Monday, March 31, 2008

Was it only last year that I stood in front of my son's high school graduating batch? SIS High School Batch 2007. I was the guest speaker ( more likely jammer) in the batch's Testimonial Dinner. I was to pay a tribute to the graduating batch. No, not the toll or tax tribute but the complimentary and honor one. Here is an excerpt from my speech.

At this point, I would like to ask
you two questions. My first question is, have you set your priorities?

Education should or must be your priority now. It is now your responsibility to pursue further education to help you in the future. As I always tell my children, “ang pera nauubos, ang pinag-aralan, hindi”. (You can lose money, but you cannot lose what you have learned). Last week, I was in UP. My son is being drafted to the volleyball varsity team and I had a talk with the head coach. The coach said UP cannot offer my son any monetary compensation. He said that all UP can offer are free tuition, a complete set of uniform and a superior education. He got me at “superior education”. The coach then pointed out to me 2 boys and a girl who are also varsitarians. Player #16 has to work from 9 pm to 3 am hauling vegetables, sometimes hollow blocks, to earn money for his "baon." Player # 12 buys food once a day, eating half of it at lunch, the next half after practice. Player #5 never goes to team building or team outings that falls on a weekend. She has to take in laundry during weekends for her to have "baon" for the week. Many a times, the coach has to shell out money for these kids’ transportation and food.

I felt humbled and ashamed of myself after hearing these stories. You see, for the past weeks I’ve been feeling sorry for myself because I do not have enough funds to buy my son a car when he goes to college. I guess most of you are now thinking what kind of cell phone, laptop or even car, to buy in readiness for college life. Let us all set our priorities. We can do without the extravagant extras. Let us think of those 3 students who have put so much value in their education. I believe that for these 3, half the battle has been won.

My second question is, what is your goal? Do you want to be a doctor, a teacher, a computer engineer, a prima ballerina, a fashion model? What ever your dream is, be it your goal. What ever your goal is, aim high. My eldest daughter took the medical board exams last February. She said she was aiming to place in the top ten. I said, it is okay not to place in the top ten. Passing the board exams is enough. She said, “No mom, I aim high so in case I fall short of my goal, I still pass the boards”. She passed the boards and is in the top 10 of her batch if not of the whole lot of examinees.

For last, I have one advice. Think you can, and you can. I have instilled in my five children the importance of positive thinking. If you think you cannot, then you’re halfway in failing in whatever you want to achieve. In the ladder of life’s experience, you are in the bottom rung. There will always be failures and problems be it in the form of failed relationships, failed grades, failed expectations, failed aspirations, and others. I do not believe that failure is the opposite of success. I consider failure an integral ingredient to success. It is in failing and surmounting seemingly impossible problems that you grow strong, wiser and experienced.

Success is not measured by financial achievement alone. I suppose success can be measured also by how much you’ve gained in terms of experience; how much you’ve given to others and your impact to the society you move in. I have a daughter who has been offered jobs abroad. The compensation is quadruple the amount she receives at her current work. With much thought and deliberation, she rejected the offers. I asked her why she declined the offers. She said that “mom, I did not become a teacher to go abroad for the money. I want to teach here where I can be of service to my country. I was about to say “ok ka lang?” for I thought she was only patronizing. I saw she was serious and I respected her decision. My 2nd daughter values her current work because of the professional growth and the feeling of fulfillment she gets in teaching. This is success in its purest form.

My dear graduates, you have a long and winding road ahead of you. Waste no time. Remember to always ask for guidance from the Lord. Bear in mind that we, your parents, are not the enemies. We are your allies and in full support of you and your aspirations. Keep in mind to give back to the less fortunate. Do all these, and you are on your way to becoming fine citizens of the world.
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It's graduation time in the Philippines. It is a crazy fad here to have graduation rites for students in almost any level. My niece-in-law said that her daughter is at the graduation rite practice. I did a double take since her daughter is 4 years old. The school near our house has a been practicing its prep students ( ages 5.5-6.5 ) their graduation march complete with togas and the changing of the tassle's position. My best friend Eva was not in her house when I dropped by the other day because she attended her granddaugther's kindergarten graduation. Crazy!

According to best friend dictionary graduation is a conferral or receipt of an academic degree or diploma marking completion of studies. Thus, you graduate with an undergraduate, graduate or doctoral degree. Graduation is also defined as a mark indicating the boundary of such an interval. Thus, we can rationalize our grade 6 or 7 and high school graduation rites: but nursery, kinder and prep? Come on! A recognition program for preschool kids maybe more in order.

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Remember the Macarena dance craze from the Philippines that hit the US in the mid 1990's? Well, there is a new dance craze that is reaching great popularity in the old US of A today. The very catchy song with it's overly simple dance steps was even featured in Good Morning America where the hosts tried the dance.

What? You have no idea what I'm talking about? You mean you have not heard of Edu Manzano's Papaya Song? Well, it's not actually Edu's song but he made it popular on his Game Ka Na Ba game show. Who sang the papaya song? I don't know. When was this song first released? Late 70's or early 80's? Do you know the lyrics? Duh? Toorooroorooroot, Tiiriiriiriiriit, Toorooroorooroot, too-roo-root-too-root.........

I have always liked Edu Manzano. Move over Lucky. Your dad's here to stay.
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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Life is full of trials, disappointments, failures, and heartaches. It seems like daily living is incomplete without us facing adversaries and problems. Sometimes it feels like God has forgotten our existence.

Think again. God never fails. He is everywhere caring, loving and nurturing us. As you look around you, the things that you should be grateful for are limitless.

I thank God for everything that has happened to me: good or bad. The experiences that I had, the people who loved and betrayed me, financial abundance or its reciprocal, and the ups and downs of my life molded me into who I am today.

Who am I? I am wife, a mother of five and a grandmom of one. I am a daughter, a sister, a cousin, an aunt and an in-law. I am a friend, a confidante, and a godmother. I am a Christian that has an unwavering faith on the goodness of God. I am thankful for the Lord has given me the chance to be all these as I am grateful to all those who are the reasons of my existence.

I tag the following to express their gratitude or complaints.


*Start Copy*

In order to be able to achieve and maintain happiness we need to, actively, be able to do two things: Complain and then let go (Dump the baggage, the roadblocks to happiness.) Express Gratitude (The open expression of gratitude promotes happiness.) After all everyone has something to be grateful for and/or something to complain about. If you would like to share, please follow the appropriate link and do so: “Are You Grateful?”, “Complain Complain Complain.”

Add your name to the current List of Contributors: 1-Attitude, the Ultimate Power 2-Max 3-DianaCA’s Metamorphoses 4-Mental Poo 5-My Thoughts 6-Baba Doodlius 7-Wake Up America 8-Life is a Roller Coaster 9-Life is beautiful 10-Pinay Mommy Online 11-Nelle-LucidCreativity 12- Juliana of PinayWahm 13- And Life Goes On

*End Copy*

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ethan attended a Curious George theme first birthday party this afternoon. The venue was at the children's playground of Manila Polo Club. Some kids were at the pools when we came. Ethan was mad because I intentionally did not bring swim suits for us since he still has coughs. The party place was decorated with inflatable animals, vines, and balloons. Ethan got the dinosaur inflatable.

I was gazing at the Polo field ( trying to imagine myself astride a horse playing polo) when daughter # 4 shrieked. I just can't believe when daughter # 4 said that she saw a squirrel jumped from a tree. Her friend confirmed it.

Squirrel? In the Philippines? Maybe what my daughter saw was a pigment of her imagination or is there really a Pinoy squirrel? Anyway, as always Ethan enjoyed the party.

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Late last year, Jennifer Lopez's pregnancy was kept a secret because, according to JLo, Marc and her were touring and didn't want the pregnancy news to put a dent (good or bad) on the tour. On November 2007, JLo, finally admitted her very obvious state of gestation. JLo's father announced weeks later that the couple were expecting twins.

So, talks abound as to whether the "twins" were a product of a scientific tweak ( in vitro). Not so, said Jenny from the Bronx. She said twin births run in both hers and Marc's sides of the family, which we will never know since we will never, ever meet their sides of the family. The twins were born on February 22, 2008 at a New York hospital where JLo reportedly rented all 40 rooms on the floor for her use and her staff's. Rooms were at $5,000 per day. Geez! That's more than 8 M in Philippine pesos for a day's rent.

According to article I read, JLo's twins are name Max and Emme. This really confuses me because knowing that both Jennifer and Marc have Latin roots, I was thinking they would chose names along the genre of Antonio and Carmencita. But Max and Emme?: sounds pretty British too me.

The twins have a masseuse that comes twice a week. They also have a color therapist who chose the twin's bedroom color coordinates that have intelligence-boosting properties (HUH?!). Take note that the wins are now proud owners of two Shetland ponies and diamond-encrusted rattles. Have I mentioned the Dolce & Gabbana baby wraps and booties at $158 per pair?

It is reported that the twin's guests have to done masks and sterilize themselves before coming close to the babies. Does this mean that during the 8-hour photo shoot for People's magazine everyone involved was sterilized ?... including the cameras?

photo courtesy of People Magazine
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Friday, March 28, 2008

Top 10 of American Idol 7
photo courtesy of

Chikezie is out of the running in Amercian Idol. His voice actually has timbre but, the public vote out of popularity not out of talent. Amanda Ovemyer has a compelling rock-aura but she overdid it. The public just had too much rock for Amanda. Tama na! Ibahin mo naman!

I believe in the talents of Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, David Atchuleta and David Cook. David Cook is the leading contender for me. He has maturity, innovation and confidence. David Atchuleta is alright but he is so young and naive. Carly has the voice but her really big-colorful tattoes overwhelm me. Micheal Johns oozes with raw sensuality: however his voice range is limited.

What about Jason Castro? He definitely does not have a great singing voice. His performances are all so mediocre; but he is so angelic-looking he could actually get away with his averageness. Brooke White and Kristy Lee Cook need to exude star quality. These two just don't get it.

I am not keen on Ramiele Malubay. She looks like an anime in her get-up and make-up. She sings flat and Simon actually hit the spot when he said the Ramiele sounds like Chikezie on a harmonica. Ramiele will be one of the last to be dropped out of the contest. She has the vote of the Pinoy communities in the great US of A.

Simon Cowell once said the if AI seizes to be a popularity contest, then we could have expected different winners from the previous AIs. If I were in the USA. I would have voted for those who deserve my vote.
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That day is today. Introducing Bloggerware.

This company is aiming to be Europe's number one advertising media in blogs. It is definitely taking advantage on the phenomenal growth and emerging power of the blogosphere. What are you waiting for? Join the bandwagon of bloggers who are earning extra money through Bloggerware.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adobong Taytay
picture courtesy of DuchessG

So you liked my binagoongan baboy. Why don't you try this easy adobo recipe by desperateblogger (me)

Adobo is one of the staples of Filipino cuisine. Your basic adobo is pork or chicken or both simmered in vinegar, soy sauce, laurel leaf, garlic and peppercorn. Ah, that is what Taytay folks call adobong-maynila. My kids never learned to eat adobong-maynila.This recipe is basically the same but with a little twist, making it "Adobong Taytay".

1-1/2 pounds pork, shoulder or butt cut into 1-1/2" cubes
1/3 cup vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
1 big onion -- sliced
5 cloves garlic -- minced
4 medium-size red tomatoes
1/2 cup water
2 tablespoon cooking oil

Combine pork, vinegar, 3 cloves garlic, salt, water in a pan. cover it, let it boil. when it's boiling, turn heat to med-low, let it simmer until the vinegar mixture is gone. turn heat to med-high or high. In Pinoy idiom: patuyuin mo ang baboy at papulahin. Cook the adobo down until it released its oils and browned in its own fat. When the pork is fried/toasted according to your taste/specs, set aside the pork.

Saute garlic, onion and tomatoes. add a little "patis" for seasoning. Make sure that the tomatoes are real cooked (skin peeling-cooked) before you add the pork cubes. Mix the pork well and let it simmer for 5-10 minutes. Luto na! Kain na!
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Desperateblogger (that' s me! ) got this award from bluedreamer27. He conducted a contest wherein bloggers submit their top 5 favorite blogs. I ranked 5th. Actually, there were a number of blogs who ranked 5th. Anyway, the important thing is, I got an award. Thank you fellow bloggers!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Binagoongan Baboy
photo courtesy of DuchessG

Today is a blah day for me. My brain is filled with so many itsy-bitsy concerns ( real and not) that I just don't know where to bump or crash my head to stop my synapses from connecting.What to do? Ummmmm.... cook? Think of something to cook? Write something to cook? Recipe? Okay. One of our favorites is Binagoongan Baboy. Try this recipe.

Description:Bagoong Alamang (shrimp paste) is what I use for this dish. I buy from the talipapa near our house because i know the tindera. It's important that you know or know-of the the vendor to ensure that the bagoong is fresh. If you can't buy fresh bagoong, sige na nga buy the regular bottled bagoong at SM. I recommend the SM brand.

1 Kilo pork cubes or liempo (but note that liempo has too much fat)
1/2-3/4 Kilo fresh bagoong
1 -11/2 cups vinegar
3 -5 T brown sugar
3-4 pcs siling- haba
siling labuyo ( according to taste)
8 cloves garlic
1 med onion
3 med red tomatoes

Boil the pork cubes in 4 cloves garlic and about 1/2 cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup water.No need to season with salt. Let the pork simmer and when it's dry brown the pork on its own fat.

When the pork has browned to your likeness, scoop out the pork leaving the oil in the pan. Set aside the browned pork.

Saute the garlic, onion and tomatoes. When I say saute, I mean really igisa mo up to the point where the garlic is brown first, the onion transparent and the tomatoes' skin peeling.

Do not make shortcuts in sauteeing!. Add the bagoong. Saute it for a short time then add about 1/2 cup of vinegar. Let the mixture boil. Cover it for the smell will be horrendous! Do not stir until the mixture boils. Upon boiling, turn the heat to med-low and let it simmer. Add about 2 T of brown sugar. Taste it. Is it still too salty? Need more sugar? You may add more vinegar if it's still too salty. It you want it to be sweeter, add more sugar.

Once you have adjusted the taste, add the browned pork cubes. Sige lang, haluin mo, then add the siling haba and labuyo ( if you like).The binagoongan is done once the mixture is no longer watery, slightly thick and the color turned darker.
Sarap! Muy Delicioso!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Last night before I went to sleep I set my mobile phone alarm to go off at 5:50 am. Three of my kids will be leaving at 6:30 a.m. I just want to see them off.

Zzzzzz.....I felt movement inside my bedroom. I heard my son say bye mom. My bemuffled mind commanded my sleepy tongue to say "bye". Good-bye at this time? Are they leaving now?

I still did not get up. My alarm clock has not rang. Maybe my son is in one of his nocturnal episodes. I heard hurried footsteps outside my door. They are leaving? Must be a figment of my imagination. It is still so early. My alarm is silent.

I drifted in and out of dreamland. My mind was trying to absorbed the news on TV. Huh? Ex-president Cory Aquino has colon cancer? Is that right? Why is there a news broadcast before 6:00 am? It's pretty early. My alarm has not rang.

I felt the sun on my eyes. The askew curtain allowed the sun's ray to touch my face. Someone is talking in my ear. Mom. Mom. Mom. Wake up. I'm hungry. Someone started to bounce on my bed! It's still freaking early. My alarm has not played Latin Lover yet. I felt the wet lips on my ear. I AM HUNGRY! Ethan emphasized.

I groped for my mobile phone and looked at the time. It's 7:45 am! What happened? My kids have left and I did not see them off. Is my phone broken? Why didn't the alarm sound? I checked my phone. See, the alarm was set at 5:50.... PM!

My Latin Lover failed me.
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Monday, March 24, 2008

So how was your Easter? I and my family had a lazy day. W e did not go to sunrise service since it was set at 4:30 am in Taytay and Ethan was racked with cough. I was very disapppointed with myself. Easter Sunday and no church!

I called my mother at 9:00 am and explained why we were absent at the sunrise service. After which I sms my sis-in-law and told her we'll be eating lunch at her house whether she likes it or not.

We arrived at my sis-in-law's house and ate lunch... for 4 hours. We started eating at 1:oo pm. By the hour, different food were presented: lunch, then dessert,then fruits, then chips, then sandwiches. We were stuffed but kept on eating and talking anyway.

I have prepared about 40 plastic eggs with candies and money inside for Ethan's annual Easter egg hunt. Since we were at my in-laws' house I have incuded all the kids there to join in the hunt. So at 4:40 pm I finally hid the eggs. In our excitement no one tool pictures. My hubby played a joke on the egg hunters but the joke backfired.

He included and hid a red salted egg and a fresh egg. Guess who got the real eggs? Yeah. My son got the salted egg and Ethan got the fresh egg which he readily threw and broke.

I was suddenly reminded of the Golden Rule.
Do not do to others what you do not want others to do to you.
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Have you heard about this Australian guy who put up a blog to lambast a Filipino group of friends nicknamed Gucci Gang?

The Gucci Gang comprise of some of Manila's high profilers like Tim Yap, Celine Lopez, and DJ Montano. The story, according to the Australian, was in essence a sting costing $70,000. I'm not really sure if the $ is US or Australian. Anyway, the Australian's boyfriend is DJ. DJ alledgely scammed Brian (the Australian) into giving him (DJ) money as capital for a restaurant joint venture with Celine Lopez. The ventrue never materialized and the $70,000 is gone. Brian wants his money back and he is currently spilling the beans on the people who alledgely scammed him.

Brian has a blog to facilitate his screams of foul. He spills juicy tidbits like so-and-so is a cocaine addict, that this eventologist is gay, that this journalist uses a ghost writer, that this Philippine newspaper is trash, and so many other stuff including negatory comments on the gang members' mothers. The writing style of the blog is akin to whining and accusation.

What struck me most were the hundreds of comments from Filipinos who are rooting for Brian. These Filipinos do their own share of fault-finding and stone-throwing at the Gucci Gang. It is as if the Gucci Gang represents everything that is evil in Philippine society: rich-famous-beautiful-idiots and addicts.

I think and ponder. Why am I troubled by this? I do not condone drugs or dishonesty. However, there are always two sides to a story. We have not heard or read about the side of the accused party. How will my life or the society I move in be affected if indeed the gang members are gay, addicts, illiterate divas, or scammers? Can't the Australian Brian file a civil or criminal case against the one who scammed him? The controversial blog has an average hit of 60,000 a day. That is a lot of clicks from Adsense.

More than century after Spanish rule, the Filipinos have not moved farther from irresponsible rumor-mongering and from the old reliable Pinoy trait of crab mentality.
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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Got these awards from Constance. Thank you!

I now pass these awards to momhood moments my daily ramblings
Go get your awards please.

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For a fee, the senakulo players re-enacted the "verdict" part of the Pasyon script right in front of my mother's house in Taytay. We were late in going to Taytay on Good Friday but we still managed to catch one group of senakulo still roaming the streets in search of "fans" like me willing to shell out 100 Php for a glimpse of their performance.

It was hilarious but we did not laugh for these actors sincerely think that they are the chosen ones. The manager of the group wanted to perform inside my mother's yard so as to prevent others (who did not contribute funds) from watching the show. I said it's fine by me (the sponsor) to let other passers-by see the drama.

So Pilate started his monologue. I really was not able to follow what he was saying for there was nothing biblical about it. Pilate even had Claudia draped about him. Then came the pharisee's dialogue. The three pharisee's were really hilarious for they said their parts in unmistakable Taytay accent.

The Romans started beating up the small guy acting as Christ. The guy went down on his knees and asked for water. What the? In the Bible, Christ asked for water when he was at the cross. So there, I was thinking how wrong the script was. At that precise moment one of the pharisees came up to me and said " ma'm tubig po, nahihilo po kasama namin" ( ma'm, water please. our mate feels faint). That brought another bout of grinning and then I asked the maid to go get water.

The cold water drink revived the actor and then they proceeded with the play. Two of my daughters were taking pictures and I just can't help noticing that the senakulo players were actually lining up in the camera's sight.

That night, the annual Amba (dead Christ statue) procession started at 5 pm and finished at 8:30 pm. Gone were the usual two-line procession. There were so many attendees that the street were filled with people. Before the Amba, the processional lines were more in order. I was able to say HI to some old acquaintances who were in the procession.

There was an hour and half delay before the Amba float came into view. Gates were closed. Kids snatched to hustle them inside for the throng that goes with the Amba float was just unbelievable. The smell was wet, humid and nauseating. By-standers were throwing towels at the Amba float while the men manning the float catch the towels, wipe them against the pane of the float, then throws tham back at the crowd: for anting-anting power (amulet).

The Amba, finally passed by. My children have watched the same Amba that my mother and I have watched for so many years. Different sets of generations have devoted themselves to Good Friday procession. They compete to have the honor of pulling the Amba float. There were hudnreds of devotees in white shirt waiting for their turn on the ropes.

What is the essence?

I serve a risen Savior. He's in the world today.
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I am tagging
Life Spices Live the Life of a Dreamer Republic of A Simple Zone
323 Tendre

Okay girls. Do it!
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Thursday, March 20, 2008

my son doing his thing

As my son, 3rd daughter and husband were on their way home last night, my son told his dad that he needs to buy something at MOA ( that's Mall of Asia ). So a quick detour was made. Dad and 3rd daughter went trailing after son. What the heck is he looking for? Finally.

Dad, said the son, can I have 1 K? I only have 1 K and this thing that I have to buy is worth 2K.
What are you going to buy anyway? the dad asked.
This really cool skateboard that operates like a twist car. answered son.
The 3rd daughter reacted: What? mom said no unless you buy it with your own money.Son looked at dad with imploring eyes. Okay here's 1K go buy your board said the spoiler dad.

the 2,800 Php skateboard

The board turned out to be 2,800 php but father and son bought it anyway. I was watching television last night when I heard the floor creaked and the side door slammed. I went out to check. Father and son where out on the street testing the board, at 11:30 pm.

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Blogging is fun. Blogging is an expression. Blogging is liberating. Blogging means money (for some). Blogging is a hobby. Blogging can be habit-forming (addicts!). Blogging is free (unless you get your own domain and server) . Blogging is contagious.

Yes. I have contaminated a trio of self-expressing, highly-articulate, first-rate teachers, who have the audacity to call themselves..... VAMPS. There are actually four major meanings of the word VAMP. First, the portion of a shoe or boot upper that covers the instep and toes. Second,something patched up or pieced together. Third, in jazz, an accompaniment, usually improvised, consisting of a succession of simple chords. Fourth, a seductive woman who uses her sensuality to exploit men.

The first three meanings do not apply to them. The fourth meaning is highy inconclusive too for I just can't see them exploiting men by using their charms. Wait I got it! The VAMP is actually shortcut for VAMPira.

There's a new kid on the block. My kid and two of her best friends: The Temptress, SPAManiac and CornFlakes..... collectively....

The Vamp Squad

vamp squad: you owe me $10 for the buzz

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Holy Wednesday. In the Philippines this is the time for most families and friends to pack up their bags and leave for a"holy" holiday. At 4:00 pm today, all roads leading to the North Luzon Expressway are packed with vehicles on their way up north of Luzon. Destination? Gearing mountainwise, it could be Baguio, Banawe, or Sagada. Beachwise, there's Pagudpod or any of those beaches lining the coast of Ilocos region.
I am not a keen vacationer during Lent. My family and I usually stay in the house, go to church and basically catch up on things. Not today though. It's 8:30 pm and it's only Ethan and I in the house. Ethan was so bored that:

1.) When I went to the grocery and left him with the maids, he put a small ball- bearing inside his nose. I don't know where he got it. Ethan went to tell the maid about it and the maid had him blow his nose real hard. Luckily the object up his nose was ejected.
2.) I got home and was met by the ball-bearing incident. I told Ethan never, ever do it again. I let the maid sort out the groceries and I went down to the basement to go online. After about 30 minutes, the maid came to me and said: Ate, ginupit po ni Ethan and buhok nya. (Ethan cut his hair) Whaadaaa!!?? I got up and went to see Ethan. Lo and behold! He did snip his hair. Off we went to Allan (my hairdresser) and had him fix Ethan's hair. Done, though slightly shorter than usual.
3.) So the two of us ate dinner. While eating Ethan said he feels hot. I asked: Do you want the aircon on? NO! I am hot! Ethan replied while he was feeling his forehead. I felt his forehead and neck and he was indeed feverish. I got the thermometer and hovered it inside his right ear. Tootootoot 38.6 Celsius.

So here I am, recounting my not so wonderful day before I finally log off.
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Got tagged by Juliana. She tags me because she knows I cannot say no! Likewise! Here is the tag.

I am here again creating another tag meme. I entitle this "I Wish I Were... Alphabet". We have lots of wishes, and dreams. We know we aren't perfect, and we can't be everything we want us to be. We may be jack-of-all-trades but there are just some things that we really dearly wish we were. So it's time to showcase your dreams in this alphabet.

*The rules: Below are the letters A-Z. You have to fill in your dreams and wishes in the letter that corresponds to the first letters of your full name, and these wishes of yours should also start with those letters.

For example, in my case, my full name is Caesar Balatero, so I'd take C and B. After doing so, I will fill in spots C and B with who I want to be other than who I am now. This is basically "I wish I were a/an...". So, I wish I were a chef and a ballroom dancer. Don't forget to put your links in the item/s, okay, so people will know...

(Note: if the letter is already filled, replace it with your dream/wish, and if you have two or three first names, then good: fill the letters up!)

ballroom dancer
Jazz Singer
Lotto winner
SuperLotto Winner

I am tagging
funkiemommy travelnorms jenn sweetkenjie pinaylove.

Let this
I Wish I Were... Alphabet spread widely...*
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Regions, provinces even towns have varying traditions played during the Lenten Season. Bacoor is only an hour's away (that's without traffic), from Taytay but their Holy Week customs differ. Let me just do some clarifications. The province of Cavite used to be a seat of the Aglipayan Church.

There were more Aglipays than Catholics in the town of Bacoor. The Aglipayan congregation were the cream of the crop in Bacoor. For some reason ( that I know nothing of), the Aglipay church in Bacoor separated into two. Those who were disillusioned transfered to the Catholic church. Now, every time a Catholic event calls for a procession, there are three individual churches involved: Aglipay 1, Aglipay 2 and the Roman Catholic.

I have observed that anywhere in the Philippines, Palm Sunday is celebrated with the procurement of a palaspas, have it blessed then displayed on the walls of houses. Altas, are not evident here but the singing of the Pasyon is in. The pasyon singers are invisible. They are sequestered inside houses. One can just hear the pentatonic whining much like the cantoras and cantors in Taytay because high-tech speakers are directed on unsuspecting neighbors (me!)

The Station of the Cross or Via Dolorosa is very much observed in Cavite. Households are assigned by the parish to put up respective altars depicting the 14 stations. The house to house Stations of the Cross usually starts a week before Lent. The finale would be on Maundy Thursday where the Station of the Cross will be brought on a higher level.... church hopping. I remember my sisters-in-law starting out real early in the morning of Maundy Thursday so they can reach churches as far away as Tagaytay.

There was one Maundy Thursday when I and my girls tagged along. We started late at 8 pm so we were not able to finish all the 14 stations but managed to grab a midnight snack at the Aristocrat. There were tons of people everywhere. My sister-in-law said the 14 th station is always the home church.

There are no senakulos or flagellants in Cavite. The only event on Good Friday are the funeral processions of the three churches; However, Easter Sunday is a totally different genre.

Months, sometimes, years before a particular Easter Sunday or what is commonly in Cavite as Salubong, a set of 3 sagalas , with at least 4 flower girls, each are chosen for the early morning procession. By early, I mean 4:30 am. Salubong is a big event in Bacoor. The three sagalas are known respectively as sargenta (sargeant), tenyenta (lieutenant) and kapitana (captain). My niece-in-law was chosen as a sagala. She started out as a dama, then on to the three ranks.

Being the Kapitana in the Salubong is every Catholic and Aglipay 1 and 2 mothers' and daughters' dream. Gowns are done by designers of caliber. The whole town literally watches this event. The four resident brass bands of Bacoor are at its finest wearing new uniforms but basically still sounding blah! Not a car can pass the main road while the procession is ongoing. The heck with emergencies and ambulances. After the procession, talks on who has the most fantastic or disastrous gown or who is the loveliest or ugliest kapitana or who they think has the cheapest ot most expensive gows and so on.

We Filipinos are so bounded by traditions that sometimes we lose the essence or forget the meaning of Holy Week.

The Lenten Season is, for me, not a time for penance or any outward and loud manifestation of faith. I believe it is a time to ponder on the significance of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Holy Week came early this year. I never could figure out when Holy Week will be. For a predominantly Catholic country, Holy Week here starts on Ash Wednesday, then Palm Sunday then Holy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday and finally Easter Sunday.

The Filipinos are a people with a conviction for traditions and superstitions. Holy Week is a good example of the traditions faithfully followed year after year by some Pinoys. Here are some traditions that I saw practiced in my hometown, Taytay, Rizal.

Buying of ready-made palaspas on Palm Sunday. Catholic Churches are teeming with faithfuls wanting their "palaspas" blessed by the priest. The "blessed palaspas" will then be displayed on the outside wall of houses to be taken down and refurbished on next year's Palm Sunday.

Different street associations start to build Altars for pasyon or the seemingly pentatonic singing of the Passion of Christ. These altars or alta , as we call them in Taytay, have microphones for their cantoras and cantors. Food was always available at the back of the alta for the pasyon readers. When we were teenagers (and know nothing better) my friends and I used to sing at altas for free food. We were not happy with the pentatonic whining so we occasionally used Earth Wind and Fire tunes to the consternation of the oldies there. Imagine singing the passion to the catchy tune of EWF's September.

In the neighboring town of Cainta, the senakulo would be in full blast every night. The Passion of Christ is dramatized on a stage built near the Catholic church and the Town Hall. The production runs until Maundy Thursday night then the finale will be the following day, Good Friday. At 7:00 am that day, Pontius Pilate, with Claudia, will be on a chariot going all around Cainta and Taytay while occasionally washing his hands:an act symbolical of Pontius Pilate's alleged innocence in the crucifixion verdict he gave Jesus Christ.

Behind Pilate's chariot would be Barabas, and Hestas(?) I actually do not know the name of the other thief. I just got the Hestas name from Donya Delilah of the defunct John and Marsha Show. (Hudas!, Barabas!, Hestas!) Now these two thieves would be tied up on logs slung across their shoulders. Only the person acting as Jesus Christ would be carrying a real-heavy-wooden-cross. Since the cross is heavy and the actor JC literally whipped by the "Romans and Jews" there would be about 4 to 5 alternates for the part of Jesus Christ. As these players act out on the streets, envelopes are given out to houses along the route for donations. I never got to see the ending of this senakulo. I guess the troupe never got to crucify the actor acting as Jesus Christ.

Flagellants are everywhere on Good Friday. They cover their heads, slash their backs, lie on broken glasses, pour alcohol on their wounds, then whip themselves silly. At around 3 :00 pm, one is not allowed to laugh, talk loud or even take a bath. As Ka Choleng and Ka Celing say, patay na Amba. Amba is the term used by Taytay-nians for the statue of the dead Christ.

At 5:00 pm the faithful go to the Catholic church to attend the funeral of the dead Jesus Christ. The funeral is an amazing site. Thousands attend the funeral while hundreds pull the cart of the Amba. You can smell and feel the sweat of the faithfuls as they pass. The funeral procession takes from 3 to 4 hours from end to finish. At the very end of the procession are the flagellants doing their last bout of scourging. I have heard some of these penitents actually say that after their penitensya all their sins will be forgiven and they can enjoy another year of "sinning".

I do not practice any traditions as I serve a risen Savior and He lives within my heart.
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The De Leon Clan of Taytay, Rizal had a reunion of sorts over the weekend at Tagaytay. The venue was at the house of its eldest second generation cousin. It was not highly attended since many were at previous engagements that cannot be broken, some were abroad and others just didn't want to attend.

From my mama's side only me, my mom, 2 daughters and Ethan attended. Take note that we are the only branch whose four generations are present. The other branches's first generations have passed away.

The picture to your left shows the remaining 1st and 2nd generations of the De Leon Clan. Three have passed away. Four are abroad. Two are absent! Yeah. I'm the youngest girl among the cousins.

There are four 6 first generations: A,B,C,D,E and F. Branches A, B,C and E are now with the Lord. D and E are certified bachelorettes and F is my mama. It is only the descendants of A that needs a "reunion" for the families of B, C and F always see each other. A's clan wore blue. B's clan wore yellow. C's clan wore red and F's clan (that's us) wore green. Anyway, food was a plenty, the house is big, the view fantastic, and we generally had a good time.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ethan's school fieldtrip was not the usual school fieldtrip. Theirs was a trip to Bonifacio High Street to observe the making of a Kripsy Kreme donut. The kids were toured inside the mixing, batching, frying then decorating part. There were vats of really yummy choco dips and sprinklers. The kids were allowed to get a donut or two then decorate.

After the donut-making-tour, the kids were then brought over at Fully Booked for a special story-telling session. It was a fun fun story telling time for the kids rattled the story teller with their quite outrageous but smart questions.

Time has changed. I remember when fieldtrips were traipsing about Luneta, Manila Zoo and Balara!

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cecil, thanks for the tag. This one is quite different. Fun to answer. Be imaginative.

I AM…............................. astig
I WANT…....................... to win the lotto
I HAVE….........................two hands
I WISH….........................that I have a wish for every wish that I make
I HATE............................duplicity
I FEAR............................. duh? turkey?!
I SEARCH…..................... for truth
I WONDER.......................why very few bloggers leave comment on my c-box
I REGRET......................... not being a doctor
I LOVE… family
I ALWAYS…...................... pray, truly
I AM NOT.........................makunat (stingy)
I DANCE…........................ really, I do!
I SING… perfect pitch
I CRY…..............................sometimes
I WRITE…......................... about my favorite subject: Me!
I AM CONFUSED…......... on occasion
I NEED…............................ to sleep now. have had a busy day.
I SHOULD…........................quit now, really

THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS…........... that the Lord continue to bless and keep my family safe.

Add your name after mine. Tag as many as you want.

Butchay Sugar Len Cecil Lena1 Lena2

I now tag Julieann Naomi Lourdz Dancing In Midlife MommaStuff. Okay girls you know what to do.
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Friday, March 14, 2008

Manila Ocean Park opened to the public start of March 2008. As part of Ethan's year-end activity their school had a special field trip on March 13. It was special because the park opened at 8:00 am to give the kids a private tour. The park opens at 10:00 am.
Entrance fees are 400 Php and 300 Php for adults and kids respectively. The Oceanarium main sections are finished. The tour is by groups of 50. I was with Ethan and 2 of my daughters. We were first taken to the Agos (FLow) Section where enormous fresh water fishes are in their humongous tanks for viewing. The section's theme is that of a rain forest that has plants not fully bloomed. The picture on your left is the wooden stairs located at the Agos.

At the bottom of the stairs are tanks filled with more gigantic fish like the catfish or what we commonly call hito. An open tank is filled with starfishes and some other mollusks that guests can touch and hold.

Of course none of the kids attempted to hold the starfish. They were freaked out. Matter of fact, I think I was the only one who did hold a starfish.

We were then taken, by our not so informative guide to the Bahura (Reef) Section. Guess who we saw that got the kids so excited yayas and mommies included? Yes! Nemo and Dory!

The Laot (Fishing ground) Section had eels, stone fish, grouper and other edible fishes. I even saw a real big school of pampano.

My favorite part of the oceanarium was the 25 meter long underwater tunnel. It was amazing. One is surrounded by water-fish-stingray at both sides and above.

This super duper stingray is so freaking big! I was reminded of the stingray that killed Steve Irwin.

Ethan, Kyle and I at the end of the tunnel. From where we were sitting, you just have to look up to see Pagi (stingray) swimming up on the ceiling. The glass-bottomed tanks are actually located on the second floor. Right in front of us is Ang Kalaliman (the deep) where tanks full of barracudas and sharks are located.

That's it!It can take you anywhere from an hour to two hours to finish the tour. Half of the complex is not yet built. The unfinished half of the complex will house the mall, hotels and eating places adjacent to the oceanarium. I am not sure if there will eventually be a dolphin show.

The 400 Php entrance fee is not affordable for majority of public school children. For a household that earns a measly 350 Php a day, surely a 400 Php fee just to get a glimpse of the "sea" is too much. Ethan's school was given a 5% discount. Maybe the park will give bigger discounts to fieldtrips by public school children.

The highlight of my oceanarium tour was at the fish spa. For an additional 100 Php you can soak your feet at the special pool where doctor fishes will eat away your feet's dead skin. I don't know who was happier. Me or the fish?

Location: at the back of Rizal Park Grandstand

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