Tuesday, November 4, 2008

At 5:45 A.M. daughter #1 shook me awake.

"Mom, the maids are gone", said she.

"Huh?!, what do you mean gone?" I replied sleepily.

"They're gone as in they left the house with their stuff. Lumayas na!"

I was jolted into consciousness, got up and then proceeded to the utility room. Yup! Their stuff are gone alright. I wonder why they left? Did I do something wrong? Did anyone in the house quarreled or abuse the maids? Nada! I woke hubby up and told him what happened. He got mad for he said that it was only yesterday that the maids got their wages. Now I'm worried. Did they take anything of value from us? The kids and I need to check our things. In times like this, how I wish I have security systems to protect me from 'eloping' maids.

My to do list for today: Find replacement maids!
Posted by desperateblogger On 11/04/2008 12:18:00 PM 8 comments


  1. first of all WHOAAA!!! nice layout!!!! ganda as in!

    ok moving on...

    WHOA!!! they're gone? I hope they didn't do another "willie revillame" stint. Gosh and you were just thinking of looking for a nanny for Ethan.

  2. kaya nga ba ayoko na mag-maid. perwisyo lang. btw, cute layout. san mo pinagawa?

  3. renz: thanks! i think so too. what's willie revillame stint? ayan, answered prayer. not yet time to get a job.

    cherry: perwisyo talaga. maghapon at magdamag na ngang nanonood ng tv, kulang pa yata. baka dapat may cable at dvd player pa ano? the template was tweaked by lady java. the link is at the bottom of the page.

  4. apparently willie came back from an out of town trip and found his home robbed well his room to be exact. His jewelries and other things were missing amounting to almost 3M. Suspects were his maids #1 and #2 who had access to his room. #2 was suspicious because she didn't came back after her day off and had to be pick up(ed) by police at her BF's place. Both swore they didn't do it so they are about to undergo a lie detector test.

    hmm..it's all over tv patrol hehehhe

  5. Hi good day!

    As in lahat sila? gosh! medyo all around ang activities mo ngayon. Oh well, kaya mo yan for awhile as hubby to help you out.


  6. renz: i've not actually checked my stuff yet. anyway, wala naman akong 3M na jewelries. lol!. i don't watch news kasi on TV. I don't read newspapers too.

  7. Uh oh...hopefully nga walang tinangay. Buti na lang di uso [can't afford actually] ang maid dito...hirap talaga magtiwala noh? Siguro nga kailangan ng cable at internet sa kwarto nila....hahaha.

    Hopefully makakita ka agad ng kapalit. Kundi wawa naman ikaw...kasi wala ka help. Gusto mo uwi ako? Teka mahal pala pamasahe...lakad na ko today...dyan ako by next year....


  8. huling: oo nga alam kong ubod ng mahal ang stay-in help dyan. huwag ka ng umuwi ako na lang punta dyan apply mayordoma.


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