Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I was out of the house all day and night- another post for this- yesterday. In the morning, I took Ethan to an ENT for consultation. I was worried due to the incident that happened on Sunday when I had to rush Ethan to ER. The ENT is an old family friend. Old as in "he's been a friend of the family for the past 45 years" and old as in he's 68 years old. He said the swelling of Ethan's left side of the face could have been angioneurotic edema. It is often caused by an allergic type reaction (i.e., the body's defense system mistakenly goes off, initiating reactions in the body). The doctor said it is uncommon for one side to swell but it happens.

What did Ethan eat prior to the allergic reaction? asked the doctor

He ate the usual, nothing new, said I

Is Ethan stressed out, like is be being bullied in school? the doctor asked again.

Huh? Well, I guess not. He enjoys going to school.

Think of anything out of the ordinary that he did prior to the swelling, insisted the doctor.

Think. Think. Think. Oh I know! We were at the mall Sunday afternoon buying Christmas decors. Ethan insisted that I buy him a snooker toy, which was made in China.

Ethan, kindly tell the truth. Did you or did you not put in your mouth any part of your billiards toy?, I asked pleasantly (or so I hope)


There you go. The brightly colored toy could have had any chemical or dirt or any form of allergen that went into Ethan's system and caused the allergic reaction.

Moral: Do not buy cheap toys made in China.

Posted by desperateblogger On 11/26/2008 06:21:00 PM 4 comments


  1. i'll keep that in mind!

  2. That's kinda' scary. Buti at hindi severe yung reaction. It is actually hard to find toys that are not made in China kahit dito sa US. Lalo na sa Walmart. Ay naku dapat talaga ngayon super ingat noh?

    Thanksgiving na dito tomorrow. Bahay lang kami and we didn't invite people as we originally planned. Baka sa Christmas na lang kami mag invite ng relatives who want to see our new place..


  3. i hope Ethan is ok now.

    Fast thinking on your part to isolate the root cause.. :)

  4. renz: no cheap toys for cutie.

    huling: wala kang handa? i cancel ko na flight ko sa broomstick. anyway, dahil americanized ka na, happy thanksgiving.

    nai: wala pa bang bundle of joy in the offing? ethan's fine now. sa dami ng anak ko parang expert na ko lol!


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