Thursday, March 29, 2012

D1 finished her residency in anesthesia in January this year. A week, ago she took the anesthesia boar exams so she could be a licensed anesthesiologist. God is gracious for she did pass the qualifying exams. What her plans? Well, she just can't open a private practice like an ob-gyne or pediatrician. She needs affiliation to hospitals as she needs to work in collaboration with other practitioners such as surgeons, ob-gyne, ophthalmologists and the likes. However, D1 wants to further her qualifications though fellowship training.

Medicine is a never ending study. D1 is also considering teaching part time. Being a medical doctor does not automatically make D1 a good teacher. It is true that the field of medical education is growing. There are now plenty of doctors who are opting to opt for in medical teaching courses or in teach the teacher courses to receive the most recent educational concepts to better equip themselves as consultants and senior doctors.

Another important aspect of a doctor's training is booking into a medical management course. What is this? This is basically a leadership and management course apt for doctors who are into primary and secondary care. In the UK, this training course includes SpR, ST, GPs and SAS, consultants and middle-grade doctors who wish to further their leadership and management training.

Now, if you're on the verge of applying for consultancy, there is a course called consultant interview course. This one-day consultant medical interview course will better equip doctors for interviews. These courses are offered at the Oxford Medical in UK.
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oh wow.... vanilla ice cream sure beats boiled potato and carrots every time! yum!
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Friday, March 23, 2012

For Ethan's final project in his English class, he was supposed to do a short clip of a "how to" video. No problem. This should be easy. Ethan's presentation can be safe and boring by doing a "how to" video on cooking scrambled eggs or making a milk shake but! who wants to be boring and ordinary?

For his final project Ethan's "how to" was a video on making body scrub. The process was quite simple. Ethan used iodized sea salt, mineral oil, essential oils and coloring. The product was a success (and, of course, Ethan's video presentation) that we actually made a bunch, bottled them and gave them out as favors at Tabby's Christening. The scents we used were lavender, sunflower, apple, bamboo, citrus and strawberry. See pictures. Yes! Ethan accepts orders now. It's pretty cheap and unique. You can request for scents and colors. No worries. We tested it and it's great!
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Tabby was Christened on March 10, 2012. I thought of the date as it was a day before my birthday. The affair was a quiet one, with just a few relatives and friends invited But! Hello!? There were close to 40 sponsors! I actually thought it was a joke but what can I do? Anyway, the baptism and reception were held in a private function hall so the following week, I had to take Tabby to my hometown church so she could be presented to the congregation as newest member.
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It's so annoying to drive on bumpy uneven roads! It's unbelievable how contractors and subcontractors of Manila Water Works managed to do such a measly job. Fine! The ongoing (close to 2 years now) excavation and lining up of water line in various parts of Metro Manila is a step to improve the water supply system but! the traffic that they effected was and is terrible! The safety measures they take are not effective as I've heard stories of people and motorcycles falling in the excavations. When a certain junction is done, the way they fill-in and patch the road is so unprofessional that the once even and smooth roads are now patchy and uneven.

On the bright side, I noticed that their equipment are of the high quality as I noticed that they were using a gusher pump for siphoning out water from one of their excavations. It's summer time once again. I just hope that at the end of the season all "improvements" on the water distribution system will be done.
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The price of gas went up again yesterday. Every week is gas-price-hike-up week and my economics-challenged brain can't reconcile why the price of gas goes up every week when a friend of mine working in the Middle East said the base price of crude oil remains. Why? Why?

Times are hard. So many people are laid-off from their regular jobs. So many people are up to their necks in mortgage and credit card debts. Some are in the verge of bankruptcy. Some have stopped schooling. Some are hungry. Some are homeless. Sad... really sad.

Just the other week, the price of gas and its related by-products went up again. Public transport demanded a hike on their fare. There was even a national transportation strike to emphasize their demand. Well, the government did grant their petition so I guess the transportation sector is happy now. But what about the consumers? There is no government-backed demand for across the board salary hike! The prices of basic commodities and utilities continue to escalate but the promise of an increase in pay is nil.

Frugality is a must. We must all try to save up and be conscious of our expenses. It's nice to know that there are actually websites that try to impart to their readers on how to save. The tips are really useful and if done consistently, are actually effective. There’s a suggestion to do away with landlines if you have a mobile phone but that is not applicable in most countries as broadband connection is almost always connected with a landline. There are websites too that offer discounts and coupons to their readers.

Harbor Freight offers coupon codes and discounts. The discount offers are great... up to 80%. All you have to do is click the icon, shop and get super discounts at the check-out counter. Great! This is just the time to buy things such as a wireless driveway alert system, a 21 degree-angle framing nailer, a 4-inch tile saw cutter. These items are not really cheap so a discount of 40% to 80% is a good deal. A great deal from the online store is the clearance sale. Each week a whole gamut of household gadgets are up. This week, a portable blower with variable speed is pegged at only $49.95. A 7-piece professional nut driver set is on sale for only $7.99 only. Cheap, right?! There’s 8 more days left to secure coupons.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Technology has come a long way. My friends and I were just talking the other day how technology made "mommy-ing" easier. With the advent of the mobile phone, it became easier to call your children and check where they are. With the advent of the internet, research work that usually took hours became instant. The mobile technology is really useful as communication became faster.

Internet technology has its high points too but I really don't agree to using it as the only means for school research. I still am a staunch advocate of doing "manual" research in the library. Oh yes. Most of the stuff on the internet are not 100% accurate. So in the long run, the best research resource are still books.

However, internet technology has made it possible to facilitate swift online communication. For example, officers of a national company that has multiple branches all over the country do not have to meet physically in order to facilitate a meeting. The company could just subscribe to teleconferencing from and their online meeting could well be on its way. Now that saves time, money and effort.
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