Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dear Entrecarders,

I thank you all for contributing traffic to this humble blog. I thank you for sometimes actually reading the stuff I call "posts" in this blog. I thank you for the times you find my post interesting enough that it merits a comment.

Please forgive me if I sometimes just drop my card and not bother reading your articles. As a rule, I do read the blogs that I drop card to. Please do not expect me to comment nonsense just for the sake of commenting therefore creating a backlink. I comment when I see the need to comment. I am too lazy to give a shout on the c-box on a regular basis. Sometimes I ask questions in the comment section and when my questions are ignored, I'm sensitive (and stupid) enough to think that you don't like me.

I try my best to drop 300 cards a day. I have two blogs and my other blog barely receives drops for I barely do dropping through that blog too. I am in awe of bloggers who have multiple blogs (some as many as 4). How do they manage to update their blogs on a daily basis? Do their blogs even have legitimate posts? How do they manage to drop EC cards from or through all their blogs? Are they (the bloggers not the blogs) glued to their computers 24/7?

I love all my EC card droppers. I see to it that I reciprocate their drops. Alas, I've developed a stiffness in my right hand - too much clicking and scrolling down on the mouse. Because of this, I now have difficulty dropping EC cards. So please, take pity on my hand. To those concerned, can you please relocate your EC widgets somewhere on top of your page and not a mile below or even half-a-mile below your first post? Putting your EC widget way down will not make me read the articles I pass scrolling down. Doing nice and interesting articles would make me stop and read.

Again, thank you for "dropping" by.

Posted by desperateblogger On 11/18/2008 06:32:00 PM 4 comments


  1. It's a nice gesture to thank your dropper in public. It's a while since I took off EC from my site but still it's a nice source of traffic, even though it doesn't convert very well for me.

    Thanks for dropping by my site.

    Who doesn't want to be his own boss anyway?

  2. I hurt my right fingers too since i have many blogs but i cut off some. I tried to drop back and same as you if i see that the blog post of the one i drop i am really commenting it. Thanks for the appreciation. I am a homemaker mom and i am always in my computer i guess8-10 hours a day. I have 8 blogs can you believe it but 2 of them are not a member of EC. I prioritize my main blog which is the mommyko.com which i drop 200-300 a day then the other 5 blogs are just 50-100 because i tried to drop more than that but some bloggers will not return dropping. In case of updating? I update most of them but if i can't post my own i will get in a news...Thanks again....Opps i forgot i post my blogging tips and freebies in my main blog...hehhe

  3. hello there! greetings from maxi of www.healthnbeyond.com hope is well and good with you

    by the way, care to exchange links?

    following your blog now! hope you follow my blog, too

  4. "Putting your EC widget way down will not make me read the articles I pass scrolling down. Doing nice and interesting articles would make me stop and read." - So true, Lena! In fact, I get impatient and irritated if I can't see the EC widget. The end is, I'll just run and go to the next EC dropper's blog.

    By the way, for the past 2 days I think, I can't see your EC widget, ( can't open Entrecard if I use Firefox, that's why I use Internet explorer ) I can only open half of your page. But today, I was able to see your ec widget again..

    And oh, about the lechon, it was actually ordered out by our friend.

    Happy blogging and dropping ec!



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