Friday, January 30, 2009

Today is my first year anniversary in blogging!
Yippee!! Here's a re-post of my very first article.

Don't you just hate it when people post pictures that are not interesting at all.........where the contents are grotesque faces, distorted limbs, awkward poses and ( hay naku, pardon me) "feeling" beautiful faces.

With the proliferation of social networking there comes an avalanche of digi-photos in the net. Armed with their phone cameras and 2 pixel digi cams, these wannabes click to their hearts' content... without thought, without fear, without reservation and yes!!... pictures without composition..., dear Juans and Juanas... there are such things as composition, balance, symmetry, focal point, light and shadow, etc., etc. in taking pictures. you might want to read up on the topic or simply google it for you to learn the basics of photography.

Pictures are for posterity... a record of history... an account of your life in stills... why do you choose to photographically record yourself as fantastically ugly and bizarre? Why always the EMO face and attitude? For those who are clueless regarding Emo, it is a broad title that covers a lot of different styles of emotionally-charged punk rock.

I seldom have my picture taken for I want to project the best of me everytime I have a photo taken.That way, I will always be remembered as oozing with the true Filipina essence of femininity and grace.( ahahahhaha ) Even if I am not beautiful, with a great photograph, I can be.

So please, refrain from posting pictures that are not pleasing. You might think that projecting an emo attitude and face is cool....yeah. maybe. sometimes. But to always posture as one? Pleeeeeeeeease......

or..... I might as well stop browsing other people's social network sites..............
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Moving to a new house is one of the things I don't enjoy doing. As an architect I've had helped a lot of clients move into their new homes - packing stuff, discarding stuff, deciding where to put old-sentimental-stuff-that-has-no-business in the new house. Nightmare! What I love though is shopping for new furniture, appliances, accents and accessories for a new house. Some clients go crazy with their budget and gives me the go signal to buy whatever, wherever. However, most clients have budgets in which case I usually go to shops and warehouses that offer discount furniture. Believe it or not but the items found in discount stores are fine too. Name-brand furniture manufacturers are carried by these stores too. Great buys!
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Thursday, January 29, 2009

There was a lot of scurrying about the hallway two nights ago. I could detect several bare feet tip-toeing about the hallway outside my bedroom. The girls! I can even hear their suppressed giggling. The land line rang one time then immediately stopped. It was 10:15 P.M. No one calls the land line this time of the night as we all have mobile phones - good for late-night texting. I know each of my girl's walk and I was pretty sure that it was daughter #4 who was the busiest running about the hallway then up and down the stairs. I thought no more of it and watched Slumdog Millionaire in DVD.

I came home late last night. I was with Ethan, daughters 1 and 3. We came from Ethan's eye doctor's appointment. It was only 8:30 P.M but the whole house was unlit. Chuck was giving its best barking to death! I opened the side door to the dining room with the rest of my party several feet behind me. Dang! No light! FLASH! Was that a camera? The dining room lights were suddenly turned on and this was what I saw.

No it's not a rug. It's Chip, a Shih Tzu. My kids decided to give me an early birthday gift. I must have mentioned that it's what I want for a gift sometime ago. Daughter #4 went out of her way to look for the perfect tri-color breed and she did. I don't know how much it cost but all the kids chipped-in. They said that they won't be giving me a gift for the next couple of years at least. Thank kids! That was such a nice surprise.

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Having curtains or drapes to dress up each window in the house is not so practical now. Maintaning them is quite tedious. I decided to take down the curtains in all the bedrooms of our the other day. I don't know what came over me. I just felt like taking the curtains down to give them wash. It was no easy feat washing the curtains even with the use of a washing machine. I had to do an equivalent of four loads to do the lot. Drying them under the sun took more than a day. I was expecting to put up the curtains this morning but I didn't. They are pretty much wrinkled and would need some hard ironing to press them. In times like this, Cheap Blinds would have been heaven-sent.
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It is quite shocking to know that since September 2008, more than 400,000 employees were laid off because of the recession. The recession is a worldwide problem and many lives are affected. In line with the recession is the seemingly escalating debts of consumers. More debts. Less jobs. Disaster. Personally, I also need to put my act together regarding my debts. Admitting that one is in dire financial slump or realizing you are having problems paying off what you owe is the very first step to get out of debt.

In 2008, the US congress has put aside quite a large amount to help middle class homeowners with loan modification programs. You need to know your total monthly income and expenses so you could have a clear picture of how much is left for you to pay your loan. You can negotiate with your lender on a new payment scheme for your loan.

You can also negotiate for a debt settlement. Your creditors would prefer that you settle your debts with them than you not paying at all. A debt settlement would let you pay less every month. You will be paying less every month and owe less money then finally pay off all your debts sooner. There are ways and means to settle your personal debts. Check out
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I was watching the news the other day and I was shocked to learn that my son's former schoolmates are suspects in a foiled cab robbery. Daughter # 2 was even more shocked because she sees knows one of the suspects and his sisters. What could have happened? What were they thinking? I wonder what their parents are doing now for their sons in this legal mess.
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I have been seeing this ad about Ceiva digital photo frames. I thought, "big deal,what's great about it?" I thought the photo frames are just for digi scrapping. Boy, was I wrong. It is actually the world's first internet-connected picture frame perfect for sharing digital photos for people who are not into internet, like my 76-year-old mother. The advent of digital camera, e-mailing and social networking on the net had rendered printing pictures almost passe. The set-up is perfect for PC users but not for non-PC users.

The Ceiva looks like a black-matt-regular-photo frame. It is not. It displays photos that are received via the built in modem at the back of the frame. You upload photos to Ceiva's web site and then their service sends the photos you select to friends and family who has the Ceiva digital photo frames. The frame needs to be close to a phone and power outlet. It also The comes with its own AC power supply so you can chose to leave it on all the time.There is no need for my mother to hook up with a computer to receive digital pictures from me. All I have to do is get her a Ceiva digital frame at $29.99 when I get a year's worth of subscription to Picture Plan. No more printing the pictures to mail them out to non-internet savvy friends and family.Cool!
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I read of a not-so-new method of using colored lenses to help people with reading disabilities. People with reading disabilities see printed pages quite differently. The prints might look faded, swirly, glaring, pops out of the page, etc. The principle behind is that making the background page of a printed material or book a different color would lessen or totally right unwanted effects. The colored lenses can be of blue, green, lavander, yellow, and pink. I asked Ethan's developmental pediatrician about this and he said that he knows someone who does colored lenses. However, he cautioned me that it might work or not. No harm in trying. I called the doctor and set an appointment.

The test took more almost an hour. The doctor asked me of my expectations and I told her all about the Irlen method of colored lenses. She told me that the colored lenses will not cure dyslexia and I said "I know. But the colored lenses might help him focus more on the prints". Ethan's test revealed that he is nearsighted and would be needing eyeglasses for this. The doctor also recommends that his lenses be colored yellow. So! This coming Sunday. Ethan would be sporting his new yellow-lenses-prescription eyeglass. How much? You don't want to know.
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am so glad and relieved. My cousin, who was diagnosed with breast cancer May of last year has just had her monthly physicals. Her cancer is in remission. We are so thankful to the Lord for that piece of good news. My cousin went through a series of treatment like chemotherapy and radiation. She even lost all of her hair due to the treatment. What was so endearing and awe-inspiring about my cousin was her seemingly sunshine-y attitude about her sickness. She was, of course, sad about her illness but she never complained about it nor expressed anger about her difficult situation. I so admire her. I pray that her remission is a permanent gift from God.

According to the American Cancer Society, 7.6 million people worldwide died of cancer in 2007. It is the cause of 13% of all deaths. It is still a dreaded disease but treatment for different types of cancer has come a long way. There is a site that deals with educating people regarding cancer. The site is It is a cancer social network where you can be a member for free. The site has forums where members could ask experts on various concerns about cancer. You can touch base with people with the same concerns too. There is also an online library where one can read on about various types of cancer, tumors, treatments, and more. A national directory of oncologists, wellness centers, cancer camps and more are also available. The site is worth checking.

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I was born in the year of the rooster. The years are 1909,1921, 1933, 1945, 1957 , 1969, 1981, 1993, and 2005. What are my characteristics then, according to the Chinese?

Brave, Romantic, Motivated, Proud, Blunt, Resentful, Boastful

Roosters are very loyal. They are honest and straightforward to the point of being blunt.He is up front and honest people and expect those around them to be the same. Roosters are happiest when they are surrounded by others at a party or just a social gathering. They enjoy being in the spotlight and ooze charisma and wit in a minute. The Rooster is a "star" and expects you to listen to him while he speaks and can become agitated if you don’t. Roosters do have a tendency to brag about themselves and their achievements and demand an attentive audience when doing so.

I am a fire rooster, so to speak, so I'm supposed to be very particular about my looks. I am supposed to be flaunty and dramatic, but a whiz as a social organizer who loves to plan parties and gatherings. I have a tendency to be bossy and blunt to the point of hurting feelings. Still, these Roosters make great leaders, creative, diligent and motivated. OMG. Some, okay, most, of the characteristics fit me to a T!

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Drug testing is now almost a "must" in job applications. It is now usual for job applicants to submit the result of their drug test to future employers. My daughters, the doctor and the dentist, were subjected to one prior to their residency acceptance. Renewing ones driver's license also calls for a mandatory drug test. Some high schools and colleges also do periodic-random drug tests too. There are actually drug testing kits and detox kits available online. Of course it would be more ideal if we don't need a test or a detox kit. But some are not so wise. My friend's son has been known to use marijuana and then some. I guess I could tell her about ordering a marijuana drug testing kit online.

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In Chinese culture, the yin and yang plays an important role. Yin is traditionally associated with what is feminine and yang with masculinity. The years ending in odd numbers are associated with the yin. Thus the year of the ox will have a yin influence. Babies born this year would be methodical and calm, hardworking, dependable and patient, materialistic and an ambitious. On the negative side, babies born this year will be stubborn, narrow minded, and with low public relations skills.

For those born in the year of the Ox -1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 2009- this is a good year, love wise and wealth-wise. Pubic relation wise, those born in the year if the ox should work on theirs. Do I believe in all these? Not really. It's just interesting to know.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

February is just around the corner. Still, my weight is stagnant as to where it was at the beginning of January. I kept telling myself that I would go into a low-carb diet and integrate exercise into my routine. But that's just me - all plan but no action. My girls are doing yoga now and they urge me to do so. Hmm....I could do my plan - low carb and exercise or do yoga or just throw out the weighing scale. The problem is I really don't have much motivation to lose weight. Maybe I need to focus on a goal for me to get motivated. Meanwhile I think I'll get some Safe Diet Pills from That would start the ball rolling so to speak.
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Monday, January 26, 2009

...asked my son. It was Chinese New Year and my son was used to seeing boxes of tikoy in the house at this time. The tikoy is made up of ground glutinous rice flour, wheat starch, lard, water, and sugar. There are two main types of tikoy - white and brown, dependent on the kind of sugar used. There are now flavored tikoy too - ube, pandan, strawberry, corn and even sugar-free. Where have all the tikoys gone? I am sure there are boxes and boxes of different flavored tikoy still being sold in the Metropolis. However, I do not mean that tikoy. I meant, the boxes of tikoy given to us by Chinese and not so Chinese friends and clients as gifts for the Chinese Lunar New Year.

When my mother and two aunts were still active in their textile business, it was a given that their Chinese suppliers and clients would literally drown us with boxes of tikoy. It came to a point that little-enterprising me wanted to sell them for profit. Of course that did not happen for my mother and aunts beat me to it - giving them to other relatives and friends. When I got married I found that my in-laws also receive tons of tikoy. Tikoy dipped in raw egg then friend in oil was served at morning and afternoon snacks until the supply runs out or gets moldy - whichever comes first.

When we moved into our new home, the tikoy tokens on Chinese New Year followed us. Hubby used to bring home at least 10 boxes of tikoy courtesy of clients. My kids learned to eat and love tikoy. Me? I was never partial to it. I prefer hopia. Years pass and the gift of tikoy keep on diminishing - sign of diminishing economics or sign of enlightenment? Whatever. Now we only have a box of tikoy. Just as well as it's sinfully fattening.

picture courtesy:
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Sunday dinner is always a calorie-laden-affair in our household. It is the one night in a week that my kids are all home in time for dinner. I always see to it that I prepare the food that every one likes, especially my son. So, with this in consideration our usual Sunday dinner is: pasta (marinara or carbonara), bar-be-qued American ribs, breaded fried chicken, mashed potato or buttered baby potatoes with green peas, Caesar or fresh garden salad, mushroom soup, and brownies for dessert. If I were to eat this meal on a daily basis, my dessert should be a weight loss pill.
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Kung Hei Fat Choi!

That's Happy New Chinese New Year for you.The Chinese year 4707 begins on Jan. 26, 2009. The Chinese year of the Ox is now official. If you were born in the year: 1901 ( gosh! you're old!), 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, then you belong in the year of the OX.Those born in ox years tend to be painters, engineers, and architects. They are stable, fearless, obstinate, hard-working and friendly. I was born in the year of the rooster, nevertheless I have the characteristics of an ox.
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

My son asked me if I could lend him my online payment account so he could buy cheap wow accounts at What is WoW? It's World of Warcraft, the largest multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). WoW, as it's more commonly know has about 11 million monthly subscribers. One of them is my son, a certified citizen of Azeroth.
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On January 31, 3:30 P.M. I'll meet up with some friendly-neighborhood-bloggers to have coffee. I have yet to send them text messages as to where we'll meet though.I was thinking of Starbucks, or The Coffee Bean. What establishment and where? Of course it would be more practical to meet somewhere in the middle of the metropolis. Any suggestions? I would not want to post here the venue for fear of being deluged with non-bloggers. Not that I don't want to meet them. It's just that I might not be able to afford to buy them all a cup of coffee. In times like this, how I wish I have my own nespresso - then I could make all the espressos that I could and invite everyone to have a cup of coffee.
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I have two daughters who graduated with doctorate degrees. I have one daughter who graduated with two degrees at the same time. These three did not make a fuss on what to wear on their graduation. They rationalized that they'd be wearing togas anyway. But not daughter #4. True. She'd be graduating with two degrees and with honors so to speak. But! You would not believe the havoc she's been creating in choosing her graduation outfits. I say outfits because she said she needs three dresses. One for the baccalaureate services; one for the college graduation rites; and finally one for the actual university graduation rites. Three clothes! And shoes!
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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hungry? Do you want free food? A variety of free food and drinks? Go to the grocery. Isn't it amazing the amount of free promotional products there are out for sampling at popular groceries today? I was at the grocery at 11:50 A.M. the other day. It was nearly lunch and I was hungry for I skipped breakfast. Grabbing a shopping cart I was in a rush to finish my task so I could grab something to eat before I fetch Ethan and my son after. With a grumbling tummy, I proceeded. As I was rounding one corner, a booth was giving out samples of hot noodles. At the opposite side, a booth was promoting a new brand of imported hotdog. Further along the aisle was a java coffee sampling booth. Located at the bread section was free samples of new kind of muffin. I sampled them all, at least twice each, and my tummy stopped grumbling. The End.

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Chuck and I were having our nightly stroll when suddenly all the street lamps went out. It was a moonless night so I can't readily see Chuck as his fur was chocolate brown. The collar was of dark red leather and I can't see it too. If not for the leash that was straining in my hand, I would not know a dog was at the end of it. There must be a collar made for night walking.

I browsed the net and indeed ShopWiki has pages devoted to do collars and leashes. It was amusing to find a reflective collar suited for dogs who "do" nightly walks. Great! There are numerous styles and colors available. I checked out some leashes too for I've been meaning to buy a retracting leash for Chuck too. The dog is well over 45 lbs now so I better chose the one good for a 110 lb dog.

There are a lot of items on sale. I might even get a car seat belt in times Chuck goes to the vet. That dog is quite a handful when inside the car. I guess the car seat belt would make him snug enough not to move.
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This flower is called gerbera daisy. It belongs to the sunflower family of Asteraceae. It is quite pricey but still affordable. I love it. It's one of my favorite flowers. Come February 9-13, daughter #4, her classmate Madel and I will be setting up a booth at DLSU Taft - selling flowers - gerberas, carnations, and roses - in line with the Student Council "thingy". I don't know why I said "yes" to the endeavor as I'm no expert to flower arranging.
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I was caught in a three-hour traffic jam yesterday afternoon.A regular 45 minute to 6p0 minute drive turned into a three plus hour nightmare of a traffic due to a sudden downpour. I was on my way to pick up my son from school. Caught in a nerve-wracking,patience-tester of a traffic jam sometimes make me wish that I should have opted an online education for my son. No traffic! What brought about this thought aside from the experienced traffic?

I was browsing the net the other day and found an online school for Real Estate Investment. The college, better known as Nouveau Riche, offers programs for students with varied educational and experience levels. Some of the more notable courses being offered are: S.E.E.K 101 which stands for (Super Entrepreneurial Encyclopedia of Knowledge), R2E2™ (Residential Real Estate Encyclopedia) home study program and the Coaching program session. S.E.E.K offers 10 video modules to cover subjects. Jim Piccolo, Mary Piccolo and Bob Synder have combined the applied knowledge from the Nouveau Riche College and the support from the Nouveau Riche community to change, build and make an impact on the landscape of real estate investing. I was impressed by the 2008 Five Star Winner's Circle - the top five highest sales volume in three consecutive months. That was not an east feat and the Nouveau Riche did its part in educating these top winners.
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Friday, January 23, 2009

For the past two months the price of gasoline is steadily going down even if some unscrupulous and greedy gas station owners insist on tagging their price a bit higher than other gas stations. I don't understand it! Why are prime goods and commodities still increasing in price on an almost daily basis? I did my weekly grocery this morning and once again, the mega-hyper-super grocery of SM has increased prices again. Two weeks ago, a 1.5 liter of Coke costs 33 pesos and 50 centavos (75 cents). Last week it was tagged 38 pesos. Today the same bottle of Coke is 38 pesos and fifty centavos.

In the months that the price of gasoline steadily went up, the price hike of commodities was understandable. Every gas price increase was matched by SM.If the price increase was on a weekly basis, SM did its increase on a weekly basis too. Understandable if totally, at some ground, unfair to the consumers whose salaries remained stagnant. When the price of gas started to go down, I thought SM too! Well, didn't the dang company matched the price hike faithfully? Surely the dang company would match the lowering of prices too.

In your dreams! The prices of goods being sold at SM grocery is steadily on the rise! Why? Where does SM base their price increase? I can't understand the economics and principles behind that, if there is one.The seemingly hording of LPG tanks to decrease supply and increase demand has been ongoing for the past month too. Translate that to more expensive LPG gas tanks. I think the answer to the question is that the steady price increase of goods and commodities (unparallel to the lowering of gas price) is mainly due to greed - plain old greed.

Grabe! Ang swapang nyo! *

*Terrible! You're all so greedy.
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My insurance agent is taking an awful lot of time giving me the car insurance quotes I asked for. Deadline for my car registration is looming near and I have yet to choose a policy. I decided to browse online and look over some car insurance deals. I found The company offers free quotes. There were a lot of client testimonies too claiming the great service and big savings they enjoyed from the company. The company even provides protection from lost, damaged, or stolen properties; related medical expenses and even protection in case of legal cases. Great deals indeed. I better consider getting my policy here.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Perez Hilton made me laugh. According to him, Michelle Obama is in good hands - pertaining to fashion and clothing - with Jason Wu. He said that Wu has had a lot of experience dressing up drag queens and transexuals. Read the snippet HERE. A site I accidentally stumbled on has his views HERE. Funny! What can I say? Is Michelle Obama a wanna-be Jackie O? Oh no!!!

Some fashionistas actually liked the dresses that the first lade wore on inauguration day. Personally? I didn't! The ball gown was better than the day dress though.
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My car plate number ends in 1. That means I have to renew my car registration before the month of January ends. I have prepared all the necessary papers like last year's car registration and official receipt. I still need to have the chassis number carbon-transferred on a piece of paper though. I think I'll just have someone from the transportation registration office do that bit. I wonder what's keeping my insurance agent from giving me the car insurance quotes I asked for? I need a car insurance before my registration is processed.

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All US First Ladies have become, whether they like it or not, fashion icons. The most notable of them all is of course, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, the wife of JFK. Everything Jackie wore became a sensation. Her clothes, accessories, hairstyles - all were perfect in the eyes of fashion connoisseur. Jackie O (as she was fondly called by the press) wore the creations of Dior,Chanel,Givenchy, Valentino and her favorite Oleg Cassini. Icons of the icon designers.

Now, the fashion connoisseurs' eyes are all on the new US first lady. Can she make it? So far so good. Critics loved the dress she wore at the inauguration and ball. Choosing unknown budding designers was very commendable of the new first lady. Some say, Michelle Obama is trying to project a Jackies O-ish persona. Here I quote and unquote:

“Everyone knows that people respond to the way you look when you run for office,” AndrĂ© Leon Talley, an editor-at-large for Vogue, which featured Mrs. Obama as an “It” girl in its April issue, said last week in an interview. “A black Camelot moment is the right moment for the Obamas,” he added. “And so the faux pearls, the A-line dresses, the Jackie flip are obviously all part of how her image strategy has evolved.”

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Are you considering switching virtual dedicated servers ? Well, I am. It's not I'm complaining on my existing "free" hosting but I since I have other blogs, wouldn't it be wise to get my very own? I browse on the net and found one company that offers servers at £1 per month. The 384MB VPS is good to go at that price, free set up included. VPS is private server based on the OpenVZ virtualisation technology. It gives you the control of dedicated hosting, at the cost of shared hosting at the £1 per month.Or. I could chose the the dual-core server. Other packages are: 1U Colocation, and Raid server. Go check out the site for more information.
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Okay. So I did not evaporate with shame when I watched the Sweet Life with Lucy Torres interview bit I did. I just felt disgusted with my flab and the seemingly "started-somewhere-went-nowhere " interview. Here are the links to the super-duper-mega edited segment.

MOM on QTV! - Part 1
MOM on QTV! - Part 2

I'm sorry! The site is set to private. I just have to ask daughter#4 to upload it in Youtube.

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I was busy trying to sew pieces of cloth together into a serviceable bed cover. My son's apartment mates don't have one and it irks me to see "coverless" beds -thus my gallant effort to make one, or make it two. Daughter # 3 was laughing at my efforts but heck! I can do this! I'm one obsessesdmom when it comes to proper housekeeping. I think my next project it to sew seat cushions for my dining table chairs.

But wait! Would it be better if I shop for new dining room furniture instead? There is a site that offers great buys when it comes to bedroom, dining room and kids furniture. I better check out first. Buying a new furniture might be easier and cheaper in the long run.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Barack H. Obama is now the 44th president of the world's most powerful nation. He is the first African-American president of the United States of America. Is apartheid an issue of the past? Was Martin Luther King Jr.'s death not fruitless after all these years? Great then.There were a lot of African-American celebrities who rendered songs for president Obama. It was said that Mariah Carey sang HERO for the president. What? He's a hero? Already? Whatever for?

For me, the real hero is John McCain. He was a Vietnam war veteran. His father and greatgrandfather were both four-star generals. In 1967, while on a mission, his plane was shot down in Hanoi. He was captured and was a prisoner of war until 1973. McCain experienced torture in the hands of his captors. His broken arms and legs were refused treatment until his captors found out that they have a son of a 4-star general as prisoner. He refused an out-of-sequence early repatriation offer. His war wounds left him with lifelong physical limitations. Now, that is heroism for me.

Sarah Palin was McCain's waterloo. America was not ready for a soccer-mom-whose-experience-of-foreign-policy-was-seeing-Russia-from-her-backyard. America was ready for a son-of-a-Muslim-turned-Atheist-Kenyan-with-PHD-in-Economics-with-an-Indonesian-stepfather-and-a-Harvard-educated-lawyer. It's a pity that President's Obama's father is dead as he could have served as an adviser in economy. I don't know if the rest of the world knows that Obama has seven half-siblings by his dad. Count in his half-sister by his mom and that would make eight Obamas claiming to be the US president's sibling. Oh! and what about the other numerous relatives he has still living in Kenya? I just now realized the large extended family the US president has.

I hope and wish that indeed, the new US president would make a difference. Then, he could be my hero.
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One thing I don't have is a home insurance policy. I have educational, health, car, lifer and what-have-you policies but not a home insurance. What do I need to know now that I want to get one? First thing is to get as many quotes as possible. It is mandatory that the policy would offer the best possible coverage at the most reasonable terms. That won't be so hard as there are countless online insurance companies available for quotes. I better start cracking now.
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A cousin from New York called me up yesterday. He said he'll be flying over in February and asked me if there's anything I would want him to bring for me. Gosh! He's kidding, right? He'd be overwhelmed with my list! Anyway, I was overcame with shyness and told him that I'm okay in that direction so far. He said "I'll think of something to bring home for you then." Oh alright then. I guess I better make sure hubby's membership card to a Golf club has not expired so I could ask him to take my cousin for a round of golf when he gets here.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How much? How much did you say is the estimated cost of the US President's inauguration? One hundred fifty million dollars. But that's four times the amount that Bush spent for his inauguration and his detractors were livid then. What about now? Oh. Inflation. But with the US economy ( and the rest the world) in great turmoil, is it wise to spend such a big amount? I know. It's not my concern for I'm not a US citizen or tax payer or been laid off due to recession. Let them do the fuming.
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I missed the due date of my water bill again. The bill and mail couriers are having a hard time delivering because I do not have a regular mail box for I'm partial to custom mailboxes. I used to have one years ago but when a typhoon hit us hard and wrecked homes much less mail boxes, I never had the inclination to replace it. Do I need a mail box? I sure do! My neighbor is getting tired of receiving my mails and bills. She usually sits at her front porch and could easily be asked by the postman or bill courier.

Most of my neighbors do not have personalized mailboxes too. One time, my neighbor's bill was left in between the wooden slats of my gate. The other day, I was fuming because I have not been receiving my subscription from a certain magazine. It's time! Time to get me a spanking new mail box.

The best ones are made by Whitehall Mailboxes of course. The company has a wide range of mailboxes: wallmount, postmount, column mailboxes, multi-unit, mail slots, and more. I like the one pictured here best.
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Is there an LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)shortage? I have two gas ranges. The one located at the "dirty" kitchen ran out of gas the other day. The extra LPG gas in one corner was also empty. I gave my maid money to have one oredered and delivered. After an hour or two, my maid said not one of the 6 LPG dealers she called had stocks. I suddenly remembered that my mother also told me that she had a hard time having her tank refilled last week. Google LPG shortage. There seems to be no shortage - just delays in deliveries. However, unscrupulous LPG distributors are having a field day hording their wares to hike the price for financial gain! Please! Anyway, I was able to buy one from a dealer that hubby knows. Had to use connections to buy an LPG tank these days. I hope the government looks into this issue pretty soon.
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I love to browse on house floor plans online. Various companies have different styles and approaches in making their designs and floor plans that it is highly informative and educational (for me) to look over other architect's designs. In American style architecture I am quite partial to Frank Lloyd's Wright Prairie Houses. Wright's rule that "form follows function" is, to this day, every architect's mantra. I'm also quite partial to Academic Classicism and Victorian period houses. Schumacher Homes actually has residential designs that is a combination of said periods with the amenities of uber technology. The company has been doing custom houses for more than 25 years now and is leading in the field. Check out the site. Chose your own specifications and prize range for your dream house.
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Monday, January 19, 2009

I can't thinks of a contest for my blog's one year anniversary. Mike said that I should have a win-a-date contest wherein the Piolo Pascual or Marian Rivero as the prize. I can't! Papa Piolo said he'd be busy for the next decade or so to accommodate my request. Cherry said I should have a contest and have a Burberry, merchandise of D4, as prize. I can't! Afford.It! Wena said it'd be her blog anniversary next month and suggested we have coffee. Umm... why don't I just treat you guys to a good cup of coffee? Say on January 31, 2009 around 3:30 P.M. I promise not to take you to Rizal Park armed with my hot water jug and coffee sachet. Sign up in the comments section and I'll get back to you with the details.
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Yesterday, we celebrated my maiden aunt's 87th birthday. At 87, she is still strong and working as honorary principal in out church's elementary school. As she was blowing the candles in her cake we joked that she should make a wish and ask for a husband. She laughed and said "but I don't know how to get one". Being a teacher, my aunt did not have the time to look for a boyfriend much less a husband. Daughter # 2, the teacher, was the next target of well-meaning jokes. Her cousins joked that she should get cracking finding a boyfriend so as not to follow the steps of their great-aunt.

Daughter #2 is a no-nonsense one. She does not dilly-dally nor plays "cute" and "helpless". In other words, she is not a flirt. Maybe there's a site that could teach her to be one? I don't believe it! I actually stumbled on a site that teaches one how to flirt! The top advice is Focus outward. Keep your attention outside yourself, toward a particular flirting target or toward the general social environment. You can't flirt while you're self-absorbed. The online dating school also deals in topics such as dating, relationships, marriage, and romance. It has loads of articles dealing on different topics too like Building Self Esteem, The Art of Flirting, Romantic Dinner Ideas, How to Communicate with your Husband and many more. The site is a myriad of information and articles. Go check it out.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

NanayKrung was one of the bloggers that I first met online when I started blogging. She is from down south, in the beautiful city of Davao. Our exchanges were quite regular until the last 2-3 months last year. I really was not concerned for her school work might have kept her busy. Today, she left a message in my shout box. She told me to check out her blog. I did and there are two things I found out.

First. She has not been well. She was diagnosed as having hygroma. She is under medication now and hopefully is in the road to full recovery.

Second. Her aunt, Mary Jean Lacaba, was one of the three International Committee of the Red Cross staff who were abducted by the Abu Sayyaf rebels on January 15. The other two were Andreas Notter, 38, Eugenio Vagni, 62. My friend is asking you to please pray for the safety of the three kidnapped victims. But I also ask you to include my friend in your prayers too.
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My godmother wants some major renovations done to her old house. Typical of the late 50't and early 60's homes, the house is not quite light and airy. Solid walls are evident, so are small windows. The stairwell is another problem as it has no natural light and ventilation. The goal now is to totally renovate the stairwell so high glass window panes could be integrated. As I was expecting the dank and wet storage closet under the stairwell I felt "crawlers".. spiders! The unused closet was full of them. I told my godmother that we need to buy brown recluse spider trap to rid of the aranchids and prevent further infestations.
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

My first blog post was dated January 30, 2008. Yup! This month I celebrate my first year anniversary of blogging. This post is my 883rd one. Wow! Was I really that prolific? I started blogging because of some prodding from friends. I was quite contented in airing my angst and what-have-you in my social networking sites. I don't actually have much contacts -just friends and relatives. One or two expressed that I should do some really serious blogging for they find delight in reading my "family" stories. Ummm...Why not? The timing was perfect for I have let go of all online 'rackets' err... businesses I was into. Scams! I lost some money because of those MLMs.

So. I got myself a blogspot. There were many suggestions as to what I should call my blog. One was "BlogKoTo". Another was "KaBlog". The one I liked though was desperateblogger thus my blogger ID and blogspot URL was desperateblogger101. I was pretty relax in my blogging back then. For February I was only able to do 19 posts. Gradually, I became more involved. I got to know more bloggers. I realized that there are a lot of moms who blog and some even blog for money. In a matter of months I was indoctrinated to the world of paid blogging. I studied in earnest the ins and outs of blogs, SEO, backlinks, PRs, traffic and even got myself a domain. Whoever said that it's easy to earn money by blogging is demented!

After a year of blogging, what can I say? I have met so many wonderful people through the net. I have encountered some gross ones too. I have read some truly outstanding and interesting posts as I have read some that made my nosebleed. I have come to recognize the writing styles of some bloggers and have even stored in memory facts about them.

What do I do to celebrate my first year anniversary of blogging? Contest? Maybe. But, I don't like contests that would require RSS subscription to my blog or doing a post about it. That seems coercion to me and I can't think of a prize anyway. Ummm... any suggestions?
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My son's new apartment is nicer than his old one. The rooms are more spacious and has through ventilation. The kitchen has a work counter that serves as a dinette too. He said he actuallyt cooked his meal the other day - corn beef omelet. At the back is a laundry area with ample space for clothes line if my son and his mates care to wash their clothes. Not!

To make the place more homey I put up curtains in his bedroom last week. I bought a couple of ready-made-pale blue-light- material-curtain for curtains. I thought they were pretty neat. He was not so keen about it but I did manage to insist on the curtains. So, after minutes of arguing and a series bright and not so bright ideas on how to put up the dang curtains, they were finally up. Wow! The light blue curtains really did something for the pink walls. Yeah.The bedroom walls were painted pink but it does not matter for my son sees the color as ecru.

Last night, I picked my son up from his apartment. It was Friday and he was coming home for the weekend. When I got there, I saw my wonderful-light blue-curtains down and crumpled in one corner.

What happened? I cried.

Oh I wanted to look out the window so I parted the curtains then bang! The whole lot went down, said my son.

I guess I better think of putting up Bamboo shades next time.

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I almost wish that I did not guest in the Sweet Life with Lucy Torres. Oh the experience was great! I really enjoyed my few hours of being treated as a celebrity. However, the request for the guesting stint came at a very opportune time - weight wise. My tummy still had the tell-tale signs of the food I gorged down during the holidays. If only I had the time to take off a few pounds.I guess I have to lose weight now. I just can't take the flab anymore. It's time to look over some diet pill reviews.
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Ms. Universe-Philippines and Ms. International-Philippines were also guests in the show. They were pretty tall what with their uber high heels. They looked so young and thin! They were pretty enough but... as Snowhite, the make-up artist said: baka hindi manalo mga iyan - may kulang pa (they might not win as they're lacking). His words, not mine. He was still in awe with beauty title-holders such as Gloria Diaz, Margie Moran and Aurora Pijuan. Add Gemma Cruz in the list. Okay, add Vangie Pascual too as she was my batchmate in high school. Oh, and Melanie Marquez. She might not have the most perfect of grammar but she definitely has the X-factor. Gone are the days when beauty contestants were scions of prominent Filipino families.
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Lucy Torres' facial skin is perfect. There are no blemishes. No pimples. No scars. No melasma. Sitting side by side with her makes me look like one big imperfection. Not that it made me insecure rather it made me want to have a nicer skin. In my search to have a better-maintained-younger looking facial skin, I came across a how to inject botox video.

Botox and filler techniques are today's fountain of youth. Botox injections reduce the development of fine lines and wrinkles caused by aging, gravity, sleeplines and muscular actions of the face. There is an available BOTOX training DVD for physicians that would take them to the step by step procedure about Botox injections. Hey! I could get a DVD and let daughter #1 (the doctor) study it then apply the procedure to me.

Botox Injection Video

Botox Training | Botox Injections
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

If you watch the shows of Oprah or Ellen Degeneres, then you know, more or less, how a TV studio looks like. GMA 7 is a far cry from Oprah's or Ellen's studio - at least not the studio where we did the taping. Studio B was located at the obscure end part of the right wing of the main building. The guard's instructions (from the lobby) was: turn left, walk on until you see the water refilling station (yup, reverse osmosis galore)then turn right, go straight (and we almost hit the wall). Set in the tight hallway is a buffet table that was being continuously ravaged by anyone in the vicinity. Daughter #4 actually ate! As I entered the premise, I was greeted by Erick, the researcher, and was introduced to Cielo of Brown Pinay. I asked Erick how he found out about our blogs and he said that the writer and him Googled "pinay mom blogs". Duh? Of course I'll come out as the top blog.

The writer interviewed Cielo and I for a bit. At this point I wasn't sure what the segment would be all about. After some exchanges it became clear to me that we would be talking about some posts we wrote in our blogs. Good luck to me! We were not briefed on how to go about the discussion. We were not briefed on how to project (hahaha) ourselves. We would just have to wing it. Well, did we?

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Daughter # 4's Baby Phat bags are all gone. Sold out! The brand is highly popular to the younger generations: Xs and Ys. Baby Phat is one of the leading contenders of hip-hop fashion the world over. It is an urban fashion line of clothing and other items for women and girls designed by Kimora Lee Simmons. Kimora is the CEO of the company as well as its number one resident model. Besides clothing, the brand also includes accessories for phones, jewelry, shoes and clothes.

Looking over the website I can't help but feast my eyes on the items on sale. The line of Baby Phat Jacket is just "to die for". The jackets come in different styles. Each style reflective of the "you" that you want to project. There's a jacket for a sporty look, casual look, feminine look, retro look and what have you. There are hoodies and denim sports jackets too. I am very much partial with the blazers though. The blazers can be worn all by itself - no need for undershirts whatsoever. The price range is from $54 to $79. Not bad for a Baby Phat brand.

Browsing over the site, I found that there are a lot of items on sale too. The site is giving 50% discount on swimwear, 40% discount on accessories and footwear and undies. Better click on the link for a great buy.
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QTV 11 is a sister TV station of GMA Channel 7. They share the same studios and talents. Daughters 3 and 4 both had their cameras with them all ready to take shots of celebrities that may cross their way. As the taping was at night, there were no celebrities around. Maybe there were some on shot too but in different studios. I'm not really current on the young celebrities on tubes. Daughter # 4 had to prod me and say " mom! ask that guy to pose with us". Huh?! e sino ba yan? (who is he?) I asked. "Basta!" daughter # 4 said. And so, here's a picture of me with "basta".

Paulo Paraiso and desperateblogger

Paulo Paraiso is a Manila top male model. In 2008, he was ranked 64th in Sexy Pinoy - and I didn't even know it until I googled it. He's a nice person though. No star "air" whatsoever. I also had a picture taken with Ruffa Mae.

Ruffa Mae and moi!

It was almost midnight when this picture was taken. I was on my way to the basement parking when I saw her talking with Paulo. This time, I need not be pushed to ask Ruffa for a photo opp. She is so petite and still a looker sans make-up.
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The whole clan ( my side ) are all hyped-out regarding my guesting stint. I said "Guys, settle down as there's nothing awesome about my interview. I think I might have botched it". My brother from New Jersey even called up to ask about specifics. In the course of our conversation my brother mentioned that he is thinking of relocating to either Louisiana or Oklahoma. His company has branches there and the pressing economy led him to consider relocating.

He is on the lookout for properties in both states. He is currently considering some tulsa real estate . With online help from he has considered properties in Tulsa and Shreveport. The options are diverse for there are different types and styles of houses. There are brand new homes and pre-owned homes in the market. There are also bank foreclosed homes and pre-closure homes set for auction. My brother is more partial to Tulsa as it is the home to numerous high-technology companies. It is where the state's four major universities like the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University are found. Ideal for my brother's son for he is set to go to college next school year. Tulsa's cultural and art scene are inclined to native American and on the long tradition of cowboys. If ever my brother and his family relocates to Tulsa, yeehaaa!!!
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Saying "yes" for a guesting stint at QTV's Sweet Life did not take much prodding.

"Mom! Just say yes!" said daughter # 3

"Mom, you've arrived." daughter # 2 added

"Mom! I'll tag along." quipped daughter # 4.

After Googling the show and the names of the persons who e-mailed me, I finally texted the mobile phone number in one of the e-mails. So, everything was set. I was to come on January 12, 8:00 P.M. at Channel 7 Studios for the taping. I was to wear something casual and please do not eat as there'll be a buffet at the set and an artist to do your makeup, said Eric, the show's researcher. I told my daughters to keep the guesting bit hush-hush until the taping was done.

Crap! EDSA was at it's usual traffic. I left the house at 6:15 P.M. and traffic was light up until the flyover going to Rockwell. Daughters 3 and 4 and I crawled our way up to Greenhills flyover and barely made it to the 8:00 P.M. call. I met another mom blogger, Cielo of Brown Pinay. She was also guesting the show. The segment writer, Real, asked us a few questions relating to our blogs. He said he found our blogs through Google. The segment, he said, was about parenting blogs. Huh? Whaddah? My blog is a hodge-podge of topics and articles!

Anyway, by 9:30 P.M., Snowhite, the make-up artist, started to do me. Look at my transformation. Seems like I was Adobe photoshopped.

By 10:30 P.M. Lucy and Wilma were done with their dinner and change-dress and were all set to continue with the taping. I was introduced to Lucy and was dumbstruck by her beauty. She was gorgeously-awesomely-flawlessly-beautiful. She was kind and very soft-spoken too. Now, I truly understand why Richard Gomez left me for her.

In the picture are daughter # 3, moi, best bud Lucy, daughter #4 and best bud Wilma. My daughters are about 5'5" without heels and I was wearing 3"-heels. Still Lucy and Wilma towered over us. They were both wearing ultra 4" high heels. My girls and I are quite fair but beside Lucy, we were Indios!

Having interacted with Lucy Torres and Wilma Doesnt, I can truthfully say that these two are so down-to-earth and without the usual "air" of celebrities. The two balances the show: Lucy as the straight and serious host; Wilma, as the light relief but nonetheless, highly intelligent and well-informed like Lucy.

I wish I was given at least a week to prior to the taping. It would have done me good if I lost some weight first. Just look at my tummy! The holiday gluttony was still evident.

The taping was done by 11:45 P.M. We bid our goodbyes and set off to go home. I was told that my segment will be shown on January 21 at 5:00 P.M. at QTV on channel 11.
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I dropped by my in-law's workplace yesterday with the idea of having a nice tete-a-tete with them. Boy! Was I surprised by the mess when I got there. The family owned company has an ongoing inventory and boxes and crates of different auto supplies were strewn all over. January is the time the company does it first bi-annual inventory. The second inventory will be sometime in July. I said "hi" and "good-bye" in one breath. I almost tripped on a box of bearings that was left by an employee as I was on my way out.
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I love success stories - especially those relating to small businesses gone big. Thirty years ago, a small home business in Powder Spring Georgia started to market their first ever product called the Wooly Pully sweater. From that first product the home based company grew and started to add innovative and high quality outdoor products - from gears to clothing and other accessories. To date, the company has about 25,000 products available online for its local and international clients. The company has outstanding products in clothing, footwear, field and tactical gears, knives and tools and even lighting and navigation gadgets.

One of the bestseller of Brigade Quartermaster is its Wiley X Glasses. The line of eyewear includes Tactical Eyewear, Sunglasses and Accessories. The Wiley X is popular to both military and civilians. Military goggles have shatterproof selenite polycarbonate lenses that even exceeds standards. With a 100% UV protection, the eyewear has a one year guarantee.

Started by Myles Freeman 1980’s, these glasses were designed for use by your average target-shooting hobbyist. However, the eyewear was of high quality that Freeman was contacted by the FBI to supply protective glasses for the shooting range. From then on a connection with the military and government agencies was forged. Wiley X is now the largest supplier of protective eyewear to the U.S. military. Another success story for you.

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Coming home late last Saturday night, I suddenly felt the urge to check my email account. As I was scanning the headings, two headings caught my attention. Was on "SweetLife" the other was " Can I get you to guest at Sweetlife?". What's Sweetlife?, I silently asked myself. I googled it and the name of the e-mailer. Well, well, what do you know? Hah! Boy! Did I get a big surprise. I was asked to be a guest of Lucy Torres's and Wilma Doesn't talk show! Did I say yes? You bet!
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I got married a year after college. I plunged into marriage without really thinking. Thirty years ago, it was still alright to prioritize marriage instead of career. Now? Getting married and reading children are not in the top list of most career-oriented women now. I really don't have much regret though. Note that I said "much" because frankly speaking I have a few regrets. Graduate School!

I have always wanted to pursue a masteral degree in my field of expertise. Back when my kids were still young, I had no recourse but to set aside my "wish" and focus instead on rearing 5 children. The kids are all grown-up and I could go back to school and take my masters if I want to. What's great is I could go back to school without leaving the comfort of my computer chair. Online schools are at the tip of my fingers. Courses in associate level, bachelor's, masteral's doctorate's level and even certificate programs are now offered online. You can go to and type in the online college major and you'll be taken to a site listing of onlineschools. If only this option was present years ago, who knows? I could be well be on my way to belting my nth bachelor or masteral degree.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

There is something quite liberating in jumping. It's as if one throws away all caution to the wind and just "go for it". Jumping makes one smile... or laugh. Go ahead. Try jumping now and feel your face muscles  move in synchronization with the jump. We are a crazy family of jumpers. We love to jump at every photo shoot. It does not matter what the occasion or location is. We jump - for the sheer fun of the action. So, what time or place is appropriate for jumping?

We jump right after watching a movie. The movie might have been wonderful or not. Nevertheless, we jump.

The movie was great! Let's jump for joy!

We jump at weddings. Never mind if we're in formals et al. Never mind if the in-laws think us weird for jumping. It does not matter. We love to jump.

Yey! The wedding is over!

We jump at the beach - making the action more fun than it seems because of the refreshing beauty of the venue.

Jump! You're on camera!

We jump after eating out. The jumping might actually burn some calories.

Jump to burn calories.

We jump just because.....

Trying out the steps at Mall of Asia

We start them out young....

Come on boys, jump!

We jump just to show the beauty of it.

There's grace in jumping.

Stop whatever you're doing now and jump! Do it!

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One of the downsides of a getting old is tiredness coupled with body aches and pains. I have been experiencing aches and pains especially in my back. I know! I've not been stretching and exercising too. The muscle pain is most likely concentrated on the lower back.

As one add on years, the lack of exercise and the general stiffening of joints and muscles bring havoc. More so on mothers like me who have had a few birth deliveries. My back was a mess during pregnancy and after delivery. There was this throbbing pain in my lower back and I found it extremely difficult to be in a leaning forward position - which was a real dilemma then for taking care of an infant entails a lot of "leaning forward."If only Lift Chair was available then, my life could have been easier and my back happier.

A lift chair is a type of armchair-recliner that is used by people who have difficulty standing and sitting on their own. The chair is gently lifted from the base at an angle ideal for a person to slide in or out of the chair. There are three types of lift chairs available. The 2 position lift chair - from normal position up to 45 degrees; the 3 position lift chair that goes from an almost reclining position to any position in between;and the infinite position lift product. Cool product. I suggest that you check out the site.
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

My computer is so slow. It's not slow as in I could take a nap while it loads. It's only slower than its regular speed. I thought my server was the one having trouble so I pinged it and measured its speed. No problem in that area though. I asked my son to check it and he found that I've only a few free gigs for memory. In my almost a year of blogging, I've accumulated and saved so much important files and trash. Time to delete unimportant applications, programs and files. My son said freeing some space from the hard disk might temporarily speed up my cpu. What I really need is to increase the RAM. Oh well, next month, maybe. As I was browsing my picture files, I chanced upon these photos of Ethan taken 3 years ago. It's Spiderman, with the extra weight.

Pssshhhww... go web!

Ay! Where's the web?

Hmp! No web!
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

After the December holidays, what is there to look forward to aside from Valentine's day? The JS Prom! Promenade. In case you still don't know it, Prom as in JS Prom means promenade. What's promenade? Isn't that a dance step in ballroom dancing specially in the Latin dance category? Promenade literally means to walk, stroll: used as a noun it means a walkway or path. Corollary, a JS Promenade is a Junior-Senior Walk or Strut (if I may say so). The better meaning is: a march of guests into a ballroom constituting the opening of a formal ball. Where did this yearly-highly-anticipated-costly tradition originated? What is the rationale behind?

The tradition had its origin in late 19th century. The term JS Prom is derived from promenade ball which came from the academic year-end graduation ball observed in North America and England. The British counterpart of the prom is Valedictory Ball, Leavers' Ball, or Leavers' Dinner. In the U.S., a separate ball is sometimes held for the juniors who are finishing 11th grade and for the seniors who are finishing middle school.

In most Asian countries, proms are observed sometime between February and March. In the West, such events are observed as the school year ends sometime in June. One thing common among all juniors and seniors the world over before the prom and is the mad rush to get the perfect prom dresses.

Most moms are even more excited to share to their daughters' their ideas on prom dresses and prom advice. Proms are observed ever religiously and mothers go out of their way to drape their daughters with the “best” prom dresses their money can buy. Sons have themselves fitted for suits or tuxedos too. It is not an easy feat to “survive” a prom. Shopping for a prom dress has never been that easy as now. A lot of online stores are having year end sales on this year's evenings and formals and there are those out with their prom dresses line.

Check out www.promgirl. net. It is never too early to browse and see the different styles of ball gowns and dresses available online. I have four daughters who all went to their JS Proms. Believe me when I say it was sheer hell picking out the right gowns for them. I had to have their gowns custom-made as there were no suitable gowns available then. I checked out the site's prom dresses Jovani and I just love the classic line and prints of Jovani. What or who is to stop me from getting one for myself? The creations are lovely and appropriate to wear for any formal function too.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

Daughter # 2 is in full swing again. The school where she teaches requires each grade school and high school graduating batches to do term papers as one of the prerequisite of graduation. Each student is tasked to choose one unique research paper topic to be approved by their thesis adviser. One time she complained that most graders do not write well - no composition, wrong grammar, no development. She observed that if these errors are not corrected early on, the students may well go into high school and college still committing the same mistakes. This shortcoming will definitely affect their work in doing research papers. College is all about doing research papers. It can be rightly said that one may do one research paper for each class that one takes. How or where is it possible to seek assistance in writing research papers?

High technology is under our finger tips. There are online help for writing papers nowadays. Once such website is The site boosts of professional writers who care highly qualified to help you with just about anything regarding your school writing requirements and custom research paper. It offers help in professional essays, research and term papers, theses and dissertations. The site also offers help in editing and proof reading. Every writer or student have encountered or will encounter a mental block when writing. Even professional writers suffer mental block. When it happens it's best to peruse some sample research paper just to refresh the mind and maybe get some new ideas. The site also offers tips on how to go about writing essays, job resumes, research topics and more. I browsed the site and there are various samples for download. There were topics for essays, research papers, theses, coursework, case analyses, thesis proposals, review literature, dissertation and even college admission essay.

It is better, of course, to do your own work. It will hone your skills and prepare you better in the future. Mastering your grammar and syntax will do you good. Reading books would also open your eyes and mind to various writing styles. Reading books would also stimulate your imagination. However, there are times that help is a necessity for you to pass your studies. A little tutorial along the way will not hurt. Check the site out.

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Chuck, our 7-month-old choco lab is super hyper. He usually stays in the kitchen but lately was banished to the house terrace outside. He is so hyper that everything he sees, he eats. I tried to take away all chewable things near him in the kitchen but what do you know? He chewed on the paint walls! The other day, he chewed on the water dispenser. Last week, he chewed on the range knobs. Everyday, he chews on any slippers left within his reach. I swear that if Chuck was a human kid, he'd be diagnosed with ADHD. He's contented to stay at the terrace. He's comfortable there. However if he hears anyone inside the house, he immediately goes by the window and begs to be let in. Here he is begging his "mommy" to let him in. The mommy did, of course.
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Thursday, January 8, 2009

My computer is loaded with different browser-based games that my son downloads. The games are pretty much all about war and killing. I sometimes think these types of games put an unconscious urge for players to be violent. Ergo, I do not let 6 year old Ethan play these types of games. There is, however, a new virtual online game catering to kids ages 6-14. is offering a free to play, browser based sports-themed virtual game in conjunction with NBA and MLB to feature players, teams and jerseys. The games are basketball, football, baseball, and more. By more, I meant the games have some additional fun tweaks like dribbling with the music in the rhythm game. I love the diner game best.

Create your own Avatar. The games are unisex and anyone can play. The animated graphics and simple games are targeting kids 14 and below. But hey! Age does not matter. Anyone can enjoy playing the games as I did. I think even my 18 year old son would love to play these games. It's so easy to join. Sign up for free and start playing. The games are pretty much safe to play.
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Remember the two maids who left in hanging when they decided to leave my household without prior notice? Well, one of them texted me asking me to "please take me back". I called her up then. She said she made a grave mistake in leaving and that she's willing to do anything just so I would take her back. I asked her where she is and she answered that she's somewhere in Quezon city. I though she said she went home to her province. I told her that If I do take her back she'll be delegated to do the laundry. She said yes so I agreed to take her back. In the course of our conversation she said two things that irritated me. First, she wanted me to fetch her from her present employer. Oh alright.Second, I have to pay the 6,000 Php she owes her employer. I hung up the phone.
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I have not been in top form these past few days. Too much eating during the holidays brought havoc to my stomach. I have been experiencing upset stomach almost daily. My tummy complains by grumbling. I thought the grumbling were hunger pangs, but I have it even right after meals. Acidic. My stomach is secreting a lot of gastric juices contributing to its acidity. It's not painful as in "ouch!, it's painful" but rather irritating and uncomfortable. Three days ago I started to take a medication to block production of excess gastric juice. The grumbling has lessen but I think what I need is colon cleansing, a form of Body Detox. From what I read a colon cleanse eliminates the toxins which have built up in the digestive system.The detoxification processes of a colon cleanser treatment are so important to maintaining a healthy balance in your body that many doctors consider it essential to personal wellness. The detoxification process helps decrease gas or bloating, have more radiant skin and hair, and an overall trimmer appearance. Dual Action Cleanse is the top brand for a thorough detoxification. It eliminates mucous and other undigested materials in the stomach that can build up in the colon. Umm... better I better try this.

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Christmas came and went. Believe it or not, I did not buy a thing for myself. Well, not really. What I mean is I did not buy any luxury item for myself. I have a long wish list. In the list is a Ralph Lauren vintage doctor's bag. It's not a "doctor" bag per se. It's just called as one. I have been wanting this bag for the longest time. Oh there are imitations that I can get for a few measly hundreds but! I do not want one a fake one. I want the real authentic one. Since daughter #4 is in the business of selling designer's bags now, what better time to get an RL bag? So, to kill two birds with one stone, I bought the vintage RL doctor's bag from daughter #4. I love it!
Posted by desperateblogger On 1/08/2009 10:56:00 PM 3 comments READ FULL POST
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