Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I thought I would spend a quiet-restive afternoon. Daughters # 3 and 4 were at home. Off days for them. Daughter #3 graciously cleaned the house and set things when I left to take Ethan to school. After my errand I went to the grocery for the cupboards were empty (poor mother Hubbard!) When I got back home, around noon, my daughters told me that they've been invited to a luncheon and that they were willing to pick Ethan from school and take him to his therapy after. Great idea. I'd be able to put up my feet and maybe finally start on the new book sitting by my night table.

So off they went and I was left in the house. I put away the groceries. Took a shower and was about to put up my feet when suddenly a great thundering sound came by. It was raining.. hard.. a deluge! Crap! Chuck, the lab pup, was still out in the garden. Where's the umbrella? No time to look for it. I ran outside and took Chuck out of the rain and leashed him in the terrace. I was dripping wet already. Might as well start sweeping out the puddle of rain in parts of the terrace. Double crap! The clothes were still in the clothesline. Off I ran to the back of the house. Gathered the wet clothes that are now wetter than ever. Might as well put them in the washing machine for another cycle. Then the phone rings. I went inside the house through the kitchen and almost slipped by a puddle right smack in the middle of the dining room. There's a freaking leak on the roof!! It can't be. The gutters must be filled with leaves therefore clogging the downspout which made the rain water overflow from the gutter to the ceiling. Triple crap! Ring! Ring! The phone!

"Hello?" I said, panting.

"Is this Mrs. ....." the caller asked.

"Yes. What is it you want?"

"Congratulations!! You've just been chosen to avail of our 0% interest....."

I hung up the phone. My gosh! The rain is not letting up. Drip.Drip.Drip. I went out the laundry area and took a pail to put under the leaky roof. Ring! Ring! This time it was daughter #3 calling to let me know that they're on their way home as traffic going to EdLink was terrible.

Honk! Honk! Honk! That's hubby's car. Has he forgotten that we have no maids to open the gate for him?! Honk! Honk! I ignored his honking. Ring! Ring! went my cellphone. Hubby.

"Open the gate. It's flooded and I can't very well wade in the dirty flood."

Yes your majesty. I was wet. I was irritated. I was hungry. My supposed-to-be quiet afternoon turned out to be tasking.
Posted by desperateblogger On 11/11/2008 05:21:00 PM 4 comments


  1. Ang aga ko naman maglakwatsa...good morning here...good evening there. Naku which scroll bar ba? Yung sa links? Email ko sa yo yung buo pati names kasi di ko alam kung saan nag start at natapos....hahaha...bobita ako sa html.....hehehe.

    Oo nga at recurring ang buset na shingles. It's a type of herpes kasi. Sabi din nung duktor yung virus daw nung chicken pox eh hindi umalis sa katawan natin so everytime na ma trigger nagpaparamdam. Kainis. Hopefully wag naman sana kasi it's more of an inconvenient than anything. Sa mga nabasa ko sabi it's 'extremely painful' daw. Hmmm...not in my case naman..thank goodness.

    O siya eto at nag blog nako dito sa blog mo....now it's your turn.....

    Let me know which HTML para mapadala ko sa yo....

    Huling...btw, natawa ako sa telemarketer na tumawag sa yo....hahaha.

  2. oh my pwend! hanggang ngayon hinihingal pa ko sa kwento mo! naiimagine ko kasi sarili ko and also yun bahay namn sa Pinas na may tumutulo pag bumabagyo hehehe! kakatuwa ka talga magkwento...pinatawa mo namn ko pwend!

    like Mommy J, galing ng timing ng telemarketer ha! hehehe :)

  3. Ang galing ng Ingles ko: more of an inconvenient daw.....hehe....inconvenience ata ang tama....o di ba biglang nag edit ng mahabang comment...

  4. huling: ok lang yong wrong mistake error mo. sanay na ko. ako rin madalas ganyan kasi nga... bobita rin.

    blessedmom: nakakapagod talaga dito sa pinas. buti pa dyan sa inyo kahit hindi magwalis hindi halata kasi no alikabok.


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