Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today is a non-working holiday. Tomorrow is December 31 and I guess it's a non-working holiday too. New Year is celebrated differently here in the Philippines. The New Year is always greeted with a big bang! Literally. Which reminds me. I have not bought any sparklers yet. I used to buy boxes full of "paputok" and "lusis" when my kids were still young. Not anymore. Firecrackers and sparklers now cost a ton. Oh there are cheap ones available alright but the consequence is either the firecrackers do not light up or the firecrackers explodes on your face. Oh well.... time to see what I could prepare for New Year's Eve....
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Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh my! It's December 28 and I have not even greeted my readers a Merry Christmas or (to be politically correct) Happy Holidays! However I am not really keen on being politically correct for the holidays, after all, is about the birth of Jesus Christ.

As I was listening to the pastor's sermon yesterday, I was struck by thought of the "irritations" that my family is currently experiencing. We are not really that affected but I really feel sad that there are people in the world capable of doing abominable things because of greed and envy. A sadder note is that fact that the persons directly involved are relatives in the first degree.

After church my kids and I decided to visit the minute post post Christmas bazaar by the parking area. The dust on the unpaved walk bothered me a lot. Who the heck would want to shop in this sorry state of a bazaar? I was also quite taken aback by the senseless and dusty items being sold. Was I really bothered by the dust or was I just sad? I guess I felt pity on the sellers as no one was buying anything. I looked and looked for something to buy but even Ethan had no interest on the things that were being sold. D1 was perusing on some second hand books for sale. She gave a squeal of delight as she found a slightly used book the title of which she has been looking for quite a while. She paid for the book and asked the owner of the booth where they sell textbooks on regular days. The lady answered and even got D1's number in case new titles arrive.

We all felt a little better after the buy. At least there were two persons happy with the purchase - D1 and the bookstore owner.
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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

D2 was on her way to a Gymboree Christmas party when she got stuck in a horrendous traffic. D3 was in her clinic in Manila and decided to come home early too. My son was supposed to go to a Christmas party too but decided against it when he heard that it was traffic everywhere. That leaves D1 and D4 still at work somewhere in Makati.

I am left with a not-so-Christmas-sy feeling. A "very" close (in terms of affinity)relative has started rumors that D1 is spreading rumors about her. She was confined at the hospital where D1 works and during pre-op, D1 made the rounds and she was part of the roster of patients that D1 had to see. Let's call her B.

To cut short, B was operated on and that was that. We had no idea that B has been telling her surgeon that my daughter was unethical because D1 has been checking her records and telling everyone about her sickness. B didn't know that it was her daughter mini B who posted the news in Facebook. The thread has been erased but little techy me already saved a screenshot of the revealing thread, just in case.

I hate it when people tell lies. However, I think B needs another doctor, a psychiatrist. That B is one crazy B. If she was to apply to work in an office, she would need a major employee screening test.... for paranoia.

Anyway, Christmas is in two days. I have not done any shopping for I definitely have the "bah humbug!" syndrome. I heard that there will be no Christmas party at hubby's family's business. I guess they're in the "bah humbug!" phase too.
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Daughter #2 is seriously considering taking an online degree from a reputable online university. There are local universities that have online programs but none is offering M.S. Special Education. I chanced upon Western Governors University or WGU. The online university's thrust is to open avenues for adults who want to pursue college degrees while working. It's mission is to offer quality online education at very affordable prices. The range of courses offered is quite extensive. There is the online College of Business where online business degree in different majors are included. The other online colleges are: Teacher's College, IT, Health Professions, and masteral programs for the Teacher's College. Check this site out as WGU is a great option for a college degree.
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

What do you do when a person who has a one-track mind maligns your child to the point of destroying your child's career?

What do you do when even the father of your child refuses to meddle for fear of offending his older sibling?

What do you do when you people act as if they own the world because they were greedy enough to get rich?

What do you do when you feel like kicking all their asses off?

What do you do when in spite of all the the "nastiness" that you've experienced you still try to be nice yet to no avail?

Tell me.
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

I am so tired! I've been keeping house on top of my usual daily tasks because I don't have a maid. She has been with us for the last 6 years and her leaving sort of made us all sad. I told her to wait until after the holidays but she was in a hurry to get home somewhere in Mindanao because she said she is getting married. That information set me thinking as I've no idea that she has a boyfriend much more a fiance!

Anyway, to cut it short, some stuff are missing in the house. D3 even lost some money as I did. It seems like my maid of 6 years decided to bring home some of my stuff (and money) without my knowledge. So much for trust.

The December can be the most tasking month of the year. Ethan has rehearsals for the school's annual Christmas program. My kids have parties scheduled left and right. I have to do some Christmas shopping even if I don't want to. There are family reunions in the offing and there's the food for Christmas Eve to think of. Just thinking about them tires me.

I need a break. A cheap carribean vacation will do.Any sponsors?
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What?! It's 18 days until Christmas?! What happened? You mean another year is about to end and here I am not even sure what happened in the last few months. Well, that's not exactly true. Of course I know what has transpired the last 11 months but! Sometimes I wish I could just disregard the things that I don't want to remember. Sometimes I wish I could replay the last few months much like a DVD and then edit all the unwanted "trash". Oh well...

I need to start buying gifts for Ethan's teachers and classmates. I need to buy gifts too for my Mafia members. Not the Mafia in FB but the Mafia as in a group of moms (half my age) in Ethan's school. I am the designated "godmother" of that Mafia.

I need to buy gifts too for my friends too. Since most of them are overweight, I guess it would do them good if I just buy fat burners for the lot. Anyway....all I want for Christmas is a laptop...any takers?
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Just to prove that my kids, their friends and their friends are mature enough to handle themselves, I decided to go ahead and rent a mobile bar for the joint birthday celebration of D4 and my son.

I was overwhelmed by the people who came! I was expecting 20-25 people tops but about 60 came - 60 drunkards! The mobile bar served about 1,000 shots of different hard drinks. Hubby even bought additional cases of beer. D1 had to go back and forth to the grocery because we kept running out of food! In the end, everyone was gloriously tipsy or drunk (except for D2,D3,hubby, Ethan and I). The tipsy ones went home around 2:00 A.M. the drunks slept over.

D4 and my son

the mobile bar

first round

second round

3rd or 4th?

Can't really tell. The number of shots drank were not accurate anymore for the drinkees cannot even hold the pen much less write. It was a fun party! Downside? The house was a mess!!!
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Because we had no maid, D2, D3, Ethan and I decided to eat out for dinner last Friday. We went to Mall of Asia, met up with my son and ate at Friday's. D1 was on duty while D4 was on her way to Puerto Galera for the long weekend. Last I checked, hubby was tinkering with his bike at the backyard.

We arrived home around 11:00 P.M. The lights at the back cum garage was all ablaze. Hubby was, I think, sleeping already as I could hear the hum of the air conditioner as I walked up the side door. As I fumbled with the house keys, my kids saw Chip (the Shih Tzu) by the door pane. Chip was dirty! I gave him a bath just that morning and now his paws are black! Naughty Chippy. I wonder what he did to get him that dirty. We all gave a collective gag as we smell burnt wood and plastic on entering the house. Let's cut to the chase.

It seems that two mice decided to bite a partially exposed wire at the back of the refrigerator which caused the wires to spark and the refrigerator to catch fire. My kitchen is country style - wood and more wood. Fortunately hubby decided to enter the house and saw the flaming ref and wall. The kitchen was saved. The only casualty was the burnt wall at the back of the ref and the ref itself.

My girls and I went shopping for a new refrigerator the other day. There were so many new appliances on sale that I was even tempted to buy a couple of tv stands but decided against it when I saw how much refrigerators cost today. Exorbitant!!! However, what can I do? I bought one and has yet to plug it in. The electrical circuit in the kitchen needs to be rewired first.
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