Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's that time of the year again! No, I am not talking about the coming holidays. I am not talking about decorating the house with every kind of Christmas lights and fairy lights. I am not talking about putting out the Christmas china or Christmas village and the Christmas tree to decorate the whole house. It is not about bringing out all the tinsels and mistletoe to adorn every nook and cranny of the house. It is not even the mad rush for last minute Christmas shopping or the menu for a fantastic Christmas dinner. It is that time of the year when every girl, young and old are seriously considering sourcing for diet pills that work, really work, for "after holiday" dieting.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

D4 has been pretty busy this past weekend attending bazaars. No, she is not a retailer but more of an eager shopper on a race to finish her Christmas shopping. She came home two days in a row laden with packages. I asked who the gifts for and she rattled on a list of names, mostly her office mates and bosses.

D4 said I should go to that particular bazaar for the goods for sale are so varied - from Hungarian sausages to signature bags to clothes to jewelry and even to a wide range of beauty products and several skin products retailers all claiming that theirs are the best acne products around.

I've decided to go today but D4 said the bazaar is open on weekends only. Oh well, this weekend then. But first, I think I have to get my "Christmas" act together now and start rummaging in the storage cabinet for last year's Christmas decors. Yes, it is that time of the year again.... Christmas!
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yesterday, Ethan's teacher called at around 10:00 A.M. informing me that Ethan has a fever of 38.5 Celsius. I was in therapy that time so I asked hubby to pick Ethan up. When I came home Ethan's fever was 39.3 Celsius! He said he has a headache and then he vomited not once, not twice but thrice! I called his mommy and she told me what I already know- sponge bath, paracetamol, ibuprofen and hydrite.

I had Ethan' urine examined as my daughter wanted to rule out urinary tract infection. The urinalysis was fine. There were no outward signs of bacterial infection too. I suspect that the "culprit" was the super-duper orange-colored french fries he ate at the mall the night prior to his being sick.

When my kids were growing up, junk food was a 'NO-NO'. Of course they had their share of junk food on occasions but I was more focused on giving them healthy options. I was an advocate of milk. It was mandatory for my kids to drink a glass of milk in the morning before they go to school. It was hard weaning D2, D4 and my son from their bottles that they brought along their bottled milk in the car going to school during their preschool years. Night time was optional milk-time but not for my son who at the age of 20 still drinks milk. My daughters stopped drinking milk when they were in their late teens but they still use a lot of milk for their cereals and mashed potatoes.

Ethan's diet is quite erratic. His mommy, aunts and uncle (my kids) all spoiled him when it comes to food. Ethan has been exposed to a lot of junk food and may I add that he has acquired a "taste" for junk food. I try to minimize his intake of junk though. He still drinks a glass of milk in the morning and takes vitamin and mineral supplements. There is no way Ethan could get all the necessary essential vitamins daily based on the food that he eats so, I give him multi-vitamins and vitamin C. My advice for mommies out there is before you buy vitamins for your kids, read the label and don't get swayed into buying one because of the hype.

Giving kids proper nutrition will not only help them develop physically but mentally as well. A malnourished child can't do well in school as his brain development is also affected. Note though that "malnourished" here does not mean skinny child for a chubby child can still be malnourished.

I tend to buy a lot of cereals so Ethan and my grown-up kids can have their fill of milk I must have done something right regarding their nutrition during my kids' formative years for they are all quite tall than the average Filipino. They're mental abilities were also developed as they all did well in school. Genes play an integral part too in the physical and intellectual development of kids. Intellectual environment also plays a great role for developing great minds.

However, ensuring that you give your child proper nutrition especially between the ages of 4-8 would ensure a healthy, lively and intelligent child.

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There's a photo exhibit of mothers breastfeeding their babies in various ways and in different locations and situations. The photo exhibit is sponsored by the MDG Achievement Fund 2030 and the Department of Health- National Nutrition Council.

The photo exhibit aims to convey the idea that breastfeeding is a natural occurrence between a mother and child and that breastfeeding your child can be done anywhere, anytime. The photo exhibit presents breastfeeding as a natural, positive and healthy part of everyday life - at home, at the workplace and in the community.

The exhibit runs from November 23 to 26, 2010 at SM Mall of Asia's Entertainment Pavilion.
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Three-wheeled strollers are now in the market. Moms and Dads who jog will find this type of stroller quite useful as they can strap baby in the stroller and do their round of jogging. There is no need to buy another stroller when malling as this type of stroller is can be maneuvered in and out of stores with ease. The stroller is an all-terrain "baby machine". You can take it on a hike, by the beach or pebbly paths without any trouble or difficulty. Whats the brand? Oh it's bob revolution! Baby strollers have indeed been revolutionized!
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Great! The most eligible bachelor in the world is now engaged! I wonder what the parents of the the bride-to-be is feeling right now. I can't imagine how I'd be feeling if a daughter of mine is slated to be the next queen of England. I'd say, that would be utterly magnificent! Carry on... carry on...

Prince William said he chose to give Kate Middleton his mother's engagement ring because he wanted his mother to be a part of the joyous celebration. The moment the news of the engagement hit the media and pictures of the newly-engaged couple hit the news, the original jeweler of the Princess Di's engagement ring was overwhelmed with replica of the sapphire and diamond-studded ring. Do a famed jewelers i.e diamonds international have stocks of diamond and other precious gems in the vault or do they order as the need arise? I wonder.
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

D4 joined a 2-day pre-Christmas Bazaar. She was selling branded handbags that was consigned to her by a family friend. Since the Bazaar was in a posh Alabang village we were all rather expecting a more than acceptable gross sale. On the contrary. The bazaar was ill-advertised as attendance was "poor". I was used to jostling my way in past bazaars at the same venue but this time, one can dance on the aisles. No one knew about the bazaar! Poor D4. She barely made a sale and barely broke even because of the rent et al. She said she was able to distribute her calling card and I think she has made a few "after-bazaar" sales.

I did a lot of window shopping though. As a matter of fact, I was coerced into buying a product that claims to be a chemical-free anti mosquito-disinfectant-anti-flea-anti-garden insect liquid. With the package came a soap and cream that claim to be the best acne treatment as it's all-natural. The seller said the soap and cream are great for fungal infections too. I bought the products. I have not tried the cream on a rather nasty mosquito bite and the itching and inflammation went away. Great huh?!
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

One of my nieces gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I was so surprised at the size of the baby as my niece is quite petite. I have another niece-in-law who gave birth to a baby girl and she is quite big too. She's barely a month old yet she looks so big and so aware of what is happening around her.Babies are getting bigger and smarter. Is it because of the prenatal vitamins like prenate dha that ob-gyne are giving their patients? Maybe so. However, I believe it's still best to eat a well-balanced diet on top of taking multi-vitamins. Two new babies... I sure am a grandmom many times over. Welcome to the family, Miranda and Josiah.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

... is a word that I have learned back in the 60s watching Popeye cartoons. Brutus was egging on Popeye to build a swimming pool. When Popeye refused, Brutus called Popeye a cheapskate which I assumed back then was an insult as Popeye immediately built a pool. Does anyone still use that word today? I think present-day counterpart is "cheap".

My HMO is probably one of the "cheapest" if not the cheapest from among cheap insurance companies here in Manila. I know! That's a lot of "cheap" words. I was surprised that my coverage does not include even a consult to a rehabilitation doctor. I need therapy for my mild carpal tunnel and my HMO said that therapy for carpal tunnel is not covered but surgical procedure and steroid shots are included.

"But my doctor advised therapy and not surgery or steroid shots!" I retorted.

The HMO representative does not have an answer to that. I hang up the phone and thought long and hard about HMOs and their sometimes ignorant clauses. I think in the long haul, it is all about making a profit which is of course understandable but, I still think the issue about their not covering my therapy is a big boo-boo.
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My nephew is a now a freshman at a university in New York. He grabbed the nursing course offered to him by the university even as he plans on taking a health care career. I think he plans on taking up medicine after his nursing degree. My brother is complaining about the high-cost of university education in the States. I told him that he is still not as pressed as he had more than 10 years to save up for his son's college as elementary and high school education in the States are free. Wait, I take that back as I am not sure if my brother's kids went to public school.

Quality education is costly. I should know...
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

D1 asked me over dinner if I placed a bet in Lotto. I told D1 that I have not been "betting" for the longest time and I have no intention of doing so unless the "prize is right!" D1 said I better think of my winning combination as she heard the OR nurses and doctors obsessing about the 300,000,000 PHP jackpot prize in tomorrow's (Thursday) Lotto. Wait! Did I get the zeros right? The jackpot is 300 million pesos!

Yes Huling! If you are reading this, kindly send me your winning combination. When (and not IF) we win the jackpot, get us the best Orlando vacation packages so my family and I could meet you and your family there this Christmas. How's that for positive thinking?
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"What's a yakima roof rack"I asked my nephew as I was listening to him carry on an animated discussion of his travails as a tri-athlete with another nephew.

"Bike racks auntie. Yakima is the brand name" my nephew answered. He said it was high time he properly equip his SUV with a bike rack so as not to encounter anymore problems when transporting his "beloved" racer bike to a triathlon event.

Triathlon is a booming sporting activity here in Manila. It seems like every other person I know either runs, or bikes or swims. I miss joining 5k runs now as I've not been running for the last 3 months. D3 has not been running too and we are both getting a little wobbly (as Ethan said). Every time I think of running, it rains. Just this afternoon I was thinking it'd be good to run 2.5 k when suddenly rain poured so hard there was flash flood. It did not only rain hard, there was flash flood to. The sudden downpour lasted for 2 hours. I got my exercise sweeping the yard and drying the terrace of rain water.
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

D2 said her sleeping pattern has been quite erratic for sometime now. She prepares for bed at around 11:00 pm as the TV lulls her to sleep. At around 2:00 AM she jolts awake and then drifts in and out of sleep until she finally has to abort all pretense of sleep at 5:30 AM as she has to prepare to go to work. She clocks in for work before 7:00 AM as school starts at 7:30 AM. By the end of the school day, she say she's already tired and just want to go to sleep which she can't as she still has a thousand and one things to do.

She asked D1 for sleep aids that work. There are plenty of sleeping pills alright but each one has a different side effect. D1 said D2 just has to set a regular sleeping time and should stop obsessing about not being able to sleep.

D2 is back to working out in the gym. Exercise is therapeutic. It should help D2 to sleep easily.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shawty had them apple bottoms jeans, (jeans)
Boots with the fur...(the fur)
The whole club was looking at her...
She hit the flo' (she hit the flo')
Next thing you know
Shawty got low low low low low low low low....

and on and on goes Ethan as we D1, D2, D3 and I sat patiently at the Davao International airport waiting for our flight home to Manila. I have no idea why he suddenly started to sing the song. I have no idea why he even knows the song! Sure, he was was plugged into a shuffle but there's no way I downloaded that song. We watched and listened as Ethan went to a frenzied crescendo.

I had to ask.

It seemed that his ninang in Davao added a lot of songs in his shuffle, Daft Punk included. Kids!
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