Monday, November 10, 2008

I am a DIY - a "do-it-yourself-er". Aside from being a frustrated hair cutter, I am also a frustrated electrician, mechanic, carpenter, mason and plumber. I have repaired countless electrical cords around the house. Sometimes, a "teething" mouse decides to gnaw on all exposed electrical cords and that leaves me with a non-working upright freezer or rice cooker or toaster oven. When any of these happens, I get my toolbox and do the cutting and splicing of electrical cords myself. One time, I left Chuck, the puppy lab, out in the terrace. A very small part of the telephone cord was partially exposed from the outside wall and Chuck decided to pull and bite the cord. No phone. No DSL. No problemo for handy me saved the day. It was not easy splicing a three-way cord, but I did it anyway. Just this morning, I noticed a leak in my bathroom lavatory. I checked and saw the P-trap quite clogged. With a wrench and a few determined twists, the leak was gone.

My friends find it weird that I enjoy window shopping at tool stores. Most often I end up buying new tools and gadgets. My kids know me so well they sometimes end up giving me tools as gifts on occasions. If you're into tools like me, check out Sears's Craftsman C3 Tools on Sale. I am definitely interested in the Craftsman 22 piece drill bit and the Craftsman Nextec Drill, Multi saw and Work light combo. Wow! these stuff are really worth buying.
Posted by desperateblogger On 11/10/2008 11:31:00 AM 2 comments


  1. I certainly believe in the DIY philosophy. I have clothes from years ago that I've simply repaired or otherwise altered. There are many things people can do themselves, but choose to be ignorant and pay someone else to do them.
    Never stop learning, fellow DIYer!

  2. mr joan croft: amen to that! a lot of people choose to pay for every little menial job - thus making dents on their pockets and growing more dependent on other people's skills.


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