Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I left the house at 9:30 am today to take the dentist to her residency duty somewhere in Quezon city. With me were my son and Ethan. Since the dentist will only take an hour to finish her rounds, we (son, Ethan and I) decided to leave her at the hospital and eat an early lunch at Burger King near the Quezon City Memorial Circle: the one intersecting Rodriquez Ave., Quezon Ave., and Espana Boulevard.

After eating, I decided to order take-out for the dentist. I got out of the joint's parking area while son and grandson were happily eating their sundaes. I then proceeded to the rotonda to make my u-turn. Crap! The circle is all blocked up. No more circling the rotonda to go Eastward of Quezon Ave. Okay. I'll just proceed along Espana Boulevard and hope to make a u-turn in one of the intersections.

Heavy traffic at lunch time. The car aircon was in full blast but I was still feeling hot! hot! hot! My gosh! There's no freaking u-turn or left turn in any of the intersections I have passed. Just then, my mobile phone rang.

Mom! Where are you? I'm done.
I'm somewhere along Espana looking for a u-turn.
There's no u-turn there. You have to turn left at the street before UST. Oh wait! There's no left turn there either.

Okay. I was then officially pissed off. My son was making some guttural noise-like ihavetobeinschoolbyonethirty. Heh!

I had to turn left at Lacson, do an illegal u-turn near the UST Hospital ( I was pass caring at this point), crossed Espana to get to Forbes, drove some more to get near the bottom of the fly-over at the Magsaysay and Nagtahan junction where I finally did the badly-needed u-turn to drive north of Lacson to turn right at Espana to finally go east of Quezon Ave, to pick up dentist then take son to school.

Crappity-crap! A five-minute drive turned into a 35-minute detour disaster which translated into wasted time and gasoline.

Who ever thought of closing all the u-turn points along Espana Boulevard?!

Show yourself!

Posted by desperateblogger On 4/08/2008 08:24:00 PM 11 comments


  1. No..no..no...that's not my idea. I'm just showing myself kasi I'm visiting.

    At baket nila sinara lahat ng U-turns? Ang walang katapusang construction na naman?

    Hay...ang buhay talaga.

  2. lahat ng left turns and u-turns tinanggal na along major streets ni bayani fernando to ease traffic daw! e lalo ng na traffic

  3. i am just so relief I do not have to deal with that ha ha ha ha...

    AKO AKO ANG MAY KASALANAN.... ha ha ha ha...

    Oh BTW, I want to send you an email but I can't find the link. Can you contact me on? I would like to give you a tip I got from another blogger on how to increase your PR.

    Thanks mumzie

  4. maiinit na nga ang klima mag iinit pa ang ating mga ulo sa traffic , ilang beses ko na naiblog ang edsa adventure ko before, at talaga naman nakaka inis.

  5. ooppsss off topic here.. i'm tagging you with this feed me up tag to increase your blogs' feed subscribers. you can view the tag here.

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  6. I have to come back here to tell you something kasi I remember reading about your 'turkey phobia'...I think your fear may be justified.

    News in Yahoo: "Postal workers attacked by wild turkeys"

    Ano ba yun....wawa naman sila.

  7. I don't know where that street is you're talking about, but I definitely know the feeling of a fifty million year long detour! When I lived in Colorado, I once missed my exit and had to drive all the way to Utah before I could turn around! Literally!

  8. juliana, the link please?

    nicki:colorado to utah to make the u-turn?! Gosh!!!!!!!

  9. grabe and layo nang inikutan mo! napagod ako!

  10. si bayani fernando ang may kasalanan lahat nyan. Now, militant groups are spray-painting his tarps along EDSA.

  11. Here 'ya go:



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