under new towels in my closet. I have no idea whose the costumes are but they are not mine,definitely. Was it me who bought those outfits? Hmm.. the pieces look unworn though.

I took the old clothes to the church in time for the rummage sale this Sunday.No, I didn't include the "outfits".
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Got this picture from an FB post. Hilarious!

Need I say more?

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My friend who lives in LA just called.It has been ages since we last saw (and talked)with each other and wow!, we had a lot to talk about. It seems like she is not earning enough to make ends meet. Well, time is really hard and I guess she is not the only one who is on a tight budget. She said she is eyeing another job, an online one that she could manage after regular office work. She says the work is about insurance. Great huh? I wish her well.
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

D3 texted me and asked what we will be doing on Sunday. I replied "go to church, go home, have lunch and an afternoon of catching up on missed episodes of NCIS 8". D3 said we should have lunch since it's Mothers' Day this Sunday. I argued that it's on May 15 but D3 said "mom, it's every second Sunday of May". Oh! I forgot that May 1 fell on a Sunday.

What to do? I have no planned anything for my mother. I guess we have to come to her place and treat her out on this special day. I wonder if I should just call a florist friend of mine and ask if her shop offers any mothers day flowers special. Mama would love that especially if the flowers are multi-colored gerberas.

So, have any of you planned anything special for your moms?
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What exactly is hgh human growth hormone? Yup!I do know that HGH stands for human growth hormone and I have always equated that with "growth hormone" per se. It seems like I was wrong. HGH actually helps a person gain vitality, resilience, energy, youthful looks and beauty. HGH is naturally produced by the pituitary gland but by age 30,the production falls back considerably thereby accelerating the aging process. The less HGH hormone a person has, the more that person prone to weight gain, acne, muscle loss, wrinkles and aging. where can I get this fountain of youth?
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Monday, May 2, 2011

The kids, Ethan and I watched THOR in 3D last night. Okay, it was a bit discomforting wearing those 3D "glasses" as I had to put them over my own pair of glasses. I got a little dizzy too for it is not everyday that fire, thunder and hammer seem to come right out of the screen to particularly hit me! And who is this actor who played the role of Thor?! He is gorgeous and scrumptious! The movie is alright. I liked it, but between Iron Man and Thor, hello?... Iron Man is still my fave. However, take a good look at Thor aka Chris Hemsworth.
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