Saturday, May 10, 2008

I woke up earlier than usual today for it was my turn to drive daughter# 3- the dentist- to her duty. Going to the hospital was a breeze but coming back was not. It will be the town fiesta tomorrow in my adopted-third-world-town in Cavite so traffic snarls were expected. I greeted Ethan when I got back and gave him some crinkles that I bought at Becky's Kitchen. I proceeded to the basement and turned on my desktop.

Mom! I can't open the door to your bedroom. Something clicked and now the doorknob is loose! It won't budge! daughter # 2 - the teacher- said. Ethan is inside and can't get out.

Huh!? Again!? For the nth time, that doorknob has been replaced. My bedroom gets the most traffic in our house. Everybody wants to hang out in my bedroom. Watch TV. Sleep on my bed. Eat. Talk. Rant. Rave. Exercise. Do make-overs. Anything. Everything.

Ethan! I've told you millions of times to stop banging and slamming my door. I shouted as I walked or rather galloped towards my bedroom.

But mom, I didn't do anything, countered Ethan. D2 and I tried to open the door. We used keys, screw drivers and a credit card (expired) to try to open the jammed door. Nothing. Okay. Think. I asked one of the maids to get the ladder so I can climb by the window and try to pry it open- bad idea as the French window is barrel bolted. No harm trying.

It is good that my house is a split-level type and my bedroom is just about 8 steps elevated from the ground. As I climbed the ladder, the three maids and daughter #2 were all gawking at me. Right. You might ask why daughter #2 did not climb the ladder herself. She was all dressed up and was about to leave when the incident happened. I can't let her dirty her clothes.

Ethan, get a chair and come by the window. Step on the chair and try to slide the bolt of the window to your right. Of course I lost about a pint of blood explaining what the heck is a bolt, how it looks like and how to align all parts so it might slide freely and finally unlock.

What mom? Ethan is 5 and can't even get near the window much less understand or execute my instructions. Again. I tapped the window and indicated that he lift the blinds -which as you can probably see in the picture, is now broken- and curtains so he can reach the window bolt. Yes! He was able to reach the bolt. Now, slide the bolt to your right as I indicated with my hand where his right is. It's not working mom. Oh shoot! Slide the bolt to your left! He did, finally, and I opened the window from the outside.

Problem 2. The window has grills but I was able to unlock it. The problem was the grills swing-in the bedroom to open which is impossible to do since half of the TV was blocking the window.The TV was heavy and Ethan can't possibly budge it. I got down from the ladder to call my foreman.

I really have to poo! Great!

Daughter #2 rushed back praying that the door might finally open. Miraculously, it did!

Lessons learned:

for Ethan: do not bang or slam the door.
for daughter#2: miracles do happen in the most tight situations
for me: do not buy that particular brand of doorknob ever again.
Posted by desperateblogger On 5/10/2008 01:33:00 PM 8 comments


  1. what a day, hey?!!!

    you're really an all-in-one gorgeous grandma, mum, blogger and friend!

    keep it up! so lucky i got you in my list!

  2. miracles really happen! :)

    Where in Cavite are u going? Bacoor, Cavite is my hometown.

    Happy mom's day!

  3. tita that was a good story...pang readers digest with all the detailed action :) Buti na lang nakalabas si Ethan :)

  4. Guess whose blog is featured in my blog :)

  5. wahahahaha! look at those gams on you, girl!
    super sexy mama and grandma!

  6. Let me catch my breath....whew...

    Napagod ako sa action ng araw mo. And you said it's fiesta? Can it get any more exciting than that??

    Buti na lang di nag panic si Ethan. Kung yung anak ko yan baka hinimatay na.

  7. haha...

    i really had fun reading this post...

  8. nice photo. naka pamewang pa! hehehe!

    DB: what did i tell you?!
    Ethan: di na po mauulit!
    DB: dapat lang!
    Ethan: can I go to the loo now?! please.....thank you :0)


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